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December 9, 2007

Poem - Untitled

Just a note to say I'm living,
Though I'm getting most forgetful
Sometimes I just can't remember
If I must go up for something
And before the refrigerator often
Have I just been putting food away
Times there are when it's dark
I don't know if I'm retiring
So if it's my turn to write you
I may think that I have written
So remember - I do love you
And now it's nearly mail time
I'm standing by the post box
Instead of mailing you my letter

That I'm not among the dead,
And very mixed up in my head;
When I stand at the foot of the stairs
Or have I just come down from there?
My muddled mind is filled with doubt,
Or have I come to take it out?
And my night cap's on my head,
Or just getting out of bed.
There's no need getting sore,
And just don't want to be a bore.
And wish that you were here:
So must say"Goodbye" my dear.
With my face very red -
I've opened it instead!