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May 26, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 05 April 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on Tuesday the 5th April 2011 in the Village Hall

Present: Councillor D. Wilson (Chair)
Councillor I. Goldsworthy (Vice-Chair)
Councillor P. Askew
Councillor D. Rumbelow
Councillor K. Tyler
Councillor M. Williams

Councillor M. Overton County Councillor
Councillor W. Chambers District Councillor
Mrs. D. Green Parish Clerk

Mrs J. Hill Dog Warden

3 Members of the public were in attendance

(1) Apologies for Absence: PCSO Duckworth.

(2) Police: PCSO Duckworth had informed the Clerk that no crime had been reported since the last meeting. It was noted that the gate at the end of the allotments was open and Anglian Water were not there.

(3) Public Questions:

Mr Baxendale gave a presentation on the ArtsNKSafire events. The posters had been taken down and so attendances at the workshops were very low, including the event at the Cathedral on 28th May. The missing brass markers are being replaced by "metallic lookalike" ones.

(4) Litter: A lot of litter at the hospital site again. The Clerk to write to LEDA to get it removed.

(5) Dog Warden: Mrs Hill gave her report. Agreed to extend her contract for another three months.

(6) Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: None.

(7) Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on 1st March 2011 were proposed as correct by Councillor Askew, seconded by Councillor Rumbelow and signed by the Chair.

(8) Matters Arising:

183/10 (see 168/10): Play area -The draft letter to the school governors is still with the Chair (who has been ill). It was agreed that it now be sent..
184/10 (see 169/10): The Green grass protection - the draft letter to the school is with the Chair. Letter to be sent now.
185/10 (see 170/10): The Parish Plan meeting will now be on 20th April. 186/10 (see 171/10): BJB have removed the "Coronation" seat to Embsay House and replaced it with the "Cluster" seat.
187/10 (see 172/10): Equal Opportunities Policy to be discussed at the Annual Parish Council meeting next month.
188/10 (see 175/10): Councillor Goldsworthy had spoken to Alan Brown at LCC Highways and he attended the Annual Parish Meeting.
189/10 (see 182/10a): A meeting had been held for arranging an event to celebrate the Royal wedding but had encountered some problems. The Clerk to check with the insurance company. May have to miss this event and concentrate on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee next year.

(9) Village Hall (190/10): Committee meeting tomorrow evening. Coffee morning Wednesday next week. Someone is to tidy up the front.

(10) Nocton Hall (191/10): Anderson and Glenn have completed the options appraisal and are now putting together more detailed plans. No further contact with LEDA. Councillor Chambers was asked if the Parish Councillors could attend a meeting with Karen Bradford and LEDA at the NKDC offices. Councillor Chambers will enquire.

(11) Letters (192/10):

(a) LCC temporary road closure Branston and Nocton
(b) NKDC from Cliff Robinson re elections
(c) NKDC: Election Nomination Packs
(d) LALC News
(e) Open Spaces Society
(f) Glasdon advertisement
(g) Ralph Timms re Village Litter Pick
(h) Councillor Rose information on addresses for Nick Hardcastle, LEDA Properties and Peter Willes
(i) NKDC Calendar of Meetings
(j) NKDC: re consultation with young people in the parish
(k) NKDC: re District and Parish Elections
(l) PM Engineering introductory letter
(m) LCC reply to our letter re highway matters
(n) LCC poster "Supporting Independence"
(o) Community Lincs - Rural Links
(p) NKDC Agenda for Cluster meeting on 14th April
(q) NKDC: What's On

(12) Planning (193/10)

(a) Dr Webb copy of his letter to NKDC Planning re: application 11/0176/FUL plot by the "The Pheasantry".
(b) NKDC: Planning Permission 11/2282/FUL plot at 14 Khormaksar.
(c) NKDC: ApplicationCA42/50 Trees at Lime Tree House.
(d) LCC PL/0042/11 Extension to School
(e) NKDC refusal of planning 11/0059/FUL reservoir

(13) Nocton Dairies (194/10): The arranged meeting with Peter Willes of Nocton Dairies had to be cancelled due to bereavement.

(14) (195/10) Councillor Overton gave her report. She was pleased to have completed the Lincoln 10k run on Sunday. Had run a "science through theatre" day with children. Post Office is having difficulty getting Navenby Post Office re-opened. A new Lincoln Lions Club has started up, hoping to become a fundraising team. Evening bus services have been cut. The Chair commented that the LCC Planning website was not highlighting the changes regarding the bio-digester at Nocton Fen

(15) Finance (196/10):

(a) Lloyd's statements (18) 311,196.47 and (19) £115.30.
(b) LALC subscription invoice for £179 proposed continue. Councillor Goldsworthy, seconded Councillor Williams - all agreed (Cheque signed).
(c) Mr Sidney paid £40 for litter picking in March (cheque signed)
(d) Eon invoice for maintenance £106.70 (cheque signed).
(e) BJB invoice for fitting "Cluster" seat £72 (cheque signed)
(f) Mrs J. Hill Dog Warden - March £79.50 (cheque signed)
(g) Clerk's salary for March £168.72; expenses £3.24 = £171.96 (cheque signed).
(h) Hemswell Construction quote of £2,735 plus VAT for 90 sq. mtrs. and £5,360 plus VAT for 260 sq. mtrs. for Village Hall car park were discussed. Two more quotes to be obtained.
(i) CPRE subscription due. Councillor Goldsworthy proposed not to renew; seconded by Councillor Williams and agreed.
(j) Open Spaces affiliation due. Proposed by Councillor Goldsworthy not to renew; seconded by Councillor Tyler and agreed.

(16) Any Other Business (197/10):

(a) Councillor Overton thanked District Councillor Chambers for all his help over the years and was disappointed that he was not standing for re-election. The Chair added the Parish Council's thanks to both Councillors Rose and Chambers; they had been exemplary district councillors and would be a hard act to follow
(b) Councillor Tyler proposed that the Parish Council meet 15 minutes early in future to peruse the correspondence; seconded by Councillor Goldsworthy and agreed. The Chair suggested tea and biscuits be provided.
(c) Councillor Goldsworthy ha looked around Nocton Park and asked if Peter Sowerby should be invited to a meeting. The general opinion was that this would not be a good idea.
(d) Councillor Williams reported that we now have a community library in the school.
(e) Councillor Goldsworthy proposed a notice regarding co-option to the Parish Council.
(f) The Clerk will write and invite members of the School Council to the Parish Plan meeting.

(17) Date of Next Meeting:

As there will be no Parish Council Election, the date for the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday, 3rd May 2011 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall. This will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.