Metheringham Fayre & Feast

Metheringham Village holds an annual Fayre & Feast day every year on the 3rd Saturday in October, to mark the end of harvesting. The Feast had largely died out in the early 60's but was restored in the late 80's.

The 2008 Meg fayre & Feast wil be held on Saturday 18th October. Volunteer stewards and helpers will be required for the event.

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Len Woodhead's poem following the 2004 Metheringham Feast

Meg Feast 2004

Meg Feast 2004

The Weather man said this morning at nine
That the rain would spread south by dinner time
Sure enough as the Twirlers started their display
The rain came down like pencils, and spoilt our day.

All the work that the committee had planned and done
Would the weather now spoil things and would anyone come
At about 2.30 as the Town Crier started to shout
The streets were quite crowded there were lots of people about

I walked down the street had a look at the stalls
I had a go on most charity stalls, no winners at all
There were cuddly toys and tombola and some cups of mulled wine
And refreshments and cakes and also stuffed chine

Once the rain started it came down rather fast
So we headed for the village hall to look at bygones and old things from the past
The MACLA stall was busy as people flocked in out of the rain
The Friends of Metheringham Airfield stall was interesting again

I then venture outside and walked around once more
But we had seen most of the things so we headed home to our door
We were going dancing at Dunston it started at eight
It was still raining hard when we walked out of our gate

The feast was due to close at around 10.30 at night
And it fined up about that time, the stars were quite bright
And then on Sunday what a glorious day
What had we done wrong for it to turn out that way ?

All we can do is thank the committee again
And hope that next year the day will not have any rain
If I have time and my commitments are not in the way
I think I shall join MACLA if it’s OK

Len Woodhead – October 2004

Len's poem written prior to Feast Day:


The Feast is upon us again as the time slips away
This is the time when friends and old Meg'ites come home for the day
There will be cheering and clapping and all the stalls will be set out
At 2.00 pm it will be declared open, the village centre will be closed
No traffic, just people about.

There will be Stuffed Chine and Mince Pies and Sausages all home produced here
And a pint in the locals where old friends meet every year
There will be the Fun Fair for the children next to the Star
With Dodgems and swings, roundabouts, a throw at the coconuts you could win a fish in a jar.

The Village Hall will be packed with Bygones and things
Old photographs and tools, and of course all the old memories that a day like this brings
As you walk around the street on this historical day
You will meet old friends, and you will talk about what it was like when you moved away.

Some of you would if you thought it might do any good
Turn back the clock, return to the time of your own childhood
But the only thing that matters is that you have a great day here
And when you go home tonight tell your friends and they might come with you next year.

Thank you all for coming, tell us if we can improve it, can we make it better
If you have any comments just send a letter
The Metheringham Committee try to do right and work hard through the year,
But they want to be right and keep the visitors coming back every year.

Len Woodhead (2004)