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June 6, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 04 May 2010

Minutes of the Nocton Annual Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday the 4th of May 2010 in the village hall

Present: Miss Storr Chair
Ms.Wilson Vice-Chair
Mr. Askew
Mr. Morris
Mr. Rumbelow
Mr.Chambers D.Cllr.
Mrs. Green Clerk
Mr.Flannigan PCSO
10 members of the public

Apologies: D.Cllr.Rose, P.Cllr.Watchus, C.Cllr. Overton

1. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None
2. Police: There had been 2 crimes of theft reported since the last meeting.
3. Public Questions: Thanks were expressed to the P.C. for changing the room setup for this meeting.
The white flat back lorry is still removing material from the hospital site, a skip taken in today. What is the view on the large posters up in this conservation area village? Will seek advice of NKDC Conservation Officer.
4. Litter: Mr.Sidney was paid for litter picking in April.
5. Election on Chairman: Miss Storr nominated by Mr.Rumbelow, seconded by Ms.Wilson, there were no other nominations, Miss Storr willing to stand and was duly elected to the Chair.
6. Election of Vice Chair: Ms.Wilson nominated by Mr.Morris, seconded by Mr. Askew, there were no other nominations, Ms.Wilson willing to stand and duly elected Vice-Chair.

The Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting were proposed as correct by Mr.Rumbelow, seconded by Mr. Askew and signed by the Chair.

The Minutes of the April Meeting were proposed as correct by Mr.Rumbelow,
seconded by Mr.Capewell and signed by the Chair.

Matters Arising: 14/10see2/10) Safety mirror, have more information from the Internet, but want bank details prior to ordering, it was agreed that these details can be given and a mirror ordered.

15/10see3/10) Play area - no progress, could do with more information on just what is required.

16/10see4/10) Nothing has been received from the residents of Wasps Nest regarding the BT red kiosk, Mr. Morris will contact them.

17/10see5/10) Two filing cabinets have been purchased, one still to be delivered.

18/10see6/10) Allotments - all now in order, most plots allocated, a small number available to other villagers, contact Mr.Faulkner 07799296161

19/10see13/10a) Still awaiting replies regarding the surveys needed on the V.H. subsidence.

20/10see13/10b) The Cricket Club have purchased two toilet units. The P.C. to settle the bill and Cricket Club reimburse the cost of the second unit

21/10see13/10d) The water leak outside the bungalows on Wellhead Lane was reported to Anglian Water - repaired. The large pothole close to the same site reported to LCC Highways - filled in.

Village Hall 22/10)
The electrician working on the necessary license has discovered serious faults with the system that need to be rectified before the certificate can be signed. He presented a list of urgent and none urgent work along with prices. £3000 plus VAT for immediate work. After much discussion it was proposed by Mr.Morris that the building be closed following this meeting until the urgent work is completed, seconded by Mr.Askew, all agreed. As the hall is to be used as a polling station on Thursday for the Parliamentary Elections the electrician promised to come in tomorrow and make sure the hall, toilet and kitchen are safe and have at least lighting and heating, the clerk will call Cliff Robinson in the morning to appraise him of the problem. This months coffee morning will have to be cancelled. Tomorrow evenings Committee meeting will be held in the Church.

Equal Opportunities 23/10) Nothing to discuss.

Nocton Hall 24/10) Anderson & Glenn are still working on the Urgent Works Order. It was noted by the P.C. that Mr. Hall has been doing sterling work of clearing the rubbish into one place. Fly-tipping had been reported and some removed. A reply to our letter to NKDC Environmental Health regarding asbestos received, but need to write again for an update. Karen Bradford would like to attend the P.C. meeting next month, as she cannot attend on Tuesdays it was agreed to swap evenings with the NVHMC and hold the meeting on Wednesday the 2nd of June

Letters: 25/10
a) NKDC reply to our letter re: asbestos at former hospital site
b) NKDC Standards Committee Agenda/Minutes
c) NKDC Standards Committee: Protocol for Handling Complaints Against Members
d) e.on New Unmetered Supply License
e) smp playgrounds ad.
f) COMLAN playgrounds ad.
g) NKDC Standards Board Guidance on Blogging
h) NKDC Amended copy Protocol for Handling Complaints Against Members
i) Food & Water England re: proposed Nocton Dairy
j) NKDC What's On
k) Open Spaces Society
l) Clerks and Councils Direct

Planning 26/10
a) NKDC copy of comments sent to LCC re: 10/0206/ anaerobic digester Nocton Fen
b) The Greenspan Agency re: above 10/0206/

Finance 27/10
a) Lloyds statement (7) £19550.79, (8) £126.30
b) Open Spaces Society renewal notice £40 (ch. signed)
c) e.on electricity invoice £317.58 (2 1/4 ) ch. signed)
d) AON revised insurance invoice £540.36 (ch. signed)
e) AON VH insurance invoice £882.74 (ch. signed)
f) SRP Toilet Hire Ltd. two toilet units £763.75.( ch.signed)
g) Lincoln Office Furniture Ltd £256.15 (ch, signed)
h) Clerks April 2010 sal. £168.72 exp £23.32 inc. ink cartridge(£192.97 ch. signed)
i) Mr.Sidney April litter picking £40 (ch.signed)
j) NKDC payment for SID insurance 2009/10 & 2010/11 £108.42
k) NKDC Precept £7875.

Financial Statement: 28/10)
The financial statement for year ended 31st March 2010 was presented, there was a query on the printed sheet but the cash book was correct and signed by the Chair

Any Other Business 29/10
a) The P.C. have no objection to ArtsNK putting on a children's event on The Village Green the Spring Bank Holyday weekend.
b) Mr.Morris said he would like to retire from the council, D.Cllr. Chambers and Ms. Wilson expressed thanks to him for all his work on parish matters, thanks are recorded to him form all the councillors. The clerk will inform Cliff Robinson of the vacancy.
c) Ms.Wilson asked if Nocton Dairy could be kept on the agenda? If anything comes in regarding this it will be an agenda item.
d) Mr.Rumbelow asked if a letter could be sent to David Glew and Dominic Grant thanking them for cutting the grass along the bridle path? The clerk will do so.
e) Woodland burials need planning permission
f) The Green outside the school is being churned up by school staff using it for car parking. Staff are requested to park there when there is a funeral in Church, but the clerk is to ask that they do not do so unless necessary.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 2nd of June 2010 at 7pm in the village hall.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.30pm