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February 6, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 11 January 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on Tuesday the 11th January 2011 in the Village Hall

Present: Councillor E. Storr (Chair)
Councillor P. Askew
Councillor I. Goldsworthy
Councillor D. Rumbelow
Councillor K. Tyler
Councillor M. Williams

Councillor P. Rose District Councillor
Mrs. Green Parish Clerk

Mr.Duckworth PCSO
Mrs Hill Dog Warden

6 Members of the public were in attendance

Apologies for Absence: Parish Councillor D. Wilson, District Councillor W. Chambers and County Councillor M. Overton

(1) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: Councillors I. Goldsworthy and M. Williams declared a personal interest in the Nocton Dairy item.

(2) Police: PCSO Flannigan informed Councillors that there had been no crime reported since the last meeting.

(3) Public Questions:

Residents of Grange Lane complained about their property being flooded in wet weather by run-off water from the fields and at the very muddy and flooded state of the road following the movement of silage. Photographs taken yesterday were provided to Councillors. A letter would be sent to Mr Robert Howard enclosing the photographs with a copy to Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department.

Articulated lorries are again using Nocton to get to Bardney. There had been an agreement with British Sugar that only a limited number should do so and could this be looked into again?

The Clerk had written to the NKDC Tree Officer protesting at his decision to allow the felling of the willow tree, but to no avail.

(4) Litter: Mr. Sidney said that there is a build up of litter outside the village boundary.

(5) Dog Warden: Mrs Hill said that she had walked round the village and introduced herself to dog walkers. She took posters to put up. She will e-mail her monthly reports to Councillors.

(6) Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2010 were proposed as correct by Councillor Askew, seconded by Councillor Rumbelow and signed by the Chair.

(7) Matters Arising:

135/10 (see 115/10): Councillor Goldsworthy was told by the nursery that it was effectively too late to purchase a suitable Christmas Tree, but he will take early action in 2011.
136/10 (see 116/10): Play area - The Clerk had not yet drafted a letter to the school governors explaining that the nature of the play area will only be as previously requested.
137/10 (see 1117/10): Village Hall settlement - no progress.
138/10 (see 118/10): No progress on contacting Boddingtons regarding information and prices for surfacing work on The Green. Councillor Williams would contact the company concerned.
139/10 (see 120/10): All village organisations to be invited to a special meeting on 23rd March 2011 (subject to the availability of the Hall) to discuss the preparation of a Parish Plan.
140/10 (see 120/10): No-one had yet been contacted regarding the placing of the "cluster" seat or repairing the "coronation" seat. BJB, Paul Scrafton and Malcolm Fulup had been suggested in this regard.
141/10 (see 123/10): The Clerk had not yet found the Equal Opportunity Policy for Councillor Goldsworthy.
142/10 (see 124/10): .Councillor Williams had worked jointly with Councillor Goldsworthy to respond to the Lincolnshire Core Strategy document.
143/10 (see 125/10) The Clerk had yet to write regarding the tree which is obscuring the street light by the "coronation" seat.
144/10 (see 134/10a) the Clerk has asked LCC for a grit bin halfway along Wellhead Lane and one for The Green.

(10) Equal Opportunities (146/10):
Nothing to discuss.

(9) Village Hall (145/10): No Committee meeting this month due to Christmas and New Year holidays. The next meeting, the AGM, is on 3 February 2011. The Coffee Morning is tomorrow.

(11) Nocton Hall (147/10): LEDA Properties had taken over responsibility for the security fencing from 7th January 2011. The options appraisal has begun and will take approximately four months..

(12) Letters (148/10):

(a) NKDC Press Release by LCC.
(b) Lincolnshire Police posters.
(c) NKDC: Clerk's training 1st or 2nd March and Councillors training 14th or 15th March 2011.
(d) NKDC: Identifying vulnerable areas.
(e) NKDC: Poster regarding Concessionary Bus Passes.
(f) Lincolnshire Police - PC Brown is on secondment to Lincoln for four months; PC Wayne Wilkinson will stand in for him.
(g) NKDC: Four information posters.
(h) NKDC: Cluster Agenda/Minutes for 19th January 2011 plus Cluster News.
(i) Royal British Legion "Great Poppy Party Weekend".
(j) NKDC: What's On.

(13) Planning (149/10)

(a) NKDC: Application 10/1397/FUL proposed Nocton Dairy.
(b) NKDC: Decision on Trees N155/01 behind 16 Parklands Avenue.
(c) NKDC: Application and confirmation of TPO N737 The Avenue.
(d) NKDC: Reply regarding the decision on Trees at The Rose Garden, The Avenue Ref: 218582.
(e) NKDC: Application 10/1397/FUL Nocton Dairies Ltd 3770 cow unit.
(f) Bill Goodhand: 10/1397/FUL Nocton Dairies Ltd.
(g) NKDC: Application 10/1522/FUL Nocton Dairies Ltd. Effluent Transfer Pipe.

(14) Nocton Dairies (150/10): A Public Meeting has been arranged for Wednesday, 19th January 2011. A draft agenda had been drawn up. Councillor Rumbelow proposed that Councillor Goldsworthy chair the meeting. Councillor Goldsworthy declined as the Parish Council already had a capable Vice-chair. As both Councillors Goldsworthy and Wilson were connected with opposition groups, it was thought a neutral chairperson would be preferable - if one could be found.

Almost 2000 comments received by NKDC to date. 1300 people had signed a "round robin". 66,000 people had signed a petition opposing the plans.

Councilor Rose explained the planning committee procedure. The applicant would be allowed six minutes to speak. Nocton and Dunston Parish Councils would be allowed three minutes each to speak. One objector from each Parish Council would be allowed three minutes.

The Planning Committee will have an open vote on this application.

(15) Finance (151/10):

(a) Lloyd's statements (15) £11,638.08 (16) £112.77 plus new cheque book.
(b) E-ON invoice for power £158.79 (cheque signed).
(c) Mr.Sidney paid for litter picking December £40 (cheque signed).
(d) NKDC query invoice payment for by-elections. New cheque signed £107.74.
(e) Clerk's salary for December £168.72; expenses £3.24 = £171.96 (cheque signed).
(f) NKDC: Fee for emptying dog waste bins £90 per bin annually. Invoice for £360 (cheque signed)

(16) Precept (152/10: NKDC Precept discussed. Agreed a 5% increase.

(17) Any Other Business (153/10):

(a) The Head of Planning and Economic Development at NKDC is Jane Wells.
(b) It was with regret that the Chair, due to the pressure of work, felt that she was unable to give the attention to parish matters she felt the position deserved and so would be resigning from the Parish Council with immediate effect following this meeting. Councillor Goldsworthy proposed a Vote of Thanks to her and all Councillors agreed that she had been a credit both to her role as Chair and to the Council and would be greatly missed.

(18) Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting confirmed as Tuesday, 1st February 2011 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.