MACLA News Magazine - 33. Winter 2008

Can you believe it, another year has flown by as we present our "Bumper" Winter issue of the MACLA Magazine. Once again, to be able to include all the many articles from organisation in the area, it has been necessary to produce a 60 page magazine. Another amazing fact is that the magazine has now been running for over 8 years, when our early issues contained only 20 pages. This would suggest it has become an integral part of the local community and I thank everyone for their continued contributions. My article is however tinged with some sadness as we say farewell and a huge thank you to one of original "delivers" - Jane Mitchell from Scopwick, who is "retiring" - Jane has been absolutely brilliant for us and now we ask if there is anyone who feels they could take her place or need a little exercise and would be willing to deliver in the Scopwick area. We also say a sincere thank you to Cathy and Geoff Brown who have been responsible for Distribution since Autumn 2004. Cathy is still going to help with this task which has now been handed over to Maggie Kristen. We are still seeking people to deliver the magazine so if, like I have said, you need the exercise, perhaps you can help out just four times a year.
In the meantime may we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Pete Ford

Pete Ford (Editor)

Local Church Services around Christmas 2008


Blankney - St Oswald
Thurs 18 Dec - 1900 Blankney Hunt Supporters Carol Service - all welcome
Sun 21 Dec - 1630 Candlelight Carol Service with Mulled wine, coffee and mince pies afterwards
Thurs 25 Dec - 0900 Holy Communion with Carols

Dunston - St Peter
Fri 12 Dec - 1800 Carol Service
Mon 15 Dec - 1415 School Carol Service
Thurs 25 Dec - 1000 Christmas Day Service

Dunston Methodist
Wed 24 Dec - 2330 Candlelight Service to Welcome in Christmas
Thurs 22 Jan - 1800 Christingle Service

Kirkby Green - Holy Cross
Fri 19 Dec - 1830 Carol Service

Martin - Holy Trinity

Fri 12 Dec - 1830 Carols in the Churchyard followed by refreshments
Sun 21 Dec - 1100 Family Service with Carols
Sun 28 Dec - 1000 Carr Dyke Eucharist

Metheringham - St Wilfrid
Wed 24 Dec - 1800 "The Night Before Christmas" Favourite Carols and a magical reminder of the real reason for the season!
Wed 24 Dec - 2330 Midnight communion

Metheringham Methodist
Tues 16 Dec - 1900 Village Carol Service to Silver Sounds Band
Thurs 25 Dec -1000 Christmas Day Service

Nocton - All Saints
Sat 20 Dec - 1930 Carol Concert by Lincoln Choral Society
Wed 24 Dec - 1600 Christingle
Thurs 25 Dec - 0930 Holy Communion

Potterhanworth - St Andrews
Wed 24 Dec - 2330 Group Midnight Service

Scopwick - Holy Cross
Sun 21 Dec - 1030 Eucharist service

Scopwick Methodist
Sun 14 Dec - 1430 Carol Service
Wed 24 Dec - 2230 Midnight Service
(coffee and mince pies prior to service)

MACLA Xmas Quizzes.


A deceptive puzzle to start with: In the Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, how many gifts did my true love send me in total?

To get you started, the song states that I received from my true love one gift (the partridge in a pear tree) on the first day, and three gifts on the second day (a partridge, and two turtle doves), and so on

And, here's a piece of the song to help;

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
A partridge in a pear tree
On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree
...and so forth, until the last verse:
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drumming
Eleven pipers piping
Ten lords a-leaping
Nine ladies dancing
Eight maids a-milking
Seven swans a-swimming
Six geese a-laying
Five gold rings
Four calling birds
Three French hens
Two turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree

So how many gifts in total?

What's the significance of the answer?

Next, a small Christmas related cryptic crossword clue I came across recently


Can you solve it?
Our Age by Eating Out Maths

It takes less than a minute, just work it out as you read - It is not one of those waste of time things, it is fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to eat out (more than once but less than 10)
2. Multiply this number by 2
3. Now add 5
4. Then multiply it by 50
5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1758... If you haven't, add 1757.
6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number
The first digit of this was your original number (i.e. how many times you want to go out to eat in a week.)

The next two numbers are:

YOUR AGE ! ------ (Oh YES, it is!)


Metheringham Parish Council News - Winter 2008


Allotments - Dunston Road, Metheringham
The Parish Council are still striving to acquire further land in the village for use as allotments, hopefully we will be able to bring you some good news in the next edition.

Christmas Tree
Last year the Parish Council received many positive comments in relation to the Branston Christmas Tree and why we did not have one. It was resolved at a Parish Council meeting earlier this year that Metheringham should have a Christmas Tree and lights. The Parish Council applied to Lincolnshire Co-op for funding towards a tree light kit and were successful, we would therefore like to thank them for funding this project and making Metheringham more festive this year.

Edgar Lubbock - Master of Blankney Hunt


Famous People on our Doorstep

Edgar Lubbock LLB was the Master of the Blankney Hunt at the turn of the 20th century. He was born on 22 February 1847 in St James, London the eighth son of Sir John William and Harriett Lubbock.Educated at Eton and the University of London he studied Law and became an accomplished lawyer. Through his career he held varying positions, including Lieutenant of the City of London, Director of Whitbread Brewery, Director of the Bank of England and in 1907 Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire. He died in London on 9 September 1907 aged 60 whilst Master of the Blankney Hunt.


Re-opened in September after our "Summer", members took part in a quiz. Then on 24 September, Fred Parker, Chairman of the Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association, gave a very informative talk on honey bees. On 8 October, The Rev. Stephen Crabtree gave a sermon accompanied by Pam Rix on her keyboard. Later Stephen changed his hat to that of an auctioneer for our Harvest Auction. On 22 October, PC Nigel Lound, a Wildlife Crime Officer, gave a very informative talk on wildlife crime in Lincolnshire making members more aware of what type of incidents to be on the lookout for. On the 5 November members were entranced by a talk on hypnotherapy. No one wanted to volunteer to be a guinea pig! On the 19 November with our sister club from North Hykeham, we enjoyed a sing along with Trevor Lee, with songs from the music hall.

The club meets every fortnight, anyone wishing to join can contact Betty Knight on 01522 794121 or Pat MacPherson on 01522 856981.

Web Watch - Winter 2008


Almost all Home PCs come with a version of Microsoft Windows operating system by default. There are alternatives to this. In this edition of Web Watch, I want to look at one of those alternatives, Linux (, as suggested by a reader, Jon Grant.

Linux is an open source operating system that can be used as a viable alternative, Microsoft Windows. The huge advantage that Linux has over Microsoft is that because the source code is open, then software developers can write applications unfettered by Microsoft licence conditions. As such, there is a very large community that supports this endeavour. Previous releases of Linux have required intimate knowledge of the PC's hardware to install and, for many years, remained largely in the domain of the 'geek' fraternity but the current generation of Linux Distributions are much more user friendly to install and use. They also come with easy access to a huge archive of 'free' applications.

One of the most popular distributions of Linux is called Ubuntu (from the Zulu word for 'humanity'). In many respects, Ubuntu is leaner and less sluggish than Microsoft Windows. This means that it will generally run on low-end spec PCs. Because Ubuntu is part of the Open source community, it is also free. It can be downloaded at, but the file size is large (700Mb+) and depending upon your broadband speed, may take a few hours. An alternative is to use one of the cover mounted discs available from an array of Linux periodicals, or you can have a disc sent to you through the post. If the thought of replacing your operating system with an alternative fills you with horror then don't despair. There is a risk free, try-before-you-buy version, known as Live-CD (available from, which will operate directly from a CD that gives you most of the functionality of the installed version. A final option is a USB version that will operate directly from a USB drive without overwriting your existing operating system.

In the next edition, I'll look at some 'free' open source alternatives to paid-for software applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.
Until then, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
The Weaver.

Metheringham Methodist Church - Winter 2008


We have come to the end of our Centenary Celebrations and would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who has supported us over the last six months. A special thanks must go to the singers, the Hi-Notes, the Witham Singers and the Wesley Singers and musicians, Silver Sounds Brass Band, the organists and flute player who entertained us at the Flower Festival. We must also thank Margaret Amos, with the help of Rita Blow, for arranging the Celebration Dinner and Fish & Chip Supper, Doreen Blackband for organising the Flower Festival, the guest preachers, David Perry, Rosemary Coggrove and Wendy Darby and the helpers who prepared the Shared Memories Exhibition and the flowers during our celebrations. Last but not least we would like to say thank you to the members of the congregation who have worked tirelessly to make the celebrations such a success.

We will be holding a Village Carol Service on Tuesday 16th December at 7.00pm followed by refreshments. The Service, led by the Rev Martin Amery our new minister, will include music by the Silver Sounds Brass Band, singing by Metheringham School pupils and carols chosen by village organisations.

Our Christmas Services are as follows;
The service on Sunday 21December is at 10.30am and the preacher is Susan Thornton.
On Christmas Day the service will be at 10.00am and led by the Rev Martin Amery.
There will be no service at Metheringham Methodist Church on Sunday 28 December however, a Circuit Service will be held at Ruskington Methodist Church, at 11.00am, led by the Rev Martin Amery.

Blankney Cricket Club - Winter 2008


Blankney Cricket Club held their end of season Presentation Evening and Dance at Branston Hall Hotel at the end of October with around 50 members attending.
For the club the season had seen its ups and downs with the Saturday side finishing in sixth place in their South Lincs and Borders League and the Sunday XI closing the season in seventh position in the Lincoln Premier League. In the Mid-Week League's the Estates side finished third in Division One - their highest ever finish - and also reached the final of the Senior Cup, which will be played at the start of the 2009, due to the weather causing it to be cancelled. The Club XI, made up this year of a more youthful side, finished eighth in the Second Division but only managed to play four games, again mainly due to the weather.
Several players featured in the League Awards with Saturday side player Lee Allman finishing top of the Outfield Catches Award with 11 catches, while Simon Behan was the second highest run-maker in Division Three. In the Sunday League, new captain Will Carter collected the most catches in all the leagues with thirteen Outfield Catches. He also collected the second most wickets in the League, with 30 victims. Lee Allman had the ninth highest batting average with 28.82 and Andy Foster was fourth highest in the Wicket Keeping, with 7 victims.

The Club Awards, presented on the Evening were:
Saturday Batting - Simon Behan
Saturday Bowling - Lee Allman
Saturday Catch of Season - Lee Allman
Player of Season - Lee Allman
Sunday Batting - Will Carter
Sunday Bowling - Will Carter
Sunday Player of Season - Will Carter
Sunday Catch of the Season - Simon Atkinson
Mid Week XI Batting - Simon Behan
Mid Week XI Bowling - Matt Blackband
Mid Week Estate XI - Will Carter
Mid Week Bowling - Bruce Donald
Clubman of Season - David Pearse
Young Player of the Season - Callum Steele

The Club is always looking for new players and with four sides playing, mid-week between May and August, together with a Saturday side and a Sunday side, there has to be an opportunity to suit the needs of lots of players out there. The club also has a Bar, with drinks at a competitive price.

Nights of Rain & Stars by Maeve Binchy


A Metheringham Reading Group Review


A feel-good book? Happy endings, but predictable and far-fetched. The characters' problems are strictly of their own making so does that make it harder to identify or sympathise with them? Are we interested in how they resolve their problems? Scene and plot descriptions are light and easy to follow - or dull and predictable!
I liked the description of the son weeping into a large blue handkerchief, homesick and disappointed. I liked the way Binchy told his story at a remove. Both father and son were stubborn and proud, much more like one another than they would admit. The story begins and ends at the taverna, the son's homecoming dance an echo of the dance at the funeral.
We gave it a score of 5 for enjoyment and 4½ for the quality of the writing.
Opinions were sharply divided on this book. Those who like Maeve Binchy's work agreed that they prefer her to write about and set her characters in Ireland.

Metheringham Senior Citizens - Winter 2008


Everyone appeared to enjoy the outing to Brigg Garden Centre in October. The bus was full as usual, with 48 passengers, who all enjoyed lunch at the Centre on arrival before an afternoon of shopping.
Our Christmas Stall was held in the Chapel Hall on 20 November and was well supported.
On 11 December we will be having coffee and mince pie at our Coffee Morning. Then on 18 December we have been kindly invited by the Village Hall Committee to the Village Hall where we are to be entertained by the Metheringham Pre-School children. Again coffee and mince pies will be served. Those attending are asked to be seated by 10.00 am. please.
Pam Woolley (Secretary)

Lindum Accordion Club - Winter 2008


The Lindum Accordion Club continues to thrive and to meet at Wragby Town Hall on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings start at 7.30pm and are freely open to visitors (except the December meeting, which is our ticket-only Christmas Social. Sorry!)

On 18 March 2009, we are to be entertained by Rob Thorn, who is undoubtedly one of the country's top accordionists.

Still only 23 years old, Rob won United Kingdom Championship honours at the tender age of 19. He last appeared at the Lindum Accordion Club in 2005, where his lively style of playing and his endearing personality made him an instant hit with the audience. If you like "live" music, then you'll love Rob's musicianship.

There will be no admission charge for the evening, and non-members will be made welcome. It would be good to see you there - enjoying a night to remember.

For other information about the Lindum Accordion Club, please contact Geoff Brown on (01526) 321490

Metheringham Village Hall - Winter 2008


The village hall has now completed its 21st Century Energy Efficiency Improvements project, and our grateful thanks go to all who helped in any way to make this possible. After the cavity wall insulation had been completed and the double glazed units had been installed, we had solar panels fitted to the roof to heat water for the kitchen and toilets. You may have seen the large hole which appeared in the car park, but thankfully the rainwater harvesting tank fitted, and the surface has been reinstated. This tank collects all the rainwater that falls on the village hall roof, and is used to flush the toilets.

The Race Night on 15 November, held in the Londesborough Arms pub (our thanks go to Reg and Sharon), was great fun. Serious money changed hands, but not all of us came away with more than we started with!

As a thank you for your continued support, Metheringham Village Hall Management Committee will host their 2nd Christmas Family Party.
This will be a FREE evening of entertainment for all the family, where we will showcase some of our talented local groups.

Come and join us. Relax and enter the Christmas Spirit!
AT 6.30 PM
entertainment including
Silversounds Brass Band / Starlite Twirlers / Line Dancers
Side stalls / Tombola / Raffle / Childrens Games
Mulled Wine / Mince Pies / Beer / Wine / Tea / Coffee
and special guest


Just before the party gets into full swing
there will be a short publicity presentation at
6.00 pm
by County Councillor Mrs Pat Bradwell
on behalf of
the Lincolnshire Community Grant Scheme.

A commemorative plaque will be presented to mark receipt of the award made by the Village Hall Management Committee for their 21st Century Energy Efficiency Project.
Everyone is most welcome to come and celebrate with us.

Metheringham Library - Winter 2008


News from Metheringham Library
Things are going well at the library and our customers are gradually getting used to the new opening hours, which are

Monday 2pm to 5pm
Wednesday 2pm to 7pm
Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday 10am to 1pm

We had the library's 40th birthday celebrations on 14th November which was also Children in Need Day. We served tea, coffee and birthday cake to our customers in return for donations, which raised £25 for the children's charity. We had a display of photos of Metheringham village in the 1960s and 1990s and also of library staff dressed for their appearances at The Feast over the past few years. It was interesting to look at old pictures of the children's activities and recognise those who are now teenagers.
We have re-launched storytime on Fridays from 2.15 to 2.45. This will be every week as we have been lucky enough to get Jacki to host these events.
We will be having a Christmas coffee afternoon on Friday 19 December. Come along and join us for a mince pie and coffee.
Our reading group continues at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Star and Garter and we also have computer classes run by Lincoln College on Thursday mornings and afternoons.
Pauline Ventress

MAWS - Winter 2008


Metheringham Animal Welfare Supporters volunteers have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for their Christmas Market. Short of drivers this year to collect prizes and put out posters and road signs etc. so the faithful few have worked twice as hard. What is it they say about working the willing horse? Ticketing up the Tombola prizes (over 500) is a job and a half but great fun. Some how all gets done in the nick of time.

On Saturday 15 November in Metheringham Village Hall the market opened its doors to customers eager to buy their Christmas presents and goodies. Many head for the snack bar to sample the home cooking. The raffle looks good with 70 fantastic prizes plus the star prize, a mountain bike! A good assortment of craft and gift stalls, books, toys, jewellery, preserves etc., something for everyone. But it is noticeable that there was less money about. A sign of the times I guess. The bills are not yet in but we hope to have a profit of about £800. Down on last year by almost £100. Still every penny raised is a small step in the right direction.

MAWS committee would like to thank all the wonderful folk who donated all the prizes, all the volunteers who worked so hard, both on the day and behind the scene all year. A special thank you, to the six new volunteers who jumped in at the eleventh hour at the market and saved the day. A massive thank you to the public for their generous support, without whom MAWS could do nothing. Bless you all for caring.
Have a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.
Joyce Muncey (Sec)

Events for 2009
Fri 20 Feb - an evening of clairvoyance with John Wattam from Doncaster in Metheringham Village Hall - doors open at 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start. Raffle / refreshments. Admission by ticket only (£5.00) more information and tickets - phone 01526 321436

Sat 4 April / 6 June / 1 Aug / 3 Oct - Table Top / Car Boots, Metheringham Village Hall - phone above no. for further details.

Nocton Carol Concert - 20 Dec 2008



Sat 20 December 2008 at 7.30 pm £5.00 on the door
to include refreshments

Dunston Methodist Church - Winter 2008


Messy Church - Saturday Takeaway 6 December 4 pm "the best Christmas photo"
Christmas Eve worship - 24 December 11.30 pm a candlelight service to welcome Christmas

During the village scarecrow weekend in September, which involved 81 households in the village displaying a scarecrow, we were able to offer toilet facilities to those walking round the village and John Wesley stood at our doorway to welcome all. We were delighted to note that 4 toilet rolls were used so clearly we were a welcome refuge for many !!

We have been busy this quarter with an alternative to Hallow'een. This children's party provided families with something to do on Hallow'een which was not celebrating darkness, but light. 19 children played party games, enjoyed crafts and ate a party tea, finishing with a circle of light in the chapel. It was lovely to see how the children settled down from all the party excitement to a few moments of quiet as we enjoyed the candlelight and the sense of Gods' presence with us.

In the new year we are planning to extend our messy church events to include some Sunday mornings. The pattern will be
Messy Church - First Sunday in January, February, April, May, July, August, October and November - 10 am
with Messy Church - Saturday Takeaway on the first Saturday in March, June, September and December - 4 pm.
Our aim is to be church - but not as you know it!

If you would like to know more call Beth 321919 or Jenny 321627. Messy Church provides family friendly events and activities with a Christian theme. The emphasis is on fun and friendship and you would be very welcome

In September a record attendance of 39 at the lunch club meant a panic as we almost ran out of food. Fortunately our team of helpers has increased recently so we are able to cope. It is a joy for those who eat and those who serve and has enabled us to make donations to LIVES and Dunston School in recent months. Lunch is available at 12 pm on the third Friday of the month
Tuesday Chewers will be considering Philippians on the 3rd and 4th Tuesday each month at 7.30 pm. If you are interested in fellowship and bible study with a generous helping of delicious cake, this could be the place for you! Details from John Corrie 830192 or Beth McLuckie 321919

Finally may we at Dunston Methodist Church wish you peace and joy at Christmas and in the year to come.

Twirlers - Winter 2008


Starlite Twirlers
We would like to keep you all updated with what has been happening in Starlite Twirlers over the last few months.
Before the last competition, to help with costume costs, it was decided that a sponsored spin would be arranged.
On the day it was set into four sections, the winners of each section were: Rosie MacDavid, Mia Coucom, Shannon Brammer and Claire McDavid who all received chocolates.

Metheringham Village Hall 50/50 Sale - Aug 2008


The Village Hall was bustling on Saturday 30 August as nearly 200 lots went under the hammer. Lots included everything from TVs and bicycles to crockery and door stops. A swinging garden seat and walking machine proved popular with the waiting audience and the final amount raised was almost £650 which will go towards the current hall improvements project, involving solar panels and CCTV. The Committee would especially like to thank John Duggins for recovering in time to be auctioneer and to all those who helped with carrying, running and co-ordinating during the event and to the kitchen staff whose bacon rolls and jam scones proved very popular.

Dot Howe
(Village Correspondent)

LIVES - Winter 2008

L.I.V.E.S. alive in Metheringham call in and meet your local First Responder Group Find out more about us and what we do We would like to see you Saturday 17 January 10.00 am - 12.00 noon Methodist Chapel Hall, Metheringham Tea and cake!


Many thanks to all who supported our stall at the Fayre and Feast. We had a busy afternoon and were, as always, encouraged to meet and chat to so many of the Metheringham and Dunston people who have benefited from a LIVES Responder visit. Congratulations to Mrs Dobbs from the Haven who was the winner of the name the baby competition. She chose the name Amber for our resusci baby. Baby Amber is our latest training resource, purchased with the money donated by our local supporters. She is a functioning dummy, enabling our intermediate responders to practise esuscitation techniques to be used on babies and small children. Paediatric callouts are a small but vital part of the work of our more experienced and highly trained responder. Thank you also for the donation from the Baumber family. We are very grateful for the generosity of their friends and family, and their ongoing support of our work. Just a quick note to anyone who wishes to support us financially, all cheques must be made payable to LIVES, as the bank will not accept cheques made out to First Responders. We wish you all a very merry Christmas, and hope not to see too many of you during the festivities!! Jenny Hutchinson - Group Co-ordinator 01526 321627

Dunston Twinning Association - Winter 2008


We are preparing for our next visit to Trangé, our twin village 8kms west of Le Mans. This will take place next April. Each year we visit each other - alternatively in France and England. There is always a programme of events to enjoy along with some free time with your host family. We will travel by Eurostar again as it was so enjoyable last time. We hope eventually to be able to set off from Metheringham now the St Pancras station terminus has opened.

This year has seen the establishment a link between the primary schools in the two villages. Children are exchanging letters and learning about life in a different country. We hope to support this link as much as we can as we know how valuable cross channel friendships are!

If you are interested in twinning contact us for information.
We are planning a Casino Evening in Dunston village hall on 28 February.
Tickets will be available from Beth McLuckie 321919 or Ralph Timms 322515

Old Photographs - A Request


Can anyone help please on a couple of issues?

Issue One - I was born at the Green Man pub in Fen Lane, Metheringham.
We used to have some pictures of the building showing the pub sign. I seem to remember that Grandad Nicholson, the licensee, was standing in the doorway. My family and I can not find the pictures any more and if anyone has got any of these could we please beg a copy please.
Issue Two - Our Dad, Jock Byers, played football for Meg, Blankney and Dunston. My brother George also thinks he may have played for TanVats and Martin as well. He is not shown on any of the pictures of football teams on MACLA website so if anyone has any pictures with him in them, we would love to beg a copy of these too please!!
Young Jock - (Peter Byers)

Angels - Winter 2008


Angels have had yet another successful year. They took part in the UBT competition in Great Yarmouth over the weekend of the 17 - 20 October and came home with a clutch of medals and trophies. In total they won 24 1st places, 18 2nd places and 7 3rd places. The girls had all been working very hard and this paid off particularly for the tinies who won first place in all 3 of their sections and Junior Baton won first place beating 5 other troupes for the top spot.

We are actively recruiting new members, so anyone age 5 and over why not come along and have a try. We train on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, for more information call Cathy Taylor-Ramond on: 01526 323589.

Metheringham Pre-School - Winter 2008


Metheringham Pre-School (formerly Playgroup) has been established for approximately 40 years and has always been housed in the Village Hall - I'm sure a number of people reading this article will have belonged to the group in their early years.

The group was started by a group of parents for children and their parents and its main aim is and always has been to provide a happy, secure learning environment for children where they can gain confidence, knowledge and socialise with others from the local community. Many friendships started at the Playgroup have endured the test of time.

The group has always joined in with community activities from the days of the Carnival Floats to the present day Fayre and Feast and continues to do so, helping to instil a sense of belonging from an early age.

Over the years the group has evolved and is now registered and inspected by Ofsted. At the last inspection in 2006 the Pre-School education was judged as outstanding and, at that time, was the first pre-school in Lincolnshire to achieve that standard.
The atmosphere is welcoming, the Staff and Committee are friendly, approachable and caring and their greatest wish is to help further the all-round development of happy, secure children.

The group is registered as a Charity with the main source of income being attendance fees. Although the groups finances are currently okay, because numbers of children have reduced and other costs have risen, over the last couple of years the financial position has started to deteriorate.

The Committee must raise more funds and needs the communities help with this. This will make sure that the group continues to provide an excellent standard of service for children in the local area and can continue to run in future years.
So far the plans include:
* Making a small increase in the feesin January (this won't affect thosewho are getting free nursery places)
* Doing more to advertise the Preschool for example in the MACLA Magazine
* More fund raising events such as asking for a contribution for relatives (other than parents) to attend the Christmas Nativity play
* Sponsorship from within the local community. for example, a Race Night in November hosted by the Star and Garter in Metheringham.

Please support the group. You may have ideas for raising funds, or know of people that would be prepared to sponsor the group, if so, let Anna Russel, the Pre-School leader know. Sponsorship can take different forms for example via donations, or providing raffle prizes etc.

The Committee's main job is to concentrate on raising funds for the Pre-School. We are only a very small group and few have children currently attending. We have 3 main meetings a year and the next one is Wednesday 28 January 2009, 8.00pm at the Star and Garter, Metheringham, please join us.

Pauline Moore - Chairperson

Nocton Art Group - Winter 2008


In January 2000 a small group of local people responded to an Ad placed in the Post Office. Basically it said anyone who would like to form an Art Group should meet at 1 Wrays Yard to discuss the prospect. About a dozen people came and NAG was born. We initially decided to meet in our kitchen on a Tuesday afternoon and evening, allowing those folk who were working an opportunity to come in the evening. It wasn't long before we had to transfer to the Village Hall and there has been a good core of about 20 people meeting regularly ever since. (We now meet only on a Tuesday afternoon).

The original intention was for a group of like-minded people to be able to encourage each other, sharing skills and experience on a workshop situation. This does go on but it soon became evident that some basic input on 'how-to-do-it' was really needed. An exploration of media and techniques slowly followed. Handouts and projects which explained and explored some of the basics gradually emerged.

But let me tell you about Polly. One evening in the week following the decision to form the group there was a knock on my door. When I opened it I was confronted with a 12 year old young lady clutching a small folder in her hand. She said "I wonder if I could join the Art Club?" She explained that she had some drawings, offering to show me what she had done (" If they are good enough"). Well, to be frank, I was astonished at the maturity of the pencil drawings which she had brought to show me. So, Polly became the youngest member of the group. She did very well at 'O' level and is now completing a degree course in Sheffield - on a totally unrelated area!

Some of the group who came to those first sessions are still coming. But, like most groups, some people have come to learn a little while others have been for the companionship or to help them over a difficult period in their lives. Some have come to learn how to eg "paint in water-colour" but most have stayed because whatever we do they are being offered an insight into Art in a wider context. I must say its a great delight sharing in their thrill of discovery and achievement. Over the years we have all learned something , even if its how to have a laugh at ourselves when things go "Blot".

What has been good for me is to see how people's work has matured. It is great to see what people can achieve given the encouragement and support. But, I have to say I am not content to do "flowers" in water colours year in and year out. To me that would be like going to Grimsby for your holidays every year! No, I want to do new things, explore life and, I hope, our group reflects something of that.

My thanks to Odile for her support and to everyone who has persevered with us through my eccentricities and teaching style.
PS - my apologies to anyone who comes from, lives or loves Grimsby - especially as a holiday resort!

Metheringham Primary School News - Winter 2008


September saw the start of another school year at Metheringham. We were joined by 35 new pupils, 31 of which were starting school for the first time. All of our new pupils have settled well and are now getting ready to support more new pupils due to join us during Term 2.

School visits were arranged for our Key Stage 2 pupils during Term 1. Upper Key Stage 2 went to Magna in Rotherham for a wonderful science based day. They also spent time finding out about the geography and history of the Rotherham/Sheffield area and of how the artist Lowry captured images of industrial landscapes in his artwork. Lower Key Stage 2 pupils went to York to visit the Jorvik museum and The Dig as part of their Viking topic. They concluded their studies on the Vikings with a mock Viking invasion day in school when staff and pupils came dressed for the occasion.

Friends of Dunston School - Winter 2008


We held our annual sponsored walk in October, on a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon. Over 100 people took part in the three and a half mile walk around the fields surrounding our village. The event was fantastically well organised as usual and we express our thanks to Sally and Garrie Darling for their hard work. Although we have not yet received a grand total raised, we are sure to have added considerably to the pot of money waiting to be spent on the new library. Thanks to all the walkers and all who sponsored them too!

Our next event will be the school Christmas Fayre to be held on Friday 12 December between 3 and 4.30pm in the school. All are welcome to join us for stalls, games, refreshments and Christmas entertainment.

In the new year, look out for our upcoming events which will include a repeat of last years highly successful 'torchlight treasure hunt', and hopefully a pamper evening for all the ladies.
Jenny Hutchinson (Secretary) 01526321627

Metheringham Football Club - Winter 2008


The football club is urgently looking for players who feel they could do a good job for one of our three senior sides. The Saturday XI play in the Lincoln Saturday League, the Sunday 1st XI plays in the Lincoln Sunday Premier League and the Sunday 2nd XI in Division Four. If you are up to the challenge please contact Club Secretary, Pete Ford on 01526 320016

Doorstep Crime


What is Doorstep Crime?

doorstep crime.jpg

This is crime arising from doorstep callers, who may be high pressure sales people, bogus officials, distraction burglars, bogus workmen and rogue traders who, for example, tell you work needs doing and then charge extortionately high prices.
Distraction burglary is where one caller keeps you talking or diverts your attention elsewhere while an accomplice sneaks in and steals from you. Both distraction burglary and rogue trading is committed by the same criminal element.

What is a No Cold Calling Zone?
This is an area identified as being one where the residents are deemed to be at risk of Doorstep criminal activity. It can have a high proportion of older and vulnerable residents or contains residents who have been targeted by Doorstep criminals in the past. These are usually identified by the local police teams, parish councils or residents groups such as Neighbourhood watch.

How can they be set up?
Trading Standards will oversee and fund the setting up of the No Cold Calling Zones. We will work alongside the police and parish council to identify suitable areas. We will assist in the canvassing of the residents as a majority decision from them is needed before a zone can be set up and at the same time can answer any questions they have regarding the zone. We will supply and fit signs to lamp posts signifying the area is a NCCZ and issue every resident in the zone with an information pack and door sticker saying they do not buy from cold callers, we will also supply and fit door chains free of charge where needed. It is good if one of the residents is prepared to act as a co-ordinator and become a point of contact between the residents and Trading Standards / Police

What do they do?
They generate a feeling of social cohesion and give residents the confidence and opportunity to collectively say NO to cold callers.
They create an interest in the comings and goings of strangers and workmen in the area and generate an acceptable nosy attitude amongst the residents. NCCZ are not designed to stop all callers, regular ones such as Gas and Electric readers, milkmen and your own catalogue or Avon reps should not be deterred.
Rogue trading and Distraction burglaries are rare in Lincolnshire but when they do occur they can be devastating. Most people who call at your home will be genuine, however some are not.
If In Doubt - Keep Them Out !!!
Graham Penn,
Doorstep Crime Co-ordinator,
Lincolnshire Trading Standards

Metheringham WI - Winter 2008


Another year nearly over for Metheringham's W.I. Meetings. There are just two more to conclude the year. In November there will be a talk on Dolls houses and their furniture and December, The Christmas Social.

All the previous meetings were well attended, interesting and successful. October was an open meeting when the Bourne Borderers Morris Dancers demonstrated their skills - sticks and all!! It was great fun, especially when we had a go.Their visit was well advertised around the village and it was a shame we only had a few visitors. It was a "Fun evening".

The Make, Bake and Show was held in Great Hale Village Hall this year. There were many entries and Metheringham came a very creditable 4/27. jean Simpson and Coral Earney won cups for needlework and photography.

The Craft Evening in October was taken by some of our skilful members. We could have a go at paper-folding, making petit-fours, knotting techniques and cross-stitching.
2009 commences with the Christmas Dinner, to be held at Blankney Golf Club.
Don't forget - there is always room for new members and visitors. Meetings are held in Metheringham Village Hall on the third Wednesday of every month.

Metheringham WI - A Poem


An Invitation

A group of friendly ladies
Third Wednesday of every month
Meeting in the Village Hall
A happy, helpful bunch

We love to see new faces
Audrey Webb leads the team,
Her quizzes are fun to do -
Her chocolate cakes - a dream.

You don't have to sing Jerusalem,
Make jam or bake a cake.
I joined because of the people
The last thing I want to do is bake!

If all you need is a chat,
A biscuit, talk and tea.
There's always a friendly face,
And a sympathetic, listening ear.

There are talks, trips and outings.
Sports: Table Tennis, Bowling and Darts.
A chance to learn new things,
And enjoy Music, Craft and Arts.

New members are always welcome
To join Metheringham W.I.
Please come along in 2009
And give an evening a try.

Jill Spooner

M.A.D.S.P.A. - Winter 2008


The Halloween Fancy Dress Disco was a big success with many children receiving their badges and certificates from Kerri and Becky, the swimming teachers. Kerri has taken over from Dave Williams and Becky is the Assistant teacher. Becky is "Home Grown" in that she swam in the pool as a child, went onto Rookie Lifeguards, then Bronze Medallion and Lifeguarded at the pool. She assisted the Rookie instructor at the pool and Lifeguarded for the school lessons. She trained as a LIVES First Responder and can often be seen on duty in the Village. We are very proud of her.

If you would like to follow in Becky's footsteps and would be interested in Lifeguarding and earning part time money in the Summer, then contact Dian on 07932 520362 or 01526 321581. If you are 15/16 you can train during the Spring to start work when the pool opens in May. Branston Community College offers training to pupils, and you have to be 16 years old to work with us. Alternatively, we offer Rookie Lifeguard courses to young people as a fun sport and an introduction to lifesaving and water safety. Children need to be secondary school age preferably, classes are on Tuesday evenings, for an hour and start from 6pm.

The Association are very grateful to the family and friends of Dian Willis, who sadly died recently. Dian requested that any money raised at her funeral be given to the swimming pool. Dian was involved with the pool from it's beginning. We have commissioned a wooden seat from a local craftsmen to be put in the pool picnic area, and we will put a plaque on it to remember her generosity. Also, thanks are given to the patrons of the Star and Garter, who donated the proceeds from the annual vegetable show to the swimming pool. We may have to spend the majority of both donations on replacing the Summer covers, which are totally beyond repair now.

Dian Robinson

Martin Cricket Club - Winter 2008


Returning to the Premier League after an absence of a number of years Martin Cricket Club did themselves proud, finishing fourth and reaching the final of the Village Trophy. They held their Presentation Evening at the Royal Oak Martin on Sat15 November with the following awards presented to:
Batting Dave Newman
Bowling Dave Newman
Fielding Ryan Simpkins
Most Improved Player Tom Harrison
Player's Player Dave Gollop
In memory of Charlie Whitaker (president) and Trevor Davies (chairman), who both died at the end of 2007, the Club donated a seat to the village. This was sited outside the Village Hall.

Genealogy - Winter 2008


About Old Meg
I am proud to come from Meg - I was born in the Green Man pub on Fen Road.
Recently, it has started to concern me that the history of "Old Meg" is getting lost.
I know only too well that the "MACLA" - - website, is doing a stunning job at preserving lots of the history.
I decided to try to build a couple of Web Sites to Compliment and Supplement it.
This is to announce the opening of the first one of them - it is -
Please feel free to add to it Pete Byers

North Family and Boat People
I am doing the 'North' family tree. They lived in boats on the Delph and most came from Metheringham from 1799 until 1891 when then they moved to Bardney. I was just wondering if anyone has anything on the Boat People back then or any old photos etc.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you

1841 - 1901 Censuses
I am willing to do census lookups from 1841 to 1901 free of charge for Metheringham and surrounding villages. Just post as much info that you have on the family and I will see what I can find. Ricky

Keziah Wick
I am researching the Marshall family of Bethnal Green in London.
William Marshall (born 1785) married Keziah Wick (born 1780) believed to be in Metheringham, noted as Norfolk?
Any information would be appreciated.

Family History - Atkin Family
I would like to make contact with any Atkin families still in the Metheringham area (including families directly related through marriage). My own direct line left the area in the 1870s but related branches were still there about 1900
Thanks Fred Atkin

Metheringham Over 60s - Winter 2008


We have had a very busy few months with our Harvest / Auction, the Jar Stall at the Fayre and Feast and our Coffee Morning, in total we raised £1,150 for club funds. On behalf of the Committee I would like to say a sincere thank you to all our helpers and those who have supported us at these events.

Our last trip of the year is to Thursford for the Christmas Spectacular.
The Christmas Dinner is well in hand, this is a Members only meeting for those members who have a valid ticket and qualify for the event.
The Summer holiday to Eastbourne was, I am reliably informed, a great success, especially the visit to the Brighton Pavilion.
Tinsel and Turkey holiday this year will be celebrated in Wales.

If anyone has suggestions for the trips next year please tell a member of the Committee so we may take them into consideration when planning next year's agenda.
We still have a long waiting list for membership, so if you are approaching sixty years or over and think you would like to join us, please let us know so we can place your name on the list. New members will not be enrolled until May 2009 but visitors are welcome from January 2009 at a cost off £2.00 per person per visit. For this you get an evening entertainment with tea/ coffee and biscuit at the interval.
Diary dates
9 January G & T
4 February Nick and Anita
4 March AGM
On behalf of the committee I wish all members, friends and supporters a Happy Christmas and All Good Wishes for a Prosperous New Year.
Ann Crooks (Secretary)

Metheringham Bowls Club - Winter 2008


In the words of our chairman, John Sutton, at our recent AGM, 2008 was a "nearly season". We nearly won everything but ended up winning very little. However we were the League Champions in the EBA Triples League - the first match we lost was the very last one of the season. In all our other leagues we performed very well, and came very close to the top of the tables in most of them. As John (Sutty) said in his address, Metheringham is now a team to be reckoned with, at every level.

A lot of work has been done on our green since the end of the 2008 season in early September. Contractors were brought in and the whole green was deeply scarified, then five tons of top dressing and 5 tons of top soil were applied. Following that the whole green was re-seeded. Further work has also been done, and after a bit of TLC from our green-keeper, Maurice White, by the end of April 2009 it should be fit for the crème de la crème and will be the envy of all our competitors.

Unfortunately all this work has to be paid for, so our fund raising is ongoing. We had a successful coffee morning in the pavilion in early September. And this year, for the first time in many years, we booked a stand at Metheringham Feast because Graham Dales, one of our members, had generously donated a Mountain Bike. We raffled the bike off and made lots of money for the club - but special thanks to Nigel Maitland-Powell (formerly of the Scarf and Goggles) who stood at the side of our stand, yelled like a fish wife, and brought in the punters - and of course many thanks to Graham, for giving us the bike in the first place. (The bike was won by H. Houlden of Lincon Rd. Metheringham, the whiskey was won by Mr R Snell, of Pullman Close, Metheringham and the sweets were won by J. Browett of Princess Margaret Ave., Metheringham).
Next Spring we shall again be joining forces with the Football Club to stage a race night - more about that in the next issue of the MACLA magazine.

We would like to wish all our members and supporters a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
If you would like to play bowls, please contact me -
Dawn Smith on 01526 320502 or e-mail me -

The Sound of Brass


My recent wedding day was made all the more perfect by local brass band, The Silver Sounds Band playing for us in the service at St Oswald Church, Blankney. The acoustics in the church were superb for such music and proudly walking up the aisle on my dad's arm before the service to the sound of The Bridle March by Lohengrin sent tingles down my spine. Whilst signing the register the band played a medley of music and then my day was complete as I walked back down the aisle on the arm of my husband Duncan to the Wedding March by Mendelssohn. If anyone is looking for music for their wedding, be assured they would not go far wrong in booking the Silver Sounds Brass Band - they were superb - thank you
Michelle Bustin (nee Ford)

Arthur Pendragon and the Sword of Destiny


The M.A.D. Panto
Arthur Pendragon and the Sword of Destiny will be performed on Friday and Saturday the 30 and 31 January and the 6 and 7 February 2009 in Metheringham Village Hall.
This is a brand new pantomime written by MAD member Ingrid Burns who is also directing the production. Rehearsals are well under way with a strong cast and chorus and plenty of thigh slapping and banter.
Tickets will be available before Christmas so can be used as Christmas presents and they will be on sale at Info Links and D & K news. They will also be available at the village hall party on Friday 19 December.
Evening performances will be at 7.30 p.m. with matinees on the Saturdays at 2.30 p.m.
Come along and support the performers - it is a - "Not to be Missed" - Production

Police News (Winter 2008) from PC Simon Gordon


It is hard to believe that I am writing an article for the Winter issue of MACLA already. This year has absolutely flown-by.


Your area continues to be a safe and pleasant place to live, with a very low crime-rate.
However, theft of metals has recently been a regular problem, particularly in rural areas. Lead from church-roofs and other properties has been stolen, as well as copper-pipes and wiring, metal road-signs, drain-covers and almost anything not nailed-down (including some that are, like your village seat). I am pleased to report that these crimes have greatly reduced.

Nocton Cricket Club Review - Winter 2008


Nocton Cricket Club held their end of season presentation dinner at The White Horse, Dunston Fen, on Saturday 18 October.
The following cups were presented to players for their efforts during the recent season:
Best Batting : David Franklin.
Best Bowling : David Glew.
Best Fielding : Roy Bates.
Best Young Players : Johnny Howat,Sam Palmer and John Franklin.
Most Improved : Cameron Donald.
All rounder : Darren Swift.
Club-man : David Glew.
President's Cup : John Credidio.
Most Man of Match Awards : John Credidio.
And finally, Most Ducks : Bruce Donald !

The team had a very enjoyable season, finishing seventh in the Lincoln & District League's Sunday Division Two, winning some games but losing others.
It is all to look forward to again in 2009.
If anyone would like to join a friendly, family oriented club, they could telephone the chairman,
David Glew, on (01526) 321756.

Star and Garter Vegetable and Produce Show 2008


The Star and Garter Vegetable and Produce Show 2008 was held on Monday 1st September and was widely supported with good entries for all classes and very generous contributions in the auction and the purchase of raffle tickets. The total amount raised this year was £614.80 which has been given to Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association who hope to use it to buy new covers for the pool.

Cauliflower Sheep

The judges this year were District Councillor Bill Chambers and his wife Mollie. The main event, Best Vegetable Tray, was won by Roy Redshaw with John Harrison second and Fred Darwood third. Best Marrow was won by Marlene James with John Harrison second and R Greenwood third. John Harrison won best Onion with Gandy Gray second and Kevin Doughty third. In the cookery classes the best and runner up Fruit cakes were both baked by Janet Woods with Karen Atkin in third. Best sponge belonged to Polly Flanders with Karen Atkin second and Stella Whitehead third Stella's jam beat E Morton with Carol Pearse third. Tammy Walker won best decorated cakes with Rita Bell second and Sarah Pearse third. The Children's Novelty vegetable was won by Declan Hastie with Sophie Morton second and Millie Walker in third. Doreen Blackband won the best flower arrangement with Janet Woods second and Sarah Pearse third.

Winners 2008 Meg Veg Show

Maggie, Lynne and Sarah provided a magnificent buffet for all competitors and friends and co-ordinated the afternoon. The Grand Auction of Produce was managed by Stephen Wildgoose, Butch and Kev Woods. Butch and Maggie would like to thank all who made the afternoon another village success.

Veg Show 2008