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June 3, 2012

Scopwick & Kirkby Green Parish Council News Summer 2011

Drought Effects
As this is being written at the end of April the drought seems a distant problem. Water is flowing in the Beck at Scopwick and the springs that sustain it are bubbling up once again.
While the rain has been welcome the effects of the drought are still with us. This can clearly be seen in the subsidence affecting the Village Hall. The long dry period affected the clay on which part of the Hall rests and, as the clay shrank, so the Hall cracked. It remains to be seen what effect there will be as the recent rainfall is absorbed and the ground heaves back to a new level.

The subsidence does not appear to be dangerous or to directly affect any of the activities in the Hall but it will be an expensive business to investigate and eventually repair the damage. The Hall of course is one of the main social hubs of our community.

Electricity Supply
It is with considerable relief that the work carried out by Western Power on the overhead electricity supply lines finally finished. There is some tidying up still to do where the contactors have been tasked by the County Highways Department with repairing damaged roadways and verges. The long term intention of BT concerning overhead telephone cables has yet to be determined.

Biodiversity Project
A new project to encourage interest in biodiversity is being set up in the Parish. The aim is to identify areas of ground that can be managed so that a broad range of wildflowers and plants can flourish. That in turn would provide conditions for increased numbers of insects and birds.
This Project is being led locally by David Hyde with advice from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. All those interested, of any age, are invited to contact David on 01526-320118, email davidhyde007@btinternet.com

Jubilee Celebrations
Plans to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee are well underway. Community activities have been planned for Sunday, 3 June and Monday, 4 June. All households in the Parish have received a circular with an outline of the events that will take place. It is hoped that everyone will participate to make this a weekend to remember. A souvenir mug may be collected during the two days by all the children aged 16 or under, resident in the Parish. Further details will be made available closer to the date by the Jubilee Committee.

Joe Kennard - Clerk