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May 29, 2012

Letter sent to Metheringham Parish Council following the recent Annual Village Meeting

I would like you to pass on my thanks to everyone involved with the recent Metheringham Village Meeting. Although there was a lot of listening involved, the topics were interesting and I gathered a lot of information from the various presentations. The Chairman and Members of the Council appear very enthusiastic regarding the achievements and aspirations of community activities, and I believe the community as a whole should be proud of their efforts and continuing commitment. Both keynote speakers were very interesting and informative, as were the reports from the village organisations. Living just on the outskirts of the village, we are often naive to the 'going ons' in the centre and surrounding neighbourhoods and are fortunate not to be involved in any of the unsocial behaviour etc that seems to sometimes be prevalent around the village. The enthusiasm to provide facilities for the young people was very evident, and I believe that is to be an important part of village life. We need to try and encourage our young people to remain in the village even though, later in life, they may inevitably leave to find employment / housing elsewhere. So congratulations to the Parish Council on being proactive in this matter. It is good to hear that the local organisations are thriving, and this very popular village is growing in vibrancy under the Parish Council's umbrella!

p.s. the nibbles were excellent!

May I also take the opportunity to pass on thanks to Peter Ford for his editorship of the excellent M.A.C.L.A. Magazine. It has come a long way since its inception back in 2000. Brimming with local news and information, along with lots of local advertising, it must take a lot of time and effort to produce such a quality publication. (Some of it is out of date by the time I get round to reading it all though!)

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