MACLA News Magazine - 25. Winter 2006

News Magazine 25 - Winter 2006 - Editor’s Corner


What do they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Amazingly it is now over two years since I took over the Editor’s job and this is my ninth attempt. I guess it could even be suggested now that I am an old hand at it, although I would say it is a time consuming job.
An amazing fact is that this Winter Edition sees us reach a milestone as it is our 25th Anniversary issue. That means that over 50,000 copies of this publication have been delivered through the doors of most of the households in and around Metheringham. There is no doubt in my mind that “the little Green book” has become an integral part of our community and feed-back would suggest it is well received and long may it continue. All it remains for me to say on behalf of all members of MACLA is that we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Pete Ford

Pete Ford (Editor)

Charity Collectors or Bogus collectors?


Over the last few months you will no doubt have had many charity bags put through your letterbox.
In most cases these come from registered charities, however there are some people that take advantage of your generosity by supplying plastic backs with a leaflet urging you to fill these bags with your unwanted clothing etc for the unfortunate people in Eastern Europe.
The bags from these so-called charity groups are easily identified.

1. Registered charities have printed bags where the bogus charities have plain white bags.
2. Registered charities have an official charity number the bogus charities leaflet will have a number on it though this is not a charity number.
3. You can be sure if you donate to a registered charity your donation will be used to benefit those less fortunate. The bogus collectors promise a lot but deliver nothing to the unfortunate people in Eastern Europe

Poem from local man Len Woodhead


I sit here at my window with thoughts of the year gone by
How quickly the time passes, when you’re content and warm and dry
I have time to sit and think about the life that I have had
Out in the lovely country side, the freedom of a Lincolnshire lad
Anyone who has read my book, in England, Australia, New Zealand,
Kenya and the U S A to name just a few it’s been grand
With the name of Nocton and Smiths Crisps. The calls and letters that I have had
The time and effort that I put in, to produce that history book makes me very glad
Long lost friends like Bill Redshaw, Don and Nell Turner and Wilf Hubbard,
All helped me to begin, but all passed on before the book finally made the stall
With the job I had done and the photographs I had taken in my 45 years,
all now sealed in that small History book it will bring back, just a few tears
A few months had gone by and my book was selling and praises very high
I kept being asked to write more history of the farms, and where in the Fen land lie
So as the weeks rolled on and I had more time to spare.
I thought I have more photographs, and a few more stories I could share
Its now almost 4 years since I started the second book
And it’s more than a year since to the printers it was took
It is all in a log jam between the designing and the printer at this time
It should be out next spring, and then I can work on my other hobby to try and write a Rhyme

Local Cricket Club Awards for 2006


Blankney Cricket Club

Blankney Cricket Club held their annual Dinner at Branston Hall Hotel in October with President, Mr Richard Parker and Mrs Ruth Parker the guest’s of honour. Around 70 people attended the event with the President making the following awards:
Award W-E 1st XI W-E 2nd XI M-W Club XI M-W Estate XI
Top Batsman W. Pillinger L. Allman P. Woodcock C. Carter
Top Bowler I. Holvey I. Holvey P Clark I. Holvey
Catch of Year D. Pearse S. Craft J. Halls I. Holvey
Players’ Player W. Pillinger I. Holvey P. Woodcock I. Holvey

Will Pillinger also won the Lincoln Premier League, Batting Averages and came second in the Most Catches Award (8 catches).
Other awards
“Wide” Bat Award for most ducks – Lee Allman – 6 (all “Golden Ducks”!!)
Young Player of the Season – Sam Palmer
Clubman of Season Award – Roger Morrell

In a MEDICAL EMERGENCY would YOU know what to do?
If you enjoy helping people why not train as a L.I.V.E.S. First Responder?


We are volunteers who work with the Ambulance Service to deliver
Basic Life Support in the first minutes after a 999 call.
Responders are always backed up by an emergency ambulance.

New team members are required from
Metheringham, Dunston, Blankney, Scopwick, Kirkby Green and Digby

For an informal chat please call Mike Keal on 01526 323791
or email

*** Happy Christmas from Metheringham Area L.I.V.E.S. First Responders ***

How long there has been a Village Cross in Metheringham is open for discussion but one has to believe it goes back long before the end of th 16th century as the 1842 Whites Directory for Metheringham quotes “An ancient Cross, which stood in the village, was replaced by a new one in 1835, at a cost of about £25, and a market is now held round it on Saturday evenings.” It can be further substantiated that there was a cross here or in the vicinity many years before this by the fact that the location was know as “Cross Hill” before this time.

Sgt Norman Cyril JACKSON VC

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Stationed at RAF Metheringham

Famous People on our Doorstep - an occasional series by Pete Ford.

jackson_vc.jpgNorman Cyril Jackson was born in Ealing, London on 8 April 1919. As a small child he was adopted by the Gunter family being educated at Archdeacon Cambridge and Twickenham Grammar School. After leaving school, having an interest in engineering he became a fitter and turner. On the out-break of war he volunteered to joined the RAFVR, enlisting in October 1939. He saw training at both halton and Hednesford and qualified as a Fitter 11 E (Engines) before being posted to Sierra Leone with 95 Squadron in January 1941. He was employed as an engine fitter in areo engines and marine craft with his newly formed unit, whose main objective was maritime reconnaissance, using Short Sunderland Flying Boats. An opportunity ten came up for him to “Re-muster” as aircrew and Jackson applied for training as a Flight Engineer, returning to England in September 1942. He spent his next six months at 27 Officer Training unit and then moved on to RAF St Athan, completing his training in March 1943. In June 1943 he was “re-mustered” as a Flight Engineer and on promotion to Sergeant, posted to No. 1645 Heavy Conversion Unit.

Bogus Caller Initiative


Nominated Neighbour Scheme
A new initiative presented by Lincolnshire County Neighbourhood Watch and Lincolnshire Police is the Nominated Neighbour Scheme. The Scheme is for people who feel vulnerable when answering their door to strangers. To enter into this scheme persons should initially identify a relative or neighbour as their “Nominated Neighbour.” This Nominated Person, who should be a trusted neighbour or a member of the family, should live close by. This person must be willing to help you check out the identity of any person who calls at your door and also accompany them into your house should you wish to speak to them indoors. Your Nominated Neighbour’s name and address will then be entered on your “Nominated Neighbour Card.” This card, which should be kept near to your front door SHOULD NOT be displayed in the window. When someone calls at your home, try to look through the window to see if you recognise them. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. If you do not recognise them put the chain on your door before you answer, TAKE YOUR TIME - They will not mind waiting. Open the door, on the chain, and show them the Card. DO NOT ENTER INTO CONVERSATION. Give them a few moments to read your card and close the door. Keep the chain on. Then call your “Nominated Neighbour”, tell them you have a caller and then wait for your Nominated Neighbour to arrive. REMEMBER IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT. If your callers are genuine they will not mind waiting. It is your home, you do not have to let them in.
To set up your Nominated Neighbour Scheme call in at Metheringham Info-Links for your Nominated Neighbour Card or call the Lincolnshire Police Call Centre (01522 532222) and ask for the Neighbourhood Watch Administrator for the Lincoln area.

Metheringham Pre-School


Metheringham Pre -School (formerly Playgroup) are celebrating following their recent Ofsted inspection when the quality and standards of their nursery education were judged to be ‘outstanding’.The pre-school meets Monday to Friday during term time in the Village Hall, at present mornings only but will open afternoon sessions as per demand and viability. If you would like to contact the group their new telephone number is 07974870822 during session times and 01526 321227 at other times. The children are currently rehearsing for their annual Nativity Play which will be performed in the Hall on Monday December 18th at 3.45 pm and on Thursday 21st December at 10.15 am for the Senior Citizens.
Carole Watson

Black & Blue by Ian Rankin


Reader’s Book Review

rankin.jpgRebus is juggling four cases trying to nail one killer – who might lead back to an infamous Bible John. And he’s doing it under the scrutiny of an internal inquiry led by a man he has just accused of taking backhanders from Glasgow’s Mr Big. Added to that there are TV cameras at his back investigating a miscarriage of justice, making Rebus a criminal in the eyes of a million or more viewers. Just one mistake is likely to mean an unpleasant and not particularly speedy death or, worse still, losing his job.
Our View
A very enjoyable and easy read, very much like a TV series. I pictured Ken Stott rather than John Hannah. My only disappointment was that I could not “repay” many of the music pieces to which he kept referring.
We gave it a score of 6 and opinion was sharply divided. Those who liked it thought it was brilliant where as the rest didn’t like it at all