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MACLA Newsletter Issue 14 - Spring 2004

NEWS INDEX - Issue 14 Spring 2004

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Metheringham Police Message / Community Spirit?
Dog Owners / MAD Panto Review
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Editor’s Bit

This page is IMPORTANT!  The future of your Leisure Association could depend on it!

The Metheringham Area Community Leisure Association has been in existence for more than four years. In that time, there have been some significant achievements, including:
• Providing a forum for all sports and leisure providers to work together to achieve common goals
• Enabling local organisations to secure grants
• Organising the area’s Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee celebration
• Setting up the Newsletter which is now on Issue 14 and is distributed free of charge to 2500 homes four times a year
• Establishing and maintaining an award-winning website which provides a virtually endless amount of local information
• Most recently, by working in partnership with Metheringham Parish Council, securing outline planning permission for new changing facilities to be built for Metheringham’s playing field and swimming pool.

However, most of the work has been done by the same handful of people, and there appears to be a misunderstanding in the wider community of what it is that MACLA really stands for.
At last year’s Annual General Meeting and Public Meeting, from a population of more than 5000 in the MACLA villages, there were less than five people in the hall apart from Committee members.
This year’s AGM and public meeting will take place in Metheringham Village Hall on 11th May, starting at 7.45 pm. This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to ask questions about MACLA, find out why it is important to YOU, and learn how you can help to move things forward.
If there is the same low turnout as last year, it would not be unreasonable for the existing members to think that nobody else cares and that we might as well spend our time doing something else.

MACLA Annual General Meeting and Public Meeting
Metheringham Village Hall, 7.45pm on 11th May



A Message from Metheringham’s Policeman

Your Police Community Beat Officer for Metheringham is PC 148, Richard Parker, based at Bracebridge Heath Police Station. To report incidents or leave messages for me, I can be contacted via the Lincolnshire Police Control room on 01552 882222.
As Spring approaches, the security of garden effects becomes a big issue. Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers etc are a prime target for the opportunist thief, so lock them out of sight. These items can, of course, be security marked, and I can provide crime prevention advice if required. Good inexpensive alarms are available for your garages and sheds, which will hopefully deter against theft.
Parking issues in Metheringham rear their head every so often, and may I take this opportunity to remind drivers to be considerate to others? We now have ample parking at the rear of the Co-op and behind the Village Hall, so there is no excuse for causing obstructions at the bus stops. The primary School also experiences problems, so in the interests of the safety of our children I would ask drivers to avoid parking on either side of the road within the limits of the yellow warning marks.



I suppose that you’ve heard that old story ? It goes something like this:
There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did. Everbody thought that Anybody could do it but Nobody realise that Everybody would not do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done !
I also image that all people, whether they live in a particular street, in a village or even in an urban area with well defined boundaries, would accept that they are a part of a small or larger cohesive community.
Whichever of these sorts of community you live in, its also a fair bet that you also belong to a group, following a particular sport or hobby, or are a member of a group or club with its own aim or activities. It is very often the case that these smaller “communities” do not always see the entire community group in which they operate, and may also not see the needs of either the community as a whole, or even of other like minded groups or of individuals who also are a part of that cohesive community.
There is also the mistaken belief that someone else, usually the local authority, can do everything on behalf of its community, but their powers are limited, and so too often are their financial resources. But if the Local Government Commission has its way, the power of town and parish councils may increase and they may have a greater say in what goes on within their own community.
I suspect that many people who have made a choice to live in a rural area do so for a number of reasons; its more pleasant to bring up a family in a rural area, its convenient for road and rail networks for commuting, its handy for town and city amenities, and so on. But often key to many villages are those people who families have lived and worked in the area for many years, maybe centuries, who already possess that sense of community and who have given valuable service to it over generations.
All sides would doubtless agree that certain key elements of rural life should be retained and preserved; the environment, the shape of the community, the architectural heritage. But it’s of little use to try to conserve the best of the past if, for example, juggernauts are shaking the foundations of the listed buildings “day in and day out.” However some changes which may be seen as undesirable may in fact be necessary for the future prosperity of the community in the long term.
Which of these choices one is faced with it is essential that the community gets together to support the work, say of the local authority, by backing what they are doing, or trying to do, on their behalf, or even telling them what is wrong or really needed in the community.
Looking not all that far away to Leadenham it was the joint effort of their Parish Council and a resident Action Group that put pressure on the road authorities to build their bypass.
There are few organised opportunities and activities for the young people of this village. There are some 364 young people aged 13 to 19 years in a population of around 4,300; but its not just the present generation we should be thinking about, it’s the future generations too who will require the facilities which we are planning for, or indeed trying to save, today.
We should feel some concern about these and other problems because today’s events shape the future for both our children and grandchildren – and their children too ! We may think that these problems are not ours, we may feel that we have no power to deal with them, we may feel that we have no time to give. But is that true ? Can we really sit back and do nothing – that way leads to nothing ever being done – and in time the decline of the community, or the group, or the club.
As one who is committed to a Christian way of life I believe that we have a duty towards each other, and ultimately to the community in which we have chosen to live. And whether rich or poor, young or old, we all have one or more talents which we can give to our community – without recognition or financial gain to ourselves. It often only means a little time and a little commitment, and support.
The essence of community life is to be aware of the problem, become involved and take action, but above all not to leave it to the same people to resolve all the problems all of the time. Fortunately most communities have many people who give much of their time and effort – in contributing to the good of all and frequently serving in a variety of roles in a number of differing organisations. It is they who need your support. There is a place for all members of a community to serve the whole – each according to their means – writing a letter, signing a petition, listening to another point of view; above all standing up and being counted when called upon.
When facilities or amenities are lost for ever it’s hard to say “If only……”
To paraphrase that well known saying of the late President John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your community ca do for you, but rather what can you do for your community.”
So where is your community spirit: will involvement for the good of all be your resolution for 2004 ?
Alan Waddington
25 Viking Way,

01526 323013.


Personal point of View - DOG OWNERS

Not wishing to be disrespectful but irresponsible dog owners be warned ! The first £50 fine has been issued to a local resident in Metheringham for allowing her dog to foul the Playing Field.
It seems to me that the Dog Warden is doing a good job, and I have no doubt that the majority of dog owners do take care of our environment.
But, as far as I can see, there are still irresponsible dog owners out there. One in particular shows great responsibility in collecting their dogs’ mess up in a plastic bag but then proceeds to dump it in the hedgerow near to the corner of the Lincoln to Sleaford road at the back of Bentley Way! Please have some thought – someone has to pick these up and why should they?
Name and Address supplied.


Metheringham MAD pantomime review – Jack and the Beanstalk

Pantomimes are supposed to be some good wholehearted fun for all age groups especially those young at heart; they are supposed to have certain characters some of whom will be totally ridiculous, a well known storyline, some magic, good versus evil, some really corny jokes, some suggestive bits, some topical and local references, to involve all ages in the production, to involve the audience in the performance and to make you go away feeling better after a good sing-song, shouting and some belly laughs. Sally Wilson’s script and the cast and crew of Metheringham’s 2004 presentation, Jack and the Beanstalk, achieved all this and more.
((After the confusion of finding the new village hall entrance for the first time, there was a lovely welcome and ‘front of house’ had set the scene with linked signage and Dame Trot’s Treats Store and the Playgroup had made leaves to decorate the stage surround.)) Once Roz Treadwell’s exotic fairy had decided the pantomime was to be “Jack and the Beanstalk”, the performance caught the audience’s attention immediately with a tiny runaway fox chased by twirling hounds. We were led off to that “misty land beyond starry skies” by a strong cast led by the irrepressible and always impressive Graeme Pembery as Dame Trot. Darren Hawbrook as Simple Simon was a treat showing great comic talent and he was consistently entertaining. This year’s female lead was a stronger one than usual and Kirsty McAra in her first performance for MAD paired well with Melissa Corfield’s first-rate Jack in some strong duets (( maybe too many similar tempo duets but well executed none the less.))
The first half was dominated by the really meaty slapstick scene with the Baron and Dame Trot whose duet was also a delight. The second half started with pom-pomming ‘spirits in the sky’ and was marked by Gaynor Little’s hilarious cameo performance as at least one but possibly two confused servants at the last minute.(( Stephen Wildgoose’s giant, who luckily doesn’t look quite as scary without all his padding, had several children really worried but luckily as always the goodies overcame the baddies. The junior chorus had been expanded and there were no seniors but they did well despite their inexperience)). Dian Robinson’s costumes for both the chorus and characters were up to her usual high standard and Anne Priest’s pregnant scenery was very striking. The scene shifters seemed to have their work cut out at times to control the beanstalk which all added to the fun.
(( Overall the Good characters were slightly more convincing than the Bad characters this year and it would have been good to hear different music for a change as the overture, finale etc all sounded similar to my untrained ear. ))
((Family pantomimes like this aren’t supposed to be flawless and having already seen most of the performance a second time ( and a third – and still no–one from the library turned up !!) this one just got better and better.)) Jack and the Beanstalk was a really good night out for anyone and everyone and thanks to the cast and crew for all the hard work over the last few months. I hope MAD will be back next year with a new panto.


International Accordionist Visits Lincolnshire

Harry Hussey, the internationally-acclaimed accordionist, will be appearing at the Lindum Accordion Club on Wednesday 17th March. The Club meets at Wragby Town Hall, alongside the A157 Louth Road, and the evening with Harry will start at 8pm. You are invited to be the Club’s guest, and there will be no admission charge. Tea and coffee will be available. This promises to be a great evening. If you would like more information, phone Geoff Brown on 01526 321490


Friends of Metheringham Airfield

Make a note in your diaries that the Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre opens for the new season on Saturday 27th March. On Saturday 1st May, the first 1940’s dance of the year will be held. These are very popular, and early booking of your tickets is strongly recommended.
The Friends of Metheringham Airfield are always happy to welcome new members, as well as visitors.
If you are not a member, but would like to support us in preserving the memory of those who flew with 106 Squadron from RAF Metheringham and with the RAF generally, why not join our world-wide membership?
Membership costs £7.50 per year for a single membership and £10 for family membership. Members receive a quarterly Newsletter and free admission to six annual lectures on aviation topics.
Contact Peter Scoley on 01526 378604



The cricket season is nearly upon us and with new people constantly moving into the area there have to be some who are budding cricketers. The club invite all interested parties to come along and join us. We run one week-end team (who play in the Lincoln League Divison One on Sundays) and two midweek sides. We are also looking to play friendlies (on Saturdays) for the more mature player (i.e. the over 50’s) so if we have anyone out there who is still young at heart please get in touch.
To continue the development of the club we are also looking for teenagers to come along and initially get involved with our Mid-Week (limited overs) teams. This will then help them to improve their game but more importantly progress them into the week-end side.
The ground sits in a picturesque location and we pride ourselves in the fact that we are a Family Club. Wives, girlfriends and children are all welcome to come along. There is plenty of room for children to play safely while their Dad’s swing the willow.
The club has a licensed bar which is open through every match.
Any one interested can just turn up or if they wish contact Club Secretary Pete Ford – 01526 320016



Carl Mattews received his award as “Advocate of the Year” at C.A.LL’s recent launch of their new Cdrom/video, produced in partnership with Lincoln University.
Part of Carl’s duties, as an independent advocate, is to operate the drop-in service of C.A.L.L. at the Infolink office at Methringham.
The role of the independent advocate is to support individuals to access available resources and services, rather than be a specific provider of services, by providing a vital “voice” for people in need.
C.A.L.L. is keen to raise awareness of what it can offer and staff are very willing to give talks, etc to local groups so that they can learn more about the service.
The services of C.A.L.L are independent and free at the point of delivery. They are also totally confidential and focused on the wishes of the person for whom they are advocating.
If you would like to find out more about the services offered and how they may be able to assist you or people you know, please feel free to drop in on Carl at the Infolinks office between 11.00 and 2.00 on the following dates:-

   Friday, 20th February
   Friday 19th March
   Friday 16th April
   [further dates to be announced in due course]

- or contact the C.A.L.L office directly on (01522) 511114 at any other time.


C.A.L.L. -A registered charity(1092986) & Company Limited by Guarantee (4420746)


Metheringham Methodist Chapel Diary

March sees the Chapel preparing to celebrate Easter. The Lent Bible Studies start on Ash Wednesday (25th February) and continues weekly until Wednesday 7th April. We meet for coffee at 10.00am and will give a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join us. There will be a service on Maundy Thursday (8th April) in the Methodist Chapel at 7.15pm and on the following, Good Friday, the service will be at 6.00pm; both services will be led by Deacon Mary. There will be a morning service to celebrate Easter Sunday (11th April) at 10.00am.
A circuit Garden Party, in the Manse Garden (11 High Street, Metheringham), will take place on Saturday 16th May starting at 2.00pm, the profits from this event will go to support the Agricultural Chaplain.
Two other events at the Chapel are the Chapel Anniversary on Sunday 9th May, the service at 10.30am will be conducted by Mr Drayton of Barrow-on-Humber and a BBQ will follow the service. On Saturday 12th June the Chapel will hold a gift day with coffee being served in the Chapel Hall from 10.00am and ploughman's lunches will also be served until 1.00pm. The following day we will celebrate the Sisterhood Anniversary at 10.30am when the preacher will be Rev. Gill Riley. We do hope that you will find the time to come and join us for one or all of these events.


Dunston Twinning Association

Quel Canard!
Duck Race 2004

Beth McLuckie and her team will be running the Duck Race again this year on the Village Green at Dunston from 2 o'clock on Saturday 19 June.
There will be plenty of prizes for the races, plenty of stalls - cakes, produce, etc. - and plenty of refreshments. So please come along and enjoy yourselves.
All we need this year is some sunshine…. Here's hoping this time (third) will be lucky!
For further details, please contact Beth McLuckie, telephone 321919.


Farmers’ Market for Metheringham – Update

In the Christmas issue of the Newsletter I posed the question of whether there was scope for a Farmers’ Market in Metheringham. So far, I have had a positive feedback from various people. If you didn’t read the article, dig your Christmas issue out and have a look. Or borrow one, if you can’t find it.
I have been contacted by the Lincolnshire Echo, and they want to support us in our venture. They will run an article on Metheringham and the market once we have things moving, and will thereafter help us by advertising. I think this could be a very exciting and positive thing for Metheringham to do.
Please contact me and let me know what you think. And if any of you have any knowledge, or would like to help with this market, I would especially like to hear from you.
You can either telephone me, or put your views onto the MACLA website if that is easier.
I will be making provisional enquiries now, and with your help we could all make this work. We would all benefit from it.
Contact Heather Routledge on (01526) 320156. Or MACLA website.


First Responders Receive Millennium Award

Metheringham & Dunston LIVES First Responders are celebrating after receiving a Millennium Award of £1584 from The Scarman Trust for their Recruitment Roadshow.
More volunteers are needed to respond to 999 calls from villagers with cardiac arrest, breathing difficulties, choking, collapse or chest pain. Survival chances after a heart attack decrease by 10% every minute and the chance of survival after 8 minutes is less than 5%. There are not enough Responders in Metheringham, Dunston and Blankney to provide 24-hour cover, 7 days a week. The Award means that the Group can advertise extensively and take a professional Recruitment Roadshow to local organisations.
Millennium Award winner, Lesley Westall, said "Receiving this Award means that we can get our message across to everyone in our villages. We are desperately short of volunteers and, when we heard about The Scarman Trust, the First Responders encouraged me to bid for money to undertake a major advertising and recruitment drive. It was hard work but Adrian Horsley at The Scarman Trust has been very supportive and we have already started spending the money! The Trust and the Millennium Commission are encouraging local people to make a real difference in their own communities and the First Responders Scheme provides local people with an opportunity to help fellow villagers."
The Roadshow will be on the move in Metheringham, Dunston and Blankney during March, April and May and will offer local organisations a professional presentation, aimed at demonstrating that First Responders are ordinary people from all walks of life - no qualifications needed, just a willingness to help others. The LIVES organisation, in partnership with the ambulance service, provides all the necessary training and volunteers can offer to be available on call as little or as often as they can.
If you would like to see the Roadshow then contact Lesley Westall on 01526 321032.


Daphne Ledward in Dunston!

The well-known gardening expert, broadcaster and author will be taking part in this year's Flower Festival at St Peter's church in Dunston. The Festival - theme yet to be decided - will begin with a preview on Friday evening 2nd July, until and including Monday 5th. Plans include "An Evening with Daphne Ledward" on Saturday, and a Songs of Praise, which will include the primary school children, at 6pm on Sunday. For more information, or to offer help, please contact Adrienne Jones on 321678.



Until February the Football Club had little to shout about with most of our teams having little success on the field. Now we have something to celebrate in the fact that the once mighty Metheringham Saturday side has this season reached the Lincoln & District Village Trophy final. The competition is this season in its 100th year and Metheringham FC have reached the final a record 23 times. It is however sixteen years since we last got there so somewhere along the line we have been successful to have reached the final that many times. The first occasion we were there was in 1905/6, in the second season of the competition, when we beat Wellingore 2-0. In the inaugural season Metheringham was expected to get to the final when they came up against a lesser Washingborough side in the semi final but it all went wrong on the day. The Lincolnshire Chronicle of that year reported as follows:
A local village correspondent suggested to the paper that the word around the village was that Meg would walk the game at least 5-0.
On the day the Metheringham and Dunston Brass Band heralded the teams onto the field before the match. The Music played for the home team was “See the conquering heroes come”
While they then played Washingborough in to “The Dead March in Saul”
Metheringham took a first half lead through Turner but in the second half Washingborough went on to win 3-2.
The Washingborough team returned to their village in triumph passing through the villages of Dunston, Nocton, Potterhanworth and Heighington heralding their great win. In the final a single goal from Blackburn saw Washingborough victors over Sturton to become the first winners of the trophy.
This seasons final between Metheringham and Heckington will be held at Ashby Avenue, Lincoln on a date to be arranged in April. Heckington will start as favourites but Metheringham will give it their best shot. If you feel you can get along to support your village team you will be most welcome. The details of the date will be in the local press in the near future.


Metheringham History Group

Although the Group is not yet re-forming, I have been approached by some of you suggesting that I do the occasional Village Walk again.
These seem to have been popular, so I am planning an event for the end of April/ beginning of May this year. It will follow the usual format, walking around various places of interest, followed by tea/coffee and something to eat. It will take place on a Sunday afternoon, from about 2pm to 5pm.
I have a lot to sort out, but watch for posters going up in various places and on the MACLA website.
If this is successful I will organise another walk in the Autumn.
I enjoy these events too. Thanks to all who have supported them in the past, and a warm welcome to those who will be joining us for the first time.
Contact Heather Routledge on (01526) 320156



Having a young family has never been easy, for many people it will be the most stressful thing they will ever do. In modern society the difficulties that face families are increasingly diverse and many feel isolated and lonely because they have no other family close by or they feel a lack of community support. Other factors such as multiple births, disability or illness can also lead to parents feeling unable to cope with the everyday strains of family life. Home-Start Lincoln is an organisation that helps families in such need by providing them with a volunteer who visits them in their own home and offers help and advice, as well as a friendly shoulder to cry on.
Volunteers are usually parents themselves, often with older children who are in full-time school or who have left home. They need to attend a 10-week part-time training course and be able to commit two hours a week to visiting a family. Voluntary work can be very rewarding and can provide you with useful experience which may help you to gain other employment at a later date. Your help may also make a real difference to a family that would otherwise face crisis or even breakdown together. If you feel that you could become a Home-Start volunteer please telephone our office on 01522 569997 and someone will be happy to talk to you about our work.
Vicky Ashberry
Development and Family Support Officer
Tel no. 01522 56999: e-mail


Heighington Social Club

Members enjoyed an excellent afternoon of entertainment with a belated Christmas Carol Service by the Harlaxton Chimes on 7th January. Some of the members were asked to try their hand at a tune and without sound biased, they did very well.
On the 21st January Valerie Vowls from Age Concern gave an informative talk on what service Age Concern offered to pensioners. Literature was handed out and members were told that whatever for of assistance they require, all they had to do was phone Age Concern and if they could not help them, they would find out who could.
The club meets fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons in the Jubilee Hall Heighington. The meeting dates for March are 3rd, 17th and 31st
Anyone interested in joining should telephone Kesteven Blind Society on 01476 592775, or Patricia MacPherson on 01522 856981



A belated Happy New Year to you all – I trust you all had an enjoyable Christmas and resisted spending too much money in the Sales!
Our Christmas Celebration in the Library was well received by all those who came. The children from the Primary School pulled out all the stops and really made it an enjoyable afternoon. We were entertained by the children singing and reading Christmas stories and poetry. A HUGE vote of thanks must go to the Staff and children for once again coming to perform at, what is for them, a very busy time AND at short notice!! Another big thankyou goes to Santa who also managed to hot foot it down the road from the Playschool party to grace us with his presence (and PRESENTS!!). So for anyone who had been indulging in a little pre-Christmas celebrations at the local hostelry, you hadn’t had more than you thought – it really WAS Santa walking down the High Street that day!
Every 1st and 3rd Friday afternoon we hold a pre-school storytime in the Library between 2.15 and 2.45 and these continue to be popular – if a little noisy! If you want to come and work in the peace and quiet I suggest you avoid these times or you might find yourself being roped into joining in the chorus of “Wheels on the Bus”!! These are fun sessions for any pre-school child and are completely free of charge. We sing songs and listen to stories before finishing the session by colouring in a picture. This regular half hour does improve the childrens’ concentration levels which helps to prepare them for School. We held a Santa Storytime the week before Christmas where we sang Christmas songs, read Christmas stories,
The current CLAIT course is nearing the end now and we are preparing to enrol people for the next one. If you have put your name down on the list, you should be receiving a telephone call shortly. The next course is fully subscribed but if you are interested in joining a future one, pop in or give the Library a call for more information. These courses are a basic introduction to computers and you do receive a recognised qualification and the end of it. At the moment these are running free of charge and are great fun!
Readers Group continues to grow and flourish – could this be because we now meet at the pub?! We meet on the first Weds of each month at 7.30 in the Star and Garter – just listen for the noise and you will find us! We are a friendly group, not at all serious, so if you like reading and fancy joining us, pop in to the Library and check where the next one will be held as we do sometimes change the venue
Following the success of it’s pilot year, we are repeating the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award this year. This award is given for a children’s book, first published in the UK in the previous year and suitable for 9-13 years aged children. A longlist of 20 books has been drawn up and a panel of judges, drawn from young people, Library staff, School librarians, bookshop staff and the Lincolnshire Echo, will meet on the 25 March to select the final shortlist which will be announced during the week of 19 April. This is YOUR chance to become involved! All the titles on the shortlist will be available from the Library and we will be asking you to vote for your favourite! There will be a ballot box and voting slips in the Library and any reviews handed in will appear on the Book Award website on the Internet. This is YOUR award, so make your vote count!! The winner will be announced in a special ceremony held in Lincoln on July 14th. Watch the Library for all the latest information!
Sue Miller
Customer Liason Officer



Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and some home-baking at our Coffee Morning on Tuesday 14th April, from 10am till 11.30am.
Everyone is welcome at the Metheringham Village Hall. Why not come along and meet with friends for a drink and a chat, whilst at the same time supporting the good work of St Barnabas Hospice.
Admission is free - £1 for refreshments. Added attractions of a tombola, book stall, new goods, a bring and buy stall, and a warm welcome guaranteed!

Do you make home-made jams or pickles?
Do you enjoy baking cakes or biscuits?
Do you have any unwanted gifts that could be used as raffle or tombola prizes?
Kay Chambers, Fundraising Coordinator says, “Home made products are always very popular at our coffee mornings. I would love to hear from anybody who is willing to make any cakes, jams or pickles that we could sell. We are always on the look out for good raffle and tombola prizes and any donations would be very gratefully received.”
If you would like to donate any items or would like any further information please contact Kay Chambers at the St Barnabas Hospice Fundraising Office on 01522 540300.



“You ought to have a Nativity play,” joked a neighbour when my daughter in law Sarah transformed our disused chicken run, into something that vaguely resembled a “stable.”
“What a good idea,” I said to the now horrified neighbour.
“You can be a king.”
And so it happened, despite a bitterly cold December night, gale force conditions, and two of the audience having to be stand in angels – Metheringham’s Alterative Nativity Play went ahead. The cast – eleven adults, one child – and two dogs. One dog played the part of a sheep. The other my son Craig’s greyhound, a respectful and very well behaved donkey. Fortunately for us Mary, beautiful in her blue gown from a charity shop, liked dogs. So did Joseph. And while the “Donkey” made friends with the Inn Keeper and a strapping six foot shepherd, the “sheep” climbed onto a spectator’s knee to keep warm.
Proudly eight year old Charlie brought the Christmas star to the stable. Following Charlie were a band of angels whose sudden spine tingling appearance from out of the darkness made the audience gasp. Three richly robed kings came next, bearing gifts for the Christ child, completing the Nativity beneath the stars. And so it was, by lantern night, with weather conditions improving, “Silent Night” was sung in the true spirit of Christmas by an army of friends, neighbours and relatives. Adding something special to an already special night, after soup, mice pies, and hot punch were served in our cottage, it snowed – making it a Christmas I shall always remember.
Norah Pellatt



We are now in full swing with our Autumn Programme, having had a Christmas Dinner in the village Hall in December followed by the Christmas Draw. Many thanks to all those who donated the prizes. At our January meeting we had a return visit from Cool & Country and in February were entertained by the Accordion Players.
March is the month for our Annual General Meeting and Fish & Chip Supper. Come along and let us have your views (good or bad) on whether we are getting things right or wrong, whichever the case may be.
We are looking for two people to help on the Committee, so if you can spare a few hours each month we would like to hear from you.
Diary Dates:
13th March - Coffee Morning
7th April - Male Barber Shop
5th May - Lincoln Fire Brigade Band
from Ann Crooks, Secretary




Saturday 22nd May 2004 Metheringham Village Hall

Phone Gwyneth Holland
01526 322633 with any offers of help



They stood on the petrol-station forecourt
Their netting all torn in the cold.
These were the ofrgotten Christmas trees-
The ones that were not sold.

For many a month they had grown in the earth-
Waiting for the axe to arrive with a chop.
Then to be thrown on the back of a lorry-
To be driven far and wide to the shop.

The people would come and examine them-
And decide which one passed the test.
To be given a good home for the season-
Decorated, illuminate, and beautified as the best.

Days passed by with no more sales-
Now only a small handful remain.
The straggly,taggly, unwanted little trees-
Alone in the wind and the rain.

What will happen to these Christmas trees-
When the holiday is finally done ?
It’s hard to survive without roots and water-
They’ll not live to see the spring sun.

No doubt they will be shredded for compost-
These trees who were surplus to requirement.
It seems strang to be grown for a moment-
And then go straight into retirement.

I felt sad as I drove from the station-
Their image quite clear in my mind.
But there was already a tree in my house-
Those others had to be left behind.

At least I had given them a kind thought-
The trees that were not needed.
In a few weeks time the cycle will start again-
When the next generation are seeded.

By Jane Brewitt – 29 December 2003



A smile says a lot
About the happiness you’ve got.
It’s when you cannot hide,
the pleasure that’s inside.
It breaks out through your teeth,
And shows the pleasurer from beneath.
It’s reflected in your eyes,
And can stop a babies cries.
Causes bouncing in your walk
And even in your talk.
It’s always best to share,
it with anyone that’s there
Because it might make them smile as well.

By Steve Cadd


White Cargo by Felicity Kendal – Metheringham Reader Group Report

This is a frank account of Felicity Kendal's life, growing up in India with her parents Geoffrey Kendal and his wife who put together a small theatre company, and travelled around India doing Shakespeare, Wilde, and Shaw for the best part of thirty years. It is a memoir of her early life, and of the slow process of watching her father die. It is a book about the way you love impossible parents even when you have eventually to walk away from them for a while.
Her story unfolds as she moves back and forth between the past and the present, making sense of her journey between the two, and coming to terms with both. It is full of the sights and scents of India and is wonderfully evocative of the sixties London to which Felicity Kendal came back as a young actress. As she moves between the present and the past, Felicity Kendal recaptures her magical childhood in India, her relationship with her father and mother and her unconventional acting career.
Our group enjoyed this book and agreed that there was a side to Felicity Kendal that we had not expected to uncover. Unfortunately we didn’t get round to giving this book a rating as the discussions took place at our Christmas dinner and the starters had just been served!!
The Reading Group usually meets on the first Wednesday evening of the month and new members are always welcome. For further details please contact the library 01526 320550.


School Reunion

I am organising a reunion for everyone that left Ruskington Secondary modern School (cotelands) in 1982.It will be held at Potters pub/restaurant on Chestnut Street in Ruskington, on 1st May 2004 from 7pm onwards.
Anyone interested in coming can contact me at
Or just turn up on the night. No booking required.
From Claire (Raynor)



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patients for their support during Dr Fernley’s illness last year. We are pleased to say that her operation went well and she has now returned to full health.
Our surgery was established many years ago, originally in an annexe to Dr Wright’s house. The current building dates back only to 1981, when it was purpose built to house the growing practice. The team comprises two experienced full time GPs, who are also husband and wife, as well as two Practice Nurses. The clinical staff are supported by administrative and reception staff. In addition we also have attached staff eg district nurses, health visitor, midwife etc. This enables us to provide a wide range of services to our patients, including specialist clinics eg asthma, heart disease, diabetes etc. We are able to provide a dispensing service to those patients who live more than a mile from a chemist, as well as a prescription collection service for those who use the local pharmacy.
We operate an appointment system called Advanced Access, which allows patients to either book appointments in advance or phone on the day they wish to be seen. We also operate recall systems, inviting patients to come for regular checks eg diabetes.
We provide a full out of hours service for emergencies. This can be accessed by phoning 01522-568900 or, alternatively, the surgery on 01526-320522. A doctor is always available.
We are a friendly team and strive to provide the best care to all our patients at all times. New patients are always welcomed from Metheringham and the surrounding villages.
If you would like more information about our practice please call in for a copy of our Practice Leaflet.


Metheringham Swimming Pool Association

Help ! Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs YOU
Following their AGM in February the swimming pool is appealing for your help. Local people have shown overwhelming generosity in 2002 and 2003 and while we hope that will continue in 2004 we don’t just want your money this year, we want you. The Swimming Pool in Metheringham is now run by Metheringham AND DISTRICT Swimming Pool Association because it was felt that although many people from surrounding villages already use the facilities it was time the villages had more input and hopefully people from the whole area will be inclined to support the pool with their patronage, funds and manpower.
Metheringham AND DISTRICT Swimming Pool Association needs more committee members.
We are dealing here with the health, education and leisure needs of an expanding and thriving community. The practical supporters who are not necessarily on the committee and the committee themselves appear to have dwindled considerably this year. The association committee is responsible for child protection, maintenance and everyday running of the pool equipment and plant , health and safety, operation of the pool, the lifeguard recruitment and administration, liaison of volunteers and committee, publicity, fundraising for the day to day running and also funding for the future development of the pool and dealing with legislation and standards as they continually tighten and become more complex and expensive for a voluntary organisation to cope with …..and that is before we get on to the ordinary committee business. We actually need a minimum of twelve committee members to ensure each person has only one task. If you feel giving to your community in this way is for you please contact Linda Sisley (01526 320840)
Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs a Fundraising co-ordinator to help run the pool.
Could you be the person/people to co-ordinate our fundraising activities –which are hopefully one a month. If preferred you may wish to run just one event on our behalf but any offers of help in this area will be very gratefully received.
In 2003 we had an event each month as well as the bingo at Dunston which raised £900. We had barbecues to open and close the season and the It’s a Knockout competition which is a fun day, a thankyou to everyone who supports the pool and if we make any money that is a bonus. The 2003 bonus was £150. We have a grand draw for the Fayre and Feast each year. If anyone wants to do a fundraiser on our behalf (e.g. Lincoln 10k) run or to help organise a particular event the committee and the swimmers of Metheringham will be ever grateful. In 2004 some of our fundraising will be to support the MACLA plans for wet and dry changing rooms for the wider leisure needs of the Metheringham area. Please contact Linda Sisley 320840 if you can help.

Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs people for the
Maintenance Rota – can you help for one week during the summer ( a couple of one hour sessions should do it !). The work involves mowing, litter picking, some weeding, assisting with the backwash and other light physical work if and when necessary. You can help with the rota for keeping the premises tidy during the summer and /or pre –season maintenance days. Please contact Neil and Lisa Richardson on 01526 323725 if you can be available to help. Last year we had a lot of people drop off the rota and others didn’t turn up. This is a small commitment to make and we know people will be prepared to turn out just a couple of times a year if we get the right ones.

Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs a Pool Hire Co-ordinator . Could you co-ordinate the pool hire during the swimming season . This would entail taking and dealing with the bookings, checking up on the barbecue and its fuel and organising the rota for helpers.

Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs a Contacts Manager.Could you create and co-ordinate a database of helpers at the pool so that we know who has offered to help in what areas and how they can be contacted.

Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs a Re-lining Project Manager. If we haven’t found someone by the time you read this we are in real trouble but if the work at the pool hasn’t begun your help may still be needed.
If you live in Metheringham and can get to the pool easily and are available most days over the next couple of months it is worth checking to see if the work is going ahead or waiting for you.

Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association needs more lifeguards. This year we have made the decision to pay for the training required for certification where necessary, if it has lapsed so that the pool can open and stay open this season. Because of the responsibility we put on our lifeguards we would particularly welcome any older lifeguards (18 to 80) who are still qualified or prepared to re-qualify.


Metheringham Village Hall News

Great news (unless you have already heard!) the much welcome extension to the Village Hall has been completed and on budget. This was in the main due to the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who make up the Management Committee, who we would like to say a big thank you to. The extension that includes a disabled ramp and unisex (disabled) toilet plus additional storage space is already in use. This was possible with a grant from Waste Recycling Environmental Limited and a grant and loan from the Parish Council. It is due to be officially opened on the 8th May 04 at a ceremony starting at 1030am at the Village Hall during the "May Fayre" event. We hope that as many of you will come along and join in the celebrations and witness the occasion, you will be very welcome. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the "Fayre" with lots of stalls and local organisations displaying their wares and encouraging you to part with your money (all in a good cause). There will also be a raffle, Tombola and refreshments being served. We are also hoping that the local radio and press will be present.
As you know, during 2003 we also managed to get both of the kitchens refurbished thanks to a grant from "Awards for All" as well as the much needed extension. However, things do not stop there. We are already working towards the next steps in refurbishing the Hall; this includes plans to replace the curtains on the stage, redecorate the changing rooms, replace the old wooden chairs and purchase a new portable disabled ramp that will allow easier wheelchair access to the small hall and kitchen areas.
On May 4th we shall be holding our Annual General Meeting at 8pm that will be followed by Cheese and Wine. We are hoping that we will attract new volunteers to help serve or run the Committee, and would particularly welcome participation from the younger element of the Village. Later in the year, we are already planning to hold an auction with a difference in July to 2004, more details of which will be published in due course.


Metheringham WI

Metheringham WI celebrates its’ 70th Anniversary this year and will be celebrating in the summer. If you are a past member or know someone who was and has moved away we would like to invite them to join our celebrations.
Please contact Emily Pearson on 01526 320442



If you haven’t heard about us we are the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway and we are based at Ludborough Station, Station Road, Ludborough, North East Lincolnshire just off the A16 north of Louth.
We are the only standard gauge steam railway in Lincolnshire and are open to the public. The location is part of the original Great Northern Railway which was opened in 1848. We have now extended the line towards North Thoresby and continue to lay more track as money allows.
At Ludborough Station you will find
A Buffet Car – where you can enjoy home made fare before or after your train ride. We serve light refreshments including tea, coffee etc.
Souvenirs and gifts - browse around the gift shop with its varied selection and take home a memory of your visit.
Engine Shed - Take a walk along to the engine shed and see the work being done to maintain and restore our rolling stock.
Museum - Within the ticket office you can re-live the memories of railways gone by with our collection of railway memorabilia.
Birthday Parties and Private Hire – for further information please contact Neil Brown, Commercial Director on 01472 250562
Information can also be found on our website:
Or by contacting 01507 363881
The site is open from 9 a.m. with trains running from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Events and open Day during early 2004
21st March - Mother’s Day - Steam Day
11th April - Easter - Steam Day
2nd May - Bank Holiday - Steam Day
16th May - - Steam Day
30th May - Bank Holiday - Steam Day
20th June - Father’s day - Steam Day



To put you out of your misery

1. 24 Hours in a Day
2. 1001 Arabian Nights
3. 52 Cards in a Pack
4. 7 Wonders of the ancient World
5. 26 Letters in the Alphabet
6. 11 Players in a Football Team
7. 12 Inches in a Foot
8. 29 Days in February I a Leap Year
9. 5 Gold rings
10. 18 Holes on a Golf course
11. 8 Pints in a Gallon
12. 66 Books in the Bible
13. 7 Colours in a Rainbow
14. 100 Degrees Centigrade- Temperature at which Water boils
15. 13 in a Baker’s Dozen
16. 16 Ounces in a Pound
17. 40 Days & Nights in the Great Flood
18. 9 Planets in the Solar System
19. 13 Stripes on the American Flag
20. 64 Squares on a Chess Board
21. 4 Wheels on my Wagon
22. 3 Wise Men

How did you do ?


Metheringham Youth Club News

I would like to thank all of the people who signed the petition to the Village hall Committee to allow the 14 to 17 year old to have a disco in Metheringham Village hall. But despite having 363 signatures, it was again voted against by people at the Committee meeting on 3rd February.
However, we will be having a disco for the 8 to 13 age-range, and we are looking for volunteers to help with this and also with the Youth Club.
We have been running the club on a Monday evening at the Church Hall for a few years, but unless we find some more people to help with this, we will only be opening on the first Monday of every month instead of once a week.
We have quite a lot of equipment and go to the playing field in Summer time. We are basically a recreational club, and we are currently running Whist Drives on alternate Thursday evenings to help raise funds.
For more information, please phone Angela Bellamy on (07903) 467061


Your Golden Opportunity to become the Editor of the MACLA Newsletter!

It will soon be 4 years since I produced the trial edition of the MACLA Newsletter. Now we are on Issue 14.
Altogether, I have compiled almost 1500 pages of copy, and by the time you read this something like 35,000 magazines (amounting to not far short of a million pages!) will have been published and delivered (with lots of help from the MACLA Committee and friends) without any cost to the readership.
Now it is time for me to move on, but I would like to hand over the reigns in an organised and constructive manner.
I hope to put together Issue 15, which I shall start compiling in May for printing in June. This would be a good opportunity for the next Editor to work alongside me and see how easy it all is! If you like keeping in contact with people and finding out what is going in the area, this job could suit you to a tee. And it will sharpen up your computer skills without being too daunting.
The Newsletter is published on behalf of MACLA, and it will be for the MACLA Committee to choose my successor. But if you would like to be considered for the job, please let me know in the first instance and I shall forward your contact details to the MACLA Chairman.
Although the job is unpaid, it has many other rewards.
Phone me, Geoff Brown, on 01526 321490 for details. This could be career move you’ve been looking for!

MACLA Villages Events Diary

Don’t forget that the MACLA Secretary, Pete Ford, maintains a register of events in the MACLA Villages area so that organisers can check whether the intended date of their own event clashes with something else that might be going on.
However, Pete is neither a clairvoyant nor a mind reader. He can only put onto his register the things that people tell him about. So, if you’re already planning an event for 2004, let Pete know by phoning (01526) 320016