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November 29, 2009

Metheringham Primary School News Winter 2009

Our 29 new Reception class pupils have now settled into school and are being well supported by Miss Meyerhoff, Mrs Flintham, Mrs Whapshott, Mrs Wray and Mrs Enever. They have visited the local hairdressers and participated in nature walks around the school.

Key Stage 1 pupils enjoyed their 'Super Hero' topic which involved creating super heroes, designing costumes, scientifically testing super powers, producing films and writing scripts and stories about the created heroes. Parents visited during the last week of term to watch their children's productions and to share their children's learning achievements.

Lower Key Stage 2 pupils have been working on the topic 'Bombs Away' which has looked at World War 2 and has focused on life as a child during the war. Our pupils spent a day at Stibbington as an evacuee. Pupils set off on their visit dressed in war time clothes armed with their gas mask boxes and carrying their brown paper bags of rations for lunch.

Upper Key stage 2 pupils have covered the topic 'Wild' which focused on animals and their habitats. Pupils carried out research about different habitats, created a model of a habitat and wrote a diary story about a day in the life of an animal living there.

The Harvest assembly took place in school at the beginning of October. Our new Reception parents were invited to attend and all pupils took part in the celebrations.Harvest donations were sent to the New Life Church Community Larder.

Expressive Arts week took place in October. A visiting Arts teacher worked with pupils on street dance and all pupils were invited to perform their street dance at the end of the school day. A visiting artist worked with the pupils to help create an 'Enchanted Forest' for our main corridor. Our younger pupils worked together on 'bug' collage work and our older pupils worked on creating 3D models for the display. The forest is now expected to grow over the next few weeks once finishing touches have been made to the art work and models!

Metheringham Primary School has once again been successful at the LAFTAs film event in Lincolnshire. Our team of film makers picked up the LAFTA for the best infant fiction film with their production of 'The Ironman and the Train Crash'. We were also the delighted recipients of the Patron's Award, chosen by the actor Jim Broadbent, for the best primary school film entered.

Elspeth McMenemie - Head Teacher.