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April 7, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 12 Jan 2010

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday the 12th of January 2010 in the village hall

Miss Storr Chair
Mr.Chambers D.Cllr.
Mrs.Green Clerk
Mr.Flannigan PCSO
Mr.Sidney Litter Picker
3 parishioners

Apologies: D.Cllr.Rose, P.Cllr.s Morris.Watchus, & Wilson, C.Cllr.Overton

1) Police: There has been four reports of damage to property over the Christmas period.

2) Litter: Martin Sidney was paid for the litter picking in December and left the meeting.

3) Public Questions: It was commented that the Christmas tree outside the village hall was small,( co-op may help with lights). Will the art work planned for the outside of the village hall be open for the public to make comments prior to it being installed?
A play area update? nothing as yet.

1. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of

The Minutes of the December meeting were proposed as correct by Mr. Askew, seconded by Mr.Rumbelow and signed by the Chair.

Matters Arising: 147/09 see 129/09) Miss Storr had had no success in contacting Highways
148/09see130/09) Safety mirror, not ordered yet as all info is still with a councillor.
149/09see131/09) Play area -letter to LCC Brendan Prichard not yet sent.
150/09see132/09) Mr. Morris has left the response from the residents of Wasps Nest re: the BT red kiosk for the parish councillors comments.
151/09see133/09) Grass verge B1202 Potterhanworth Road, the Chair unable to get through to LCC Highways regarding this.
152/09see134/09) No filing cabinets yet.
153/09seeI35/09) No more info on Nocton Park allotments.
154/09see136/09) Cllr. Watchus had informed the clerk that he is not happy with the LCC Highways refusing to lower the footway at the B1202/B1188 junction.
155/09see138/09) No progress on a bench, next cluster meeting here on January 27th
156/09see146/09d) The clerk had written to LCC Highways enclosing a copy of the letter from Mrs.Maddox, a reply received and a copy to be sent to Mrs.Maddox.
156/09see142/09) D.Cllr.Chambers said the parish council need to send their comments on the affordable housing to Steven Priestly very soon. Housing
associations not interested in purchasing existing housing.

Village Hall 157/09) No committee meeting this month, the AGM will be held on February 3rd A coffee morning to be held tomorrow.
Equal Opportunities 158/09) Nothing to discuss.
Nocton Hall 159/09) All consultants tenders are in and a decision should be made by the end of January

Letters: 160/09a) NKDC Consultation Draft - Delivering Rural Affordable Housing in NK Rural Housing Plan
a. NKDC registers of electors
b. LCC Fire & Rescue's Integrated Risk Management Plan 2010/2011
c. NKDC cluster news
d. emdanews
1) NKDC What's On
a. LCC Highways reply to our letter
b. NKDC re: Corporate Priorities Consultation
c. NKDC memorandum re: determining planning applications
d. RalfTimms re: Annual Litter Pick
e. Terry O'Tool Theatre programs
l) Notts Sports re: pitch surfaces
m) Lincolnshire Police Authority re: appointing Independent Members

Planning 161/09) NKDC Permission N/42/0919/08 2 story ext. Kelkerd House
NKDC Application 09/0946/HOUS erect single story side ext. 2 Nocton Park Rd.
NKDC Trees N310/6 at 42 Wegberg Rd.

Finance 162/09a) Lloyds savings no.3 £10543.82. ch/acc.noA £30.15
a. NKDC remittance advice £2700 for work on the car park
b. Hemswell Contracting receipt
c. e.on invoice for maintenance £102.26 (ch. signed)
d. e.on invoice power (2 quarters) £ 317.58 (ch.signed) but clerk to check with e.on.
1) Clerks December sal. £168.72 exp £4 (£172.72 ch. signed)
g) NKDC precept forms

Precept 163/09) After studying the prepared statements and a discussion it was proposed by Mr.Askew seconded by Mr.Capewell and all present agreed to increase the precept by 5%, the amount to be applied for being £7875

Any Other Business 164/09a)
The subsidence to the village hall appears to be active again, the clerk will contact Ward Cole
a. The state of the roads is deteriorating with the melting snow.

The next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday the 2nd of February 2010 at 7pm in the village hall.