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June 22, 2012

Metheringham PC Special Meeting Minutes - 01 May 2012

Minutes of Metheringham, Sots Hole and Tanvats Special Meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 1st May 2012 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Councillors Dr M J Allen (Chairman), N Dobbs, P D Ford, Mrs J Finegan, Mrs J Gwillym, Mrs M Kristen, Mrs L Lacey, Mrs J Peck, Mrs S Peek, M E Reynolds, P A Saffin andMs S N Wetherall (Clerk).

1. To resolve to accept Apologies for absence and reasons given:
Apologies were received from Councillors M Haisman and Mrs Wilson. It was resolved to accept the apologies and reasons, this was proposed by Cllr Mrs Peek, seconded by Cllr Ford and all were in favour.

2. Members Declarations of Interests: No declarations of interest were made at this item.

3. Notes of the last meeting: Held on 27th March 2012 having been previously circulated, be approved as the minutes - It was resolved to sign the minutes as a true record of the meeting, this was proposed by Cllr Dobbs, seconded by Cllr Saffin and all were in favour.

4. Financial matters:
a) Metheringham Swimming Pool: To consider and approve quotation received for the initial start up costs and weekly pool operation.
i) Pre season checks and start up - £250.00
ii) To repair cracks in pool - £150.00
iii) Season maintenance and testing (chemicals not included) - £40.00 per week.
Two open public meetings have taken place, an executive committee and working groups have been formed. A number of volunteers have agreed to take on the key roles of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, with many others offering to help on the working groups. The swimming pool clearly has a lot of support and is a valuable asset to the village. A discussion took place relating to how a new reporting structure should be implemented. Financial procedures and risk assessment documents are crucial. The Parish Council now has two signatories on the swimming pool bank accounts. Following consideration of the above quotations and support for the pool it was resolved to instruct Carl Bradley to carry out the work, this was proposed by Cllr Ford, seconded by Cllr Reynolds and all were in favour.

b) To consider and approve a working budget for the current season: Unfortunately due to the short time scales a budget for the current season had not been produced, therefore this item was deferred until the next meeting. ACTION: Metheringham Swimming Pool Committee

5. Fayre and Feast 2011: To clarify matters relating to an overspend of the budget for the 2011 Fayre and Feast. Cllr Reynolds stated this was due to a number of factors, new steps, special guest to open the event and more entertainers. Cllr Ford informed members that the accounts for year ending March 2012 had been closed and there were no outstanding issues relating to the overspend on the budget. The donation made by the Parish Council to MACLA for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the grant funds obtained by MACLA for the celebrations have no relevance to the Fayre and Feast working group.

6. Skate Park/BMX Track Project: The young people gave an excellent presentation at the Annual Village Meeting and have produced some detailed plans for the skate park. It was felt experts are now required to look at the plans to establish the next step. The young people are forming a club - if raising funds a constitution is required. It needs to be made clear that any funds raised are for the building of the skate park. It needs to be decided if Metheringham Parish Council or MACLA are applying for funding. Firm plans and quotations are required. A lengthy discussion took place regarding the funding obtained for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and whether the company could be used for this project. The Clerk is to obtain further details from Mr Gray. It was agreed to defer this item until the next meeting. ACTION: Clerk

7. Annual Report 2011/2012: Some minor editorial amendments were made to the provisional document. Three prices had been obtained, it was resolved a colour cover and black inner at a cost of £619.00 for 1,700 copies should be printed, this was proposed by Cllr Ford, seconded by Cllr Mrs Gwillym, four against and five were in favour. There was some concern about the cost of printing the document. The Chairman stated it was a legal requirement as a Quality Council, to distribute a hard copy of the Annual Report to every household in the parish. The format of the document is to be reviewed for next year. ACTION: Clerk/Members

The meeting closed at 8.36pm.