MACLA News Magazine - 31. Summer 2008

Allegedly we are now moving into our Summer and one has to say it is slightly better than the previous two so far, just!

As you go through this issue of our local magazine you will see many, many groups are busy trying to raise much needed funds for their particular charity or organisation so let's hope the weather is kind to them and as many of you as possible are able to give your support to them. Not all of them rely on the weather but it is still nice to have the sunshine.

I am sure you will see there is a real cross section of articles in this Summer Issue which I sincerely hope you enjoy.

To give you some guidance of events taking place, these include the Metheringham Methodist Church Centenery celebrations, Blankney Church Weekend of Music and The White Horse Bank Holiday Beer Festival to mention just three.

It has been pleasing this time to receive items from different organisations who now wish to place articles in the magazine, especially our local schools and the Fire Brigade. I am still trying to get more articles from the Scopwick and Martin areas though so please contact me.

The closing date for articles for our Autumn Issue is 21 August.
Have an enjoyable Summer -

Pete Ford

Pete Ford (Editor)

The Age of Innocence


by Edith Wharton

Book Readers Group

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton is a picture of New York society in the 1870s when there were strict codes of behaviour, which could not be broken. At the start of the book Newland Archer gentleman lawyer and heir to one of New York City's best families, is about to become engaged to the beautiful May Welland. Yet, he soon has doubts about his choice of bride after the appearance of Countess Ellen Olenska, May's exotic, beautiful thirty-year-old cousin, who had been living in Europe. Ellen has returned to her New York family after scandalously leaving her husband, a Polish count, and Newland is torn between his attraction for the worldly flamboyant Ellen and his more conventional fianceé May.

Although one or two of our group enjoyed the book, on the whole most of us thought that this classic hadn't stood the test of time.

George Frederick Samuel Robinson was unique in English history. The facts are that he was conceived at No 11 Downing Street when his father, Frederick John Robinson, (Earl Goderich of Nocton) was the Chancellor of the Exchequer and then born at No. 10 (24 October 1827) during the time his father was the shortest ever reigning English Premier (holding the position for just five months (130 days) between September 1827 and January 1828).

The family home for the Robinson's was Nocton Hall and his mother, Lady Sarah, was the driving force in developing Nocton into the idyllic village it is today.

Nocton Village Trail Ass.


Barcelona Visit

Wow. Fantastic. Amazing. Incredible. How do you say gobsmackingly good without repeating the same words over and over on every line that you write.

Well, a party of fourteen of us had an adventure in Barcelona between 6th-9th May which could only be expressed by using words like unbelievable, outstanding and unique. And, I am afraid my vocabulary isn't big enough to describe our visit to the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Placa de la Boqueira, la Pedrera and Casa Batllo and so on.

The whole visit was awesome. But before begin to explain the unique details of Gaudi's architecture I need to tell you who went on this unforgettable trip and why. In this way you will hopefully see where Nocton Village Trail Association fits into it.

Metheringham village notice boards


Many of you will know there are two notice boards in Metheringham, supplied by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council notice board is situated in the War Memorial garden, and all formal Parish Council notices are displayed here. If the Parish Council is advertising for paid positions in the village or for an event organised by them, then the notices may also appear in the notice board by the Post Office.

The Village notice board, situated by the Post Office, is for notices and posters for local voluntary groups. Metheringham based groups are given priority but if space permits then notices from Blankney, Dunston, Martin, Nocton and Scopwick will be considered. A voluntary group is one that is purely run by volunteers with perhaps a few paid staff, but there are also voluntary groups who charge a fee to cover the running costs of that group. Businesses are not able to advertise in either notice board.

If advertising a specific event the notice will stay in place until the event has taken place, but if advertising an ongoing concern these will be in position for one month. When this time has elapsed the poster or notice will be removed and if the group wish to re-advertise they will need to produce a new poster or notice.

Please do not affix posters to the glass doors of the notice board, as they will be removed without any consultation.

In future it is hoped to have a notice board outside the Village Hall which will only be to advertise events happening at the hall.

Please contact me on 01526 320968 if you wish to place a poster or notice in the board, or if you would like any further information.

Jenni Honisett

Blankney & Metheringham Station


I was looking at the page about 'Metheringham Highlights'
In particular the section about 'Metheringham Railway Station'.
There is an error in fact in it, the original name of the station was 'Blankney and Metheringham'.
Before I dared to write this, I had a rootle around in a very old railway timetable to confirm my memory !!
Another observation is about the name of the track between the Station and Blankney Hall.
The formal name of it given by the occupants of the hall is 'The Old Coach-Road'
In the 1940's and 50's when I was a kid in Meg, we used to talk about walking and playing up and around 'The drive'.
Another story that I researched many years ago is that the Lord Londesborough was late and missed a train for a journey to London. As a result, he missed an appointment with the Queen.
To avoid any repeat of this, he had a law enacted in the House of Lords that decreed that 'Blankney Time' would be five (or maybe ten) minutes before the rest of England's time.
I have a vague memory of having a bus timetable for a bus going to Blankney from Metheringham arriving at a time before it left Meg.

Pete Byers

Metheringham Playing Fields


Playing Fields

Slowly negotiations with the County Council over land issues move forward and the Parish Council now has a basic document, which sets out the terms for the School use of the Star and Garter Field. This would give full control of the main playing field back to the Parish and we could then move ahead with plans to build the new pavilion and changing rooms adjacent to the Swimming Pool.

After years of discussion we seem to be very close to reaching a compromise with the County Council over our proposed developments for the sports field although there is still an issue over access to the School site. The main provisions are;
1. There is no change in the use of the playing field by the community.
2. The main field will not be fenced and will be free for community use at all times.
3. The County Council will fence the Star & Garter Field and the School will have exclusive use during term time. The field will be available for use by organized groups at all other times.
4. Maintenance of the main field will be the responsibility of the Parish Council but maintenance of the Star & Garter Field will be shared with the County Council. This includes fencing, except that maintained by the District Council.
5. The Parish Council will be free to build the new pavilion and any other development on the main field.
6. The community will still have full use of the existing changing rooms and the pavilion until such time as the new facilities are built. At this time the freehold of the pavilion will be surrendered to the County Council.
7. The County Council will surrender the current lease on the main field and in exchange the Parish Council will grant a lease on the Star & Garter Field to the County Council. The new lease will run to the remainder of the exisiting term of the current lease, but if the School ceases to exist the lease reverts to the Parish Council.
8. The freehold of the small area outside the existing pavilion will be transferred to the County Council.

Metheringham Community Fire Station


An Introduction to Your Community Fire Station.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has approximately 900 Firefighters and fire staff. The county area is organised into four Station Support Groups (SSGs 1,2,3,4) that support the 38 fire stations throughout Lincolnshire.

The majority of the 2,237 square miles of Lincolnshire is crewed by retained staff who attend on a call out basis. The other stations are either wholetime (24/7) or day crewed (office hours).

Metheringham Community Fire Station is allocated to SSG4 and covers the areas to Martin, Digby, Temple Bruer, across the A15 to the Mere, and Potterhanworth.
The station currently has twelve personnel consisting of two Watch Managers, Two Crew Managers and eight Fire Fighters two of whom are female. There are also two potential recruits who are at present going through the selection process and we wish them every success and hope to see them on station soon.

As part of the improvement for National Resilience a call sign structure has been introduced to support Regional Control Centres for effective operation. The call signs are unique for each resource. The call sign for Metheringham is FEC26P2 ( Phonetically - Foxtrot Echo Charlie Two Six Papa Two) which has replaced the older Cypher of D8 ("D" Division, Station 8).
F = Fire, E = Region-East Midlands, C = Sub Region-Lincolnshire, 26 = Metheringham Station, P = Appliance Type-Pump, 2 = Water Tender Ladder (Wtl)

The Appliance

Metheringham received a Brand new MAN Fire appliance in February as part of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue modernisation plan.
Appliance Details.
Reg No F57 FOC
Cypher FEC26P2
Engine MAN EURO 4 176Kw (240bhp) 6 Cylinder
Trans MAN 'Tip-Matic' 12 Speed automatic
Top Speed 70 mph on Incident and 56 mph other (Restricted)
Main Pump Rear Mounted Ziegler FPN2000/10HH PTO Driven
Rated Delivery 2000 Lpm 10Bars (3.0m Suction Lift)
HP stage 250 Lpm at 40 Bar
Water Cap 1800 Litres
Foam Tank 120 Litre on Board

If you require any more details please contact any member of Metheringham Fire Station Personnel or come and have a look around during our Station and community events. If you are interested in becoming a Retained Fire Fighter please contact Roy Darwood on 01526 321489 for an application pack.

Pete Leggett
Crew Manager C26

Metheringham Area Photo Archive


For this issue, we are going to look at the Metheringham Area Photo Archive ( Launched about 18 months ago, the archive now contains over 600 images stretching back over 120 years.

All the images in the archive have been contributed by local people. Wherever possible, the source of the image has been acknowledged. The web team is indebted to people such as Pete Ford, Len Woodhead and Stuart Rogerson for allowing us to share their valuable collections. Many others have also contributed their memories to the archive. Again we offer them our sincerest thanks. Thanks are also due to Pete Ford for his sterling job in scanning most of the original photos so that they can be displayed in the archive.

Did you know that you can view the images as a slideshow, mail them to your friends and see the places that some of the photos were taken on a map? You can also add your own comments to individual photos and vote for your favourite photo.

The images are split in the archive into three main areas. Although modern photos of the Metheringham Area and pictures of local team sports prove popular with viewers, by far the most popular is the historical or 'Memory Lane' category which contains over 60% of the images in the archive
The web team needs your help to add details to some of the images, especially those in the Memory Lane section. Can you fill in some of the blanks, perhaps for an old school class photo? If you can help, or would like to have your photos included in the archive then please contact the web team at Any, and all, contributions will be gratefully received. Arrangements can be made locally to have old photos scanned and returned.

Until next time,

The Weaver

Annual Charity Match Report - 17 May 2008

Annual Charity Match

Metheringham Select XI v Dunston Red Lion XI

17th May 2008

The annual Charity match between a Metheringham Select XI and a Dunston Red Lion XI took place on the Star and Garter Paddock on FA cup final morning. This year almost £80.00 was collected towards the chosen charity, St Barnabas Hospice.

Dunston Red Lion XI
Dunston Red Lion XI

With a sprinkle of age and youth in their side the Metheringham team went a goal down early on to a Chris Jones goal. They quickly turned this around with two goals from Billy Fox and by the break it was 3-1 with a third goal from Simon Sewell.

Dunston's livewire striker Andy Foster pulled a goal back for Dunston and Nick Cordiner made it 3-3 soon after. Meg again went ahead with a header from Ben Gash but in the dying moments Dunston's skipper Gavin Hutchinson left the Meg keeper Pete Harrison motionless with a 25 yard thunderbolt.

Metheringham FC Select XI

Metheringham FC Select XI

The game went into extra time and with the Meg player manager Dave Atkin utilising his players with skill they quickly took a lead they would not again lose. It came in fortuitous fashion as the Dunston's keeper fumbled a close range John Sewell effort and allowed it to roll over the line. Jon Miller then rose to head home an inch perfect free kick from Nigel Beck for 6-4 before Simon Fenwick completed the scoring. The game was played in good spirit and excellent refereed by Andy Blackband.

Boxercise Classes

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(Only £3.50 per class)

Metheringham Village Hall

Every Thursday 6 - 7pm

Boxercise - the best stress buster around !
It combines the use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems that not only ensures a diverse workout, but also enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing!
Help Improve your Fitness and Stamina!
Most importantly Boxercise classes are always
All abilities welcome, Male and Female!

Pete Woollard
Phoenix Fitness and Wellbeing
For details
Or Just come along and join the FUN!

Branston Tennis Club Re-Opens


Following an 18 month quiet period, the Branston Tennis Club is again 'Open for Business'.