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March 28, 2012

New LIVES Group - Scopwick

Scopwick, Kirkby Green, Rowston and JSSO Digby have a new LIVES group (First Responders).

LIVES Responders

LIVES Responders are trained to deliver early Basic Life Support and early Defibrillation. In addition, they provide patient assessment, oxygen therapy and general patient care.

The Scopwick Group was formed earlier this year, in January 2012 to provide emergency 999 cover for the area containing the 3 villages and the MOD base.

At present David Hyde is the only Responder in the group. He is looking for new recruits to become Responders or volunteers to help to raise funds, etc.

David's telephone number is: 01526 320118
and his email address is: davidhyde007@btinternet.com