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November 15, 2007

Blankney Cricket Club Awards 2007

Blankney 1st XI finished 3rd (their highest ever) in Lincoln Premier League
The 2nd XI finished 14th in their debut season in the South Lincs & Border (Div 2)

Blankney Cricket Club - 2007
Blankney Cricket Club

Sunday XI (1st XI)
Top Batsman – Ian McGowan – 295 runs (29.50 av0
Top Bowler – Ian McGowan – 26 wkts (13.81 av)
Player’s Player – Ian McGowan
Catch of Season – Lee Allman

Saturday XI (2nd XI)
Top Batsman – Simon Behan – 378 runs (34.36 av)
Top Bowler – Ian Holvey –13 wkts (24.15 av)
Player’s Player – Lee Allman

Mid-Week Club XI
Top Batsman – Lee Allman – 128 runs (64.00 av)
Top Bowler – Craig Toyne – 7 wkts (16.71 av)
Player’s Player – not awarded – insufficient games played
Catch of Season – James Pearse

Mid-Week Estate XI
Top Batsman – Will Carter – 238 runs (59.50 av)
Top Bowler – Will Carter – 15 wkts (15.50 av)
Player’s Player – Will Carter

Clubman of season award - Ian Holvey

Young Player of season - Jack Halls

Golden ducks
1st XI – 7
Lee Allman, Jim Pearse, Phil Woodcock, Steve McGowan, Ian McGowan, Aaron Brebner, Andy Bell

2nd XI - 8
Simon Craft (3), Jack Halls, Simon Atkinson, Kev Bowden, Andy Foster, Joe Smith

Mid Week- Estates XI – 2
Colin Carter, Bruce Donald


Will Carter (Estate XI) .v. Simons 5-0-20-5 incl. hat-trick 19/6/07
Lee Allman 5-21 .v. Nettleham (A) Sun 1st XI – 29/7/07
Will Pillinger 103* .v. Heckington (H) 8/9/07
Phil Woodcock 6,000 run for Club v Southcliffe (H) 8/7/07
David Pearse 3,000 run for Club v Lindum (a) 17/6/07
Simon Behan 3,000 club run v Lindum (H) 23/9/07
Jim Pearse 2,500 run for club v Martin (VT) (H) 8/6/07
Andy Foster 1,000 run for Club v Reepham (MW League) (a)6/6/07
Lee Allman 1000th run for club v Nettleham (a) 3/6/07
Ian McGowan 1000th run for club v Lindum (H) 23/9/07
Andy Foster 500th 2nd XI run v Cavaliers (H) 5/5/07
Ian McGowan 500th 1st XI run v Martin (VT)(H) 8/6/07
Paul Clark 500th run for Club v Scothern (PT)(H) 29/4/07
Terry Hamilton 500th run for club v Scothern (MW League) (H) 8/5/07
Will Carter 500th Est XI run v Lincoln Area Health (a) 21/5/07
Kerry Symmons 500 runs for MW XI v Simons (H) 19/6/07
Lee Allman 500th Sat XI run v Grantham (H) 11/8/07
Phil Woodcock 500th Sat XI run v Cavaliers (H) 5/5/07
Andy Foster 500th Sat XI run v Cavaliers (H) 5/5/07
Ian Holvey 350th Club wkt v North Scarle (a) 26/8/07
Phil Woodcock 100th club wicket v Morton (a) 5/8/07
Ian McGowan 100th club wicket v Hykeham (a) 9/9/07
Will Pillinger 50th 1st XI wicket v Martin (VT) (H) 8/6/07
Craig Toyne 50th MW XI wicket v Hartsholme (a) 12/7/07
Phil Allen 300th Club game v Cherry (H) 16/9/07
Pete Ford 300th game as scorer for club .v. Martin (H) (VT) 8/6/07
Ian Holvey 200th Club game .v Cavaliers (H) 5/5/07
Simon Atkinson 200th club game v Grantham (H) 11/8/07
Pete Ford 150th game as score for 1st XI .v. Morton (a) 5/8/07
Andy Foster 150th club game v Cherry Willingham (H) 16/9/07
Phil Woodcock 150th 1st XI game .v. Morton (a) 5/8/07
Simon Atkinson 100th Est XI game v Lincoln AHA (a) 21/5/07
Lee Allman 100th club game v Hartsholme (a) MW League) 2/5/07
Jim Pearse 100th 1st XI game .v. Martin (H) VT 8/6/07
Ken Skinner 100th Estates XI game v Saxilby (a) 1/5/07
Andy Foster 50th catch v Lindum (H) 23/9/07