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September 18, 2010

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 03 Aug 2010

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday the 3rd of August 2010 in the village hall

Miss Storr Chair
Ms.Wilson Vice-Chair
Mrs. Williams
Mr. Chambers D.Cllr.
Mrs. Green Clerk
Ms.Duckworth PCSO
12 members of the public
Apologies: D.Cllr.Rose, P.Cllr's. Askew & Capewell

1) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct:

2) Police:
The two people arrested in the Hall in June have been charged with vagrancy. Last Saturday there was a large police presence to clear motorists from the hospital site. There have been a couple of reports of motorcyclists cutting through the footpaths.
Mr.Fernley asked if tractors could be stopped from using Wellhead Lane, the PCSO will speak to Highways. If night time noise is a problem contact Environmental Services at NKDC there is an emergency number. PCSO Duckworth will attend the Nocton Dairies meeting on Friday and PCSO Flannigan on Saturday.

3) Public Questions:
What are the P.C. going to do about the beck? It is the responsibility of NKDC, the clerk will report it. Riparian owners have the responsibility of keeping the water course clean and free flowing.
What has happened to the land opposite the houses on Wellhead Lane? NKDC have placed a TPO on the whole field. A hedge is obstructing the footpath along The Avenue, the clerk will write to the owner. The hedge alongside The Hall grounds and Main Street have still not been cut back by LCC Highways.

4) Litter:
Mr.Sidney was paid for July and left the meeting.

5) The Minutes of the July meeting:
were proposed as correct by Mr.Rumbelow, seconded by Miss Storr and signed.

Matters Arising:
48/10see30/10) The safety mirror is now in place.

49/10see31/10 Play area letter from Nick Dowler stating it is not in his power to give permission for part of the school playing field to be used as a play area. A letter from Brendon Prichard agreeing with the request to use part of the school playing field as a play area. The agreement of the School Governors is required and the P.C. will have to pay any and all financial outlay necessary and must send detailed plans to Mouchel for comment and approval.

50/10see33/10) Allotments - still some plots available, contact Mr.Faulkner on 07799296161

51/10see34/10) V.H. Inspect-a-Drain repaired and lined the damaged drain. The Uretek report to be circulated again and a decision made at the next meeting on the settlement problem.

52/10see36/10) Mary Ann Williams is our new councillor and was welcomed to the council.

53/10see39/10) It was agreed to cost the possibility of surfacing The Green outside the school with a material that will allow the grass to grow through, as the area is owned by the P.C. and used by the Church and the school on occasion, a three way split for the cost was suggested.

54/10see47/10b) The bridle path has been cut but debris left, the clerk has rung Robert Howard to get it cleared away, it was being done yesterday.

55/10see47/10d) The clerk to contact Scopwick P.C. regarding 'Duck' signs.

56/10see47/10g) The children's singing in the Cathedral was very good.

57/10see47/10h) A bat survey is currently taking place in Church.

Village Hall 58/10) A Committee meeting tomorrow evening. Coffee morning next Wednesday. October 1st a Lincolnshire Day event is being planned. The 'Pot Luck Lunch' organised for today had to be cancelled due to lack of support.

Equal Opportunities 59/10) Nothing to discuss.

Nocton Hall 60/10) NKDC are experiencing problems with finances and English Heritage. A letter received from Karen Bradford re: the meeting she attended in June.

Letters: July61/10
a) URETEC report & quote
b) LCC, NKDC, WLDC, Lincoln City Council Central Lincolnshire Statement of Community Involvement. c) NHS Research & You
d) LCC Referred Mineral & Waste Strategies
e) NKDC re: Register of Interests
f) NKDC Electoral Services call for a by-election 29th July
g) Brendan Prichard reply re: play area.
h) NKDC Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee Public Participation Leaflet.
i) NKDC Local Code of Conduct & Declaration of Interest Training Workshop.
j) Wicksteed playskapes ad.
k) NKDC Cluster news
I) NKDC re: Lincolnshire Sub-Regional Empty Homes Project Draft Strategy
m) Clerks and Councils Direct
n) Play area surfacing ad
o) Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Richard Crompton
p) NKDC re: Dog and litter bin sites
q) NKDC Cluster Agenda for 14th July
r) NKDC What's On
s) NKDC copy of letter sent Karen Bradford from LCC Highways re: dropped kerbs.
t) LCC re: Lincoln East West link road. We need your views
u) Nick Dowler re: proposed play area

a) NKDC New Councillors forms.
b) NKDC re: uncontested by-election result
c) NKDC Corporate Priorities Consultation Workshop
d) NKDC Agenda/Minutes Standards Committee.
e) NKDC Code of Conduct Training Workshop
f) LCC This is Art posters
g) NKDC Statement of Licensing Policy
h) RAF Waddington re: low flying exercise 27th July, 4th Aug.
i) Gerry Watchus resignation from P.C.
j) Lincoln City Council, NKDC, WLDC, LCC re: Central Lincolnshire Core Strategy, Preliminary Consultation.
k) NKDC Karen Bradford re: June meeting
I) Mouchel (LCC) Brendan Prichard re: play area
m) Clerks and Counsels Direct.
n) LCC The Really Useful Stuff Handbook on a memory stick
o) NKDC What's On

Planning July 63/10
a) LCC Ap. /0006/10 Anaerobic Digestion Unit Nocton Fen
b) LCC Planning Permission N/26/0523/09 Dunston Quarry
c) NKDC planning meeting re: 10/0206/CCC 3rd July

a) NKDC application 10/0206/CCC Anaerobic Digester Nocton Fen
b) LCC (10/0006/01) Planning Permission above
c) NKDC TPO N1735 2010 Wellhead Lane
d) NKDC Application 10/0832/HOUS single story back ext. fence & shed 12 Akritiri Square.
e) NKDC re: adoption of STCR Supplementary Planning
f) NKDC Ap. 10/0831/EIASCO request for scoping Nocton Dairies Ltd.
g) Geoff Hall re: above
h) Nocton Dairies Ltd. re: meetings 6th 7th Aug.

Nocton Dairies: 65/10) Letter received from Nocton Dairies Ltd. re: 'drop in' meetings 6th & 7th Aug. had the venue address incorrect. It was asked if comments from outside NK would be disregarded the D.Cllr. said he thought that they would. Councillors will attend the meeting only as parishioners, the clerk is to write to Nocton Dairies Ltd. explaining this and ask if a formal meeting can be arranged for councillors. Ms.Wilson will contact the Chairmen of other P.C's.

Finance July66/10
a) Lloyds statements (9) £1579.71 (10) £62.08
b) Inspect-a-Drain inv. £104.48
c) Wentworth Systems inv. £4255.85
d) Reese Safety receipt
e) NKDC remittance £3622
f) All Saints Church request for funding
g) M.Sydney £40 for litter picking June
h) Clerks sal June £168.72 expo £6.28 = £175

a) Lloyds statement (10) £13852.34, (11) £61.10
b) Wentworth Systems £200 refund
c) e.on invoice for power £158.79 (ch. signed)
d) NKDC invoice by-election £54.02 (ch. signed)
e) BJB fitting safety mirror £118 (ch. signed)
f) Mr.Sidney for litter picking £40 July (ch. signed)
g) All Saints Church £200 (ch. signed)
h) Clerks sal. July 2010 £168.72 exp £13.32 = £182.04 (ch.signed)

Any Other Business 68/10
a) Next cluster meeting is in October.
Ms. Wilson said Sowerby Homes have erected more storage containers in the enclave, does he need planning permission?

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday Sep.14th 2010 at 7pm in the village hall.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.20pm