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November 27, 2009

Police News Winter 2009

from Simon Gordon

Hello from your local beat-team.

It's hard to believe that I am writing an article for the Winter issue of MACLA already. This year has absolutely flown by.

Your area continues to be a safe and pleasant place to live, with a very low crime-rate. I am very pleased to say that the recent 'trick or treat' night caused no problems at all, with no reports of egg or flour-throwing, doorbell-ringing, or similar 'pranks'. Thank you to all our retail outlets, who assisted us by refusing to sell eggs or flour to children.

Bonfire-night has also passed without any reports of firework-throwing, bangers being put through letter-boxes, or similar mischief. With the exception of the odd incident, our youngsters have been pretty well behaved recently, and I feel that our 'zero-tolerance' policy of confiscating all alcohol from under-age drinkers is having the desired effect.

Your beat-team, including two special constables, all turned-out to police the Metheringham Feast. Unfortunately, from a policing-perspective, we had problems. The atmosphere was spoiled by older groups of youths - some local, some from Sleaford and Ruskington, who clearly arrived at the feast intending to cause trouble. Whilst decent people were enjoying themselves at the Feast, these gangs were roaming around, clearly looking for a fight.

At one point, my PCSOs and I finished up in the middle of a 'stand-off' between two large gangs by the entrance to the fair-ground, and I had to request urgent back-up. Luckily, other officers quickly arrived, and violence was prevented. I am pleased to report that unlike last year, when somebody took the opportunity to burgle four properties in the Kings Road area during the Feast, there were no similar incidents.

Christmas is almost upon us again. This is a very busy time of year for everyone, including the criminal. However, a high percentage of crime is opportunist in nature, and so this Christmas we are seeking your assistance in preventing this type of crime. Although presents look lovely placed under the tree in your home, they can also be seen by thieves. If they can be seen they can be stolen. Keep presents out of sight.

Are you going away for Christmas? Consider using automatic lights, cancel milk and papers and ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house. If your house is in total darkness a thief will know there is nobody in. Ensure all doors and windows are locked. If you have a house alarm, USE IT!

Before opening your door to strangers, use a door chain. If you are not happy, send callers away. If they are from a reputable company, they will always call back. Do not let people into your home unless you are 100% sure who they are. Never leave your cheque book and card together. Keep your pin number confidential. Don't write your pin number down on a piece of paper, or make a note in your diary - thieves know where to look! Do not leave large amounts of cash in the house.

Sat Navs and laptops are currently high on the car thieves shopping list. When you leave your car, take them with you.

Having said all of the above, may I wish all, on behalf of the beat-team, a very happy Christmas and peaceful 2010.

Con. Simon Gordon