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June 2, 2007



1. Notice convening the Meeting
I hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting of Metheringham Area Community Leisure Association will be held in Star & Garter Metheringham Thursday 24th 2007 at 7.30 pm.

2. Roll call and apologies
Present John Wood (Chairman), Pete Ford (Secretary), Mike Keal (Treasurer), Dr Michael Allen, Bill Chambers, Dot Howes, Di Robinson, Sally Wilson (8)
Apologies: Geoff Brown, Cathy Brown, Heather Morrison, Jill Spooner

3. To confirm the Minutes of the 2006 AGM
Proposed SW – seconded DH that the minutes of 2006 AGM be approved

4. To receive and approve the Chairman’s Report.
MA added that from JW’s comments expressed thanks and suggested the present situation in the delay on movement was not down to a lack of effort. There are two massive projects in the pipeline with the Dressing room Project and the Village centre project but both are stalling through issues outside out control. Hopefully these will be resolved quickly. Then MACLA will have a huge involvement with fund-raising. The PC has already put aside £50K towards the project from their and more will be needed if funding can not be found.
Proposed MK and Seconded SW that the Chairman’s Report be approved

5. To receive and approve the Treasurers Report and Balance sheet
MK distributed a summary and balance sheet – attached
The accounts had been audited by BC.
MK confirmed that the closing balance as of 31/3/07 was £11,470.69 which included a profit of £567.50 on the production of the magazine; donations of £601 from the S&G Veg Show, £50 from the Over 60’s and a profit of £336 from the F&F.
Expenditure had seen the printing costs for the magazine of £3,360 and the hire of the Church Hall for last years AGM (6.50).
Generally it had been a quiet year for the Association although there had been a heavy workload trying to set up a more efficient system of monitoring income and payment from advertisers. This was now almost completed and the system will go online in order that the three persons involved in this process can work off the same system.
MA formally asked that the Committee give approval for £410.00 to be written - some of these were bad debts others were internal “errors” and good will gestures in relation to quality of Ads.
This was AGREED.
MA went on to explain that income over the last three years of the magazine had gone up as too had printing costs
Mar 2005 Mar 2006 Mar 2007
Income 734.00 1089.00 982.00
Printing 555.00 693.00 840.00

PF explained that income had gone up because of more demand for Advertising space which had seen the Magazine increase from 40 pages to 52. The additional pages had obviously seen an increase in printing costs.
Members felt that with over £11K in the accounts we should be looking to place £10k in a Higher Interest Account.
This was proposed SW and seconded PF – APPROVED - MK is to look into this.
Proposed SW – Seconded JW that the Treasurer’s Report be approved.

6. To receive and approve the Intentions of the Association
PF outline the intentions the Association have which are basically to “plan the development of sports and leisure activities in and around the area of Metheringham and to assist local groups to achieve their ambitions. The Association will be welcoming to all sports and leisure organisations in the village and surrounding area”.
It was proposed SW seconded DR that these be approved.

7. To consider and vote upon any Agenda / Constitution Changes
None received.

8. Election of Executive Officers – elected on bloc (no amendments received) – proposed DH Seconded DR
Chairman JOHN WOOD
Vice- Chairman SALLY WILSON
Secretary PETER FORD
Starlite Twirlers Rep
BILL CHAMBERS (NKDC Rep and PC liaison officer)

9. Date of 2008 A.G.M.
Date to be arranged prior to the end of May 2008

10. Any other business
10.1 DR - MADSPA wished it to be minuted a thanks from the MADSPA for the leaflets being distributed in the Spring issue of the Magazine.
MK advised that he had been in liaison with CB re loose leaflets and the following had been proposed by them
1. Only Units of One leaflet per Issue to be allowed
2. Non-profit making organisation get priority and a place will be held up to 2 weeks before distribution.
3. If no “non-profit” making organisation makes application consideration will be given to “profit making” organisations with a donation “not less than £50)

This proposal was Seconded by SW and formally adopted

10.2 SW – Inclusion in Mag
SW asked members to consider making entry in Mag. for announcement of children’s Birthdays and similar such celebrations.
10.3 MA – Village Centre development
MA advised of the present situation in relation to the village centre “proposed” development and the “moving / removal of the CROSS. An insert had been produced for distribution in the magazine which was studied by those present. Some slight amendments are to be made but in essence everyone agreed it was an excellent idea to put it to the electors and let them respond.

11. Next Committee Meeting to be arranged.

Signed………………………………….Chairman ……………………………………….Secretary

From the Chair

MACLA’s was formed seven years ago out of frustration with the then Parish Council that as other villages benefited from enhanced facilities through ‘Lottery’ assistance, Metheringham was missing out.

Three years ago when I agree to take on the Chairmanship of MACLA for two years, my motivation was to continue the push for the changing rooms project. my first task was to introduce myself to the Parish Council, on that evening I met Dr Michael Allen, the then new Chairman of the Council and once he became aware of the issues, he totally throw his support behind us and without him I do not believe that we would have been as far down the line as we are today. It has been a great pleasure being associated with someone so dedicated towards improving Metheringham, a refreshing change after so many years of stagnation.

You would have thought that with everyone’s support, we could and should by now, have moved things on with the project as MACLA, the Parish Council and both of the organisations expected to immediately benefit from the building, the Swimming Pool Association and the Football Club all at long last in agreement with the Plans.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case, primarily because a member or members of the old Swimming Pool Committee brought to the attention of the Lincolnshire County Council legal department some anomalies with the rights to use the playing fields, this in turn lead the legal eagles to look once again at the ‘Chance to Share’ scheme, that they had been trying to get out of for some time.

Knowing that the Parish Council now wanted to proceed with the project and could therefore be susceptible to some changes that would benefit the County Council’s position, they started putting pressure on the Parish Council to amend the ‘Chance to Share’. As no decision has so far been made, the project remains on hold.

What motivated the leaking of the information to the LCC I do not know, possibly vindictiveness or more likely jealousy that their plans for the project had not been adopted.

I do know that Dr Allen and this Council are working hard to come to an agreement with the legal department so that we can move the project on, hopefully, whoever makes this report next year, will have much better news.

Anyway enough of the downsides of MACLA let me move on to the good bits. The Newsletter continues to impress and has become a major source of information about village activities. Its content improves with age as Editor and unofficial Village Historian; Pete Ford continues to impress us with his stories of Metheringham and District’s past days of glory, together with articles of current interest. Our advertisers help pay for the printing costs and I although I know that Treasurer Mike Keal has been a little concerned at the difficulty of ensuring that they are all paying the correct amounts, he is happy with the profit, albeit small, currently being made from this non-profit making enterprise. A big thank you must go to Pete for his sterling efforts and also to the many volunteers who trudge around the village and surrounding area in all manner of weather conditions, making sure that everybody gets their copy.

The MACLA Website (www.macla.co.uk) also gets better and better, despite now living at the other end of the country, Web Author and former MACLA Chairman, Jeff Bird has keep the site up to date and has recently carried out a total revamp. All who are regular visitors will I am sure agree with me that the site gives a really interesting insight into the life of our Village and surrounding area.. I am sure that you will all join me in thanking Jeff for his commitment to the cause and hope that he will continue for as long as is possible.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of MACLA during the last year, be that by officiating, Pete, Sally and Mike, or those simply attending the many meetings throughout the year, thank you all for your contributions.

Normally the MACLA’s Chairman has two years in the post, as we continue to have no one offering themselves up for election and it is my desire to push the building project through to conclusion, I am willing to serve as your Chairman for a further year. Once again a big personal thank you to all of you who has given me your support.

John Wood 24th May 2007