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April 7, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 01 Dec 2009

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday the 1st of December 2009 in the village hall

Miss Storr Chair
Ms,Wilson Vice-Chair
Mr.Rose D.Cllr.
Mrs.Overton C.Cllr.
Mrs. Green Clerk
Mr.Priestley Strategy Manager NKDC Planning
Mr.Sidney Litter Picker
2 parishioners

Apologies: D.Cllr.Chambers, PCSO Flannigan

1) Police: nothing to report

1. Litter: Martin Sidney has done two months litter picking and has not yet been paid, agreed to pay him £40 per month. A cheque for £80 signed and given to him, and he left the meeting.

2. Public Questions: When will the bushes bordering the Hall Grounds between the Manor Farm corner and the corner of Potterhanworth Road be cut back

4) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None

The Minutes of the November meeting
after amendment were proposed as correct
by Mr.Askew, seconded by Mr.Rumbelow and signed by the Chair.

Matters Arising: 129/09 see111/09)
The clerk had spoken to Steve Welsh and a letter received.

130/09see115/09) Safety mirror, the clerk has some info for councillors to study.

131/09see117/09) Play area-letter to LCC Brendan Prichard Capitol Development Team not yet sent, awaiting a map.

132/09see118/09) Mr.Morris has had no response from the residents of Wasps Nest yet re: the BT red kiosk.

133/09see120/09) Grass verge B1202 Potterhanworth Road, the Chair is to ring LCC Highways regarding this.

134/09see121/09) The clerk has not bought filing cabinets yet, it was suggested some be kept in the cloak room in the V.H, this to be raised at a committee meeting.

135/09see128/09a) 20 Nocton Park residents interested in allotments, hopefully will be able to offer to the rest of the village early next year.

136/09see128/09b) Letter from LCC Highways states that hopefully funds will be available to install dropped crossings on the footways in the village through the PRI scheme next year. The footpath opposite the village hall is to be cleaned by the Fly Gang the second week in January. The request for a dropped crossing at the B1202/B1188 junction was refused. Highways are looking at continuing the single white edge line from the B1188 round and into the bell mouth of the B1202 until it narrows.

137/09see128/09c) Leaves on the highway are NKDC responsibility.

138/09see128/09e) Info on benches from NKDC Metheringham Cluster

Village Hall 139/09) A committee meeting tomorrow evening. A coffee morning Wednesday next week. The Christmas Fayre raised £363. A parishioner said the fayre was very good, the photography competition fantastic.

Equal Opportunities 140/09) Nothing to discuss.

Nocton Hall 141/09) Urgent Works tender due back on Friday, hoping to serve papers in early January.

142see112/09) Steven Priestley said there were 61 replies to the survey, none requested affordable housing in Nocton. He then referred to NKDC Housing Needs Register:- 9 with local connection to Nocton indicated Nocton as a 1st choice preference, a total of 37 registered interest in Nocton. Councillors thought that the survey report was not the result of the survey conducted in the parish, Mr.Priestly said he consulting the NKDC Housing Register and including this is normal practice in these surveys. It was pointed out that there are affordable houses available on Nocton Park. Mr.Morris asked if it would be possible for a Housing Association to purchase these? It is difficult but possible. Could Mr.Priestly encourage housing associations to purchase, modernise and bring up to standard for renting?
A Local Development Framework is being established
Mr.Priestly was thanked for attending and left: the meeting.

143/09) C.Cllr.Overton gave a report on her latest newsletter. Relate Lincolnshire have been granted £475000. A trial Sunday bus service is running between
Lincoln/Boston/Spalding we are encouraged to use this service or it may be

Letters: 144/09a) LCC Gritting Routes 2009/10
a. NKDC re: Text Reporting
b. NKDC Housing Needs Survey
c. LCC Area Response Team
d. Clerks and Councils Direct
e. Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association
f. NKDC re: Fly-Tipping Hot Spots
h) NKDC Refuse/Recycling Collections over the Christmas period
a. NKDC Cluster benches
b. LCe Highways re: work
c. NKDC Action Plan .- Parish Partnership Evaluation Workshop
1) Rural Links magazine
m) Land Registry
n) Mrs.Maddox

Planning nothing

Finance 145/09a) Lloyds savings £13903.27. ch/acc. £17228
a. NKDC £314.26 litter picking grant
b. Hemswell Contracting inv, £3105 for car park (ch.signed.) £300 discount to go
towards safety mirror
c. Clerks November sal. £168.72 exp £1.50 (£170.22 ch.signed)

Any Other Business 146/09a) Mr.Fernley had contacted the clerk re: missing cats-eyes, the large puddle in the car park and surface water on the corner by the Hall gates. These concerns had been raised with highways
a. Ms. Wilson said The Christmas Market would be covered by media students on
radio 107.22
c) Cars parked on the B 1202 towards the Post Office are a danger to road users.
d) The clerk will write to LCC Highways and enclose copy of Mrs.Maddox letter
a. Mr.Morris is studying the quarry survey and will write a response as it has to be in
by 19th Dec.

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday the 12th of January 2010 at 7pm in the village hall.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.07pm


It is difficult but possible. Could Mr.Priestly encourage housing associations to purchase, modernise and bring up to standard for renting?

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