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May 29, 2012

Metheringham FC - End of Season Report 2012

May brings yet another football season to a close. This season has brought to a head the difficulties we face as a Village club nine miles from Lincoln. With our lack of facilities it is very difficult to entice players, seniors and juniors alike, to make the journey out of town. The City clubs can generate a large training squad of players to select their teams from, in the main we have only a small nucleus and this is further eroded by our better players being poached during the season by so called 'big clubs'. This is especially prevalent at junior level where parents, trying for renewed glory through their kids, are not as loyal to Meg FC as they possibly could be. We are then left with the situation of a losing team, without any stars and although it is not always the case, often it is these so called stars and their parents who bring the enthusiasm to the game, once they have gone, the rest of the team tend to lose some of their initial interest and don't turn up for games. In these circumstances the manager is left with a decision to play with a weakened side, possibly with not enough players, or to cancel the game resulting in a £35 fine.

These club fines together with lack of sponsorship and reduced fund raising has seen a substantial reduction in the Club's finances, over £1,500 loss on the season. However this loss has been mitigated a little by the few funding projects that we did have. Thanks go to Liz Rogers for continuing despite apathy from most quarters.

On the playing front, none of the three senior teams played to their full potential, although the Saturday side had some good results, including a cup final appearance only to be beaten in the final by a strong Washingborough side with one of our best Sunday players, Joe Smith scoring their winning goal. The Sunday First Team should have been good enough to gain an immediate return to the Prem but only finished half-way in the first division. The Second team despite having attracted Dave Inman to manage them finished the season second bottom of Division Four. It is clear that we have not got enough committed players for a club of our size to run two competitive teams on a Sunday, therefore from next season we will concentrate on one Sunday team managed by Dave Inman.

The Junior Managers struggled all season to produce teams to play and we are currently uncertain of exactly which teams will be operating next Seasons. We do know that the Under 16s wish to join the intermediate league (18s) and will do with our blessing; also we will be having an Under 9s and possibly Under 8s and 7s as well. The other age groups will need substantial help and commitment from parents and players to ensure that we do not have a repeat of this expensive season.

One of the other problems we are experiencing is the lack of non-managers on the Committee. It is unfair to expect Managers to look after their own teams and then do extra work to keep the Club going, volunteers are always welcome. I am very lucky to be supported by an excellent Committee and thank them all for their efforts; however I must make special mention of our esteemed Secretary and Treasurer Pete Ford, without whom we would not be able to function.

John Wood - Chairman