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May 28, 2012

Have you seen Goofy?

Have you seen Goofy in Metheringham? Well not the Disney character of course but Goofy is a term for one of the many ways people stand on a skateboard. Now I'm pretty sure you will have seen many skateboarders around the village but I wonder whether you have actually watched them. If you have, then you may be as impressed as I am about the skills involved and the intense concentration being applied to get the board to skip and jump; although I think I'd just be concentrating on keeping my balance! But here lies the rub, because the skaters are so engrossed in their activity sport they rarely realise that they may actually be in your way, or being what you may consider to be a nuisance. Many of you will have asked them to move on and 'play' somewhere else. But of course there is nowhere else in the village for them to go and practise their skills.

Well, not yet anyway.

Fortunately, because of the popularity of skating in this village, and those nearby, the Parish Council has kindly offered up an area of the playing field that can be converted into a park for skaters and BMX riders; it will also help improve safety. The only snag is that the money needed to pay for its conversion is not available so the skaters and bikers are looking to raise the money and do a lot of the work themselves. While we haven't had any formal quotes yet, we think the cost will be around £18,000 to get a reasonable facility. Following some very generous support more than £1250 has already been pledged to the project.

Proposed Metheringham SkateparkProposed Metheringham Skatepark

A group of the youngsters gave a presentation at the Annual Village Meeting on 24 April and were very well received by those present who seemed very impressed by their site plans (outlined below) and their enthusiasm. The youngsters are planning to do a number of fund raising activities over the coming months, including small jobs around the village; a supermarket packing day; car washing and running a stall at the village Diamond Jubilee celebrations. A committee has also been formed to seek sponsorship from local businesses and funds from national grants. If you would like to help in any way with the creation of this facility for the village, then drop us a line at megskaters@hotmail.co.uk or call me on 01526322750. You will soon also be able to follow our progress through the MACLA website macla.co.uk

Nick Byatt