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November 27, 2009

Nocton Cricket Club 2009 Season Review

2009 was a transition season between moderate success in 2008 and hoped for success in 2010. As a number of players had left, two other players played only one game each, and another could not play at all, the club relied on some good young players. With experience and time, it is expected that they will be the equals of the players from the past. The club is delighted with the progress they made even during this one season, and the club is looking forward to seeing further advances next season. Each has made a significant contribution to the team at least once, and so the club can only hope for several such contributions in the forthcoming season! Naturally, as well, the club is very pleased at the efforts of the relatively few 'older' players who are still in the team.

What happened was that the club lost all its league games during the season! They also lost one friendly but did end with a win in a second friendly, which was the final match of the season.

Pottergate Golf Club hosted the club's presentation evening, when the following awards were made:

  • * Batting - David Franklin

  • * Bowling - David Glew

  • * Fielding - Peter Packwood

  • * Young Player - Sam Allison

  • * Most improved - John Hedley

  • * All rounder - Matthew Stephens

  • * Club Man - David Glew

  • * Presidents - Matthew Stephens and David Glew (jointly)

  • * Man of the Match - David Franklin

  • * Most Ducks - Peter Packwood and John Hedley (jointly)

Finally, this was the club's 20th year since it reformed and started to play friendlies in 1989. There are only two players left from that period: David Franklin and David Glew. They were given individual mementoes to commemorate their contribution to Nocton cricket over those years.