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November 4, 2011

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 04 October 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held 4th October 2011 in the Village Hall

Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, Neil Faulkner, David Rumbelow and MaryAnn Williams

In attendance: Councillor John. Money (North Kesteven DC)
Mrs. Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)
Ms. Lisa Duckworth (Police Community Support Officer)*
Mr Cummins (Dog Warden)*
Mr Sidney (Litter Picker)*
Mrs Pat Penistan (Nocton Primary School)*

(* - present for part of the meeting only)

8 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Councillor R. Kendrick (North Kesteven DC) and Councillor M. Overton (Lincolnshire CC)

2. Appointment of Chair
The Vice-Chair reported that a letter had been received by the Clerk from Debbie Wilson in which she had tendered her resignation as both Chair and member of the Parish Council. He paid tribute to her many years of service to the local community as both a parish councillor and, more recently, as Chair and on behalf of the Parish Council extended his best wishes to her for the future.

The Parish Council appointed Councillor Kate Tyler as its Chair for the remainder of the council year.

3. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct:
None declared.

4. Reports of Representatives, etc
(a) Dog Warden
Noted that Mr Cummins was now patrolling the village for two hours each week at varying times and days, including week-ends.
(b) Litter Picker
Mr Sidney was again asked to clear litter from the culvert in Main Street where the overhanging trees and vegetation had been cleared. He was also asked to pay regular attention to the two village bus shelters. These shelters had recently been thoroughly cleaned by Mr and Mrs Burr and Mr Hall and Councillor Rumbelow and the Council recorded its appreciation of their efforts.
(c) Nocton Primary School
Mrs Penistan reported that the current building work is progressing well and should be completed by 9th December 2011. The Parish Council, in thanking Mrs Penistan for her report, asked to be informed if there was any action it could take to support the school.
(d) Police
PCSO Duckworth reported that the SID had been stolen from Lincoln Road, Metheringham but that an insurance claim was being progressed by the Clerk to obtain a replacement.

She confirmed that she had now spoken to Mr Davies of Leda Properties who had agreed to make available a key for gaining access to the hospital site in an emergency.

There had been no reported crimes in Nocton since the last meeting.
(e) Village Hall
Councillor Askew reported on the recent very successful Lincolnshire Day Meal. It was noted that a Management Committee meeting was to be held on 5th October and a Coffee Morning on 12th October.
(f) CLAN
Councillor Faulkner had attended his first meeting as the Parish Council representative. It was noted that a "200 Club" was being established. Further reports in writing would be submitted quarterly.
(g) Parish Clerk
The Clerk reported on the following issues:
(i) once the building work had been finished at the school, the contractors would ensure that the grass was reinstated where any damage had occurred.
(ii) Residents at Wasps Nest had requested a grit bin - the Clerk to investigate costs, etc.
(iii) a meeting would be held with Gill Corner (e-ON) to progress the proposed changes to the street lighting.
(iv) NKDC had agreed to clean out the beck in Wellhead Lane and to remove the unused recycling bins in the Village Hall car park.
(v) NKDC had been asked to provide additional rigid "No Dog Fouling" signs.
(vi) Peter Sowerby had declined an invitation to attend this evening's meeting to discuss residents concerns about the Nocton Park Development. It was agreed the Clerk make further efforts for him to meet with the Parish Council - in private session, if necessary.
(vii) Karen Bradford (NKDC) was unable to attend and report to this meeting on the Nocton Hall Options Appraisal as more work was required before the results could be made public (see Minute No. 7 below).
(viii) Comments had been sent to NKDC on all planning applications received since the last meeting and that all invoices received, and as recorded in the accounts book, had been paid.

5. Public Questions
Agreed that, in future, all questions from members of the public should be submitted in writing/e-mail to the Clerk at least ten days prior to the meeting at which it was to be asked. This would ensure that the fullest possible response could be provided to the questioner. It would, however, still be possible for members of the public to ask a question at the meeting provided that the Chair considered the matter to be urgent. The necessary amendment would be made to the Council's Standing Orders.

It was noted that the Clerk would now be available between 1.30 and 3.30 on Friday afternoons to deal with parish council business and could be contacted during those times by email or telephone.

A resident asked that the Parish Council remind all owners of properties adjoining the beck of their responsibility to ensure that both banks were kept clear of weeds, etc. Agreed that in due course and as part of responding to the Village Assessment, an appropriate reminder be drafted and sent to owners of appropriate properties.

Noted that the hedges along Main Street and Wellhead Lane required cutting. Agreed to deal with this issue as part of the Village Assessment (see Minute No. 9 below).

6. Minutes
The notes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 6th September 2011, having been previously circulated, were agreed as correct record of the proceedings and signed by the Chair.

7. Nocton Hall
Councillor Money reported that the result of Options Appraisal was due to be reported to NKDC on 17th October. There was, therefore, little further which could be done at this stage. It was noted that NKDC Building Control had ceased its regular inspection of the hospital site, visiting only infrequently. However, in view of the Parish Council's previously expressed concerns about the possibility of asbestos being present on the site and escaping into the atmosphere as a consequence of the continued vandalism of the old hospital buildings, Councillor Money would make a formal request for an asbestos survey to be undertaken.

It was noted that Mr Hall (resident) was currently considering the response he had received from NKDC to his Freedom of Information request for documents relating to Nocton Hall.

It was agreed that the Clerk be invite Karen Bradford to attend the Parish Council as soon as the results of the Options Appraisal could be made public.

8. Parish Council Budget 2011/12
The Parish Council agreed in principle the draft budget as presented in the report to the meeting. It was noted that further refinement of the figures was required in the light of additional information to be provided by the Clerk. A final budget would be submitted to the December meeting for approval. This would then form the basis of discussions on next year's precept.

9. Nocton Village Assessment: Issues to be Addressed

The Parish Council considered a report which summarised those issues which arose from (a) the "walkabout" in August (abandoned because of heavy rain); (b) a subsequent "walkabout" by the Vice-chair and a local resident earlier this month and (c) the recent inspection between councillors and Alan Brown and Steve Welsh of Lincolnshire Highways. It was noted that the list was by no means exhaustive and new items could be added as and when the need arose.

It was agreed to adopt the document as a basis for taking action and to make it available publically (e.g. on the Nocton Blog) so that residents could add their own concerns and issues.

10. Planning Applications
It was noted that the Parish Council had received the following planning applications for comment:

11/0916/FUL: Variation of House Type for Plot 37 (Nocton Park) - no comments made.
11/0917/FUL: Variation of House Type Plot 37 (Nocton Park) - no comments made.

11. Report of Councillor J. Money (North Kesteven DC)
Councillor Money said that he had spoken to Karen Bradford about the serious concerns of both residents and the Parish Council's on the builder's compound at Nocton Park. It appeared, however, that there was little action which could be taken to address these concerns. The Parish Council remained completely dissatisfied with this response and agreed that the matter would need to be pursued further with Ms Bradford when she attended the Parish Council.

12. Parish Councillors' Reports and Issues
(a) Noted that further discussion about the proposed children's play area would be deferred until the CLAN report had been received.
(b) Agreed to consider the purchase of a Diamond Jubilee mug for all children in the village at the next meeting.
(c) Agreed the Clerk send a letter of thanks to David and Dominic Glew for cutting the grass along the bridle path.
(d) Agreed that the Vice-Chair arrange to publish the contact details (telephone numbers and, where appropriate, email addresses) of each Parish Councillor in the Parish magazine and the MACLA website.
(e) Noted that the hedge between Shooters Lodge and the bridlepath was beginning to cause a nuisance. Agreed that the matter to be dealt with as part of action to deal with the Village Assessment (See Minute No. 9 above).

13. Dates of Future Meetings
Noted that future meetings of the Parish Council will be held on:
1st November; 6th December 2011 and 3rd January; 7th February; 6th March and 3rd April 2012.
(All meetings to be held in the Village Hall, Main Street and to commence at 7.00 p.m.)