Metheringham Swimming Pool

Under new management

Metheringham Swimming Pool

Your community Open Air & Heated Swimming Pool

Kept open by volunteers and your donations

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Having a pool in the village is a superb benefit for all.  Please use it regularly & keep the sessions full, which will help to keep it open.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED.   If you can spare a couple of hours a week we would love to hear from you. 

Metheringham Swimming Pool Location
(access through School gates on Princes Street)

What does it cost?

To open the pool for a season costs £9000 - £10000 for water, gas, electricity, chemicals, repairs and lifeguards.  That's £90 - £100 each day!  About half of this is covered by what is paid at the gate, we raise the rest.  Please support our fundraising events if you want the pool to remain open.

Keep our local pool open by using it

 Swimming Pool - Conditions of Use
CONDUCT All swimmers are expected to abide by the code of behaviour displayed on the site. failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave the site.
SAFETY The lifeguard's word is final in all matters of discipline & safety
DIVING Diving & jumping in close to other swimmers is not allowed
WARNING Repeated blasts on the whistle is the signal to leave the water quickly & quietly
BUSY There is a limit to the number of swimmers in the pool at any one time.  On busy days, we reserve the right to run 2 shorter sessions at the same charge, to allow everyone a swim.