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April 7, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 09 Mar 2010

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday the 9th of March 2010 in the village hall

Miss Storr Chair
Ms.Wilson Vice-Chair
Mr. Morris
Mr.Chambers D.Cllr.
Mrs.Green Clerk
Mr.S.Gordon PC
Mr.Flannigan PCSO
Mr.Sidney Litter Picker
28 members of the public

Apologies: D.Cllr.Rose, P.Cllr.Capewell, C.Cllr.Overton

1) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of

2) Police: There have been 2 crimes of burglary since the February meeting. Still problems with the hospital site. Police will be on hand for the public meeting but will not take sides.

3) Public Questions: Trees/shrubs have still not been cut back by the Hall grounds.
Many questions concerning the proposed Nocton Dairy, the P.e. comments on the
plans can be viewed on the NKDC website. The P.C. will send further comments.
The Environment Agency not in favour, LCC Highways have requested more
information, Lincolnshire Life object, Rural England want more information, The
Archaeological Agency have finished digging. Until all these reports are available
to the P.C. to study final comments cannot be sent.
It was agreed that an Extraordinary Parish meeting would be called for Tuesday
March 16th to follow the applicants open meeting on March 15th
Ms. Wilson declared a Prejudicial Interest and stepped down.

4) Litter: Mr.Sidney was paid for litter picking in February.

5) A manager at The Woodland Trust has purchased the wooded area between Nocton and the Wasps Nest junction, he has planned a tree planting event for Saturday the 13th of March and invited everyone along. His intention is to extend the woodland
and provide public walks. He hopes in future to obtain a license for the area to become a natural burial ground.

The Minutes of the February meeting were proposed as correct by Mr.Morris, seconded by Mr.Askew and signed by the Chair.

Matters Arising: 184/09see166/09) Some potholes have been filled in but other highways issues outstanding.
185/09see167/09) Safety mirror info lost, will obtain more.
186/09see168/09) Play area - still no reply from LCC Brendan Prichard.
187/09see169/09) The clerk to reply to the response from the residents of Wasps Nest re: the BT red kiosk.
188/09see171/09) No filing cabinets yet.
189/09see172/09) The allotments - a problem with a overhead power cable.
190/09see174/09) The P.C. choice of a bench sent to Sue Chambers.
191/09see183/09) The clerk had spoken to Sue Chambers regarding possible grant funding for heating the village hall, she recommended all the ones previously applied to.

Village Hall 192/09) The AGM last month, all officers re-elected. A coffee morning to be held tomorrow. Monday March 15th a Pot Luck Lunch 12 - 2pm tickets £4

Equal Opportunities 193/09) Nothing to discuss.

Nocton Hall 194/09) English Heritage are looking at 4 tenders for the work, 3 -4 weeks for a decision.

Letters: 195/09a) NKDC Agenda Standards Committee 10th Feb
b) Marshalls re: driveway/hard standing
c) NSPCC info poster
d) Society of Local Council Clerks - Training Employment Matters
e) LCC re: Grit Bins
f) LCC Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund
g) Sue Chambers cluster notes from Jan.27th
h) NKDC calendar of meetings
i) W.Lindsey D.C. re: Consultation on Best Locations gypsy/traveller sites
j) SID report from January
k) NKDC re: Parliamentary Elections 2010
l) Rt.Hon. Douglas Hogg QC,MP re: Nocton Dairy plans
m) Energy Saving Trust
n) NKDC Youth Awards 2009/10
o) NKDC Summery of Housing Register
p) NKDC Protocol for Handling Complaints
q) NKDC 'Brains of Kesteven' quiz night
r) CPRE Best Kept Village Competition
s) NKDC What's On

Planning 196/09 a) NKDC Application 09/1040/FUL Nocton Dairy + amended plan
A member of the public stated that most objectors have no idea of what it will be
b) LCC Application PL\006\10 Anaerobic Digester Nocton Fen

Finance 197/09a) NKDC re: Emptying dog waste bins charge 2010/11 £90 per bin
b) LALC affiliation fee due £175.33 eh, signed
c) CPRE affiliation fee due £25 eh. signed
d) Litter Picker check signed for £40. eh. signed
e) NKDC inv. emptying dog waste bins £360 eh. signed
f) e.on inv. maintenance £1 04.48 eh, signed
g) Clerks Feb. 2010 sal. £168.72 exp £4.45 (£173.17 ch.signed)

Any Other Business 198/09) Mr. Watchus raised the possibility of unrest at the planned public meeting on the 15th March, but we need to listen to the parishioners.
Mr.Askew said that as the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee he would take
advice from the police and if necessary cancel the meeting. It was agreed to arrange
an Extraordinary Parish Meeting for Tuesday March 16th.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday the 6th of April 2010 at 7pm in
the village hall.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8pm


anita coleshill said:

Dear Sirs

I respectfully request that you do not approve the Nocton Dairy planning application.

Already unspeakable cruelty to animals for human comsumption takes place here and around the world, and cows never seeing fields and daylight is a retrograde step in animal welfare.

Nocton if approved, would open the gates for this factory dairy farming to progress all over the UK. How can an enlightened society allow this?

Please set an example to all, however you have to do it, and stop this ominous development in its tracks.

Yours sincerely

Anita Coleshill

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