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June 3, 2012

Report from Metheringham Dog Warden - Summer 2012

It may have rained in April but Summer is on the way. We may, with any luck, have a hot Summer, and this can be a problematic time for dogs. Dogs can not cool down as quickly as we can, so we have to be more thoughtful in the care of our dogs in hot weather. The best time to give dogs the exercise they need is either in the cool of the early morning or evening. It is inadvisable to take your dog out in the intense heat of the midday sun, and this should be avoided when ever possible. Always ensure there is fresh water for your dog and if you are in possession of a child's paddling pool it would be a good idea to fill it with water to enable the dog to lie down in it, if it desired.

It has been on the news that the government is proposing that dogs be micro chipped, but this should not detract from the fact that your dog needs to have a tag on their collar. Having a tag on your dogs collar makes it easier to reunite a lost dog with its owner.

In April, as a dog warden, I was made aware of 4 dogs that had gone missing. Some of these dog did not have tags on their collars and reuniting the dogs with their owners was made more difficult. If a dog's owner cannot be found then the stray dogs go to a N.K.D.C appointed kennel, and to reclaim your dog from the kennel can be quite costly. I am pleased to say all dogs were eventually reunited with their owners.

If you lose or find a dog, please let me know as I may be able to help reunite the dog with its owner more quickly.

Michael Cummins