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MACLA Newsletter Golden Jubilee Issue - Jun 02

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NEWS INDEX - Issue 7 June 2002

Editor's Bit
Help Needed / The Jubilee Beacon
Jubilee Carnival and Garden Fete
Help to Make the Jubilee Party a Success
Crowning of the Jubilee Queen and Two Princesses
Jubilee Photographs Competition
Metheringham Flashback…Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations - 1977
Mammoth Six-a-Side Football Competition
Nocton School Golden Jubilee Celebration

Best Kept Village - How YOU can Help!
Metheringham Methodist Chapel
Christian Aid Week
Blankney Cricket Club
Fitness Tips by Cathy Mitcham
Metheringham Football Club
Metheringham History Group Snippets
Jubilee News from Metheringham Library
Metheringham Over 60’s
The View from the Wings by Dot Howes
From Your Special Constable
Thank You from Janet Glossop
Metheringham Village Hall Diary
Metheringham Youth Club
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Editor's  Bit

Welcome to this Special Edition of the Metheringham Area Community Leisure Association Newsletter. Let us start by sending our best wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee.
The whole country appears now to be preparing to party in celebration, and the Metheringham Area is no exception. The regular format of our Newsletter has been altered to let YOU know what is being planned and prepared. We also suggest ways in which you can help to make the occasion a success, and how you can book stall space (free of charge), enter contests (free of charge), and offer your services to help (yes, you've guessed it!)

We are very grateful to have received £1650 of jubilee Grant to help with expenses (insurance alone costs the best part of £150!), but a lot of manpower (sorry, "personpower") is still needed to convert the money into a Party to remember. Even if you can only spare an hour, we can put the time to very good use.



Help Needed
Hosting a Medieval Banquet is an ambitious undertaking. If you fancy being a serving wench, or helping behind the scenes with the mountain of preparation, then you're one of the people that Heather Routledge would love to hear from. All meat products for the occasion will be of the highest quality, coming from JA Andrews, and Heather is looking to assemble a high quality team to assure a successful evening. No particular experience necessary, but if you've got a flair for cooking/baking/catering you'll be especially welcome. The same goes for anyone who is a dab hand at converting Church Halls into Medieval Banquet Halls!

The Metheringham Majorettes will escort the Jubilee Queen and her Princesses from the Village Green on Station Road to the Playing Fields. But wouldn't it be nice to form a walking procession behind the Jubilee Queen's float? Get your club or organisation to put their thinking caps on and prepare to parade in a style which befits the occasion. The Silver Jubilee Parade was magnificent. Surely, we haven't lost the knack?

Also needed for this event are volunteers to act as marshals and guide the procession safely through the village. This will take no more than one hour of your time, and you’ll arrive at the playing fields in time for the Opening Ceremony.

We also need a team of volunteers to help with the many things that could so easily be overlooked.  The playing field needs to be marked out; someone has to keep a register of contestants and prizewinners; signposts and posters have to be put in place to help visitors find their way to the activities…..  The list goes on and on. The MACLA AGM takes place in Metheringham Village Hall on Tuesday 14th May, starting at 7.30pm. After the (very short) formalities there will be an opportunity to meet the Jubilee organisers and become a member of the team.

We look forward to seeing you there!



The Jubilee Beacon

In 1905 Metheringham erected a stone cross to commemorate the Coronation of King George V. In those days it stood almost 20 ft tall with a cross on the top.
The Cross stood unharmed in the middle of the road by the Star and Garter until 1945, when one night two American GI’s came out of the pub after a night of wonderful English Ale and drove their jeep straight into it!!
Consequently, we now only have 3 stones with a light on top. Incidentally the cross itself is now on the library side of the road, still intact but looking a little sorry.
It occurred to the MACLA committee that to celebrate the Queens Golden Jubilee, apart from the Carnival and Garden Fete in the afternoon of June 3rd it might be a good idea to close the roads of the village off (as we do for the feast) and have a celebration on the evening. We did talk of fireworks but a good display is going to be over £1000 and for a few moments is not a lasting monument
There are over 1000 Beacons going to be lit on that evening. If we could build up the stone column again as it used to be, but then put a gas-lit Beacon on the top, It could be lit again and again for special occasions e.g. the feast, Xmas etc.  The idea of a permanent Beacon would be our contribution to the village and it would be there for all to be reminded of this historic event. The only problem is that, as we live in a conservation area (aren’t we lucky?), obtaining the necessary planning permission is going to take longer than usual. Red Tape has little respect for the Jubilee However, we are confident that this permanent monument can be in place for the Fayre and Feast in the autumn.
In the meantime a temporary Beacon will be lit on the 3rd June, at our allocated time of about 10.15pm. So assemble at the site of the old stone cross and, if you can all bear with us, we can assure you that the permanent beacon will eventually be a joy to behold.



Jubilee Carnival and Garden Fete

On Monday 3rd June at 12 Noon, Church bells will ring all over the British Isles and will herald the start of the proceedings.  As the bells ring, the jubilee Queen and her princesses will judge the Metheringham Shop Front Competition.

At 2pm the floats and walking procession will gather at the Village Green (opposite the bypass Filling Station) ready for judging. The procession will then be led by the Metheringham Majorettes along High Street and Princes Street to the Playing Fields, where the Jubilee Queen will open the Garden Fete.  Our intention is to recreate the low-tech, happy-family atmosphere of the 1950’s

As well as the Metheringham Majorettes, entertainment in the centre of the field will include the RAF Waddington Dogs and Metheringham Fire Brigade. Everyone is invited to take part in a range of contests from Egg-and-Spoon to Throwing-the Wellie, where taking part really is more important than winning!
 Metheringham Swimming Pool Association in conjunction with the Metheringham Amateur Dramatics plan a Glamorous Grandmother competiton, Knobbly Knees and a host of good fun. For those with an appetite, this is where you’ll find the barbecue.

Space for stalls is already being booked. There is no charge for space.



Help to Make the Jubilee Party a Success

The following pages give information about the events which we are planning for Metheringham to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Some of you will be involved with other events and we hope that you also have a great time.

At the time of going to press (which is at least two weeks before this Newsletter comes through your door), things are happening very quickly. By the time you read this we shall have moved on, so keep an eye on local notice boards.

Nevertheless, the one certainty is that the more helpers we have, the better everything will be. Even if you can only offer an hour of your time it could make a difference.

Fifteen of us form the Committee of the Community Leisure Association, but 4000 of us are the Community.

To offer your services, ideas, funding support, or even your Best Wishes, phone Sally Wilson on 321289, or Heather Routledge on 320156.



Crowning of the Jubilee Queen and Two Princesses - ENTRIES INVITED

·Starting at 7pm in Metheringham Village Hall on Friday 17th May.
·Entries are invited from anyone who lives in Metheringham or one of the surrounding villages.
·The upper age limit is 15 years.
·Tickets will be sold at the door, at £2 for under-16’s, and £3 for others.
·The first fifteen competitors admitted FREE!
·Judging will take place at 7.15, followed by a Disco until 9.30pm.
·The three judges all live outside the Metheringham Area.
·Gift voucher prizes for the Queen and her Princesses.
·The following day the Jubilee Queen will perform the first official duty of her reign by appearing at the Dunston Duck Races at 2.30pm.
·The Jubilee Queen, her Princesses and Flower Girls will head the procession on Monday 3rd June from Metheringham’s Village Green to the Playing Fields, where she will open the Jubilee Garden Fete.

If you would like to help with this event in any way, or if you would like other information, please phone Fran on (01526) 320827.



Jubilee Photographs Competition

Get those cameras clicking during the Jubilee festivities and send your best shots (or copies) to the Editor; Geoff Brown, 4 Saxon Close, Metheringham LN4 3HQ. Put your name, address and contact telephone number on the back of the photograph, and a short description of where it was taken.

We’d like to put together an album which will show generations to come what we all did to celebrate the occasion. The album will be ready for this year’s Fayre and Feast.

The best shot, in the opinion of the panel of judges, will win a £10 Photographic Voucher for the photographer. There will be a £5 voucher for second place and one roll for third.

Closing date for entries is 1st July 2002, and the only proviso is that the entries must be photographs taken at events in the area covered by this newsletter.




Queen’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations 1977
Metheringham Parish Council formed a Sub-Committee of Councillors to organise the Silver Jubilee Day events on 7th June 1977.
Initially the Committee decided to write to all businesses in the village to seek either a cash donation or gifts for raffle prizes. This was totally successful, for every business contacted gave generously to the fund. The result of this generosity was that every child in the parish was given a Jubilee Crown, and all children at the school a Jubilee Mug.
Prior to the day’s events a competition was held in the village hall to crown a Jubilee Queen. This was an extremely popular evening.
Also before the big day, a football competition was arranged between the four village pubs. This was well supported and the winners were presented with a trophy supplied by the organising Committee.
On Jubilee Day itself, a parade of floats set off from Grange Road and worked its way through the village to the playing fields. The parade was led by RAF Waddington’s Pipe and drum Band, which later in the afternoon gave a display on the sports field.
The fields were put to good use, accommodating fancy dress parades, children’s races, and a tug-of-war contest which again featured teams from the pubs! A swimming competition was held in the open-air pool, and the crowd thrilled to a helicopter display .
One of the highlights of the afternoon was a comic football match between a Village Ladies’ Team and a team of chaps all dressed in various items of ladieswear (obviously, “Political Correctness” hadn’t been invented in 1977!).
As part of the celebrations, the Senior Citizens of the parish were treated to a Revue and Tea, and the Gardening Club was provided for the Gardening Club to award annually to the most decorative garden as seen from the road. For jubilee day, Many homes in the village made great efforts, with bunting and other decorations being strung across the roads and from house to house across gardens.
The evening concluded with a dance in the Village Hall.

On the back of the “Silver Jubilee Day Timetable of Events”, the Chairman of the Jubilee Committee (Dave Harding) wrote a few paragraphs thanking all who had helped to organise the day. He concludes with ..

“P.S. What are you doing in twenty five years time?” -

Well, now you know!
Information kindly supplied by Councillor Bill Chambers.



Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

Mammoth Six-a-Side Football Competition

As part of Metheringham’s celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee, the Football Club will be holding a six-a-side competition on Sunday 26th May 2002.

It is expected that 96 teams (yes, NINETY SIX TEAMS!) from all over Lincolnshire will take part in the six age groups from Under 8s through to Under 13s. The football is scheduled to start at 11am, with the finals taking place at about 4.30pm.

As well as the football competition there will be a barbecue, hot and cold refreshments and other games.

Fun for all the Family!




On Saturday 15 June 2002 the School will be holding a Hog Roast. Come along and pig-out. There will be country dancing entertainment by the children and other entertaining ways of relieving you of your money! For further details please contact the School on 01526 320234.



Best Kept Village - How YOU can Help!
For 2002, Metheringham is again entering the “Best Kept Village” competition.
As always, it is the image of the entire village that will be scrutinised by the judges, and our best chance of winning will be if everybody makes a little effort.
To give you some clues, the table below shows what the judges will be looking at, and how many points could be scored in each category:

Item Maximum Points
Absence of litter and unauthorised/ unsightly refuse dumps; condition of bus stops and telephone kiosks. 30
Trees, hedges, ponds, streams, dykes. (General appearance; man made features) 10
Fences, walls, roads, paths, verges. (General appearance; man made features) 15
Village centre and village hall, school, parks, playing fields 15
Gardens, window boxes, allotments, private out-houses, garages, caravans, caravan sites 30
Churchyard, Chapel surrounds, cemeteries, war memorials 20
Business premises, including inns, farmsteads, workshops and stores 10
Signs, notices, advertisements, signposts 10
Marks for Community effort 10
Maximum Total 150

a) Absence of a feature listed on the score sheet will not entail a loss of marks
b) Natural and architectural beauty will not be taken into account.

So, let’s get busy and show the judges what we can do!
(Of course, I’ve just given the game away to the surrounding villages who get this Newsletter delivered free of charge. Never mind, if we all enter, maybe the judges will give us a special prize as the Best Kept Group of Villages. And if we don’t win, at least we’ll live in a nice environment.)
Item submitted on behalf of Metheringham Parish Council.



Metheringham Methodist Chapel

Fifty years ago, as Great Britain welcomed a new Queen to the Throne in February, Joyce Mayfield & Ernest Sellars were preparing to be married in July of that year in the Methodist Chapel. Some wartime rationing was still in force making it even more difficult to plan wedding celebrations.
The following year the Queen was crowned, on the 2nd June 1953, and Mrs Burns said that "it poured down with rain and the village had to hold their tea party in the Old School on the High Street".
In 1977 the country celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee and Joyce & Ernest Sellars also celebrated their Silver Wedding by holding a Garden Fete for their family and friends in the Manse Garden. Everyone was encouraged to wear fancy dress, there were stalls and games and the Fete was opened by Mr & Mrs Sellars.
In this Golden Jubilee year the Sellars are again preparing to celebrate, this time their Golden Wedding, and Mr and Mrs Sayers, members of the Methodist Chapel, celebrated their Golden Wedding in March. Their friends at the Chapel wish both couples their warmest congratulations.

The local chapels in the area are holding a Garden Party in the Manse Garden, 11 High Street, on Saturday 25th May starting at 3.00pm will stalls and games. From 5.00pm to 6.30pm like in the 1950's they are holding a Faith Tea, this is to have faith that people will bring food to eat and everyone doesn't bring egg sandwiches! Finishing with a concert in the Chapel from 7.00pm, the event is to raise money to fund the Agricultural Chaplain.
It is with great sadness that in August we say goodbye to our Deacon Rosemary Coggrave who is returning home to Yorkshire. I know that though she has only been in Metheringham for two years she has met many people and I'm sure you will all join with the congregation in wishing her all happiness for the future and God's blessing.

Jan Munday



Christian Aid Week

The delivery of this issue of the Newsletter coincides with Christian Aid Week. As we prepare to party in celebration of our Queen’s Golden Jubilee, it is a sobering thought that much of the world’s population continues to live with poverty and oppression.

Please support this worthwhile cause to the best of your ability. However little you are able to put in the envelope which comes through your door, it will seem like a fortune to the people who it goes to help.

Christian Aid Envelope Collection. - 12th to 18th May - Support “Trade for Life”




The new season is underway with the club running one senior team at the week-end and two mid-week sides. Anyone interested in playing is welcome to pop along and test their skills or contact the Club Secretary (Pete Ford).
The wide advertising of our wish to form a junior side did not get as good a response as we had hoped but we are still keen to encourage those who did contact us and any other youngsters along for net practise and coaching sessions. (Hopefully this will culminate in a few friendly matches during the season). To get us on the map with Youth Cricket we have been given support by Becky Simm - Director of Youth Lincs who is desperately trying to help us with funding to improve our facilities for this venture.

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee the Club will be holding it Annual Blankney Sixes - (a knockout competition between eight invited clubs) on the Monday 3rd June - proceeding start at around 10.30 and continue through the day ending with a BBQ - all spectators are welcome along (we have a licenced bar)

A list of the clubs fixtures for 2002 are shown on the MACLA website.



Fitness Tips by Cathy Mitcham, Metheringham WI

A fitness tip is what you’re after?
Then my first tip is simply “laughter”.
‘Tis good for the soul, and if you add chuckles,
Will even relax the facial muscles.
If your journey is not too far,
My second tip - discard the car.
Should it be too far to hike,
Then why not “get on your bike”.
When your household needs a polish,
Get stuck in, with verve and relish.
Move those arms, extend that torso,
You’ll look like “Barbie” - but even more so !
Discard the fats, the cakes, the biscuit,
A heart attack! Don’t even risk it !
Feast instead on fruit and veggies,
Chicken, fish and melon wedgies.
If in the evening you’re inclined to sit,
My next tip is crochet, sew or knit.
Yes! Why not get out that thimble?
‘Twill help to keep your fingers nimble.
So, laugh and walk, and bike and swim
Eat healthily, stretch every limb.
The options are varied, fun and many
And what is more - won’t cost you a penny.



Metheringham Football Club

The season has just ended and the highlight for the club has to be the success of our Under 14's and Under 10B's who both won their league. John Haresign and his assistants Lee Adamson and John Brett guided the Under 10B's to their success in a season that saw them undefeated in the league. It is the first time the club has had two league champions in the same season and the second success was for Dave Atkin and Glyn Jones with our Under 14's who won their league campaign.
With the success of the Under 14's it saw Dave and Glyn carry of the Stan Ford "Managers of the Season" award.
With regards to our other sides it has been a mixed bag but generally speaking everyone has had an enjoyable season and tried their best.To see who won the club awards for each team view the MACLA web site. Team photographs of all this season teams are also featured.



Metheringham History Group Snippets

The next in our extremely popular series of village walks will take place on 23rd June. We hope to encompass the Old Moat, Fish Ponds, and Hall Garth where the old Norman Manor stood. We shall assemble as usual in front of Metheringham Library at 2pm, and the walk will finish in Metheringham Chapel for light refreshments. Everybody is welcome to join us. Donations received will go the Metheringham Old Post Office Fund. Please note that this event has been cancelled. It is hoped to reschedule it later this year.
On a date yet to be announced (see local notice boards for details), we shall be holding a BIG Sale of Plants. Proceeds will go to St Wilfrid’s Church.

Any offers of help, or donations of plants, will be gratefully received.
Please contact Heather Routledge on (01526) 320156.
Last, but by no means least, do not miss our feature article about the History Group’s contribution to Metheringham’s Jubilee celebrations.



JUBILEE NEWS from Metheringham Library

Welcome to the Library column - we hope your Golden Jubilee Celebrations have all gone well and that you had a good time!

Well, it may SEEM like 50 years since we first mentioned the People’s Network Computers and the Library going “live” on the Library Computerised Records Scheme but..................we’re finally there!!! I am writing this with chewed fingernails as we are set to officially start with the new system next week so by the time this is published you will all, I’m sure, be well used to carrying your little plastic cards around with you! We are taking bets as to how many have ALREADY been lost even before they’re needed! You won’t need your brown/pink tickets any more - perhaps we could light a Jubilee bonfire with them all! - but equally will not be allowed to borrow any books without your computerised card. Hopefully you will notice a difference in the speed and efficiency of the Service you receive (as if it could get any better?!) as all Libraries come onto the new System.

The two People’s Network Computers are available for anyone to use and contain a number of programs - Word Publishing, Spreadsheets, Publisher and Internet to name but a few. It is completely free to use the machines but we charge 10p per copy for anything printed out. Internet taster sessions are to be held every Friday but must be booked at the Library beforehand. Why not come along and take a look - get some costume ideas ready for the Feast?!

Does the Internet leave you cold? Do you feel left behind by the advances of all this new technology? If the answer is “yes” then you need to come on our next CLAIT course at the Library on Thursday mornings. Our current course finishes in June but we are taking names for the next one which is set to begin in September. This is a basic Computer course which uses Microsoft Office to teach you how to word-process, make up a Spreadsheet and develop a database. Many of our previous candidates had no previous computer knowledge and yet ended the course with a recognised qualification and pride in what they had achieved along with a bunch of new friends!

Our Reader’s Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm in the library. We all read the same book then return to discuss it the following month. Our book for June is “Have the men had enough?” - sounds interesting doesn’t it?! Our Group is currently made up totally of women (no men have dared join us yet!) so it could cause some ribald comments! If you feel brave enough to join us just come along to the next meeting.

The usual children’s activities will be taking place during the Summer Holidays - no dates as yet but watch out for posters nearer the time. Have you noticed the Kidzone poster in the Library porch showing what the childen have been getting up to recently? What a photogenic lot you all are! Call in and see if you can spot yourself! You may even see Pauline in her nightie!


That’s it for now!

Sue Miller
Customer Liason Officer



Metheringham Over 60’s

Metheringham Over 60’s meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Village Hall.
Anyone over the age of 60 years can become a Member. Should one partner not be 60 years old they are welcome to come along as a guest.
Membership is £2.50 for a full year. For this we have a very good selection of entertainment from September through to May, and coach trips are organised from May to September.
The 10-Pin Bowling team play at Washingborough every other Tuesday. This is a fun afternoon out.
We shall be having a stall at the Queen’s Jubilee celebration on June 3rd on Metheringham Playing Fields.
A selection of forthcoming events is listed below:-

2002 Coach Trips

5 June, Matlock/Buxton
3 July, Wisbech
7 August, Skipton
4 September, “Country Contrast”
11 September, Scarborough

Other Events


2 October, Harvest Service and Auction
6 November, Maureen Sutton/Folklore
4 December, Christmas draw/Dinner


8 January, Music Hall/Tony Neale
5 February, Tim Hudson/Slide Show
5 March, AGM/Bingo
2 April, Shaun Sweeney/Vocalist
7 May, Judy Theobald



The View from the Wings.

The village Pantomime “The Babes in Blankney Wood and Bold Robin Hood” opened to sounds of storm and thunder and flashes of lightning on Friday 1st February….. while outside the weather was rough but not THAT bad !. The first weekend of performances went well and word got round to give packed houses on Friday and Saturday 8th /9th February. The performance showed strengths in all aspects of theatre - the singing, drums, lighting, costumes, scenery and choreography all deserve praise alongside the acting and comedy abilities of a strong cast from whom it would be unfair to single anyone out for particular praise. The audience should also be congratulated for their participation in all the right places.

But what is it like for those who are there but can’t see it? It’s a bit like a nether world back stage. Grey curtains, whispering voices, sudden crushes of heavily made up and garishly costumed cast, sometimes incredibly nervous, sometimes over-excited, Occasionally reminiscent of a paper seller on an underground station. Long periods of quiet following the script, keeping the chorus quiet but ready at the right time, then sudden periods of activity when curtains have to be pulled, boxes moved, snow blown, creeping through the backdrop box in the dark to hold shut waiting for the dramatic entrance of the hero at exactly the right moment and all in the space of a few minutes. Then it’s half time and only after they’ve swept up all the snow and re-prepared the stage can the crew collapse with relief and laughter at how the confetti was late or the glitter went up the actor’s nose or the fog blew the wrong way - was the curtain late ? did the audience notice ? Could they hear the backstage noise out front?

Oh, I do enjoy being involved. In my other role as a parent of part of the junior chorus we are at our busiest when their big scene is happening and I didn’t get to see the action as the audience do, we hear the oohs and aahs, the lines, the dramatic pauses, the music right on cue and see the shadows but the visual effects are a bit wasted on the people in the wings.

Because you shouldn’t have noticed us - except perhaps for an arm delivering a camp fire (which was me)! - Taff was the one up the ladder and mostly on curtains, Paul (?) will no doubt be patenting his confetti machines - if he can find his way through the fog; June stood in her corner planning, preparing props and managing in advance, but for the most part was on a ski slope, Martin transformed the backcloths. Adele, Dian and Teresa put colour on the curtains with their pins and needles, made up and clothed the cast and took care of the kennels, sorry green rooms, and their transient and sometimes highly excitable occupants. Backstage, we don’t get the visual experience but we can hear the audience and feel the cast react and we know that without the people putting up the lighting rig, sitting at the mixing desk and providing sound effects and us pulling the curtains and having cushions and bolts ready at the right time the audience would be watching an embarrassing farce and not a fantastic piece of colourful theatre and having a great night out. Thanks to everyone for coming and I expect I’ll want to be involved again when Ali Baba comes around next year - see you there, even if you don’t see me!!

Report by Dot Howes


“Outside Edge”, an exceptional comedy from the pen of Richard Harris. Set in a cricket pavilion, this was a stage play before becoming a successful series on television.

To be performed in Metheringham Village Hall on 23, 24, 25 May.

For more information, phone (01526) 322563



From Your Special Constable

By day I’m the managing director of an engineering company. By night, and in any other time I can spare, I’m a Special Constable with Lincolnshire Police, patrolling, amongst other places, the village I myself live in, Metheringham.
I’ve been doing this for 17 years and am now the Sector Officer for the Lincoln Rural area, which covers Bracebridge Heath and surrounding villages.
It makes a difference to me to help police the area I live in. It sounds corny, but being able to put something back into the community is one of the major reasons I joined in the first place.
People in the village know me and I think that makes it a bit easier for them to approach me and talk about any concerns they’ve got. I’ve also got an insight into the area and its problems, which helps.
On average, I spend about nine hours a week on duty, as well as spending time organising events.
As Specials, we do everything the regular officers do and they treat us as one of the family. I’ve made some lifelong friends.

If you’d like to know a bit more about being a Special Constable, just call me on 07767 456368.

By Keith Parker
Sector Officer
Lincolnshire Police



Thank You

A big “Thank You” to everyone who sent me good wishes, cards and presents on my retirement as Post Lady of Metheringham.

Thanks once again,

Janet Glossop



Metheringham Village Hall Diary

There will be a 50/50 Auction in the Village Hall on Saturday 13th July.
Doors open for viewing at 9am and the sale will start at 10am.
Any items for sale should be delivered to the Village Hall between 7pm and 8pm on Friday 12th July.
Please note that buyers will be required to take their purchases with them on the Saturday.

Village Hall Annual Maintenance will be undertaken from 12th - 23rd August 2002. There will be a list of jobs to be done e.g. paint the small hall and toilets, check and count crockery and cutlery, strip and varnish stage floor. Volunteers needed, even if only for an hour or two! If you or a group of people can help, please telephone Jan Munday on 323180 for more information.

The National Blood Transfusion Service will be happy to receive you in the Village Hall on 29th August, at any time between 12 noon and 9pm. A lot of people have asked for this service to come into the village. If the session is successful we could become a regular fixture.



Metheringham Youth Club

Metheringham Youth Club’s next Disco evening will take place in Metheringham Village Hall on 31st May.
The Junior Disco (for ages 13 and under) will run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, and the Senior Disco (ages 14 to 17) will run from 8.45 pm to 10.15pm.
If you would like further details, please contact Angela Bellamy on 321900