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March 8, 2012

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 07 February 2012

Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on 7th February 2012 in the Village Hall

Present: Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, David Rumbelow, Neil Faulkner, Geoff Hall and Mary Ann Williams

In Attendance: District Councillor John Money
Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)

4 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Received from District Councillor Rob Kendrick, County Councillor Marianne Overton and PCSO Duckworth.

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None declared

3. Reports of Representatives:
(a) Police:
PCSO Duckworth had provided a report which indicated that there had been three cases of theft reported since the January meeting.
(b) Village Hall Management Committee:
Councillor Rumbelow reported that at the AGM Mr. Phillip Franklin had been elected Chair, Councillor Askew Vice-Chair, with Mrs. Joan Franklin and Mrs. Doreen Green remaining Treasurer and Secretary respectively.
With a profit being made on the year it was agreed that the Hall hire charges should remain unchanged for 2012.
A query had arisen at the meeting regarding the out-of-hours emergency access to the Social Club. The Chair explained the situation to date.
(c) Parish Clerk:
The Clerk's report, having previously been circulated, was noted.
(d) Dog Warden:
A written report had been submitted by Michael Cummins and was read out by the Chair.
It was agreed that the Clerk would obtain clarification from the Dog Warden on which part of the bridle path is more heavily soiled, and look for advice on erecting "Dog Fouling" signs in Manor Court.

4. Public Questions:
It was noted that no prior notice of questions of the Parish Council had been received.

5. Minutes
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd January 2012, having previously been circulated, were agreed as a correct record of the proceedings and were signed by the Chair.

6. Headed Paper for Parish Council Letters:
The example of a Parish Council letter heading provided by Councillor Hall was agreed. It was also agreed that the Clerk would ask Cliff Baxendale of the local Arts Group if he would design a logo for the letter heading based upon a line drawing of Nocton Hall..

It was further agreed to start using the new letter head before the logo is ready.

7. Parish Notice Board:
It was agreed to purchase a Notice Board from the Pelican Trust at a cost of £550 plus engraving costs of £86. The Clerk to order a notice board. It was noted that a grant of £275 had been provided by Councillor Overton towards the cost.

A site visit for Councillors to The Green was arranged for 14th February at 10.30am to agree the location of the Notice Board and the Coronation Bench.

8. Gas Supply to Nocton:
Further to Minute No. 10 (a) of the last meeting, it was noted that to date the level of response from residents had been somewhat disappointing.

It was agreed therefore to extend the deadline for responses to mid-March and to notify residents through a further article in The Doodle, which the Vice-Chair would prepare.

9. Village Hall:
It was agreed to establish a Working Group of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Parish Council, the Village Hall Management Committee and the Social Club Committee, as a way to improving communication between the three bodies.
The Clerk would make the necessary arrangements for the first meeting

10. Village Archive:
Further to Minute No. 6 of the meeting held on 6th December 2011, arrangements for the loaning of material for research, etc were agreed in principle. A detailed booking procedure would be prepared by the Vice-Chair for approval at the next meeting.

11. Play Area:
It was agreed that as a first step towards the possible provision of a children's play area in the village, a survey of all residents would be carried out to ascertain the level of demand and interest.

It was agreed that Councillor Williams draft a suitable questionnaire for approval by the Parish Council.

12. Planning Applications and Issues:
(a) It was noted that Parish Councillors' comments had been sent to NKDC Planning on application 11/1442/HOUS (Single story extension and new pitched roof to existing extension, Rose Garden, The Avenue).

Arising from discussion of this application, it was agreed that the Clerk check, the position on the conditions for the tree replanting programme associated with this development. It was agreed that the originally agreed planting programme must be strictly adhered to.

(b) It was noted that the proposed extension to Abbots Grange (application 11/1434/HOUS) had been approved by NKDC.

13. Financial Matters:
(a) Grant income from NKDC for the Litter Picker and Parish Dog Warden in the sum of £495.48 was noted.
(b) Payment made to e.on for street lighting power of £307.90 + VAT of £15.40.
It was noted that payment of £397.50 had been made to NKDC for emptying the dog waste bins.
(c) Noted that payments were due to the following:
Dog Warden for January 2012
Clerk's salary and expenses for January 2012
NKDC for Grass Cutting 2011/2012 £357.55 + VAT of £71.51 (£429.06). It was agreed that prior to making this payment the Clerk would seek an itemised account from NKDC to clarify the period and areas covered by this invoice.
It was agreed to pay £200 towards the upkeep of Nocton All Saints Churchyard.

14. Report from District Councillor:
The oral report of Councillor J.S. Money was noted.

15. Progress Reports of Parish Councillors:
(a) Councillor Askew drew attention to a large pothole on Wellhead Lane before the junction with Main Street and the Clerk agreed to report this to LCC Highways.
It was noted that only one bank of the Beck appeared to have been cleared and Councillor Goldsworthy agreed to pursue this with NKDC (Jenny Bailey).
(b) Councillor Goldsworthy reported on the outcome of the meeting between LEDA Properties and NKDC. Concern was expressed at the proposed delay of three months before the next meeting between the two parties and he agreed to advise NKDC (Karen Bradford) of the Council's concern.
It was agreed the Clerk invite LEDA to attend a private meeting of Parish Councillors.
(c) Councillor Faulkner expressed concern regarding a car parking problem close to the junction of Nocton Park Road with Potterhanworth Road (a similar problem on Wellhead Lane with vehicles parking on the grass outside the older persons' bungalows was also noted)
It was agreed the Clerk will raise both issues with the local police.
(d) Councillor Hall's comments on the recent publication of the draft Joint Strategic Planning policy and the possible effect of future development in the village were noted.
It was agreed that this matter needed to be kept under review and the importance of having a Neighbourhood Plan in place was noted. It was agreed to include this issue on the Agenda of the next Cluster meeting and the Clerk was asked to make the necessary arrangements.
It was noted that Councillor Hall and the Vice-Chair are to complete the base for the Village Hall Christmas Tree.
(e) Councillor Williams reported on the Nocton Festival proposal to provide a Beacon as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebration on 4th June. It was, however, agreed to defer consideration of its purchase to the next meeting pending further information and clarification on the costs involved.
It was agreed to purchase 72 Jubilee mugs for village children under eleven (free) at an approximate cost of £200. It was noted that others could be purchased by parishioners.
It was agreed that Councillor Williams draft invitations to the 'Garden Party' for consideration at the next meeting.

16. Correspondence:
It was noted that correspondence received since the last meeting had been circulated and considered by councillors.
A letter from All Saints Church regarding future expected space for burials in the Churchyard was noted. It was agreed to keep this matter under review.
An invitation to the Branston Community Academy Gala Evening performance on 9th February was noted. Councillor Askew to attend.

17. Dates of future meetings
It was noted that future meetings of the Parish Council would be held on 6th March and 3rd April 2012.

18. Exclusion of Public (Standing Order 60)
It was agreed to exclude the public from the meeting during consideration of the following items of business on the ground that the matters were of a private and confidential nature.

19. Appointment of Village Keeper
Further to the discussion at the last meeting, the job description and advertisement for this post were agreed.
It was agreed that the Vice-chair circulate the advertisement for inclusion in The Doodle and MACLA magazine, on the Nocton Blog and via Councillor Williams for the Sheepwash Times.

20. Village Hall
It was agreed to appoint Robert Webster to carry out a structural survey of the Village Hall.
In connection with the above, it was also agreed to obtain quotes from 'Inspect-a-Drain', Industrial Water Jetting' and a third company (details of which would be provided by Councillor Rumbelow) to carryout a CCTV inspection and pressure testing of the Village Hall drains.