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March 8, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 01 February 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on Tuesday the 1st February 2011 in the Village Hall

Present: Councillor D. Wilson (Chair)
Councillor I. Goldsworthy (Vice-Chair)
Councillor P. Askew
Councillor D. Rumbelow
Councillor K. Tyler
Councillor M. Williams

Councillor W. Chambers District Councillor
Mrs. D. Green Parish Clerk

Mr.Duckworth PCSO
Mr Sidney Litter
Mrs J. Hill Dog Warden

5 Members of the public were in attendance

(1) Apologies for Absence: District Councillor P. Rose and County Councillor M. Overton.

(2) Police: PCSO Duckworth informed the meeting that no crime had been reported since the last meeting. There had been a little activity around Nocton Hall with the security fence being damaged. LEDA had been informed and they had arranged repairs. Complaint of noise from a motor vehicle and a motor scooter on Nocton Park Road investigated and resolved, the only option left was to contact the Environment Department at North Kesteven District Council.

(3) Public Questions:

Trees are still obscuring the highway between the corner opposite Manor Farm and 1 Potterhanworth Road. The Clerk to contact Lincolnshire CC Highways again. The roads were swept yesterday but straw dislodged from lorries on the highway again today. The Clerk to ask LCC Highways if the trees by the Hall gates can be trimmed.

(4) Litter: Mr. Sidney said that he had picked up several bags of dog faeces on Rostrop Road.

(5) Dog Warden: Mrs Hill gave her report. She will patrol Rostrop Road.

(6) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: Councillors I. Goldsworthy, M. Williams and D. Wilson declared a personal interest in the Nocton Dairy item.

(7) Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th January 2011 were proposed as correct by Councillor Tyler, seconded by Councillor Askew and signed by the Chair.

(8) Matters Arising:

154/10 (see 136/10): Play area - The Clerk has drafted a letter to the school governors explaining that the play area is only as previously agreed.
155/10 (see 137/10): Village Hall settlement - Councillor Williams has contacted Community Lincs. There could be funding available and she has arranged to meet at the Village Hall with their representative at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday.
156/10 (see 138/10): Councillor Williams had contacted Boddingtons and obtained samples of surfacing for The Green - £10 and £30 per square metre. Councillors favoured the sample at £10 per square metre. Councillor Williams to measure the amount required. The Clerk to show sample to the School and the Church and to ask if they would be willing to share in the cost.
157/10 (see 139/10): Parish Plan - Suggested that a village meeting be arranged for 23rd March when Janet Clarke from NKDC could explain the details. All village organisations to be invited.
158/10 (see 140/10): BJB have inspected the "Coronation Seat" and in their opinion it would be unsafe to repair again. Suggested that the back of the bench containing the plaque be retained and placed elsewhere. This was agreed. It was proposed by Councillor Askew, seconded by Councillor Goldsworthy that the "Cluster" seat be sited in its place.
159/10 (see 141/10): Equal Opportunities - Councillor Goldsworthy again proposed that this item be removed from as a standing item on each agenda but instead be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting. Seconded by Councillor Tyler and agreed unanimously.
160/10 (see 143/10): The Clerk had written to the owners of the tree obscuring the street light by the "Coronation Seat".

(9) Village Hall (161/10): AGM tomorrow evening at 7.30 p.m. Coffee morning Wednesday next week.

(10) Nocton Hall (162/10): NKDC is attempting to recoup expenses incurred from LEDA.

(11) Letters (163/10):

(a) Councillor Storr resignation letter.
(b) NKDC Register of Electors for Councillors Goldsworthy and Tyler.
(c) Clerks and Councils Direct.
(d) NKDC: Groups NK Workshops.
(e) NKDC: First Contact Workshop - 22nd March.
(f) Branston Community College invitation to Gala Night 16th February. Councillor Tyler and the Clerk to attend.
(g) NKDC Agenda for Standards Committee.
(h) Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association.
(i) NKDC Groups NK Workshops "Stronger Together".
(j) NKDC: What's On.
(k) Community Lincs Community Buildings and Play E-News and Survey on Playing |Fields and Open Spaces.
(l) NKDC: 2011 Census Bulletin 1: January 2011

(12) Planning (164/10)

(a) NKDC: Application 10/1397/FUL (Nocton Dairies): Additional Information.
(b) NKDC: Application amended 10/1522/FUL Effluent Pipeline (Nocton Diaries) plus additional information.
(c) NKDC: Application 11/0059/FUL Water Storage reservoir (Nocton Dairies) information.
(d) NKDC: Application 11/0059/FUL Plans plus more information on water storage reservoir.

(13) Nocton Dairies (165/10): Response sent on the Pipeline. Need to look at the plans for the reservoir and formulate a response.

The Public Meeting comments had been sent. Thanks were recorded to Dr E. Murray for her excellent chairing of the public meeting.

Mr Ward has written to NKDC objecting to the Dairy and the Effluent Pipeline.

Mr Willes has stated that the effluent would be transported in the beginning by tanker. Nocton Fen road is not capable of taking tanker traffic - the highway is a single lane with sharp bends and a fragile bridge. Many of the plans submitted are against NKDC's Planning Strategy. All comments are put onto the NKDC planning website but do officers look at them? There is a team of people going through them. Any judicial review would take into account all of NKDC's procedures on this application. 16,000 plus comments had been received to date. The Chair is to meet with the Chairman of Dunston Parish Council to formulate comments to present to the Planning Committee meeting.

(14) Finance (166/10):

(a) Lloyd's statements (16) £10,798.59 (17) £115 plus new signatories form.
(b) NKDC remittance advice refund £65.
(c) Mr.Sidney paid for litter picking January £40 (cheque signed).
(d) Clerk's salary for January £168.72; expenses £25.96 (includes paper and ink cartridge) = £194.68 (cheque signed).
(e) Mrs J. Hill Dog Warden - January £65 (cheque signed)

(15) Any Other Business (167/10):

(a) Councillor Askew reported that the Cricket Club will be repaying the loan at the end of February.
(b) Councillor Goldsworthy said that the kerb by the back entry to the Post Office had been marked for work several months ago but nothing has been done. The surface of Wellhead Lane was also in a bad state again. Councillor Goldsworthy to report these matters to LCC Highways Department.
(c) Councillor Williams had attended the Cluster meeting on 19th January where composting, Community Payback and empty homes were discussed. There are 700 empty homes in North Kesteven and 46 in this cluster. The coming census was discussed. There will be help available for people to complete the forms and Councillor Williams agreed to organise a suitable event for residents in early March.
The next Cluster Meeting is on 14th April 2011 in Potterhanworth.
(d) The Chair will contact Roger Hall to co-ordinate the presentation to the Planning Committee.
(e) Councillor Wilson is willing to continue as Chair until the elections in May but needs a Vice-Chair. Councillor Tyler nominated Councillor Goldsworthy; this was seconded by Councillor Rumbelow and as there were no other nominations Councillor Goldsworthy was appointed Vice-Chair.
(f) Communication of correspondence received by the Clerk discussed. As much as possible by email was proposed.

(16) Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting confirmed as Tuesday, 1st March 2011 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.


Judith Stanford said:

I would be interested to know if Councillor Goldsworthy did, if fact, report the fact that the surface of Wellhead Lane was in a bad state as reported in the minutes of 1 February 2011 (The surface of Wellhead Lane was also in a bad state again. Councillor Goldsworthy to report these matters to LCC Highways Department.)

I reported the loose chippings and the hole in the road located just under the railway bridge on 19th January 2011 and have just chased it up again as the hole is becoming very dangerous now. The Council reported that they had no other report for Wellhead Lane but would be investigating it asap.

Please let me know if this has been reported by anyone else.
Mrs J Stanford
47 Wellhead Lane

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