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May 29, 2012

Nocton Parish Council News Summer 2012

Since the last report, Nocton Parish Council has been concentrating on putting in place new policies and procedures to improve the way in which it carries out its business. In particular, a new budget management process has been implemented to help ensure that the Council's limited funds are used as effectively and efficiently as possible for the benefit of its residents. A number of new policies and procedures were also adopted at the Annual Meeting on 1 May which will govern the way in which the Parish Council operates, including revised Standing Orders and Financial Regulations, a Complaints Procedure and policies on Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Data Protection and Information Security and Freedom of Information.

As part of this process, a new Planning Sub-committee has been established together with a Policy and Procedures Working Party which will keep under review the changes that are being made to the way in which the Council operates.

On a more practical level, a Village Keeper has recently been appointed whose role will be to clear litter from all parts of the village, including Nocton Park and Wasps' Nest, and to carry out a range of tasks to help improve the overall appearance of the local environment. Since the Council has decided to enter the Best Kept Village Competition, it is hoped that the Village Keeper will be able to take up these duties in good time!

A new Parish Council Notice Board is also about to be erected on the Village Green, together with the refurbished bench which was originally provided to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This will help to improve the amenities in this important part of the village.

The Parish Council has recently circulated a questionnaire to all households in the village asking for the views of both young people and adults on the possibility of providing a play area. The results of this survey are currently being evaluated and it is hoped that progress can soon be made in progressing this project.

Regular meetings are also continuing between members of the Council and senior officers at NKDC regarding the future of Nocton Hall in the light of the recently completed Options Appraisal.

Finally, at the recent Annual Parish Council Meeting Councillor Kate Tyler was re-appointed Chair of the Council for the year 2012/13 and Councillor Ian Goldsworthy was re-appointed Vice-chair.

Councillor Ian Goldsworthy