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November 27, 2009

Star & Garter Vegetable & Produce Show - 07 September 2009

The Star and Garter Vegetable and Produce Show 2009 produced its best ever result on Monday 7 September with £775 being presented to the St Wilfrid P.C.C. for a new lawnmower and gardening equipment for the cemetery upkeep. Regular entrants and the organisers were delighted that Mo Mitchell won the Best Onion class. Gandy Gray won the best marrow and the largest onion and the best tray of vegetables. Janet Wood got first and second in the Jam class and Sam and Katy Flintham ruled the Children's Novelty Vegetable class. Children's Novelty cake was won by Rosie Searle and Declan Hastie won best Children's Recycled Model. In the cookery classes the best fruitcake and the best sponge cake were both won by Jean Blundell and Christine Whitfield won the best pastries.

Following the sumptuous buffet lunch there was a very successful raffle and auction with the highlight being £30 bid for the Mystery box. Thanks once again go to the judges, District Councillor Bill Chambers and Mrs Molly Chambers and to the wonderful hosts Butch and Maggie and their team.

Full Results:

Onion: 1st -Mo Mitchell, 2nd-F Darwood, 3rd E Dickinson. largest G Gray.
Marrow: 1st - G Gray, 2nd - G. Gray, 3rd - B Hutchison, largest G. Gray
Tray of Vegetables: 1st - G Gray, 2nd - J. Harrison, 3rd - M. James
Best Jam: 1st J. Wood, 2nd - J. Wood, 3rd - S. Whitehead
Best Fruitcake: 1st - J. Blundell, 2nd - J. Blundell, 3rd - A. Harvey.
Best Sponge Cake: 1st - J. Blundell, 2nd - Rita Bell, 3rd - Ros Bell
Best pastries: 1st - C. Whitfield, 2nd - Nadine
Children's Novelty Vegetable : 1st - Sam and Katy Flintham, 2nd - Katy and Sam Flintham.
Children's Novelty Cake : 1st - Rosie Searle, 2nd - Holly Searle, 3rd - Joe Pearson
Children's Recycled Model: 1st - Declan Hastie