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MAWS Group? - never heard of us?.....

May we introduce ourselves. We are the Metheringham Animal Welfare Supporters group (MAWS for short).

We are a group of friends who raise funds for animal charities and sanctuaries. All are unpaid volunteers, no paid staff and no plush office (we work from home). If a car is required, it is provided by a volunteer at their own expense. No limousines here!

We are all dedicated to the animals, and every penny raised must count. Our own team will inspect to make sure that all beneficiaries are bona fide charities and trusts before money or petfood etc. is handed over.

Although we are a new charity group in our own right, we bring 13 years experience working as a supporter group for the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals), during which time we raised almost £29,000.

We have now changed our “hat” to MAWS so that we can help other animal charities, especially local ones. This year's nominated beneficiaries are Bunney Heaven (Coleby), Keith's Rescue Dogs (Skegness), Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (Ruskington), Spaniel Rescue and Rehabilitation (Metheringham Heath)

If you would like to find out more, or if you think that you might be able to help us in any way, please contact Joyce Muncey, 31 Station Road , Metheringham (telephone 01526 321436)

Please Note: All Garden/Outhouse sales will now have a fresh produce stall, i.e. cakes, jams, pickles etc, and a stall with plants, fruits and veg - as & when in season