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Welcome to the Summer Issue of your local magazine; isn’t that a contradiction in terms. What Summer? I am writing this with thunder and lightening surrounding me. I seem to think it was just the same last year so lets hope things improve quickly, they can’t get any worse that is for sure.

I am confident that this issue will have something for everyone including a really nice story about one of our locals from the past.

We are now moving into a period where organisations are embarking on their fund-raising events with great enthusiasm and hopefully they will receive much support from one and all.
Have a great Summer and enjoy the read

Pete Ford

Pete Ford (Editor)

Brian Creasey 1937-2007

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(Ed. This is a copy of an article submitted to our forum.)

Brian Ceasey (1937-2007)

It was with much sadness that one of Metheringham's best respected local people passed away at the end of May. Brian Creasey who would have been 70 in November was born and raised in Metheringham Fen and from that time he never left these surrounds. Having attended the old Tanvats School he then went on to Carre's Grammar School at Sleaford. From here he joined his father, Ted on his farm at Tanvats and remained here as a farmer all his life. He was an all-round sportsman and captained Carre's 1st XI at both Cricket and Football. In his early days, as a youngster, he was part of the local Tanvats cricket and football teams run from the thriving community where most of the players were called Creasey. When these teams ceased to be he moved into Metheringham and played most, if not all, of his senior football for Metheringham FC who he went on to captain in numerous cup finals. His cricket "career" saw him turn out for Woodhall Spa, Metheringham and finally Blankney CC where he ended his days when in his 50s but retained his ties as a Vice-President.. Having finished his footballing career some years earlier he remained involved with the football club as their President from 1992 until 2001 when he stood down and became a Life Member.

Whilst involved heavily with the two main sports of our country Brian still found time to be an accomplished squash player and golfer, being a member and past owner of Metheringham Sqaush Club and a golf member at both Woodhall Spa and Blankney Golf clubs. Being a “country boy” he also had a passion for hunting, shooting and fishing and regularly arranged shooting parties on his land.

With all his leisure time apparently taken up one has to wonder how he fitted anything else in but having a great love for his home in Metheringham Fen he stood for election to the local parish council and became their representative for the Fen (Tanvats and Sots Hole) in 1976. He remained in this position for 27 years and because of the respect he held he became Chairman of Metheringham Parish Council in May 1995. This position he retianed until he stood down from the council in 2003. Classing Brian as a personal friend my first recollection of him was in October 1964 when I made my debut for Metheringham 1st XI at Skellingthorpe as a scrawny 16 year old. Early in the game a burly home defender saw me as a likely target and took me out at the knees. Brian who was a born winner in any sport he played took few “prisoners” on a football pitch and he immediately squared up to the player and suggested if he wanted to take anyone out it had better be him and not me!!

Brian Ceasey (1937-2007)

From that day Brian became my Mentor and I will remember him with great affection as I am sure many many people will. Thank you Brian for everything - RIP

Pete Ford

Meg Village Centre Regeneration


Design company Electric Wig have been selected by representatives of
Metheringham Parish Council, MACLA, North Kesteven District and Lincolnshire County Councils as lead artists for the Metheringham regeneration scheme planned for the centre of the village around the Health Centre and Library.

A Word of Warning


………from the Chairman of Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association

Support us an the functions we arrange or the pool could close next year!!

1) We teach youngsters to swim and improve their strokes.
2) We teach young people life-saving skills.
3) We provide facilities to enable adults to keep fit
4) We could teach adults to swim if there was interest shown and
we provide a clean, safe environment for people of all ages to have fun in “YOUR” Swimming Pool

Very few communities have a facility such as ours and we are very lucky.

Metheringham Flax Factory

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Recently we were asked why we didn't mention Metheringham Heath much on our website. The basic answer given was that not much goes on there….well not since the Quarry up there stopped hosting its all night parties a few years back.

After extensive research on the internet, guess what? Not much goes on there!

We did however find some images of the old Flax Factory on the Heath, taken by some 'Urban Explorers' whose idea of a good time is to spend their spare time rooting around in England's industrial past and photographing the experience The images are quite atmospheric as befitting an old industrial building in decay and can be viewed on their urban Exploration website

Rumour suggest that the Flax Factory was built during WW2 in order to meet the War Department's insatiable demand for flax. Flax seeds were used to produce linseed oil and the fibre was used to produce rope. Post war when the demand for flax declined the mill was closed and in recent time used for processing pea vines.

We'd be grateful to hear from anyone with any memories of working there or has old photographs of their times there. Just get in touch with the Editor.

Humphrey Francis Ellis MBE


Famous people on our doorstep.

Humphrey F Ellis was born in the Hermitage at Metheringham on 17 July 1907. His father was the village doctor between 1894 and 1914. Humphrey went on to gain a “First” in Classics at Oxford University in 1930 and from there went on to Marlborough College to teach. Whilst here he wrote articles for Punch Magazine and in 1933 he was offered a post with the magazine as a staff writer. He became best known as a comic writer creating the ineffectual schoolmaster A.J. Wentworth whose fictional diaries were first published in the Punch magazine.

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor


Readers Group Review


The premise of this book is both intriguing and audacious, with a hint of healthy disrespect. Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was, it seems, a lie. The girl of the title, Alice Liddell, was actually Alyss Heart, a princess of Wonderland and heir to the throne. The Looking Glass Wars, we're told, is the result of five years research by the author, who has unravelled the literary and literal conspiracy, to present the world with a tale of identity, revenge and revelation. No white rabbits, no tea parties, just an epic battle for power. It is the first in a trilogy. Debut author Frank Beddor says the idea to rework the original came to him when he saw a pack of old playing cards with Wonderland-esque figures during a visit to the British Museum. His grandmother and mother had made him read Lewis Carroll as a child, and he'd thought it 'a terrible girl's book.' So rewriting it was also an act of revenge.