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April 7, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 02 Feb 2010

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday the 2nd of February 2010 in the village hall

Ms. Wilson Vice-Chair
Mr. Rose D.Cllr.
Mrs. Green Clerk
Ms. Duckworth PCSO
Mr.Sidney Litter Picker
2 parishioners

Apologies: D.Cllr.Chambers, P.Cllr's. Storr & Watchus, C.Cllr.Overton

1. Police: There was no reported crime. Gave info on the works at the B 1188/B1202 junction. A suspicious person had been seen going towards the church. A loaded wagon had been seen leaving the Hall. The police had stopped a
wagon taking scrap from the site, the driver said he had permission from LEDA to
remove scrap, when contacted LEDA representative said no permission given but
not interested in prosecuting. The possibility of asbestos being disturbed was
discussed and the police are to contact LEDA re: this. D.Cllr.Rose will mention it
to Environmental Health.
A noisy Subaru is causing a nuisance in the village.

2) Litter: Mr.Sidney was paid for the litter picking in January and left the meeting.

3) Public Questions: None.

1. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of

5) In the absence of Miss Storr Ms. Wilson Chaired the meeting

The Minutes of the January meeting were proposed as correct by Mr.Rumbelow, seconded by Mr.Capewell and signed by the Vice-Chair.

Matters Arising: 166/09see147/09) The clerk had spoken to Steve Welsh on the Outstanding Highways matters.
167/09see148/09) Safety mirror info still with a councillor.
168/09see149/09) Play area -letter sent to LCC Brendan Prichard no reply yet.
169/09see150/09) The response from the residents of Wasps Nest re: the BT red kiosk is still with a parish councillor.
170/09see151/09) see item 159/09 above re: Grass verge B1202 Potterhanworth Road
171/09see152/09) No filing cabinets yet, there is a outlet of second hand office furniture on the High Street by Dixon Street in Lincoln .
172/09see153/09) The allotments have been marked out.
173/09see154/09) see item 159/09 above re: Cllr. Watchus is still not happy with the LCC Highways refusing to lower the footway at the B1202/B1188 junction.
174/09see155/09) Not chosen a bench yet, need to do so soon.
175/09see156/09) The clerk had written to Mrs.Maddox enclosing a copy of the reply received from LCCHighways .
176/09see156/09) D.Cllr.Rose asked if a response had been sent to Steven Priestly? Miss Storr had replied.

Village Hall 177/09) The AGM tomorrow evening. A coffee morning to be held next Wednesday as usual.

Equal Opportunities 178/09) Nothing to discuss.

Nocton Hall 179/09) NKDC have appointed Anderson & Glenn local consultant Architects, a meeting with them and English Heritage on Friday, English Heritage are getting more involved now.

Letters: 180/09a) NKDC re: 5th NK Annual Monitoring Report 2008/09
a. Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Richard Crompton 6 month update
b. NKDC Agenda for Metheringham cluster meeting 27th Jan.
c. NKDC re: Polling Districts
d. NKDC re: Register of Interest
e. East Midlands Fire & Rescue Control Centre
f. Clerks and Councils Direct + Wicksteed ad.
g. Clarks and Councils Direct Suppliers Guide
i) NKDC What's On

Planning 182/09) NKDC Permission 09/0946/HOUS single story ext. 2 Nocton Park Rd
NKDC Application 09/0961/HOUS single story ext. 3 Lincoln Rd.
The D.Cllr. said the Nocton Dairy plans are about to be ratified by NKDC there
will be a 13 week consultation period, comments to be in by 3rd March.

Finance 183/09 a) Lloyds savings no.4 £12604.31. ch/acc.no.5 £181.38
a. Lloyds new cheque book
b. The clerk had contacted e.on re: the £ 317.58 bill, advised to pay half that amount
and a new invoice would be sent for the October 1/4 . A cheque for £158.79 sent.
c. Litter Picker check signed for £40.
d. Clerks Jan. 2010 sal. £168.72 exp £7.48 (£176.20 ch.signed)

Precept 184/09) Applied for £7875

Any Other Business 185/09a) Mr.Morris said the heaters in the V.H. had been on most of the day and people still complained of the cold, suggested extra insulation in the roof. The clerk will make enquiries about available grants for heating.

a. NKDC Planning Officers want to meet with P.Cllrs. on Wednesday 10th or
Thursday 11th Feb. re: the Nocton Dairy plans, agreed to arrange for Thursday 11th.

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday the 9th of March 2010 at 7pm in
the village hall.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.30pm