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April 4, 2012

A GI's comment Nocton Hall Hospital - A view from afar

Nocton Hall 2005

Image by Geoff Hall, 2005 - Used with permission

I'm glad to hear there is action in Nocton to remove the Nocton Hall buildings. I'm sure the power to be in control have considered this but I still need to ask the question. Is anyone thinking about the hazards associated with this process? It's just not that simple to take a building down. What about old underground tanks and associated piping (emergency backup fuel tanks would be found on site since most hospitals have them and they are usually underground), asbestos, lead paint, etc and proper hazardous waste disposal. All these could have an impact on air quality, surface and groundwater quality which could impact drinking water sources, then there's always the voice of the community concerning the public health with the demolition of these structures. Mitigating these hazards can be a very expensive proposition and could have a unwanted impact on your community if it's not done correctly. Oh well that's my 5 pence (US 5 cents) of thought. Things don't happen overnight but you may want to have this discussion at some point in the process.

Albert G. Netto

Albert is regular welcome contributor on Nocton Hall and has previously had articles published here and a long comment here

Meanwhile, Geoff Hall who runs the Nocton Blogspot noticed this article on the parlous state of the hall and the hospital with some stunning HDR photos in one of our national dailies. Sadly, not an April fool article! Thanks Geoff