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January 21, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 07 December 2010

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on Tuesday the 7th December 2010 in the Village Hall

Councillor D. Wilson (Vice-Chair)
Councillor P. Askew
Councillor I. Goldsworthy
Councillor D. Rumbelow
Councillor K. Tyler

Mrs. Green Parish Clerk

Mr.Duckworth PCSO
Mrs Hill Dog Warden

6 Members of the public were in attendance

Apologies for Absence: Parish Councillor E. Storr and M. Williams; District Councillors P. Rose and W. Chambers and County Councillor M. Overton

(1) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: Councillor Goldsworthy declared a personal interest in the Nocton Dairy item.

(2) Police: PCSO Duckworth had informed the Clerk that there had been no crime reported since the last meeting. No information had come through yet regarding Neighbourhood Watch.

(3) Public Questions:

A comment was made on the North Kesteven District Council's decision to allow the felling of the willow tree at The Rose Garden, The Avenue. Neighbours and Parish Councillors had all objected to this application

(4) Litter: Mr. Sidney attended the meeting and asked for confirmation that he should remove fliers from utility posts. He was advised, yes, as it is an offence to place fliers on such posts.

(5) Dog Warden: Parish Councillors had studied the costings and agreed to offer two hours per week for a three month trial period to Mrs Hill.

(6) Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November 2010 were proposed as correct by Councillor Goldsworthy, seconded by Councillor Rumbelow and signed by the Chair, subject to the amendment of Minute 114/10(f) as follows:

"District Councillor Rose said a census is to be held on 27th March 2011. It is important that everyone fills in and returns the forms."

Matters Arising:

115/10 (see Min 3-2/11/10): No Christmas tree purchased as price list had not been returned. Councillor Goldsworthy authorised to purchase one to the value of £60.
116/10 (see 99/10): Play area - Councillor Williams had met with the Chairman of the School Governors and expressed much more development that previously requested. The Clerk to look into all information and draft an appropriate letter.
117/10 (see 100/10): Village Hall settlement - no progress.
118/10 (see 101/10): No progress on contacting Boddingtons regarding information and prices for surfacing work on The Green.
119/10 (see 102/10): "Duck" signs - this item to be dropped for the present.
120/10 (see 103/10): A Parish Plan to be looked at next year.
121/10 (see 104/10): The "Cluster" seat has been delivered. Its use as a replacement for the "Coronation" seat was questioned. Agreed to contact BJB and Malcolm Fulup regarding the possibility of a repair.
122/10 (see 105/10): The Horse Chestnut tree on The Green has been cut back.
123/10 (see 114/10a): The "Equal Opportunity" item on the Agenda was put on as it was a requirement for grant applications. The Clerk will provide Councillor Goldsworthy with a copy of the Equal Opportunities Policy.

(7) Lincolnshire Core Strategy (124/10): Councillors Goldsworthy and Williams had completed their thoughts on the document and all Councillors present were agreeable to these being submitted.

(8) Street Lighting (125/10): A tree is obscuring the light by the "Coronation" seat on Main Street. The Clerk will contact the owners of the tree.

(9) Village Hall (126/10): The Committee meeting scheduled for last week had to be cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. The next meeting will be the AGM in February. Coffee morning tomorrow. The Christmas Fayre raised in excess of £200.

(10) Equal Opportunities (92/10): Nothing to discuss.

(11) Nocton Hall (128/10):
A letter from Andrew McDonough of NKDC confirmed that grant monies have now been released by English Heritage and the options appraisal will begin in January.

(12) Letters (129/10):

(a) Open Spaces magazine.
(b) LCC: Gritting Routes 2010/2011.
(c) NKDC: Confirming Mrs Tyler as new parish councillor.
(d) NKDC: District and Parish Council Elections on 5th May 2011.
(e) NKDC: Potterhanworth Road/Main Street naming.
(f) NKDC: Agenda/Minutes/Reports of the Standards Committee.
(g) NKDC: Register of Electors.
(h) NKDC: Warning regarding Acid used by Graffiti Vandals.
(i) LCC: Planning Application Validation Check.
(j) Glasdon advertisement.
(k) Lincolnshire Police.
(l) AON Charity and Voluntary Organisations Insurance.
(m) Open Spaces.
(n) Community Lincs - Community Buildings.
(o) Information from Councillor Williams regarding her meeting with the Chairman of the School Governors.
(p) NKDC: LALC News.
(q) What's On
(r) NKDC: Street Numbering - Main Street/Potterhanworth Road
(s) NKDC: Dog Fouling
(t) NKDC: Andrew McDonough - Nocton Hall

(13) Planning (130/10)

(a) NKDC: Application N155/01 to fell trees behind 16 Parklands Avenue.
(b) NKDC: permission 10/1144/FUL Change of Use of Buildings Nocton Ltd.
(c) NKDC: Permission Trees CA42/49 Rose Garden, The Avenue.
(d) NKDC: Permission Trees N/192 Rose Garden, The Avenue.
(e) Nocton Dairies Ltd: Letter from May Jackson

(14) Nocton Dairies (131/10): Plans being validated by NKDC. Agreed that a public meeting with the applicants, with a set agenda and hosted by the Parish Council, would be appropriate. NKDC is to hold public meetings with its planning officers present. The Clerk will inform councillors as soon as plans arrive.

(15) Finance (112/10):

(a) Lloyd's statements (14) £12,437.58 (15) £211.30.
(b) E-ON invoice for maintenance £104.56 (cheque signed).
(c) Mr.Sidney paid for litter picking November £40 (cheque signed).
(d) Gladson invoice for "Cluster" bench £410.07 (cheque signed).
(e) NKDC invoice for by-elections £107.74 (cheque signed).
(f) LALC invoice £65 (557 electors) - no need to pay until April.
(g) Clerk's salary for November £168.72; expenses £2.52 - £171.24 (cheque signed).
(h) NKDC: Litter funding - awarded £248.80.
(i) NKDC: Dog Warden funding - awarded £314.26.

(16) Precept (133/10:
The Clerk had prepared financial information for the consideration of Councillors.

(17) Any Other Business (133/10):

Councillor Askew said that parishioners had asked for a Grit Bin to be provided half-way along Wellhead Lane. One is also needed on The Green.

(18) Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting confirmed as Tuesday, 11th January 2011 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.