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August 5, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 07 June 2011

The Minutes of Nocton Parish Council held on 7 June 2011 in the Village Hall

Present: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy (Vice-Chair)
Councillor Peter Askew
Councillor David Rumbelow
Councillor Kate Tyler
Councillor MaryAnn Williams

District Councillor Rob Kendrick
County Councillor Marianne Overton*
Police Representative*
Mrs Hill (Dog Warden)*

(* - present for part of the meeting only)

8 Members of the Public were also in attendance


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Deborah Wilson, District Councillor John Money and Doreen Green (Clerk).

The Chair welcomed Councillor Rob Kendrick to the meeting.


Mr Keith Roe, a resident of Nocton Park, raised a number of concerns on behalf of residents as to what was happening with the entrance yard to the village and estate and the roads. It was agreed to deal with the matter later in the meeting.


The police representative reported there had been three crimes in the last reporting period:

(a) Two men had been arrested on the Nocton Hospital site with tools in their possession and had been charged. LEDA properties have said that they will now prosecute people who trespass.
(b) Two suspect cars were seen - one by the Church and one parked by the gates to the old hospital site. On investigation banging was heard in one of the buildings on the site and after threatening the possible intruders with police dogs all became quiet and no further action was taken.
(c) A car was parked in the hospital grounds, but the two occupants (men) said they were just checking to see if it was suitable for bike racing. They were cautioned as they were on private property.
The police representative also reported that it was proving more difficult to keep people out of the site as two large trees had now fallen down across the fencing making entry to the grounds very easy.


Mr Sidney was paid prior to the start of the meeting - there was no report.


Mrs Hill gave her report. She asked the Parish Council to contact Ms Cam at NKDC for 6 small signs and she would organise for the larger, more detailed, paper A4 ones. It was agreed to pay £5 to meet the costs involved. Councillor Askew asked if anyone had been caught and fined, but as yet no dog had actually been seen fouling the footpaths, etc. The public are requested to help in this matter by reporting any such incidents.


None declared.


The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd May 2011 were signed by the Vice-chair as a correct record of the proceedings.


It was noted that the recycling bins in the Village Hall Car park had yet to be removed. The Clerk was asked to follow this up with NKDC.

Councillor Tyler reported that the kerb by the Post Office had now been "dropped" facilitating access by people on disability scooters, mothers with prams, etc. Councillor Rumbelow reported that other kerbs were due to be dropped, one in Well Head Lane and one outside his house opposite the Post Office. Councillor Askew thought that a pedestrian crossing was also being planned for Potterhanworth Road. It was agreed, however, that before any such works were undertaken decisions as to the final siting of the carriageway/ footpath improvements should wait until after the "walk round" with Alan Brown. The Clerk was asked to advise Mr Brown accordingly.


The Parish Council agreed unanimously to adopt the Equal Opportunities Policy as drafted by the Vice-chair and attached to these minutes. - EOP POlicy


Councillor Askew reported that the Jumble Sale held recently had been extremely poorly attended by residents of Nocton. Once again it appeared to him that local people did not wish to support functions organised by the Village Hall Committee.

It was suggested by a member of the public that perhaps a questionnaire could be circulated by the Parish Council as to what people would like to see happen in the village and why they were not attending these functions. It was suggested, however, that this was something which might be best addressed by the newly formed Nocton Community LED plan.

Councillor Askew reported that a second quote for resurfacing the car parking area had been received in the sums of approximately £6,600 for the smaller area and and £18,000 for the area up to the fence. In the absence of any budgetary provision it was agreed that the work could not be progressed at the current time.

A Coffee morning was to be held on Wednesday 8 June and advance notice of the Christmas Fare was given.


It was noted with concern that due to the harsh winter even more deterioration had taken place to the remaining fabric of the Hall and the report of the various options for its future was still a few months away.


Councillor Williams reported that the initial meeting was to be held on 9th June and all groups and clubs had been invited to send at least one representative. All ideas and suggestions from any quarter were welcome.


(a) Email from Martin Long and response from Councillor Marianne Overton regarding a number of traffic issues - in particular the problem of lorries using the main route through Nocton and Potterhanworth. It was agreed to consider these matters with Mr Alan Brown during the village "walkabout".
Concerns were again raised about overhanging trees which meant lorries and buses had to take to the middle of the road to negotiate the sharp bend. The Chair reported that he had formally raised the matter with Lincoln CC and had been advised that an order had now been placed for the necessary work to be carried out once the nesting season was over. However it was felt this was too important to wait until then and if there were no nests evident, then the offending branches should be dealt with as soon as possible. It was agreed that the Chair would take this matter up with the Highways Department.
(b) Letters relating to two requests for co-option onto the vacancy on the Parish Council. (See item 22 below)
(c) Letter from Lincolnshire CC regarding a road closure at Wasps Nest Lane from 4th to 8th July for essential carriageway works. Contents noted.
(d) Letter from Lincolnshire Police regarding revised policing arrangements for the area. Contents noted.
(e) Letter from NKDC inviting Parish Councils to nominate a parish councillor to its Standards Committee. The Parish Council declined to make a nomination.
(f) Letter from BT asking if the Parish Council wished to adopt the phonebox on Potterhanworth Road. Since none of the Councillors present knew to which box this referred to it was agreed that the Clerk seek clarification from BT.
(f) Letter from Mr Peter Sowerby regarding progress on various matters associated with the estate.
The Chair read out the letter which, in summary, stated that Plot 14 would be completed and that 99% of agreement was in place to enable adoption of the estate roads by Lincoln CC. However, members of the public challenged the accuracy of the statements made and it was agreed that Mr Alan Brown and a senior planning officer be invited to the next meeting to give a detailed report on the current position regarding the estate, in particular the condition of the area at the entrance of the village where building materials are being stored. It was agreed that District Councillor Kendrick endeavour to find out who actually owns the land in question.
(g) Letter from NKDC renaming "Halls Yard Bungalow", Halls Yard to "Field View". The Parish Council had no objections or comments to the proposal.
(h) Planning Application from Lincolnshire CC for the erection of a two metre high earth bund around the AD installation at Wasps Nest as recommended by the Environment Agency to further screen the development, further reduce noise and protect the facility from flooding. It was agreed to inform Lincolnshire CC that the Parish Council had no objections to the application.
(i) Letter from NKDC regarding a request from a resident for a "dog poo bin" on Rostrop Road The Parish Council agreed to the request and the Clerk was asked to make the necessary arrangements.
(j) Insurance renewal from AON for Village Hall for £936.55. The Parish Council agreed to the renewal quotation.
(k) Letter from Open Spaces Society asking for a donation. The Parish Council declined to make such a donation.
(l) Letter from NKDC asking for nominations for its Community Champions Awards Scheme 2011 - anyone working in support of the environment, arts, sports or the community. It was agreed that this was a good way to promote community spirit and individual Councillors were invited to send in their nominations direct to NKDC.
(m) Training course details from CommunityLincs for people responsible for children's play areas. It was agreed not to send a participant.
(n) Letter from Lincolnshire NHS Partnership seeking nominations to the Trust's Council of Governors. It was agreed not to submit a nomination.
(o) Lincolnshire Waste Partnership's May Newsletter. Contents noted.
(p) Delivery Note for replacement SID leg. Now that the equipment had been repaired, the Clerk was asked to enquire as to when SID was next due to be used in the village


Lloyds Bank Statement - Treasurer's (current) account. Noted that the balance as at 23rd May 2011 was £118.22.

Lloyds Bank Statement - Business Instant Access Account. Noted that the balance as at 9th May 2011 was £17,862.74. The Chair expressed concern that the funds in this account were earning only negligible interest. It was agreed that Lloyds Bank be contacted urgently with a view to transferring the monies to a higher interest paying account.

Invoice from E-ON for Parish Lighting Maintenance - quarter ending 30 June 2011 - £88.92 plus £17.78 VAT = £106.70. It was agreed that the Clerk arrange payment.

The Chair also undertook to prepare a simple spreadsheet to show what monies are already committed for the remainder of the year and what funds are available to support other projects. Councillor Williams agreed to contact NKDC for a statement on the balance of Section 106 monies being held for Nocton.

Annual Internal Audit

A number of Councillors had questions on the figures contained within the document but in the absence of the Clerk and the Auditor these could not be answered. In the circumstances and given the importance of the matter it was agreed to defer consideration of the audit report to the next meeting. It was also agreed that in accordance with good practice, the appointment of the Auditor be dealt with each year at the Annual Parish Meeting.


See Correspondence.

(a) Speed Limits
Councillor Tyler asked that consideration be given to the 30 mph speed limit sign by Embsay House being placed further up the road towards the junction with the B1188 to give better warning to drivers to slow down before reaching the village. Councillor Williams also agreed to make enquiries as whether a permanent interactive flashing 30mph sign (like the one in Ruskington) could be installed.

(b) Nocton Community LED Plan
Councillor Williams reported on the first meeting of the Steering Group:
• It was agreed that it would be more appropriate for the request for free use of the Village Hall be made directly to the Village Hall Committee, rather than through the Parish Council.
• A request for the initial funding of the flyers and payment for one other leaflet drop was not supported. Rather than deal with "one-off" requests for funding, however, it was agreed that the Steering Group be invited to apply to the Parish Council for a grant to cover future items of relevant expenditure. In addition, Mr Chris Hewitt offered to print additional flyers at a significantly reduced cost to that currently incurred by the Steering Group. Mr Neil Faulkner also suggested that a request be made to Nocton Park Management Committee for some funding.
• Finally, the Parish Council said that it was unable to agree at this very early stage in the process to a request for a minuted commitment to sign up to any project proposals which might result from the Plan. Councillors were clearly not in a position to give any such commitment without knowing the detailed costs involved, the wider implications of any such proposals and without knowing the extent of support throughout the village.

(c) Village Green Grass Protection
It was agreed to delay the order for the grass protector from Boddingtons until the major Church and school extension works have been completed. Mr Hewitt also clarified that the Church would like to purchase additional grass protection for the area at the end of the road outside the church where cars frequently.

(d) Coronation Seat
Councillor Rumbelow said that the Coronation seat recently repaired by Dr Chris Tyler was "better than new" and ready for putting back. Councillor Williams asked that "The Green" be an Agenda item next month so that the Council could discuss where to place the seat and also a new Parish notice board. Councillor Williams also agreed to make enquiries as to why the area to the right of the school was being left uncut.

(e) Former District Councillors
It was noted that a letter of thanks had been received from our past District Councillors for their presentation photographs, given to them at the recent Nocton Book Launch.

(f) Blood Transfusion Service
It was noted that the Blood Transfusion Service may wish to use the Village Hall facilities. It was agreed that Councillor Rumbelow suggest that it contacts the Village Hall Committee with its request.

(g) Footpath from Nocton Top houses
Councillor Askew asked that Mr Alan Brown be asked whether a footpath to the Nocton Top houses could be provided from the junction with Wellhead Lane to the existing pavement as this was a well-used route particularly by parents taking their children to and from school. It was agreed to raise this at the village "walkabout".

(h) Report from County Councillor
Councillor Overton reported briefly on the following issues:
• Redundancies had already taken place at the County Council and more were to follow. As yet, however, there had been no appreciable loss of service.
• Funding for Youth and Day centre type activities was being cut by 80% which would result in fewer opening days for these establishments. It is hoped that the voluntary sector will pick up the shortfall..
• Stage Coach are at present looking at the options and trying hard to keep at least one evening bus service in operation.
• Support for the Nocton Community LED plan, quoting instances in some of her other parishes where the process had been nothing but positive.

It was agreed that the next meeting be held on Tuesday, 5th July 2011 at 18.45. (Since the meeting it has been agreed that the meeting now be held on Tuesday, 19th July, 2011)


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