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November 27, 2009

The Lincolnshire Echo!!!

To any Lincolnshire Echo readers and anyone who gave me information or publicised items in the village notice board over the summer and wondered why they weren't "in the Echo".

Several Echo readers commented to me in September that there had been nothing in the Grapevine over the summer. I thought this odd as I have been submitting pieces regularly and had not received any messages from the Grapevine editor to say there was a problem. Consequently I tried to e-mail him directly but got no response. I have now discovered by telephoning the paper that the Grapevine editor I have always dealt with left at the end of May and no-one thought to let me know or divert his e-mails. I have put in a complaint on your behalf as I think this shows incredibly bad internal and external communications and bad management. It has broken the trust between the organisers of events and me and me and the paper and may well have influenced the profitability of fundraising events over the summer months.

I am now in contact with the new editors of the Grapevine and will hope to see things improve but they do tell me that space is very limited. I have also now received a letter of apology from the Editor to the village groups citing redundancies and office re-organisation as an excuse.

I think maybe the time has come to look at expanding into other forms of communication -websites and the like - and I may well stop contributing to the Echo if there are any more problems. The Sleaford Standard are still doing their best to support Metheringham's events and groups.

I apologise for not doing something sooner and hope that poor support for this summer's events has not been due to lack of exposure in the papers.

If anyone else would like to take over the job of correspondent it is still up for grabs but I am happy to carry on trying to represent you until then!

Dot Howes