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August 8, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 02 June 2010

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday the 2nd of June 2010 in the village hall

Miss. Storr Chairman
Ms. Wilson Vice-Chair
Mr. Askew
Mr. Rumbelow
Mr. Chambers D.Cllr.
Ms.Bradford NKDC Corporate Director
Mrs. Green Clerk
12 members of the public

Apologies: D.Cllr Rose, P.Cllr's. Capewell & Watchus, PC Gordon, PCSO Duckworth

1) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None
2) Police: PC.Gordon has informed the clerk that there had been no reported crime in the parish since the May meeting.
3) Public Questions:
The village hall being rewired and emergency lighting installed. Settlement to the front of the hall is being investigated.
4) Litter: Mr.Sidney not at the meeting, the clerk will ensure that he is paid for May.
5) The Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting were proposed as correct by Mr.Rumbelow, second by Mr.Askew and signed by the Chair.

Matters Arising:
30/10see14/10 A safety mirror has been ordered.
31/10see15/10 Play area - no progress, clerk wrote again to Brendon Prichard, still no reply. The Green again suggested as a site. Funding could be available from District and County Councils. A parishioner commented that she had been informed by the C.C that it is the decision of the Headmaster and the School Governors if a part of the playing field can be used, although this was not the situation previously the clerk will write to both the headmaster and the chairman of the school governors.
32/10see16/10 Not heard from Mr.Morris re: Wasp's Nest BT red kiosk.
33/10see18/10Allotments - still some plots available, no applications received from villagers, can still contact Mr.Faulkner on 07799296161
34/10see19/10 V.H survey results from Inspect-a-Drain received. One drain in need of repair/lining. Uretek have been to investigate the possibility of their product being able to halt the settlement to the front of the building, awaiting their report.
35/10see29/10a) The ArtsNK Rhubarb Theatre Co. Event on the 31st May with local children was excellent.
36/10see29/10b) A notice of the P.C. vacancy is in the notice box, one application received to date, if no call for an election can co-opt at the next meeting.
37/10see29/10c) Nothing more from Nocton Dairy
38/10see29/10d) A thank you letter sent to David Glew and Dominic Grant.
39/10see29/10f) A letter received from Nick Dowler asked about a surface that grass can grow through for the part of The Green used for emergency parking.

Village Hall 40/10
A Committee meeting last evening. The urgent electrical work has been completed in the hall, NKDC have released the funds from the 106 monies to pay for this first phase, the non urgent work is now being done. Coffee morning next Wednesday. October 1st a Lincolnshire Day an event is being planned.

Equal opportunities 41/10
Nothing to discuss.

Nocton Hall 42/10
Karen Bradford gave an update on the progress made to date. She was asked if the American connection been explored? No. If LEDA do comply with the order what form of conditions will be enforced? Someone will be appointed to oversee the work. Has it been agreed on where the access will be? No.
No follow-up letter received from NKDC Environmental Health regarding asbestos.

Letters: 43/10
a) Cliff Baxendale re: funding for front of Village Hall
b) ad. Landscape-led National Play Design With record RSS
c) Society for Local Council Clerks Regional 'One Day' Conference June 22nd.
d) Nocton Community School re: The Green.
e) Neil Faulkner re: P.C. vacancy
f) NKDC re: Clerks vacancy Scredington P.C.
g) NKDC Metheringham Cluster
h) NKDC What's On
i) Inspect-a-Drain report
j) NKDC re: P.C. vacancy
k) Uretek brochure
l) Rural Links
m) NKDC acceptance & register of interest forms for new councillor
n) e.on re: new invoice form
o) LCC Community Risk Register
p) Society of Local Councils Regional Conference
q) Open Spaces Society Summer Magazine, Annual Report, Notice of AGM

Planning 44/10
a) NKDC Sleaford Town centre Regeneration Supplementary Planning Document Consultation Draft
b) NKDC Withdrawal of application 10/0166/FUL reservoir
c) Copy of letter from Ian Fitch NKDC to DEFRA re: Proposed Dairy.

Finance 45/10
a) Lloyds statement (8) £16660.02, (9) £67.95
b) NKDC 106 money transferred to our account for essential electrical work £3419
c) Wentworth Systems invoice £4017.33 (ch.signed)
d) Inspect-a-Drain invoice £211.50 + quote for lining broken pipe (ch.signed)
e) Reece Safety Products Ltd. Invoice for safety mirror £160.92 (ch.signed)
f) Mr.Sidney for litter picking May £40 (ch.signed)
g) Clerks salary. May 2010 £168.72 exp £7.40 = £176.12 (ch.signed)

Audit form 46/10
The Audit form for year ended 31st March 2010 had been inspected by Mr.Armstrong our internal auditor, and were completed by the parish council, agreed and signed by the Chair and clerk in readiness for sending the external auditor Clement Keys.

Any Other Business 47/10
a) Next cluster meeting July 14th Scopwick village hall.
b) Grass on the bridle path to Dunston, Mr.Clarke's road and the B1188 needs cutting.
c) The beck needs cleaning out
d) More DUCK signs are needed on Wellhead Lane and Potterhanworth Road.
e) Large lorries a problem through village - there no restriction enforceable.
f) The circulation of correspondence a problem, could councillors please ring the next person on the list to ensure they are available to accept the pack.
g) Children from the school will be singing in the Cathedral soon.
h) A bat survey to be undertaken in Church next year. The last week in September it is planned to hold a joint Harvest festival with the Church, School and Social Club involved.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday the 6th of July 2010 at 7pm in the village hall.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm.