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MACLA Newsletter Issue 11 - Summer 2003

NEWS INDEX - Issue 11 Summer 2003

Leisure Facilities Project
Parish Council: Metheringham | Martin
Plant Sale / Fundraising
Millennium Art Group
Blankney Cricket Club / Meg Bowls Club
Branston Eagles / Methodist Chapel Diary
Kesteven Blind Society / Kick Boxing
Library News M.A.D.
M.A.W.S. / Meg Football Club
Charity Football Match /
Nocton Cricket Club / Meg Over 60s
New service for Pensioners / Poetry Corner
Readers' Group / Starlite Twirlers
Meg Swimming Pool / Meg Village Hall
Meg W.I. /
Meg Youth Club
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By the villages, For the villages

Elsewhere in this newsletter, you’ll read about MACLA’s plans for improving leisure facilities in our area. Except that they’re not MACLA’s plans but your plans. MACLA has listened very closely to what you, the villagers, have told us that you want. We’ve held public meetings giving you the chance to have your say. We’ve asked every single household and surveyed most of the leisure activities in our area. We’ve collected your responses and drafted a development plan to meet your needs. Realistically not all of your goals can be met at once, so we’ve split the task down into manageable stages, putting your most urgent need first, a modern changing room facility. This project is not MACLA’s project but your project.
To achieve this first phase will need a concentrated effort, not only from the area leisure activity groups and MACLA but most importantly - you. With your full support and the activity groups working together then a modern changing room facility for the Metheringham Area is achievable. This is your chance to be part of something positive and beneficial for your community. The changing room project is just the start. A success with the changing room project leads directly into Phase 2, a modern sports hall facility, which will really make a difference to community life. However none of this will happen unless you make a difference.
How can I help? – You’ve already helped by having your say but more is needed. As an individual you can help directly by supporting any (or all) of the many fundraising events that are being organised over the coming year. An example of that support was seen at a recent plant sale held in Metheringham Village Hall. Over £800 was raised towards this project thanks to your support. Every single penny will go towards phase 1, the changing rooms facility. There will be many more such activities that require your support. Please give generously.
If you belong to a local group, then dedicate one fundraising event this year in support of this community project. Metheringham Women’s Institute have led the way pledging ALL the proceeds from a summer event to support this project. What’s your group doing?
I don’t live in Metheringham, why should I support you? If you receive the MACLA newsletter then you are already part of this project. If you live in Dunston, Martin, Blankney, Scopwick or Nocton you will benefit from the complete project. Only by banding together and working together can you turn several small communities into one larger community to achieve your goals. Your help is vital.
Need more details? MACLA is willing to come along to meet your group and explain not how you can help MACLA but how you can help your community. Interested? Contact Jeff on 323436 or Sally on 321289 to arrange a visit.


Council News.

Metheringham Parish
Metheringham Parish Council has seen a few changes. At the annual parish meeting in April Chairman, Councillor Brian Creasey announced that there would be no election on May 1st in Metheringham as there was no contest for seats on either the parish or district councils. Alan Waddington would be a new face on Metheringham Parish Council and he and Councillor Harrison had not sent in nominations. He announced that he had not stood for re-election because he was retiring after 25 years on the parish council, 8 of which had been as Chairman. He had enjoyed serving the parish but felt that the pressures on the chairman were increasing and it was time to hand over. He thanked the parish clerk, the councillors he had worked with and particularly the district councillors for their support. . Mr Creasey has been on the Parish Council since 1976. In recent years the work had been made harder by the extra legislation coming through. There were several issues that had not yet come to fruition as he had hoped, including the completion of the car park for the village hall, donated to the village by Mr King several years ago; the new playing field land, and changing rooms for the playing field but all were in the pipeline.
The following are Metheringham Parish councillors for the four year term that started on May 5th 2003 : Dr Mike Allen (for Metheringham Fen), Rosie Creasey, John Duggins, Pete Ford, Jenni Honisett, Ruth Parker, Heather Routledge, Alan Waddington, Audrey Webb, Jeff Westall with one seat still vacant.
At their meeting on 27th May the council eventually elected Dr Mike Allen as their new Chairman. This was after a stalemate in which the other candidate, Mrs Jenni Honisett received equal votes and there was no-one with a casting vote. Mrs Honisett offered to stand down for this year and was elected Vice-Chairman. The meeting also saw the co-option of Ray Harrison to the council.
The two North Kesteven District Councillors for Metheringham area are Councillors Bill Chambers and John Rose.
Metheringham Parish Council meet on the last Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in Metheringham Village Hall.

Martin Parish
Martin Parish Council saw no change at the election. The councillors are William Busby and Colin Vickers for Martin Dales; Fred Ambridge, Hazel Ambridge, Mary Corbett, Judy Evans, Ruth Krampf, Michael Stephens and Zena Scoley. Fred Ambridge remains the local representative on North Kesteven District Council.
Mrs Judy Evans has been re-elected as Chairman, with Mrs Hazel Ambridge as Vice Chairman.
Martin Parish Council is still on the lookout for a Village Improvements Assistant to help keep the village tidy. Applicants should apply to the parish clerk, Mrs DA Howes (01526 322314).
Martin Parish Council meet on the last Monday of every other month in Martin Village Hall at 7.30 p.m..

Your local County Councillor is Mrs Patricia Bradwell.


MACLA Annual General Meeting
(A report by impartial observer Dot Howes)

People in the Metheringham area should have a new changing facility by next summer if MACLA’s plans go ahead. As phase one of the Leisure Facilities Development Project the Metheringham Area Community Leisure Association ( MACLA) are building a changing block to meet the overdue needs of the football club, swimming pool and all those sports groups using the playing fields. This phase was identified as the most immediate need following the surveys conducted last year among community groups and the local populace. The changing block will be just the first phase of a Sports Hall complex to be developed over several years to include a Sports Hall, an external multi-use games area, expansion of the swimming pool and a fitness facility for all the communities in the area to use. It will provide several changing areas and toilet facilities, be accessible for disabled users, have a First Aid room and have a lounge and refreshment area. The changing rooms will be linked to the swimming pool for swimmers’ use and will be positioned for incorporation into the future phases of development. June Harvey outlined the plans that the Leisure Facilites Development Project has produced and Sally Wilson emphasised the fundraising required to self fund 10% of the project while enabling the organisation to apply for grant funding.
Sally’s plea for fundraising to be a way to bring communities together was very pertinent as there was no representation from Martin, Dunston, Nocton, Timberland, Scopwick, Kirkby Green or anyone outside Metheringham village at the meeting. Undeterred Sally emphasised the need for commitment and a sense of humour and introduced MACS the Mole, the secret weapon of the fundraising campaign, who will become a well known figure as the organisation mascot. The first event planned is a Plant Sale of magnificent proportions in the village hall on Saturday May 31st from 9.00a.m.- 2.00 p.m. Thousands of plants will be on sale and helpers as well as customers will be required. Refreshments will be served, there will be a raffle and a gardening enquiry desk.

These development plans were announced when MACLA held its well publicised but poorly attended Annual General Meeting and Open Public Meeting in Metheringham Village Hall on Tuesday 13th May. Chairman Jeff Bird started the meeting late in the hope that more people including anyone from the other villages included in the project would attend. His message was a positive one. He said MACLA has been building on the strong foundation previously set and had been able to enhance the vibrant and active community life by raising awareness and strengthening partnerships. He specifically mentioned the newsletter which now delivers free to 2500 households, is 36 pages and generates around £150 per issue thanks to the advertising. The website recently achieved 10,000 hits attracting interest from the local area and around the world.

Mr Bird emphasised how some leisure activities in Metheringham have shown encouraging signs of development in the past year – the Village Hall is being modernised and expanded, the Youth Club has been established and is blossoming and the Swimming Pool Association has been revitalised but the most spectacular achievement has been the Starlite Twirlers who have established themselves as one of the areas premier youth activity groups in only just over a year.

MACLA itself has also had a good year the proudest achievement being the Golden Jubilee celebrations. Mr Bird endorsed MACLA’s role being all about the future of leisure in the area community and to this end they have instituted a series of development workshops in conjunction with NKDC where clubs and organisations can work on their own development plans. Alan Jones was thanked for drawing up the overall First Draft Development Plan, which it was hoped would attract constructive comments.
Treasurer , Mike Reep, thanked the auditor John Woods and showed how the Awards for All grant had been spent on the Golden Jubilee celebrations. MACLA did not profit from the Gala day but other groups were enabled to do well. He also displayed the year’s accounts, showing that the MACLA fund now stood at £1462, some £900 more than a year ago.

Alan Brown stepped down as Vice Chairman and Sally Wilson was elected his successor. Dave Williams representing the Swimming Pool Association and Claire MacDavid representing the Starlite Twirlers were elected as full members and Gwyneth Holland was co-opted on to the committee.
Following the plant sale, other events planned are a Traditional Christmas Fayre in conjunction with the Star and Garter on December 20th and a Midsummer Carnival and Gala in June 2004 .
Before closing the meeting Mr Bird said that the message to all those wanting a skateboard park is that we want one too but we can’t find a location. MACLA vice-chariman, Sally Wilson is also working to try and restore the so-called Village Cross to its’ pre-war magnificence.
Following the poor attendance at the meeting the committee felt it important to emphasise the need for better marketing and ideas as to how to get people involved with fundraising and the background work involved in development. MACLA is for the Villages, in the Villages and about the villages, their message is “Please help us to help you !”


Sensational Sale of Plants Helps MACLA Funds
(and MACLA funds are YOUR funds!)

In the last issue of the Newsletter, we promised you a MASSIVE plant sale for 31st May. Those who went to Metheringham Village Hall on that morning are most unlikely to have been disappointed.
Gwyneth Holland and her select band of helpers did an unbelievable job in the weeks leading up to the sale, resulting in literally thousands of plants being ready for the day. And every one of them in excellent condition.
At 7 o’clock in the morning a small convoy of vehicles made their way to Gwyneth’s home and shuttled plant pot after plant pot, seed tray after seed tray, hanging basket after hanging basket to the village hall. Luckily, it was one of those wonderful “good to be alive” mornings with the sun already strong and a real smell of summer in the air. This made the job of fetching and carrying a pleasure.
By 8.30, thirty trestle tables were groaning under the weight of plants. The stage was filled with plants. Most of the floor area along one whole side of the hall was awash with plants. Early shoppers couldn’t believe what they were looking at. Wall to wall plants like an Axminster carpet.
From the kitchen area the enticing smell of bacon and sausages frying, ready to go into fresh baps. Alternatively, you could choose the home-made shortbread (Home-made by Gwyneth. Presumably in her spare time!)
Some of the plants had been kindly donated by villagers. MACLA would also like to thank Ruskington Garden Centre, Pennels Garden Centre, Doughty’s Garden Centre and the Ermine Cottage Nursery for their valuable support.
Within 4 hours about 90% of the produce had been sold. There then followed a mini clearance auction before the hall was emptied and the trestle tables scrubbed down.
Initial estimates indicate that more than £800 was raised. This will go into the MACLA fund for the provision of new sport/leisure facilities, with the current priority being for long-overdue good quality changing rooms at Metheringham Playing Field.
So, many thanks to people who bought, to the fetchers and carriers, to the people who volunteered for kitchen duties, those who manned the tills, sold raffle tickets, or contributed in any other way.
But, without doubt the biggest vote of thanks goes to Gwyneth Holland. Thanks, Gwyneth!


MACLA Fundraising

If we want to bid for available grants (there are over 2000 up for grabs) we have to prove that we have money in the coffers. We need to build up some reserves in the bank, and this is why we have formed a Fundraising Committee under the leadership of Sally Wilson (remember?- the driving force behind Metheringham’s Golden Jubilee celebrations?)
The best plans in the world won’t get implemented without money. To start with, that means all of us dipping a little bit into our pockets – but we hope to encourage this with a lot of fun as well as with a professional approach. The plant sale held on 31st May, which is fully reported elsewhere in this issue, is a good example of a quality event that helped raise a significant sum of money.
But MACLA is an organisation that is made up of local people like you. We have never claimed to have a monopoly on good ideas, and if you’ve got a good fund-raising idea, especially coupled with a few spare hours, Sally would love to hear from you.
We are already at the drawing board for a Traditional Christmas Fayre on Saturday 20th December in the Star and Garter car park, Metheringham.
For next Summer we are looking to host a Midsummer Carnival and Gala in June 2004, along the lines of the Golden Jubilee Day celebration.
There are doubtless many other opportunities to have a good time whilst raising money for a worthy cause (and remember, MACLA encompasses the villages of Martin, Scopwick/Kirkby Green, Dunston, and Metheringham Fen, as well as Metheringham village. Perhaps we could help with an event held in your village?)
If you would like to help in any way, please contact Sally Wilson (01526 321289) or Gwyneth Holland (01526 322633)


Millennium Art Group

This group was formed in Spring 2001 by a mere handful of local people, some artists and some not, and at the recent AGM the membership had risen to 35 members.

The broad aims of the group are to encourage interest in art in general and provide facilities to paint, draw etc., for beginners and experienced alike in a relaxed and friendly environment. This is achieved by the provision of painting sessions on Friday mornings 10.00 to 12.00 at the Scopwick Village Hall, and exhibitions of members’ work. In attendance at most sessions is local professional artist Peter Hayward who offers encouragement, advice and critique.

The work of our local artists and others can be viewed at the annual exhibition to be held this year on the 19th and 20th July, 10.00am to 5.00pm, when original paintings, photographs etc. may be purchased. A Cheese and Wine preview of the exhibition will be held on Friday 18th, 7.00 to 9.00pm for ticket holders.

New members are welcome, absolute beginners or otherwise. Membership costs £10 per annum with a charge of £1.50 per session, which includes refreshments.

Enquiries to the Chairman, Robin Gooch on 01526 322839.


Blankney Cricket Club

The cricket season is now in full swing and the Club has started off in a positive mood with three successive wins in their opening games as they look to better their third place in Division One at the end of last season.
With new people constantly moving into the area there have to be some who are cricketers in the community and the Club invites all interested parties to come along and join us. We run one week-end team and two midweek sides.
The ground sits in a picturesque location and we pride ourselves in the fact that we are a Family Club. Wives, girlfriends and children are all welcome to come along. There is plenty of room for your children to play safely while their Dads swing the willow. The Club has a licensed bar which is open through every match.
Anyone interested can just turn up or, if they wish, contact Club Secretary Pete Ford on (01526) 320016.


Metheringham Bowls Club News

The Club has had its usual hectic start to the season, making sure we can fulfil all our league and Knock-out Cup competition commitments. We have just made it, but if there is anyone out there who would like to join us, we would still be able to offer them a regular game!
Worthy of a special mention here is the City Afternoon Team which has had a remarkable start to the season with 4 wins from 4 games, including a very unexpected Cup win over Heighington. Well done! Let’s hope they can keep going in the same way!
The Woodhall Team has also had a very encouraging start to their season but the remainder of the Club’s teams have so far suffered mixed fortunes. We look forward to better times ahead, we obviously need the sun on our backs.
Following the success of the Coffee Morning held at the Club in May, we are pleased to announce that we will be running an Afternoon Tea Event on Wednesday 16th July starting at 3.00pm. This time we will have a Tombola Stall and Raffle in addition to the Cake Stall, Teas and Coffees. We have also booked the sunshine, so please make a note in your diaries, and join us on the day.

Mike Reep, Chairman


Branston Eagles

As previously reported, the Branston Eagles is the name given to the RSPB Wildlife Explorers Group based at Branston, with members from the surrounding villages, including Metheringham. Children aged 7-12 years are welcome, and are not necessarily RSPB members.
Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 6.30pm to 8pm in the Youth wing of Branston Community College, Station Road, Branston, or at other pre-arranged sites.
Since the last Newsletter we have had a Games Night, a meeting on recycling, a Walk in the Jungle and Branston valley. We joined other clubs at Whisby for the RSPB Roadshow, and a visit to the Deep Aquarium at Hull.  Recently we have had an evening in Potterhanworth Wood and along the Carr Dyke looking at the spring flowers, trees and other wild life.

If you would like to find out more about this group call John Welsh on 01522 525477.


Metheringham Methodist Chapel Diary

There is not much going on this holiday season, but the Wednesday Club, which meets every Wednesday evening during term time is hoping to hold a Jumble Sale, probably on the morning of the Saturday 28th June, to support Radio Lincolnshire's STRUT in the Community Appeal.
The Women's Anniversary Service is on the 8th June, when Mrs Ruth Stuckey will be the speaker. This will be followed by Ploughman's Lunches on Saturday 14th June from 12 - 2pm.
Strawberry Teas will be served at 7 Field Farm Lane on Friday 4th July from 4-6pm. Everyone is welcome and there will be a "bring and buy" stall. All proceeds from this event will be for Chapel Funds.


Kesteven Blind Society.

The Kesteven Blind Society continues to meet fortnightly in the Heighington Jubilee Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for 25th June.
Since the last issue of the MACLA Newsletter the Society has had a wide variety of entertainment, including:-
Linda Hotchkiss from the Lincolnshire Archives
Musical afternoon and Easter Bonnet competition (won by Joyce Money from Potterhanworth). The bonnets were judged by Stephen Jones-Crabtree
An altogether hilarious afternoon with Peter Brown from the Lincolnshire Echo, which left all the members with jaw ache from laughter.
Anyone interested in joining should telephone Kesteven Blind Society on 01476 592775.


Keeping Fit with Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing is an ideal way to keep fit, gain self-confidence and self discipline, and at the same time learn useful self defence techniques.
Why not give it a try?
Sessions are held under the supervision of Tyrone Miah at the Metheringham Squash Club on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
For more details, contact Tyrone on (01526) 321071, or 0777 9490058.


News from Metheringham Library

By the time you read this, hopefully it will be all blue skies and sunshine, not the hailstones and rain that have been battering the Library windows as I write this!!

As we speak, our latest batch of computer whizz-kids are working their way through their CLAIT course here at the Library.  Every Thursday morning 12 intrepid souls battle with the mysteries of Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Databases.  By the time this is published they should have finished the course and all be eagerly clutching their qualifications.  We are taking names for the next course which will be starting in September.  This is run in conjunction with North Lincs College and you work at your own pace on laptop computers.  A friendly (and patient!!) tutor is in attendance to help with any queries you may have.  The course will run on a Thursday afternoon next time and will be free to everyone - you do not have to be a Library member to enrol. There are limited places available and it is advisable to reserve your place early on as it is very popular.

Again, by the time this is published, the Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award will have been presented.  Books for this Award, which is aimed at the 9 - 13 year age group, had to have been published last year, ie 2002. Books were nominated by the young people of Lincolnshire through their local Libraries, Schools and Reading Groups.  A "long list" was drawn up and a panel of children, library and School staff, journalists and Book shop staff had to trawl their way through all these before meeting to whittle this down to a short-list of just 8 books.  This is the stage we are at at present.  We are now asking children to vote for their favourite book from the shortlist, with the winner being announced at a special presentation at Lincoln Central Library on July 16th.  Will your favourite be there?

On Friday, August 15 we will be bringing the Summer Roadshow to Metheringham Library!  This will be a fun-day for the children, lasting all afternoon where there will be a number of activites on offer, including storytimes, craft, face-painting etc! Should be a fun afternoon but pray for good weather as we're going to be outside!!

We are busy preparing our costumes for the Feast!!  As usual, we will be having a stall outside (or INSIDE if it's as cold as last year!) and will be suitably attired - come along for a giggle!!  We will be selling books, videos, cd's, talking books - all the usual stuff.  There will also be face-painting on offer for the children (or adults, if they're so inclined!) and probably a competition.  Call along and see us - at least we can get warm!

Our Reader's Group is still going from strength to strength and new members are joining all the time - this could, perhaps, be to do with the fact that we often meet at other places - last time's meeting was held at the Mowgli Indian Restaurant (and very nice it was too!) and that we are not too serious but like to have a laugh!  We meet at the Library (usually!) at 7.30 on the first Weds of every month.  New members are always welcome - just pop along and join in.  Our Readers Group review is published later on in the magazine.

If you're not yet a member of the Library, call in and see what's on offer - you might be surprised!!

Sue Miller
Customer Liason Officer


Review of One–Act plays performed by MAD in May.

MAD made a very sane decision when they chose to perform The Ark by Helen Griffin. Director Steve Watters rightfully says it ‘is a beautiful and well crafted play which….. will take you through the whole spectrum of your emotions’. It was also performed brilliantly by all three actresses led by a powerful Gaynor Little – emotions from laughter to empathy to grief were all given an airing and in the atmosphere towards the end the slightest noise or movement would have broken the spell but nothing and no-one dared.
Thankfully the refreshment break enabled the audience to regain its composure before the hilarity of Split Ends by Frank Vickery with another wonderful script and strong cast for Suzanne Tatton’s directing debut. Was it a comedy about a family, a hairpiece, relationships or cats ? does it matter ? No. It was just good clean fun but where did Roz Treadwell put all that food every night? Congratulations to everyone concerned for another good night out.
Dot Howes


Metheringham Animal Welfare Supporters Group (MAWS)

We in MAWS would like to thank our friends at Eros laboratories Ltd for their donation of £150. Instead of sending Christmas cards in 2002, the Company donated the money to charity, and this was added to by donations from Eros employees. Thanks again!
On Saturday 5th July we are trying a new venture. From 10am to 4pm there will be a “Sale of Small Antiques and Collectables” at 31 Station Road, Metheringham. This will be a more focussed affair than our regular Garden/Outhouse sale, and will be of special interest to people looking for something different. Who knows, in years to come you might be on Antiques Roadshow telling some expert how you bought that Victorian gizmo for only £5 and then getting it valued at five thousand! (Of course, we’re sure you’d do the decent thing and split the profit with MAWS!)
On Saturday 2nd August we shall be holding our usual “Junk Sale” in the garden/Outhouse at 31 Station Road, again from 10am to 4pm. Cakes, pickles, fresh fruit and veg would be gratefully received for that day please.
Any help that can be given is always very much appreciated.
Joyce I Muncey.
MAWS Group Secretary


Metheringham Football Club

The season has just ended with the club having mixed fortunes. The Saturday side finished just below half way in their league but finished in fine form with just two defeats in their last twelve matches. They finished in eleventh position and were also losing semi-finalists in the David Cooper Cup.
As for the two Sunday season sides, the first team staved off relegation from the Premier League with a win in their last match which took them three off the bottom. The Second team (Div3) reached the semi final of the Fred Quibell Cup only to lose with a last-minute winner against Middle Rasen. In the League after a shaky start they went on a run of nine wins in a row (a record for the team going back eight seasons) and were looking good for a promotion place but a defeat and a draw in their last two games saw them just miss out, finishing fourth. The U18’s in the Intermediate Youth League had a great season finishing league runners-up to Alstom who they beat on two occasions. They reached two cup semi-finals and had an excellent run where they were undefeated in the league in fourteen games from early November. They scored over 160 goals in all games.

Of the Club’s junior sides the U16’s, after a promising start, slipped to a final mid table position. The U15’s finished third but a league ruling robbed them of the runners-up spot. The U14’s were a credit as they lost only three times as they finished runners-up in their league to Babworth. The U13’s had a shaky season and finished one place above the relegation places. The U12’s too finished in the lower reaches of their league. The U11’s, after a good opening, finished just below half way. The U10’s finished in a mid-table position and the U8’s in their first season in competitive football found their opposition a little too experienced as they finished in the bottom two, but to their credit they did reach a cup semi-final.
With the success of their players Roy Creasey and Graham Buckberry, the U18’s managers won the Stan Ford-Manager of the Season Award.
The Club’s Personality Award went to the U14’s brave young man Dayne Grove who underwent a heart transplant in mid season. He thanks everyone for their good wishes and support as he makes a great recovery. His only problem is the fact that he supports Arsenal.
Presentation evenings were held at the end of May with everyone looking to enjoy the brief break before the new season starts in twelve weeks time in August.



Annual Charity Football Match

Metheringham FC Old Boys against the Squash Club All Stars.
On FA Cup Final day this annual match took place prior to the FA Cup Final with the two sides vying for the Kev Winters/Phil Croft Memorial Trophy.
The football club featured their secret weapon Tony “Bullethead” Walker, who would be 65 the next day.
With a strong team put out they dominated the first half and should have had the game won but were constantly thwarted by the Squash Club keeper Richard South, who was superb.
The Football Club went ahead in the first half through Chris Ford. Then in the second half they were hit by a two-goal salvo from the Squash Club with Graham Pembery curling a free kick into the roof of the net a la “Beckham style” and then a minute later Mark Bland chipping Meg keeper Andy Gray to put the holders in front.
Meg Old Boys had to dig in and find some inspiration as the time was running out. With the last throw of the dice, manager Pete Ford introduced the veteran Kev Spence and in moments of his arrival he glanced a near post header home to level.
With the players not wanting to miss the FA Cup Final it was agreed to forego the extra time / golden goal, and a penalty shoot out was taken. The Football Club eventually won a tense encounter 8-7 on penalties with the Squash Club questioning the Football Club tactics.
Both teams then watched the FA Cup Final in the Star and Garter, well fed by an excellent buffet from the cup sponsors Maggie and Butch at the Star and Garter. The trophy was presented to the winning captain Paul Harrison, with the Squash Club still reeling over the outcome. A collection was made, with £70 raised towards MACLA’s bid for new facilities.


Nocton Cricket Club

Did you know that Nocton has its own Cricket Club?
The ground is located alongside the bridal path between Nocton and Dunston, with the parish church and woodlands for a scenic backdrop.
New players (irrespective of where you live) are always welcome to come along to the Wednesday Practice Nights, starting at 6.30pm.
If you’d like any more information, please contact David Glew on (01526) 321756


Metheringham Over 60’s Club

On 7th May, Judy Theobald, the Editor of Lincolnshire Life, gave a talk on the history of the magazine, and after a break for tea and biscuits entertained us with her poems and anecdotes.
May 14th was our first outing of the season. We visited Louth for the market and then went on to Woodthorpe Garden Centre near Alford. On June 4th we had an outing to Sheringham and holt in Norfolk.
Forthcoming Events:-

June 14th Coffee Morning in Metheringham Village Hall (Contributions of cakes, tombola and raffle prizes would be gratefully received)
July 2nd Outing to York
July 16th Afternoon tea at the Petwood Hotel (Members only)
August Outing to Bury St Edmunds
September 3rd Hi Notes – Songs from the Shows (Village Hall)
September 10th Outing to Skegness

Bookings for the outings please contact Margaret (01526 321049) or Rita (320895)
Ann Crooks. Hon Secretary


A New Service for Pensioners

The government has set up a brand new service called the Pension Service. It is part of the Department of Work and Pensions, and will improve the service you receive, whether you are already a pensioner or are planning for your retirement.
Over the next few months you will receive letters explaining the new service and what it will mean to you.  The Pension Service will provide you with a local service team, which for our area will be based in Grantham.  You will no longer be asked to visit a DSS office; we will be working out in the community, providing face-to-face contact with our pensioners in places they can get to easily.

We have set up pensioner surgeries throughout Lincolnshire, offering information and advice on entitlements and benefits you may be entitled to.

We will be in the Metheringham Info-Links Office, 15a High Street,
Metheringham, every 2nd Monday between 10am and 12noon on the following dates:
Monday 30th of June
Monday 14th of July
Monday 28th of July
Monday 11th of August

Contact 0845 60 60 2 65 if you require advice over the phone or require an appointment, alternatively just pop in for a chat with one of our advisers.

This service is for the 60+-client group, and their families and carers.


Poetry Corner

The poem for this issue has been sent in by Ruby Willows of Martin. Ruby is ten years old. It’s good to have a contribution from one of our younger readers, and it’s particularly good to receive a poem from one of the MACLA villages outside Metheringham. Thank you, Ruby.


Butterflies flutter like a fairy.
Their wings are so delicate
They look so airy.

Their wings feel soft too, like a flower.
You may think they have magical power.

The thing I like best of all are the colours.
They remind me of a beautiful painting,
Also of colourful fish playfully swimming.

The very last time I saw a butterfly
I felt wide awake.
My heart was beating so fast,
As fast as a roller coaster ride would take.

It was the only thing on my mind
And made me feel like jumping.
Afterwards I felt all warm with love
And thought of my loving Ma.

Ruby Willows, Aged 10


Readers’ Group Review

The last book we read was "The Shape of Snakes" by Minette Walters. It is a thriller which starts with the murder of "Mad Annie", a black lady who was found dead in the gutter one rainy evening. Did she die or was she murdered? This is the over-riding question which runs throughout the book, as the young woman who found her, battles over the next twenty years, to discover the truth. Will she like what she finds out? You will have to read the book to decide!
We held this meeting at the Mowgli Indian Restaurant in the High Street, so the literary debate wasn't really top of our agenda that evening, more the delicious food! However, we did decide that the majority of us did enjoy it, some more than others, admittedly! We gave it an average rating of 6 out of 10. We are currently reading "Grasshopper" by Barbara Vine - we'll let you know what we thought of it next time!


Starlite Twirlers

The following open letter has been sent for publication in the Newsletter by Claire MacDavid on behalf of the Starlite Twirlers. Congratulations from MACLA to all concerned for the meteoric rise to success!

'Hello Twirlers!
What a year 2003 is turning out to be.
Starting with the Individuals in March, The Bristish Isle Baton Twirling Association competition was held at Great Yarmouth. It was our first competition and we came home with seven awards:-
Shannon Brammer became Primary Individual Baton Champion
Claire McDavid 3rd Senior Baton
Leanne Riddell and Emma Ward 2nd Junior Duet
Ryan Williamson and Robyn Ballard 3rd Junior Duet
Emma Ward 2nd Mace Solo
Anna-Jo Flannery 3rd Pom Pom Solo
Chloe MacDavid, Gemma Curtis, Leanne Riddell and Emma Ward 2nd Pom Pom.

We then went on to our first Troupe Competition, BIBTA Southern Regional held at Hopton. We gained a third in the Junior Pom Pom; Shannon Brammer gained a second mascot; Emma Ward gained a third place Leader and we became the Military Junior Champions. We were also awarded the “Best Dressed” trophy.
Thanks to the Star and Garter for our great homecoming. It was a great end to a fantastic weekend.
So now we have qualified for the National Championships in Filey in October.
I think I speak on behalf of all the Committee and parents who have supported the competition teams. We were very proud. Your dedication and determination has been amazing.
We would like to thank the White Hart who raised £125 for us by raffling Easter Eggs.
Spring Bank Holiday Monday brought us a fundraising day organised by the Star and Garter. We are waiting on the final figures to be topped up, but we estimate about £1700. We would like to thank everyone who helped make the day a complete success. The day ended with a sponsored Mums pom pom, which I am sure was entertaining. So entertaining we were all made to do it twice! A big “well done” to all mums. We had a lot of fun and you were a pleasure to teach!
We now have a busy Summer ahead, with carnivals and galas to look forward to.
So that leaves me to say a big well done to allt he Twirlers and good luck for the rest of the year.
Your trainer, Claire.'


Metheringham Swimming Pool

The pool opened to the public on May 24th with an extended session and barbecue to launch the 2003 season which continues till September 14th this year. Session times at this open air super heated pool in a tranquil setting will be much as last year with the addition of a parent and toddler session on Sunday mornings from 9.30a.m.-10.30 a.m.. This is followed by the family session from 10.30-12 noon.
Ladies’ swims take place on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-7p.m. with a lane swim for all ages on Thursday from7.00 p.m.- 8 p.m. and an adults’ session on Mondays from7.00 – 8.00 p.m.. Rookie Lifeguards train on a Tuesday evening, on Wednesday there is an open session from 6.30 p.m. and Friday night is lesson night. Open sessions take place on weekend afternoons and every afternoon during the school holidays.
The pool is available for Private hire for parties or groups to get together and the person to contact is Jim Cogan 01526 321283. The pool now has its’ own website at for further details and information about forthcoming events, or you can phone Dot Howes on 01526 322314 or Linda Sisley on 01526 320840.
The pool committee has made several improvements during pre-season maintenance. The pool was hand painted with a special paint to stave off full re-lining for another year until the funds can be found. The full cost will be between £7-15,000, which is more than can be found by local donations and fundraising though obviously every bit of help is much appreciated.
There is a new ramped access and entrance and a manual hoist for the infirm or disabled will be fitted soon. This is thanks to an “Awards for All” grant of £3350. In the autumn the winter covers failed and were replaced thanks to a grant from Lincolnshire Police Authority for £750.
Our first big event of the season will be the annual It’s a Knockout on June 29th. There will be cross-channel 24-hour sponsored Swimathon on 18th /19th July. Stephen Wildgoose (01526 323020) or other committee members can be contacted for application forms and further details for both these events.
The swimming pool is supporting MACLA in its fundraising towards phase 1 of the development plan which should see a new changing facility sometime next year for pool users as well as the football teams and others on the playing field.
Footnote: Metheringham Swimming Pool would still like to know if anyone would like to share the caretaker job at the pool. This requires consistency – performing quality water checks 3 times per day, as well as ensuring that the changing rooms are clean, dry and respectable. Applicants should contact the secretary, Linda Sisley (01526 320840) for more information.


Metheringham Village Hall

We are very pleased to say that since the last edition of the MACLA Newsletter earlier this year, that events appertaining to the Village Hall have continued to meet with success and in making progress with the much needed improvements.
The Metheringham Spring Fayre which took place on the 26th April 03 was well attended by both local and county organisations. This was only the second year that such an event has been held and hopefully it will continue to grow and become a regular annual event. The AGM of the Village Hall Management Committee took place on the 6th May and was followed by cheese and wine. The committee, who are all volunteers, were thanked for their sterling efforts during the past year in which the installation of a hearing loop system had been completed and that the 2 kitchens had been totally refurbished. Certainly, without the dedication and help of those volunteers the Village Hall would not be in such good shape as it is now.
We are also very pleased to say that our application to Waste Recycling Environmental, (WREN) for a grant to build a new main entrance (from the 'car park' at the rear of the Village Hall) with disabled ramp and toilet and a storage area, has been successful, but we did not receive all of the money that we will need. One of our fundraising projects, therefore, will be to ask the people of Metheringham to "Buy a Brick" as a means for individuals to show their support for the Village Hall. As we reported last time, we are continuing to work closely with the Parish Council, who, in conjunction with our project, are planning to refurbish the car park area. We are still hoping that the work on the Village Hall will still start in early July and be finished by the end of September, hopefully in time for the annual Fayre & Feast.
If you would like to become involved with the running of the Village Hall, "Buy a Brick", help in any other way or just wish to know more about the Village Hall, please do not hesitate to contact either Steve or Jan on 323180 or Brian on 320917.


Metheringham Women’s Institute

Metheringham WI meets on the third Wednesday of the month in the Methodist Church Rooms at 7.15 p.m.. Members enjoy hearing visiting speakers on a wide array of subjects, some more involving than others and also hold informal monthly competitions. Membership allows participation in events organised by Lincolnshire South Federation around the county and the opportunity for involvement in National issues and other learning opportunites. The WI supports ACWW , Local Agenda 21, and MACLA and other local groups though not necessarily financially but is largely about getting together once a month. Visits to local places of interest and the theatre are periodically arranged.
In the next few months we have speakers on ‘Inns: their signs and stories.’,Canada’s Yukon Territory and the Klondike Gold Rush, and Life as a Mayor’s officer. Dian Robinson will be representing us and three other local WIs at the Royal Albert Hall for the National Annual General Meeting in June. As Lincolnshire South are doing the WI marquee at Lincolnshire Show this year Metheringham will be represented with a Co-operative exhibit as well as several individual entries and several stewards. Members are also holding a fundraising event for MACLA in June.
On May 22nd some members got together for a sponsored walk/cycle ride to raise money for MacMillan Nurses, sadly the weather was not encouraging and the social side of the evening was curtailed – the need to get out of wet clothes taking precedence but it was worth it to raise an encouraging sum for the cause. (–not known exactly at time of writing) .
Visitors are welcome to come along and see what else is happening for just £1.50 which includes refreshments and raffle tickets. If you would like to know more or would like someone to bring you to a meeting please contact Emily Pearson 01526 320442.


The Metheringham Area website has recently notched up a significant milestone of 10, 000 ‘hits’. Not bad for a community website that has been going for a little over 2 years. This is your website. If you haven’t already then check us out at If it’s been a while then come back and see what’s changed.
Many of you have contributed to make it the success that it is. It’s attracted interest from all over the world to our community and continues to grow with your help. If you have anything relating to the community that you would like to contribute or see on the web site then contact our web team on 323436 or email: We are particularly interested in old photos of the area, anecdotal tales about the villages and publicising group events.
The Web team has recently added a business directory where local business can advertise for free. If you run a local business then check it out at
Full details of Scopwick’s war graves, an upgraded guestbook, these newsletters and Meg’s Parish council minutes are areas of new or updated content. The Web team is looking to build on the success of the 1881 census pages by adding full 1891 census details. Look out for them later this summer.
Sad to see, but Nocton’s web site dropped out of sight earlier this year. The MACLA web team is happy to provide Nocton with pages on the MACLA web site if the previous owner of the Nocton website would like to get in touch.
Finally, a big thanks is owed to Steve and Aaron who are running a ‘Broadband for Metheringham’ campaign at They deserve your support for the tremendous effort that they have put in.. Check out their site to see how close Metheringham is to achieving its goal.


Metheringham Youth Club

HELP! We need volunteers. There seem to be plenty of people either asking us to keep the Youth Club going, or having a moan about the young people on the streets, but we have had no response as yet for volunteers for help with the Youth Club or fund raising.
We would like our own premises, but for this to happen we need volunteers.
We are hoping to have some fund raising events through the summer holiday, i.e. a bike ride, barbecue, trip to the sea. If anyone would like to help with these, could you please phone Angela (07903 467061) or Beverley (01526 322076)


Call for Newsletter Items

We hope that you have enjoyed this issue of the MACLA Newsletter.
Many thanks to our advertisers and to the authors of our many articles.
It is always good to get information about clubs, societies and activities for the first time, and we particularly welcome information about the MACLA villages outside Metheringham. But there is always space for our “regulars” as well!
Our next Newsletter is scheduled to go out in September. If you have something you’d like to include, please make sure that your text gets to the Editor (see Page 35 for details) by August 15th. We can accept hand-written (but please make it legible), typed, or sent by e-mail. If you choose e-mail, an attached “Word” document is easiest for us to deal with, but is not essential.