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October 6, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 06 September 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held 6th September 2011 in the Village Hall

Councillor D. Wilson Chair
Councillor I. Goldsworthy Vice-Chair
Councillor P. Askew
Councillor N. Faulkner
Councillor D. Rumbelow
Councillor K. Tyler
Councillor M. Williams

In attendance: Councillor R. Kendrick (North Kesteven DC)
Councillor M. Overton (Lincolnshire CC)
Mrs. D. Green (Parish Clerk)
Ms. Duckworth (Police Community Support Officer)

6 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Councillor J. Money (NKDC)

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None declared.

3. Report of the Police

PCSO Duckworth said that between the period 12th July and 6th September 2011 there had been three recorded incidents: theft from a motor vehicle; theft; and criminal damage. In addition, the rider of a motor scooter on Nocton Park had been cautioned.

It was noted that during the recent incident when an elderly woman had gone missing from the local care home, the emergency services had experienced considerable difficulty in reaching the search site. As such, it was considered necessary to publicise the location of the access keys for the hospital site main gate. Agreed that PCSO Duckworth will speak to Mr. Davies (the agent for Leeda Properties) on this matter.

Police patrols of the Hall site continue. Some 20 computer VDU screens had recently been fly-tipped in the Hall grounds. It was noted that the Vice-chair had now arranged with NKDC for these items to be removed. Agreed that Councillor Kendrick would check to ensure that NKDC had taken a note of the VDU serial numbers to assist in identifying the perpetrators.

4. Public Questions

Concern expressed that dog waste was still a problem. Agreed to appoint Mr Michael Cummins as the new Dog Warden for Nocton village for two hours per week for a trial period of three months. The Clerk to prepare the necessary letter of engagement.

Agreed to accept the offer from Nocton School for a representative to attend each meeting of the Parish Council to report briefly on current issues affecting the school, etc. The Clerk to advise the School accordingly.

Agreed that the Clerk would contact the school to confirm that the contractors currently working on the site would be reinstating the grass on The Green when work had been completed.

Noted that a local resident (Mr G. Hall) had attempted without success to obtain information from NKDC on the current situation regarding the Options Appraisal for Nocton Hall. He would, therefore, be submitting a request under the Freedom of Information Act (see Minute No. 11 below).

A resident sought clarification on the relationship between the Village Hall Committee, Social Club and the Parish Council. Agreed that Councillor Askew speak with the resident after the meeting.

5. Litter

The Vice-chair said that the recent cutting of the trees by the redundant Anglian Water sub-station had revealed a significant quantity of old litter. Mr Sidney was asked to pay particular attention to this area before the next meeting.

6. Minutes

The notes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 19th July 2011, having been previously circulated, were agreed as correct record of the proceedings and signed by the Chair.

The notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held in private session on 4th August 2012 were read out and agreed as a correct record of the proceedings and signed by the Chair.

7. Nocton Festival

Councillor Williams reported on the current range of events, etc being proposed by the Nocton Festival Committee. It was noted that the Nocton Festival now has a 'Facebook' page and that that the flower bulbs and planters had recently been obtained.

Agreed that the Parish Council send out invitations to all residents in the village to attend the "Garden Party" on 4th June 2012.

Agreed that an information board about the Festival be placed in the Village Hall. Councillor Williams to discuss the details with the Village Hall Committee.

Agreed that the forms from LCC Highways seeking approval to place the planters at the three "entrances" to the village be completed and returned to LCC by the Clerk.

Agreed to enter the "Best Kept Village" competition in 2012.

Agreed that the Clerk clarify with the VAT Office the request by Nocton Festival for the Parish Council to purchase items, etc for use in connection with festival events on its behalf in order to avoid payment of VAT.

8. "Coronation Seat"

Agreed that the recently refurbished "Coronation Seat" be sited on The Green, the exact location to be determined on the next village "walkabout".

9. Nocton Plan (CLAN)

Councillor Williams gave a brief report on the current work of CLAN. Noted that CLAN now has a website: www.clanocton.co.uk. Agreed that Councillor N. Faulkner be appointed the Parish Council's representative to CLAN and that the Clerk advise the Group accordingly.

10. Village Hall

Councillor Askew reported that there was to be a meeting of the Village Hall Committee on 7th September 2011. A coffee morning was to be held on 14th September and a meal to celebrate Lincolnshire Day was taking place on 1st October.

11. Nocton Hall

The Clerk reported that Karen Bradford (NKDC) intended to attend the next meeting to update the Council on the current position relating to the Options Appraisal, the report on which was said by Councillor Kendrick to be imminent.

The Parish Council was extremely concerned that despite assurances given by Ms. Bradford when she met with the Council last year, to date there had been a complete lack of information and communication from NKDC as to the progress being made on the Appraisal. It was noted that the condition of the Hall and its grounds continued to deteriorate and that there was an increasing incidence of fly-tipping on the site. Agreed that Councillor Kendrick relay the Parish Council's serious concern in the matter to NKDC.

At the request of the Chair, Councillor Kendrick agreed to remind NKDC of the Council's previous requests for a new asbestos survey of the buildings in the former hospital site.

12. Report of County Councillor

Councillor Overton said that road safety through the village and on the B1188 is being discussed by the County Council. It was noted that LCC was encouraging all schools to become academies and that revised proposals for the future of Adult Social Care were currently the subject of consultation. A total of £14.3 million had been made available by central government for increasing the provision of broadband in rural communities.

Councillor Overton agreed to support the Parish Council's previous request for (i) the provision of a footpath from the junction of Wellhead Lane with the B1188 to the start of the existing pavement; and (ii) flashing traffic warning signs at the main entrances to the village on the B1202.

13. Report of District Councillor

Councillor Kendrick said that NKDC had now approved plans for the Siemen's development in the Whisby area.

14. Parish Councillors' Reports

Agreed that the Clerk contact NKDC to request that the beck by the older people's bungalows in Wellhead Lane be cleaned out as a matter of urgency.

Agreed that Councillors Goldsworthy and Williams will obtain costings for the provision of a Christmas at the front of the Village Hall and to place the necessary order.

Noted that Councillor Askew had attended a recent meeting of the Police Forum and advised that PCSOs should be contactable whenever they are on duty.

15. Correspondence, etc

The following items of correspondence, etc received by the Parish Council were noted:

(a) NKDC Dog Fouling signs
(b) LCC Winter Weather Pre-consultation Questionnaire
(c) NKDC: Outcome of meetings on Code of Conduct and Dog Wardens/Litter
(d) "Developing Your Parish Spaces"
(e) NKDC letter from Planning Department regarding the Mr Sowerby's building compound at Nocton Park
(f) NK "Community Safety Partnership - Service Advice"
(g) LCC Parking Policy - Draft Consultation
(h) Royal Horticultural Society "Britain in Bloom"
(i) NK Community Links and Voluntary Centre "Helping Your Community Flourish"
(j) NKDC Service Level Agreement for Parish Funding
(k) LALC Annual Report and AGM Booking Form
(l) IOG Saltax "Shape Your Space"
(m) NKDC reply from Karen Bradford regarding Nocton Hall
(n) "Clerks and Councils Direct"
(o) NKDC "What's On"
(p) LCC response regarding a street sign for Nocton Park Road. Noted that the Clerk was to redirect letter to NKDC which was responsible for this matter.

17. Planning Applications

(a) It was noted that the Parish Council had received the following planning applications for comment:
(i) NKDC application 11/0754/FUL Change of use to natural burial ground (wood by Nocton Fen Lane) - No comments made.
(ii) NKDC application CA42/53: To fell cherry tree at Nocton Primary School - No comments made.
(iii) NKDC application 11/0915/HOUS: To replace front porch at Halls Yard House - No comments made.
(iv) NKDC application 11/0917/FUL: Variation of house type for plot 37 of application 02/0693/RESM (erection of 79 dwellings and access road) - No comments made.

(b) It was noted that the Parish Council had been advised of the outcome of the following applications:

(i) NKDC permission 11/0633/FUL: Land adjacent to The Pheasantry.
(ii) NKDC permission CA42/52: To fell an apple tree at Nocton Primary School.
(iii) LCC permission 11/0237/CCC: Nocton Primary School.
(iv) NKDC permission CA42/51: Work on Ash tree at The Garden Cottage.
(v) LCC permission 11/0583/CCC: Bunding at Nocton Fen Digester.
(vi) NKDC no objection to 11/0674/OHL: Replacement of overhead powerline

18. Speed Limits and Other Traffic Issues

Agreed to discuss the date/timing of the traffic survey at the next meeting.

19. Village SOS

Nocton has been registered on the SOS site and the redevelopment of Nocton Hall had been suggested as a potential project. However, it was too early for such a project to be submitted.

20. Financial Matters

(a) Lloyds TSB Statement Nos. (22) and (23) show a balance of £15,974.25 and £678.77 respectively.
(b) Councillor M. Williams had submitted invoice for Land Registry fee (ownership of land outside Nocton Primary School) for £13.00.
(c) Glasdon invoice in the sum of £311.61 for the provision of two dog waste bins £311.61 (cheque signed).
(d) CLAN invoice from Lincoln Print for £37.50, POPLA Print £54.00, Dunhelm Mill and Festival Committee invoice for £54.00 POPLA Print (cheques to be made out to Julie Partridge and £110.00 to Jill Burr)
(e) LALC invoice for delegate Chair and Councillor Training £6.00 (cheque signed)

21. Parish Council Budget 2011/12

The Vice-chair outlined his suggested budget for the current year. Agreed that his report be considered in more detail at the next meeting.

22. Street Lighting

The Parish Council considered a report of the Vice-chair on a proposal from E-On to reduce the energy costs of street lighting in the village. Agreed that all street lights in the village be converted to low-energy bulbs and that 50% of those lamps (excluding those outside the older persons bungalows in Wellhead Lane) be fitted with photo-electric cells so that they are turned off between midnight and approximately 5.30 a.m. The Clerk to contact E-On to make the necessary arrangements.

23. Nocton Park

The Chair reported that the proposed wind turbine would not now be going ahead.

The Vice-chair said that he would be willing to pursue with NKDC a satisfactory resolution to residents' concerns about Mr Sowerby's building compound and asked councillors to let him have further evidence relating to the problems. Agreed that the Clerk invite Mr Sowerby to a future meeting.

Noted that the grass needed cutting on Hinaldi Lane.

24. Date of Next Meeting

Agreed that the next meeting of the Parish Council be held on 4th October 2011 commencing at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.