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November 27, 2009

News from Metheringham Library Winter 2009

Metheringham Feast saw the library staff dressing up again, this time as characters from the musical Mary Poppins. As the weather was showery at first, we had to have our books for sale displayed under the canopy and inside the porch instead of being able to spread them on tables outside of the library. Despite the lack of space we did get lots of customers and sold numerous books but we still have more for sale. If you want a bargain, adult fiction and all junior books are 10p each or fill a (supplied) bag for a £1. Adult non-fiction books are 60p each.

A new computer course covering the Internet and e-mail started in September and we are now taking names for the next course in January 2010. Lincoln College have been running these courses at the library twice a year since 2000 and they are still proving very popular. It's encouraging that lots of older people are taking the plunge and becoming computer literate.

The area above the children's corner, has been transformed by local Fairy Queen artist Lizzy Mason. She has made us a fantastic frieze with a woodland theme and incorporating several storybook characters. Lizzy lives in Metheringham and has a website where you can see examples of her work. Just search for Lizzy Mason, Metheringham or fairyqueenfairytime.com. She has also made a display for Branston Library and will be doing another one at Washingborough Library.