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Spires and Steeples Challenge

Are you ready for the Spires & Steeples Challenge?

The Challenge will test walkers and runners over a full or half marathon distance following the Spires & Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail from Lincoln to Sleaford.

The Challenge will start from Lincoln Castle, taking in the picturesque Lincolnshire villages that sit alongside the B1188, the churches as well as a wide variety of beautiful and interesting artworks, as it winds its way to Metheringham for the 12 mile finish, and Sleaford for the 26 mile finish. The Challenge takes place on Sunday 18 October.

With regular checkpoints, drink stations and first aid facilities you'll be in safe hands! So get your running shoes and walking boots at the ready, for what promises to be a fantastic event!

OR - can you spare time on the day to assist us with the race as it passes through the villages? You could act as a marshal along the route, record the walkers/runners at the checkpoints or help with handing out refreshments.

Please contact the eventsofficer@leisureconnection.co.uk or telephone 01522 694 353 for application forms and more details.

The Spires & Steeples Challenge is being organised by Leisure Connection and artsNK in partnership with North Kesteven District Council and Sleaford Town Runners. The event is sponsored by Lincolnshire Runner, Branston Ltd, Lincolnshire Co-operative and Jonathan Hobbs (Registered Osteopath).

For more information, contact:
Jayne Olney, Events Officer, 01522 694 353 or 01529 308717
Linda Mellor, Marketing and Sales Manager, 01522 694 353 or 01529 308717
Laura Meadows, Tourism Marketing Officer, 01529 308 717


A meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 30th June 2009 at 7.30pm. Prior to the official start of the meeting a public forum of not more than 15 minutes will be held if required. The public may then address the council on current matters, or issues which may become future agenda items. A Police Report will be given at this time.

AGENDA 30th June 2009

1. To resolve to accept Apologies for Absence and reasons given

2. Members Declarations of Interests: Members may make any declarations of interest at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act.

3. Reports from representatives on outside bodies

a) To receive a report from the County Councillor.
b) To receive a report from the District Councillor.
c) To receive reports from Council representatives on other outside bodies.

4. Notes of the Annual Meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 26th May 2009, to be approved and signed as the minutes

5. Clerks report on matters outstanding (previously circulated)

6. Financial matters:

a) To consider membership renewal of the Society of Local Council Clerks for 2009 at a cost of £133.00.
b) To consider a request from St Wilfrid's Church for a donation of £250.00 towards the upkeep of the Churchyard.
c) To resolve printing of the Metheringham History leaflet at a cost of £350.00.
d) To consider hiring the Extreme NK Mobile Skate Park at a cost of; 1st day - £130.00, consecutive day £110.00, or the new Climbing Wall at a cost of £250.00 per day.
e) To consider accounts for payment.
f) To receive a report from the RFO on the PC finances, Income and Expenditure.

7. Planning Committee: Notes of the last meeting held on 10th June 2009, to be approved as the minutes (previously circulated).

8. Correspondence:

a) To note general correspondence (publications and letters are available for viewing).
b) To consider a letter from NKDC inviting council members to the annual community partnership event to be held on Monday 13th July 2009 at 10.00am at NKDC Council Chamber, Sleaford and decide accordingly.
c) To consider an invite from Lincolnshire Police, CPR for LIVES, gala celebration dinner 1st August 2009 at 7.00pm at the Epic Centre Lincoln Showground at a cost of £35.00 per person and decide accordingly.

9. To receive reports on Outside Meetings:

a) To receive a report from members on Councillors Training event held 2nd June 2009.
b) To receive a report from members on the East Midlands SLCC Regional Conference held 23rd June 2009.

10. To receive reports from Working Groups:

a) Fayre & Feast
b) Highways, Footpaths & Car Parks
c) Risk Assessment
d) Street lighting

11. Recreation field & related issues: To receive an update following advice from Bridge McFarland Solicitors.

12. Metheringham History Leaflet: To receive an update following meeting held 8th June with ArtsNK re: design of new history leaflet, incorporating Spires & Steeples trail.

13. Allotments: To receive an update following the proposal for new allotments and pavilion.

14. The Quality Parish Scheme: To agree how to progress the way forward.

15. Standing Orders MPC/001-R5: To approve proposed amendments to Standing Orders MPC/001-R5 (details of revisions previously circulated).

16. Date, time and venue of next meeting: Tuesday 28th July 2009 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Signed: _______________________
Ms S N Wetherall
Clerk to Metheringham Parish Council
Date: 22nd June 2009

I am Marianne Watkins and I am the coordinator of Adult Education @ QEGS.

This is a community service funded by the school. Teaching fees are met from student fees. We have a fantastic programme for September 2009 of over 30 evening classes for adults. This is the third year that we have offered evening classes. Fees are reasonable and comparable (frequently less) to any LEA funded class.

We have Languages, Art, History, Ballroom Dancing, Philosophy, Cake Icing .... as well as ECDL, European Computer Driving Licence, British Sign Language for the Deaf, short courses on Autism and Child and Family Law and various GCSE's and AS Levels.

Our website is www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk.

Please email me on swatkinsm@qegs.lincs.sch.uk.

Thank you

M Watkins

Armed Forces Day - 27 June 2009


Armed Forces Day

Saturday, 27th June is the UK's first Armed Forces Day and is and is an opportunity for the nation to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community.

There are numerous events around the country being organised to honour the men and woman of our Armed Forces, past and present.

Local events include:

Armed Forces Day Badge

Metheringham Football Club Awards 2008 - 2009


Three presentation evenings were held after the 2008-09 season ended.

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23rd May the eight Juniors Sides presentations were held in the Village Hall. Both events were excellently attended with parents and friends supporting the youngsters.

At the first presentation for the Under 7 / 8 / 9 and 10's Danny Hone of Lincoln City came along to make the presentations.

The recipients were as follows:
Under 7 -
Top scorer - Daniel Lindsey
Manager's Player - Benjamin Whitehouse
Player's Player - Ethan Thomson
Parent's Player - Ethan Thomson
Under 8 -
Top Scorer - Oliver Smith
Manager's Player - Jay Pacey
Player's Player - Jamie Gourkroger
Parent's Player - Jack Turner
Most Improved - Harry Wilson
Under 9 -
Top Scorer - Daniel Preston
Player of Season - Harvey Conyers
Player's Player - Harvey Conyers
Manager's Player - Joshua Hill
Most Improved - Charlie Brayshaw
Under 10 -
Top Scorer - Elliott Ludlow
Manager's Player - Matthew Whitehouse
Player's Player - Nathan Fenwick

Metheringham PC Annual Report 2008/2009


The Doolittle Raid Lecture - 24 June 2009


The Doolittle Raid

At the Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre - in the old gymnasium - on Wednesday 24th June 2009 at 7.30pm. Admission: Members free, Visitors £4.00 including tea/coffee and biscuits.

Enquiries to: Friends of Metheringham Airfield, Westmoor Farm, Martin Moor, Metheringham, Lincoln LN4 3BQ. Tel: 01526 378270/604

disabled.gif Access and facilities for the Disabled. All proceeds in aid of the Visitor Centre / 106 Sqn Museum.

Bling bling...... bling bling......... bling bling........... Will someone please answer that call

Tattershall Castle are hosting a number of contemporary art installations to be exhibited between the 8th and 23rd of August. artsNK are co commissioning one of the pieces by artist Linda Florence to be "installed" in the grass in front of the tower. Its a technique and type of artistic intervention we haven't featured in NK before and seems completely appropriate for this rural area, filled with passionate gardeners and growers and steeped in the history of agriculture and seeds.

We are hoping as many representatives from NK as possible will take this unique opportunity to be part of the team that actually creates the artwork, perhaps the largest of its kind in the region (for now !!).

Participants don't need any experience but will need to kneel and use clippers or scissors (think wall paper patterned short back and sides on a tennis court).

The piece is being created from 27th July to 6th August, 10.00 till 5.00pm.

And if you cant make the making, please make your way over to Tatershall to be inspired for future projects.

If you are interested please let us know by ringing Muriel on 01529 410595 or email her at murielmarr@leisureconnection.co.uk.
If you have any questions, let me know, and Ill do my best to help. nick.jones@leisureconnection.co.uk

Nick Jones
Visual Arts Development Manager

For more information check out

Scopwick Parish Council Minutes - Mar 2009


Minutes of the Scopwick Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 31st March 2009 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall.

Minutes 10/2009 of Metheringham Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 31st March 2009 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall.

Minutes PL01/2009 of Metheringham Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 12th May 2009 at 7.15pm in the Church Hall.

News Magazine 35 - Summer 2009


Editors Corner

Welcome to the Summer Issue of your local magazine, Issue 35. I can not believe it! I have just been checking on the MACLA Website (www.macla.co.uk) as to when I first took over as Editor and it was way back in Issue 16 (Winter 2004) - 20 issues ago. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!!!

Taking the average issue is or should I say, WAS, around 10,000 words, that means that I have tapped out, on my computer keyboard, somewhere around 200,000 words. No wonder my fingers are worn out and crippled with Arthritis!!

Anyway, although I was trying to reduce the number of pages to 60 (to reduce the printing costs) this issue is again a Bumper Issue with 64 pages. Hopefully you will find it full of interesting, newsworthy articles, which meets the needs of most, if not all of you.

As we move into the Summer there are numerous events taking place locally and hopefully once they have been brought to your attention via the "Little Green Book" it will inspire more and more of you to support these functions.

If anyone feels they would like to see something different or new in the magazine please let me know - either by e-mail: fordy.meg@gmail.com or by phone - 01526 320016

Pete Ford

Pete Ford (Editor)

Metheringham High Street Bus Stops


The Law in relation to High Street Bus Stops

The newly installed bus stops outside the Co-op and Methodist Church in Metheringham village centre now have accompanying clearway markings. This means No stopping or parking is permitted by any vehicles other than buses between the hours stated on the signs which is 7am -7pm. This clearway is governed by law and the police will be able to prosecute under Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act and Regulation 10 of the Traffic Signs and General Directions 2002.

You have been warned

Lincs CC - Technical Service Partnership

Metheringham Football Club News - Summer 2009


A year has flashed by and we come to the end of another eventful and entertaining Football Season! I hope you have enjoyed it and are looking forward to a couple of months off before we start all over again, not counting the occasional five or six-a-side competition of course.

After last season's double champions and a Runners-up spot, a look at the league tables doesn't appear so good this time. However, the Under 16s, Under 14s and Under 13s were all in title/promotion contention going into the last few weeks of the season. Sadly none of them could maintain the momentum and all just failed to win the prize.

Art Exhibition - 27 July to 01 August 2009


Brenda Crouch Artwork

Brenda Crouch and Friends

Mon 27th July - Sat 1st August 2009

At The Community Rooms

Lincoln Central Library,

Free School Lane, Lincoln

Admission Free - open weekdays 9.00 - 3.30

please telephone for further information 01526 378634 or e-mail: brendacrouch@hotmail.com

For many who have lived in this area throughout their lives, they will know all there is to know about the general history of RAF Hospital, Nocton Hall. For others it will only be the knowledge that it used to be a military hospital but closed down when it was felt, by the military, to be no longer viable. Since then everyone knows of its demise over recent time.

RAF Nocton Hall Hospital
RAF Nocton Hall Hospital

Nocton Hall's first days of being a hospital came in the First World War, surprisingly under the control of the Americans. The owners of Nocton Estates at this time were the Hodgsons with the third generation of the family, Norman, the lord of the manor. Norman had taken over at the helm in 1902 on the death of his father John. He was 25 years old and had already seen action in conflict, risen to the rank of captain during the Boer War in South Africa. His passion was game shooting and during his time on the estate it is reported that an average of 10,000 game birds a year were bagged on his "shoots".

Dunston Twinning Association - Summer 2009


We have recently returned from a visit to Trange where we were all treated to the usual generous hospitality of our French friends .During the weekend we were taken to an amazing theme park which is well worth a visit if you are ever in western France - it is called Puy du Fou . It is our turn now to organise for their visit next Spring so we all need our thinking caps on for some good ideas!! During the visit we learned that there are several new French families who are waiting to get involved so you have ever thought about it if now is your chance . It's always easier to get involved by hosting as you are on familiar ground - then on the return trip you already know the family.

The Duck race will be on the village green at Dunston on Saturday July 4th and as this is American Independence day we are theming the whole event. The first race will be at 3 pm and there will be the usual stalls and games, with a few new ideas.

If you are interested in twinning and would like to find out more contact Beth on 321919 or Ralph on 322515

Metheringham Parish Council News - Summer 2009


Your unpaid councillors are here to help and represent you. To find out what they do and how you can have your say in local matters, why not come along to a Parish Council meeting. If we are not the correct authority to deal with your query, we will happily point you in the right direction.

The Clerk, Chairman and many councillors have attended training courses and conferences throughout the year to keep abreast of new legislation and to see how we compare with other Councils.

The council currently consists of eleven councillors, ten from the Village Ward and one from the Fen Ward. At the Annual Meeting of the Council held on 26th May 2009 Cllr Dr Allen was re-elected as Chairman, Cllr Mrs Honisett as Vice Chairman and Cllr Ford as the Responsible Financial Officer.

Metheringham Methodist Church - Summer 2009


We are holding our Annual Garden Party on Saturday 27 June, 9 30-11.30am in the Chapel Hall and grounds. There will be stalls, a raffle, tombola, games and coffee, tea and scones.

On Sunday 28 June at 10.30am it will be the Sisterhood Anniversary Service led by Mrs Elaine Robinson.

September will see the start of monthly joint prayer meetings. These will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, the first will be on Saturday 12 September at 8.30am in the Methodist Church, breakfast will be provided.

Our Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 27 September at 10.30am and the Harvest Supper and Sale of Produce on Monday 28 September at 6.30pm.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported our March Coffee Morning. We made enough money to install a hot water heater in the kitchen and buy a new urn for the Church.

Blankney Cricket Club - Summer 2009


A new season is now well underway for Blankney Cricket Club with another full and varied programme to undertake. Again the club has two weekend sides, one in the South Lincs and Borders League on a Saturday and the other in the Lincoln Sunday Premier League.

To date the Saturday are in the top half of the table with two wins from four games played. The lost games were in the first and most recent match. Losing at Long Sutton there was one high with new skipper Simon Behan making an unbeaten 73. Since then the side has beaten Baston and Langtoft (here veteran player Ian Holvey took 5-11, 14 year old Tom Woodcock 3-11 and Behan was again unbeaten with 59. Then in the latest game Claypole were beaten with Simon Behan making yet another unbeaten innings of 59, Ian Holvey taking 4-21 and Tom Woodcock 2-10). The most recent match saw defeat at Boston when the side failed to defend their total of 176. Simon Behan was out for the first time this season, making 52.

On Sunday's the team saw last season's skipper Will Carter leave the club at the eleventh hour with local lad James Ingamells taking over. To date the side is still seeking a first win, narrowly losing their opening three games. Again entered the Pattinson Cup (played at Sleaford Cricket ground), the team saw an early exit, after reaching the semi final last season. In rainy conditions they met and lost to local rivals Timberland who reached their target of 112 with three balls to go.

In Midweek the club had dropped one of their two sides with just the Estate side competing in Division One this season. For them it was an early start with the 2008 Senior Cup final to play, having been postponed last season due to poor summer. Meeting Hartsholme at Blankney, at the start of May they went on to lose as Hartsholme chased down 91 (from 12 overs) with 5 balls to spare.

On the league front the Estate side has yet to collect a win, after two games played. The club is always looking for new players where they are guaranteed a warm welcome in a tranquil setting, very accurately described on Wikipedia;

"To travellers, the sight of the picturesque limestone houses grouped around the cricket ground gives Blankney the quintessential essence of the English country village".

On Saturday 11 July the Club will hold a Curry Evening at the Club, with tickets priced at £8.00 - anyone interested in joining the club or wishing to come to the Curry Evening please contact

Secretary Ian Holvey - 01522 794408 / 07974480383

Genealogy Enquiries - Summer 2009


Metheringham Village Hall News - Summer 2009


The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall was held in the village hall on the 21 April 2009 where the chairman Mrs Jenni Honisett took the opportunity to thank the 2008/9 trustee officers and committee for their input over the year. Also thank you to Dot Howes for her help with the 21st century energy improvements.

Now that this project is completed we are looking forward to the next phase, to improve the south side of the building with a fenced play area for pre-school and to drastically improve the entrance from the car park, making it much more attractive and welcoming.

Branston and District U3A - Summer 2009


The Branston & District U3A is fully committed towards providing a wide range of opportunities in order that its members can share a variety of educational, creative and leisure pursuits in a friendly and relaxed environment. Moreover, social events and organised coach trips take place throughout the year. Coach outings usually involve visiting heritage locations, cathedrals and historic houses. Most recently a very successful trip involved visiting Southwell Minster which included a conducted viewing of the Quaker tapestries.

In order to provide an effective means of communication with its 120 members, and to update them on forthcoming activities, monthly meetings take place at the Branston Village Hall on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Usually, most members arrive at 1.30pm for tea or coffee and biscuits prior to the meeting which commences at 2pm. Guest speakers are invited to each meeting and talks are given on a broad range of interesting subjects. Non U3A members are welcome to attend these meetings in order that they can glean information about the activities and special interest groups that are currently available within the Branston & District U3A.

Metheringham WI - Summer 2009


A busy Spring for the Ladies (and occasional Gent) of the Metheringham W.I.

The March meeting was the A.G.M. Audrey Webb was elected as President, Ronnie Wright (Secretary), Brenda Hutchinson (Treasurer), plus seven committee members, all allocated with a variety of tasks. This meeting concluded with refreshments, a quiz and a message from our president - "The ingredient of a good W.I. is a good laugh" and we do have our share of laughs.

In April it was Metheringham's W.I.'s turn to host a meeting for the seven W.I.'s in the area:- The Phoenix Group. The speaker was John Southgate, a member of the Inner Magic Circle - Gold Star. His talk "The History of Mystery" - complete with Harry the Rabbit in a Top Hat - was well received and the evening was fun.

Slides of well known birds, all photographed locally were shown at the April Meeting by Mr J. Weston. They gave us an opportunity to become more aware of the markings, colours and attitude of our local birds.

Well done the Darts Team for winning the Darts Competition and once again, thank you to the Star and Garter for allowing Matches and Practice Sessions.

There was a Cinema visit to see Young Victoria and a trip to the Theatre Royal to see The Producer. The play was a romp and entertaining.

In May the meeting was Resolutions - A talk on personal finance by Ella Chapman. This will be reported on in a future publications of the magazine.

Forthcoming (Wed) meetings
17 June - Ice Cream - A&E Dennett
15 July -Harewood House (Not Harrogate)
19 Aug - Talk on Hats - Dorothy Woods
19 Sept - Open Meeting - Wood-turning - Alan Halsam

Other Activities partaken
a) A Card Making Session at the house of one of our members
b) A Tombola Stall at the Village Spring Fayre
c) A group of members have entered the Lincs Show Co-operative - the theme being the 60th Anniversary of Lincs Wildlife Trust.
d) The highlight of the year will be the 75th celebration (Sat 27 June). Past members and W.I. officials have been invited and Edna Burns will be the guest of honour as the longest serving member (70 years). Also happy 85th birthday Edna

Jill Spooner

Scopwick Parish Council - Summer 2009 Update


This has been a busy period for the parish council with a lot of work going on 'behind the scenes'.

The council have begun to investigate the possibility of obtaining a crafted Village Sign for the villages of Scopwick and Kirkby Green and they would be pleased to receive any suggestions for an appropriate design for each village.

A Treasure Trail is currently being created in and around Scopwick by the Countryside Promotion Officer to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the Spires and Steeples trail. 28 people, mainly families, took part in an extremely successful event to launch the trail on Sun 3 May. Leaflets will shortly be available giving full details.

Work on the Beck is now complete. The lagoon has been planted with water plants from downstream which should favour our local Water Vole population and additional vegetation. To acknowledge the contribution of village volunteers towards the success of the project, the parish council were awarded a grant of £1,300 by the Environment Agency to install an Interpretation Board displaying the beck flora and fauna and this should be in position later this summer.

Over the last 3 months, the parish council has had the opportunity, through a funded scheme, to use a speed indicator device in Scopwick and Kirkby Green in an endeavour to reduce speeding. To date this has been used on 4 occasions.

The parish council are concerned about the state of the grass verges on Brookside and are considering various options to prevent vehicles parking on the grass. If you have any suggestions to offer, do please contact the clerk or any councillor.

Once again we have entered the Best Kept Village Competition. Last year we did very well, coming second in the first round of our category, with 144 out of 150 points. The first round of judging takes place in June so let's pull out all the stops to see if we can improve on last year.

Parish Council meetings for the remainder of the year will be held on Tues 21 July, Tues 29 Sept and Tues 24 November. If you wish to bring any issues to the attention of the council, please contact the clerk.

Metheringham Senior Citizens - Summer 2009


We held our 40th Annual General Meeting on Monday 18 May in the Methodist Chapel Hall. This went well and we are all geared up for another busy year.

Our yearly Senior Citizen's Party was held in the Village Hall on Saturday 28 March. We had expected 130 people but due to bad weather and illness we were down to around 100, which was a little disappointing. We had tea at 4.00 pm followed by the entertainment, who were The Withern Singers and they were really excellent.

Outing Dates for your diary:
Tues 11 Aug - Skegness
Tues 8 Sept - Doncaster Market
Tues 29 Oct - Brigg Garden Centre (by popular demand this trip will include Lunch)

Pam Woolley (Secretary)

Pilates Class - Nocton


A Pilates Class now runs every Tuesday (starting at 11.00 a.m. ) in Nocton village Hall. The class is suitable for all ages, abilities and sexes. Leslie, our instructress, has been specially trained to help older and less agile members, but she adapts the exercises for the athletic!! participants. We are looking for more members. If you are interested, either turn up at 10.45 on the day or contact Sue Morris on 321455

Metheringham Bowls Club - Summer 2009


We held our Annual Dinner at Martin Moor Golf Club in March and Carol and Alan looked after us, as only they can! We all had a lovely evening - the food was wonderful and the service excellent.

For the second year running we joined forces with the Football Club to hold a Race Night, in the Star and Garter on the Friday before Grand National Day. Although it seemed there were not quite so many people there, we still managed to raise a substantial profit and both clubs were extremely pleased at the outcome. Sincere thanks to Butch for allowing us to use his pub free of charge.

Our next fund raising event was a Coffee Morning held in the pavilion on 25th. April. We had excellent support from members of both Metheringham and Dunston Bowls Clubs, and it was nice to see villagers not associated with either club, coming along to join us. On 26th April we officially opened the Bowling Green for the 2009 season. The weather was kind to us and we again had a brilliant turn-out. A Round Robin competition was played, but Adrian Wood, and later John Maury, spent time giving some coaching to various people who were interested in playing, but had not played before. We are always keen to welcome new members.

At the time of writing this report we are only one week into the new season (it runs from 1st May to 31st August). I am not yet aware of the results of all the matches played so far, but I do know that the EBA team lost their first home match against Moorlands 4-6 and the City Afternoon League also lost their first match 4-6 away at Skellingthorpe. But the ASC Triples team had a wonderful start to the season, winning away at Washingborough 10-0. As we are involved in 7 Leagues, and Dunston Bowls Club are involved in 3 Leagues, there are not many week days/evenings, when a match is not being played on our green.

If you would like a copy of our fixtures list so you can see exactly when matches are being played, or if you would like to have a go, please contact me. Dawn Smith (Hon. Sec)01526 320502 (or e-mail dawnsmith@homecall.co.uk)

Dunston Primary School - Summer 2009


The building work at Dunston Primary School is progressing very well and is in fact ahead of schedule. We are having an extension at the front of the school which we intend to use as a library, music room, group teaching room and, from September, a Breakfast Club. The extra space will be very welcome as the number on roll is now 71. The children in Years 5 and 6 are looking forward to their residential visit in July. They will be going to the Kingswood centre in Norfolk when they will be enjoying activities such as abseiling, go-karting, lazer quest and rock pooling on the beach. The staff can't wait either!

The Federation with Digby Primary School has started well. We had a very successful joint training day and the staff members from both schools got on very well. They were full of ideas as to how they would like to work together in the future.
Finally, a couple of dates for your diary. The school Summer Fayre will take place on Saturday, 20 June from 1.00pm until 3.00pm and the village Duck Race, organised by the Twinning Association, will take place on Sunday, 4 July

Graham Boyall - Headteacher
Dunston St. Peter's Church of England
Primary School

Scopwick Art Sale - 27/28 June 2009

Now in their 10th successful year The Millennium Art Group invite you to the Annual Exhibition and Sale of Paintings, to be held at Scopwick Village Hall 27 - 28 June 2009 Doors open 10:00am until 4:00pm Saturday, 10:00 until 3:30 Sunday (last admission 3:15) Refreshments served throughout the 2 days. Entrance fee: £1:00 adults kids free!!

This 150th anniversary year is proving to be a real delight with a range of events from toddlers doing their Yogabug activities to ladies knitting squares for blankets.

If you can join us for any of the forthcoming events they include:
Sun 21 June (11.00) David Perry
Sat 27 June Strawberry Tea3-5pm Chapel garden
Sun 2 Aug (11.00) Village prayer walk followed by picnic lunch
Sat 12 Sept L.I.V.E.S. Basic First Aid training10-12 in Chapel

We have been considering what our village would have been like when the chapel was first used for worship and hope, later in the year, to arrange an act of worship as it might have been experienced. It is quite amazing to think of how things have changed since 1859, but reassuring that our God does not change.

The lunch club continues to meet on the Third Thursday in the month. We now have two mums and tots groups using our building - one on Monday and the other meeting Thursday and the local LIVES group meet for training once a month. We are so pleased to be able to offer our building in this way - and it is an added reason to keep the grass cut.

Tuesday chewers will shortly move to Thursday - if you are available on that night and would like some bible study / fellowship with a generous helping of cake, do come along.

Beth McLuckie

Charity Open Gardens - 28 June 2009

Charity Open Gardens at Langrick Grange & Frog Hall Cottage and plant centre

with home made teas at Langrick Grange

Sun 28 June 2009 - 2 - 5pm

Admission £3 includes both gardens, children under 16 free

Langrick Grange - 3 acres - mostly of formal gardens, created in keeping with the Regency Period of the Grange with garden rooms of yew hedging. Vistas seen from the house draw the eye to focal points and on to the magnificent views of parkland beyond. Walk the lime tree avenue, meander through the shrubbery. Winding paths of the 'fernery' break away from the formality of herbaceous borders creating change and adventure!

Stalls: Waltham Herbs; AC Wrought Iron, The Cedar Tree with old garden tools, antiquities & paraphernalia, The Design Studio, Kettler's Cottage Crafts, The Grange Spa, Gift wrap and decorations by Britain's guru Jane Means, Lincolnshire Gift Company, Annabella Beads, Garden Design by Janette Merilion, Charity Plant, Bric-a-brac, Cake & Produce stalls. Children's Tombola and one for the grown ups!
Langrick Grange, Ferry Road, Langrick, Near Boston, (parking & entrance on Armtree Road, Langrick off the B1192)

Frog Hall Cottage & Plant Centre - ¾ acre. Patio with many unusual plants, stream, courtyard-style patio, large gravelled area with raised beds and an arbour, again planted for interest. Lawned area with large island beds, unfenced pond. Classic-style garden planted with roses, shrubs and perennials, small paved terrace.
Frog Hall Cottage and Plant centre, Langrick Road, New York, Lincs

Sunday 28 June 2009 - 2 - 5pm Admission adults £3, children under 16 free

Proceeds to Lincs. Ark (Animal Welfare) & the group of five local churches
info: 07851 048806 / 07880 716121
Jacqueline Mitchell Fund Raising Coordinator (volunteer)
For and on behalf of Lincs. Ark (animal welfare)

Metheringham Over 60's Club - Summer 2009


Wednesday 4 March, the Metheringham Over 60s held their Annual General Meeting, in the Metheringham Village Hall, with over 120 members in attendance. The President, Mr. Bill Chambers, opened the meeting and summarised the events over the past and thanked all those involved with the organisation. A review of the Club's activities was given by Chairman Mrs. Margaret Amos with the conclusion that 2008 had been another very successful year for members. The Club is run by Volunteers who give up a lot of their time and effort to ensure the smooth running of the many activities.
Thanks were expressed for those retiring officers, their replacements and to Sheila Kettleborough and the many unsung helpers who organise the catering and flowers. Additionally, our drivers, Margaret Amos, Derek Bell, Kath Mandall, Maureen Reynolds and Pam Woolley, who bring members to the meetings and events throughout the year. This was met with an appreciative round of applause from the members.

Metheringham Fire Station - Summer 2009


Metheringham Station continues its Fire Fighter training and has recently taken part in a simulated earthquake disaster scenario at the Waddington Training centre. The crews took an active role in the search and rescue of collapsed buildings and debris to search for casualties following the aftermath of an earthquake disaster, (Not uncommon now within Lincolnshire!!!). The crews worked closely with the USAR Team (Urban Search and Rescue) which is a dedicated specialist team set up to deal with major disasters. The exercise provided valuable experience in dealing with such disasters and was a learning experience for all concerned.

Local Police Update


Hello from your local Police

It is hard to believe that it is Summer again already.

Many residents may have heard about a series of house-burglaries which took place in April this year. The offender - a male working alone, was travelling from Lincoln, doing a burglary, and disappearing again. I want to assure all residents that he was apprehended, admitted all, and was charged to court.

There have been no burglaries since.

1st Metheringham Scout Group - Summer 2009


Hello from the 1st Metheringham Scout Group, our Scouting Family continues to grow and local children from 6 to 14 enjoy a full and varied programme of activities. These include hiking,nature walks, arts and crafts, camping and traditional field crafts like fire lighting.

Cubs and Scouts have an annual summer camp where they get to do things like climbing and abseiling. In June this year, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, together with their families, will be camping out for the weekend on our annual family camp. It will be a fun weekend of activities with a big celebration around the camp fire on mid summers eve.

As an adult there are many opportunities to get involved and we are always pleased to welcome new leaders to the group. You get full training and the chance to really make a difference to the young people in our community.

So come on all you budding outdoor adventurers, give it a go. (All adult membership is subject to CRB clearance).

Beaver Scouts is for Children aged 6 to 8, Cubs for 8 to 10 and Scouts from 10 to 14.
If you would like to know more please contact Brian Crombie on 01526 320917 or Pete Lincoln on 01526 321055.

Notice of Poll 04 June 09