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April 18, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 01 March 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on Tuesday the 1st March 2011 in the Village Hall

Councillor D. Wilson (Chair)
Councillor I. Goldsworthy (Vice-Chair)
Councillor P. Askew
Councillor D. Rumbelow
Councillor K. Tyler
Councillor M. Williams

Councillor P. Rose District Councillor
Mrs. D. Green Parish Clerk

Mr.Flannigan PCSO
Mrs J. Hill Dog Warden

1 Member of the public was in attendance

(1) Apologies for Absence: District Councillor W. Chambers, County Councillor M. Overton and Mr Sidney.

(2) Police: PCSO Flannigan informed the meeting that one crime had been reported since the last meeting. He is still patrolling the Nocton Hall area regularly.

(3) Public Questions:

(4) Litter: Mr. Sidney had informed the Clerk that he had experienced no problems. He is to be informed that there is some litter between the hedge and the fence opposite the Village Hall.

(5) Dog Warden: Mrs Hill gave her report. She has a witness willing to give a statement on an incident. She had spoken to the dog walker concerned and the problem appears to have been resolved so no more action will be taken. Mrs Hill will contact the witness and explain the situation. Mrs Hill has the authority to issue penalty tickets.

(6) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: Councillor M. Williams declared a personal interest in item 179/10c 11/0176/FUL (Planning Application for land adjacent to The Pheasantry).

(7) Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 1st February 2011 were proposed as correct by Councillor Tyler, seconded by Councillor Rumbelow and signed by the Chair.

(8) Matters Arising:

168/10 (see 154/10): Play area -Councillors had not agreed the draft letter to the School Governors so it had not been sent. Councillor Williams suggested waiting until after the Parish Plan meeting before progressing this further. Councillor Tyler suggested informing the school that no decision would be made until then. This was proposed by Councillor Williams, seconded by Councillor Tyler and agreed by the majority.
169/10 (see 156/10): The cost of The Green grass protection area needing to be covered (5m x 10m ) is £603 plus VAT = £725. The school has said it has no funds available but the Church would be willing to help with the costs. The Clerk was instructed to write to the Church and the school with the costings and to ask the school again to contribute to the cost involved.
170/10 (see 157/10): The Parish Plan meeting on 23rd March has had to be postponed but will be rescheduled as soon as possible. The original date has been kept for a Census "drop-in" meeting between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm.
171/10 (see 158/10): BJB will remove the "Coronation" seat and replace it with the "Cluster" seat..
172/10 (see 159/10): Councillor Goldsworthy was given a copy of an Equal Opportunities Policy to consider.
173/10 (see 160/10): The owners of the tree obscuring the street lighting were upset that they had been written to instead of being spoken to.
174/10 (see 187/10a): The Cricket Club has repaid its loan.
175/10 (see 167/10b): Councillor Goldsworthy had spoken to Alan Brown at LCC Highways regarding potholes and the required dropped kerb by the Post Office. Potholes were being repaired on a priority basis and the delay with the dropped kerb was due to a change in contractors. Mr Brown was to be invited to the April meeting.

(9) Village Hall (176/10): Councillors Williams and Askew and Mr Franklin had had a successful meeting with Samantha from Community Lincs. She had said that funding is available for various things - heating, insulation and a stage is needed. A community shop was suggested. Settlement would be monitored. A committee meeting was to be held tomorrow evening. A coffee morning would be held next Wednesday.

(10) Nocton Hall (177/10): NKDC is still attempting to recoup expenses incurred from LEDA. The options appraisal is ongoing and should be completed by May. Councillor Rumbelow suggested that NKDC invite LEDA to a meeting with the Parish Council and NKDC. District Councillor Rose will look into the possibility.

(11) Letters (178/10):

(a) Reply from Robert Howard
(b) District Councillor Chambers - copy of Equal Opportunities Policy
(c) NKDC: Cluster notes from meeting on 19th January
(d) NKDC: Elections and Referendum
(e) NKDC: List of empty houses in the Cluster
(f) Nocton School: Grass protection on The Green
(g) NKDC: Half-term activities
(h) NKDC: Community Governance
(i) The Great Fish and Chips Supper
(j) NKDC: Ordinary Parish Elections
(k) NKDC: Dispensation - Guidance for Members
(l) NKDC: Application for Dispensation
(m) Wicksteed Advertisement
(n) NKDC: Updated Register of Electors
(o) Clerks and Councils Direct
(p) E-ON: Unmetered Supply Licence (The Clerk has replied)
(q) Lincs Taskmasters
(r) NKDC: Mapping Services Agreement

(12) Planning (179/10)

(a) NKDC: Application 10/1397/FUL (Nocton Dairies): Additional time for comments.
(b) NKDC: Application 11/2282/FUL: Plot at 14 Khormaksar Drive.
(c) NKDC: Application 11/0176/FUL: House/garage on land adjacent to The Pheasantry.

(13) Nocton Dairies (180/10): The dairy application has been withdrawn and the associated pipeline application has been refused. Councillor Goldsworthy suggested that Nocton Dairies be invited to an early meeting to discuss their future proposals for the land. He will write to them.

(14) Finance (181/10):

(a) No Lloyd's statements available but £10,564.04 is in the Buscal account and £112.32 is in the Treasurer's Account.
(b) Payment of LALC subscription invoice for £179 deferred to next meeting.
(c) Mr.Sidney paid for litter picking February £40 (cheque signed).
(d) Mrs J. Hill Dog Warden - February £79.50 (cheque signed)
(e) Clerk's salary for February £168.72; expenses £1.80 = £170.52 (cheque signed).

(15) Any Other Business (182/10):

Councillor Tyler asked if anything had been planned for the Royal Wedding. Parishioners had suggested a Street Party and had volunteered to help Councillors and the Village Hall Management Committee with whatever event is decided upon.

(16) Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting confirmed as Tuesday, 5th April 2011 at 7pm in the Village Hall. This will be the Annual Parish Meeting.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.45 pm.