MACLA News Magazine - 26. Spring 2007

News Magazine 26. Spring 2007 - Editors Corner


Spring is almost here, and along with it the deadline for another quarterly issue of our news magazine. This time of year usually finds me in a relaxed and contented frame of mind as I compose my editorial comments; sadly not this year. Instead I have been plagued with several weeks of stressed out anguish from our Treasurer who has been struggling to collect money owed by a number of our advertisers.

Memories of a Famous Brother

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JG Magee
Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee, the author of the most inspirational poem of aviation literature, “High Flight”, is buried in the graveyard of Holy Cross, Scopwick. Here below we are indebted to his brother, the Rev. Hugh Magee, for his recollections which are reprinted with his permission below.
We also owe a debt of gratitude to Barbara Hodgson of Coleby. Mrs Hodgson had gone to Scopwick to view the graves of fallen airmen following a previous article which had appeared in the MACLA magazine. Here, totally unexpected at the graveside of John Gillespie Magee Jnr's, was his younger brother and friends. She got into conversation with the Rev Magee explaining why she was there and told him of our magazine article which she then sent to him. This he thoroughly enjoyed, and subsequently he has written back giving his "Memories of a "Famous Brother". Apparently Rev Hugh has also been interviewed by the BBC regarding his “famous” brother.

Your local Post Office


Did you know that your local Post Office is not just there for pensions and posting, but we also offer the following services:

P is for Paying bills (Gas, electric, phone, catalogues…the list is endless)
O is for On Demand Euros plus all your holiday essentials
S is for Savings accounts – a wide selection available
T is for Top-ups for the majority of mobile networks
O is for 0% commission on foreign currency orders
F is for Financial Services and Banking – we do more than you think!
F is for Friendly Advice – always with a smile
I is for Insurance for you car, home or Hols
C is for Cash Withdrawals – ask if you can,
E is for Envelopes and Stationery supplies.

The range of products and services we can offer our customers has increased greatly in the last few years. Why not pop in and see if we can help – you might just be surprised!

“Half Broken Things” by Morag Joss


Reader’s Group Review

halfbroken.jpg Winner of a prestigious Crime Writers' Association Dagger Award, Half Broken Things is quite the most impressive novel yet from a writer whose work (Funeral Music, Fearful Symmetry) has combined total narrative command with a laser-like psychological penetration.

Metheringham Library News


Welcome to the first Library News of 2007. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and send our best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007. I hope you made (and kept!) lots of New Year resolutions – one of which might be to come along for yourself and see what we’re all about? Nationally issue figures are falling and Libraries, particularly lesser used ones, are in danger of becoming extinct so if you want YOUR local library to stay open, come along and use it! You will be assured of a warm welcome and we really don’t all wear twin sets and pearls, sensible shoes and half moon glasses!! In addition, as you will be aware, if you happen to venture in on either the first or third Friday of the month, between 2.15 and 2.45pm during our “lively” (noisy!!) storytime sessions, we don’t expect our borrowers to be quiet either!!

FREE Home Fire Risk Assessments


firelogo.gif Everyone knows that "Prevention is better than cure" or that "in-hindsight we should have" and "if only". These are common phrases used everyday that are sometimes spoken after an incident where we can sit back and reflect on "never mind" and "Oh well".

Metheringham Community Fire Station

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Metheringham Fire Station urgently requires more people to train as Firefighters to work within the local community. If you are 18 or over, Male or Female and can answer Yes to any of the following questions,
Do you like a challenge?
Do you have commitment?
Would you like to learn new skills?
Would you like to help your community?
Would like to get paid for doing all of the above?
If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then please use the contacts below for more information and application forms.
Watch Manager Roy Darwood 01526 321489
Crew Manager Pete Leggett 01526 321473
Metheringham Fire Station on 01526 321933 (Monday Evenings 7-9pm).

Heighington Partial-Sighted & Blind Society


The club re-opened after the Christmas break on the 10 January. The finances of the club were discussed and suggestions implemented. This was followed by a quiz.

On the 24 January, Debbie Lincoln a Herbalist from Metheringham gave a very interesting and informative talk. This was followed by a scrumptious tea to celebrate Betty Scott's birthday.

On the 7th February, the members enjoyed a talk on aromatherapy. On the 21st February, Brenda Webster gave a talk on the history of Heighington to which some of our members were able to make a small contribution.

The club meets every fortnight, anyone wishing to join must contact South Lincs Blind Society on 01476 592 775.

Patricia MacPherson

Why People Drown


Have you ever wondered why people drown?


Could it happen to you or a member of your family? YES Unfortunately, drowning can happen to anybody. With the approach of that period of the year when most cases of drowning occur we eed ot be aware of the risks: where, how and whom.

Guitar & Singing Tuition


Local Musician Julien Gash is now offering Electric Guitar and Singing
Tuition on Monday evenings at Metheringham Music Factory.
( The Barn, Fen Lane ) Well established for its soundproof rehearsal
rooms the barns are an ideal location for students from the surrounding

Farewell 2006


As January floats on by, the clouds all scurry across the sky
The birds are singing early while in bed we still lay
And earlier each morning it gets lighter and lighter
As the clouds in the sky get higher and whiter

Dunston Village History.


I am organising an exhibition of the history of Dunston village for the week-end of 23 -25 June with the help of my faithful band of warriors. This is instead of St. Peter’s annual flower festival. It will mainly centre on Dunston and Nocton Estate and is titled ‘All Our Yesterdays’.

I need help in finding old photographs of the village and people as far back as possible together with views of the surrounding area. Farming and the Nocton estate pictures would be most welcome. Has anyone got some old ladies hats for display as well as dresses tucked away in bottom drawers, that have not seen the light of day for a very long time? Newspaper cuttings with stories that will be interesting to today’s villager. Either give me a ring 323183 or tell anyone from St Peters who will pass the message on. Even if you have only one old picture it all helps o build up a picture of the history of our village. PLEASE HELP.
Stuart Rogerson.

Dunston Twinning Association


Little is happening locally at the moment with the Dunston Twinning Association as most members are preparing for the trip to Trangè. Over the Easter Holiday 63 members will be visiting our friends in Trangè to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Twinning.

duck.jpg As we move through the year we will again be holding our annual Dunston Duck Race which will commence on The Green at 3.00 pm on Saturday 16th June. Stalls and various other attractions will open here from 2.30 pm so come along and join us.
Beth McLuckie

Metheringham Methodist Chapel Diary


Next year will be our centenary year, so we are trying to raise funds for the celebration. With this in mind, at the end of March (Friday 30th March) we are to have a Lincolnshire Folk Evening, when everything except the tea and coffee, will be from Lincolnshire. We start the evening at 7.00pm in the Village Hall with a Sausage and Mash Supper followed by entertainment by Brian Dawson whose roots are in Metheringham.

Brian Dawson.jpg

Lincoln Cat Care


Well another year begins and we hope sanity prevails and any cats needing it are neutered. A majority of the kittens we bring into care are from domestic pets and not, as is supposed, from strays and ferals. Help and advice is available so there’s no excuse. Thanks to Kirsty and Emma for their time given helping the needy cats. Thanks also to everyone who supported at ‘The Feast’, the funds raised were very helpful. Please call us or e mail if you see a cat needing help or you know of someone having problems.

Thank you. Brian (Lincoln Cat Care)

Metheringham Conservation and Wildlife areas


daisies.jpg South side of St Wilfrid’s closed Churchyard and Ancient Spring Site (Drury Street)

These two areas are moving on as nature and I intend –slowly- with both flora and fauna improving. Work is done according to seasonal need and weather and time allowing. In about 2 to 3 years hence these areas will have become safe and lovely places for local wildlife (of the non-human kind) and for the gentle art of watching and listening by the caring kind (human).

Metheringham Parish Residents


Parish Council Planning meetings in relation to your village are held on the second Wednesday of each month in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, Church Walk from 7.30 pm onwards. These meetings are only held when there are issues to be addressed. All interested parties are more than welcome to attend as it is your village and you may have a valid point to raise. For further information contact Mrs Jenni Honisett (Vice Chairperson) 01526 320968