December 9, 2006

News Magazine 25 - Winter 2006 - Editor’s Corner

What do they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Amazingly it is now over two years since I took over the Editor’s job and this is my ninth attempt. I guess it could even be suggested now that I am an old hand at it, although I would say it is a time consuming job.
An amazing fact is that this Winter Edition sees us reach a milestone as it is our 25th Anniversary issue. That means that over 50,000 copies of this publication have been delivered through the doors of most of the households in and around Metheringham. There is no doubt in my mind that “the little Green book” has become an integral part of our community and feed-back would suggest it is well received and long may it continue. All it remains for me to say on behalf of all members of MACLA is that we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Pete Ford

Pete Ford (Editor)

MACLA Christmas Fun Quiz

Movies either about Christmas or set at Christmas time. Fill in the blanks. The year the Movie was first released is given in brackets.

1. S _ _ _ _ _ _ (1951)
2. I _ _ A W _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L _ _ _ (1946)
3. T _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ (1981)
4. S _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ T _ _ M _ _ _ _ (1985)
5. H _ _ _ _ _ _ I _ _ (1942)
6. T _ _ P _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ (2004)
7. S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (1988)
8. H _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ (1990)
9. E _ _ (2003)
10. H _ _ T _ _ G _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (2000)
11. W _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (1954)
12. D _ _ H _ _ _ (1988)
13. A C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ (1971)
14. M _ _ _ _ _ _ O _ 34 _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ (1994)
15. T _ _ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (1993)

Results in next edition or on in January.
The Weaver

St Andrew Day

saltire.jpg72 people gathered in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall on Thursday 30 November to celebrate St Andrew Day. The Haggis was piped in by Mrs Jane Palmer, this got the evening off to a good start. The Tatties and Neeps were kindly donated and cooked by Butch at the Star and Garter, he also cooked the Haggis. Sarah made the trifles, Doreen Blackband made beautiful table arrangements, Rita Blow and Brenda Robertson prepared the Hall, Scott Amos, Rod Sanders and Christopher Hill acted as waiters. Janet and Bert Wood were behind the scenes in the kitchen. The meal ended with tea/coffee and shortbread. The WOW Singers (Wilfrids Occasional Warblers) opened the entertainment, Jill Corah sang two solos, Gaynor Little read a monologue, Jane Palmer played her bagpipes and Margaret Amos read two poems. The evening rounded off with everyone joining the WOW Singers to sing two songs.
'Grateful thanks to Jane Foster for her patience, time and direction in getting us into shape'.
A good night was had by all and £500 was raised for the St Wilfrid’s Church Fabric Fund.
My sincere thanks to all who gave their support and everyone who came to make the evening a success.

Margaret Amos

Metheringham Bowls Club

The Bowls Club in Metheringham was founded in 1927 on land owned by the Townsend Family. The entrance to the green is situated on the footpath which runs between Alfred Avenue and Prince’s Street (opposite the sports field car park). In later years the site was bequeathed to the village (to be administered by the Parish Council) by Miss Patricia Townsend, with the proviso that it should be used as a bowling green for as long as there was a need for it.

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Lincoln Beat Police Team View

LincsPoliceBadge.pngBy Your Local Police Community Beat Team

Hello from PC Simon Gordon.
As already mentioned in the magazine, I have very recently taken over the local beat from PC Carl Annal. I am your new beat-team manager. This sounds very grand, and in fact means I am the new local bobby.
I have responsibility for Bracebridge Heath, Branston, Nocton, Dunston, Potterhanworth, Metheringham, and Blankney.

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MAD Old Time Music Hall review

The Old Time Music Hall was a totally new venture for MAD which proved to be very successful. The MAD boys and girls certainly showed their talents, not only in acting, but also in singing and comedy numbers.

The soloists all gave excellent performances, singing a range of songs including sad ballads and comedy numbers. Special thanks must go to the ladies’ chorus who not only played a supporting role but also stepped in to fill the breach with ‘Danny Boy’ when one of the solists was unfortunately taken ill. All were under the expert direction of Jane Foster to whom we owe sincere thanks for her professional input and support. The costumes were all carefully made to give an authentic atmosphere to the proceedings

Members of the Lincs Harmony Barbershop Club singing under the name of “The St Louis Singers” appeared as our special guests and treated us to their special brand of singing and amusing entertainment.


And lastly, Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to commend to you the performance of ‘Your Very Own - Mr Terry Smith’ who hosted the proceedings as Chairman and kept us entertained with his wit, charm and charisma.

Our Pantomime this year is ‘Aladdin’ which will be at the Village Hall on 19, 20, 26 and 27 January. Tickets will be available from Infolinks and The Caroline Road Hair Studio.

Gwyneth Holland

All Saint’s Church - Nocton

Saturday 16th December
from 7.30 pm
Entry £3.00 on the door (including refreshments)

Metheringham Squash Rackets Club

Metheringham Squash Rackets Club was built in the mid 70’s. the time of the big squash boom when Squash was as Golf is today - the ‘in thing’. At that time players were only allowed two courts per week and the Club had 25 leagues. After several changes of ownership and a big decline in the interest in squash the Club was closed for a short period until it was purchased in the early 1990s by Blankney Estates. A committee of players was set up to run the Club on behalf of the Members, the Club being leased off Blankney Estates as it still is today. The first tentative days were fraught with worries whether the Club would be viable but this proved totally unfounded and the Club thrived and continues to do so.

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Friends of Dunston School

The Friends of Dunston School are this year raising money for books and furnishings for the new reference library at Dunston St Peter’s, as well as working together with the NCH to raise money for other children in the area.
The first item on the agenda for the New Year will be a large Charity Auction to be held at Dunston Village Hall on Saturday 3 February 2007, doors open 7 pm.
Proceeds for this event are to be shared between the FODS and NCH, the children’s charity, who do a lot of excellent work on projects helping disabled and deprived children and their families in Lincolnshire. We have already secured some fantastic and interesting items, days out and promises to be auctioned and look forward to seeing many of you there, helping to raise money for this worthy cause and perhaps bagging yourself a bargain!
The annual Race Night will again be held at the Red Lion Pub on the Thursday before Easter, which will be Thursday 5 April 2007. This is always a wonderfully exciting evening, great fun for all (win or lose!) and we are sure next year will be no exception.
All are welcome to both of these great events, for more details or for companies or individuals wishing to help us with an item for the Charity Auction,
please contact Mrs J. Coggan (Secretary) on 01526 322499

Call for helpers

Volunteers are sort to set up a group to help look after the South (closed) St Wilfrid’s Churchyard and the Spring, off Drury Street. Both these areas are steeped in wildlife and rare plants and flowers. Those volunteering do not need any experience but must understand and have a love of nature and be willing to learn. Anyone interested in becoming involved can they please contact Heather Morrison on 01526 321214

North Kesteven District Council Grants Available

Grants for home improvements are now available for private homes. Under the Council’s financial assistance policy, a grant of up to £5,000 can be used for areas of a home that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard and that may affect the health or safety of people living there.
Typical projects could include extra insulation, roof repairs or replacement doors and windows .Normally, if you have lived in your home for 3 years or more, if there are children under 16 years or disabled or older persons living at the house, and you receive certain means tested benefits then you could qualify.
You can only qualify if you own your own home or are a private tenant with responsibility for repairs and maintenance of your home.
For an initial chat about what might be available to you, contact North Kesteven District Council’s Housing Renewal Section at the District Council’s headquarters in Kesteven Street, Sleaford, telephone 01529 414155 or 01522 699699 if calling from a Lincoln number. You can also see or email or

Library News

As the season of goodwill approaches (ever faster every year, or so it seems!), on behalf of Pauline, Mel, Julia and myself, may I take this opportunity to wish all our readers, old and new, a very merry Christmas and peaceful New Year.
The Library Ladies
Life carries on at a pace here in the Library. We would like to apologise for the occasions recently when we have had to close, at short notice, but hope not too many of you were inconvenienced! Hopefully the situation looks a little brighter now and these closures may become a thing of the past.
By way of a thank you to you all for being so understanding (and just because it’s Christmas!) we will be holding a Christmas Coffee Afternoon on Friday, December 23, from 2.00 – 4.30pm. Please come along and join us for a cuppa and a mince pie – all are welcome. Also that afternoon, our younger members will be having our, what has now become traditional, Santa’s Storytime, from 2.15 – 2.45. We will be having seasonal stories and songs and, I hope, lots of fun! As our Storytimers’ older brothers and sisters will have broken up from School by this date, they will be welcome too and we look forward to seeing some of our “big” girls and boys once more. This is open to anyone and both events are free.
Our Readers Group will be enjoying their Christmas Meal at the Red Lion on 6 December, instead of having our normal meeting, and I’m sure will be discussing November’s book vociferously between courses! Our first meeting of 2007 will be on Wednesday, 3 January, 7.30pm at the Star and Garter Please feel free to come along and join us
Sue Miller (Community Outreach Officer)

Metheringham Over 60’s Club

Metheringham Over 60’s Club has had a busy few months with our Harvest Service / Auction, the Fayre and Feast and our November Coffee Morning. From these events we have raise in excess of £1,100 and on behalf of the Committee I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported these events. We rounded off the year’s trips with a visit to Peterborough and Thursford. If any one has any suggestions for next year’s trips please have a word with Doreen.
The membership of the Club is now fully subscribed and we have started a “waiting list” for people wanting to join. Please contact Ann (323559), Margaret (321049) or Rita (320892) for further details.
Dairy dates:
3 January John Campbell
7 February Ladies Barber Shop
7 March AGM

On behalf of the committee I wish all Members, friends and supporters a Happy Christmas and All Good Wishes for the New Year.
Ann Crooks (Secretary)

News from Metheringham Parish Council

Shiregate Play Park

As discussed in the last Parish Council news, antisocial behaviour by a few young people is still a major concern to us. The Shiregate Play Park is a particular area where a few irresponsible individuals can make life a misery for those living close to the play area. Various solutions have been suggested but we are very restricted on the actions that can be taken. However we are again discussing the options with NKDC and for those involved we would welcome your comments on the possibility of moving the play equipment into the centre of the open space. In the meantime we hope to replace the security fence with something more appropriate to the area.

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Charity Collectors or Bogus collectors?

Over the last few months you will no doubt have had many charity bags put through your letterbox.
In most cases these come from registered charities, however there are some people that take advantage of your generosity by supplying plastic backs with a leaflet urging you to fill these bags with your unwanted clothing etc for the unfortunate people in Eastern Europe.
The bags from these so-called charity groups are easily identified.

1. Registered charities have printed bags where the bogus charities have plain white bags.
2. Registered charities have an official charity number the bogus charities leaflet will have a number on it though this is not a charity number.
3. You can be sure if you donate to a registered charity your donation will be used to benefit those less fortunate. The bogus collectors promise a lot but deliver nothing to the unfortunate people in Eastern Europe

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Metheringham WI

The WI has been very busy over the past few months and continues to welcome new members and visitors to its regular meetings.
Members and other friends from the village made up a coach to Yorkshire Lavender and Beverley in July. Though the journey was a bit tedious the day was a success.
Winn Sommer was the August speaker and told about entering and compiling competitions. Comping is the second most popular hobby in the country.

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Poem from local man Len Woodhead

I sit here at my window with thoughts of the year gone by
How quickly the time passes, when you’re content and warm and dry
I have time to sit and think about the life that I have had
Out in the lovely country side, the freedom of a Lincolnshire lad
Anyone who has read my book, in England, Australia, New Zealand,
Kenya and the U S A to name just a few it’s been grand
With the name of Nocton and Smiths Crisps. The calls and letters that I have had
The time and effort that I put in, to produce that history book makes me very glad
Long lost friends like Bill Redshaw, Don and Nell Turner and Wilf Hubbard,
All helped me to begin, but all passed on before the book finally made the stall
With the job I had done and the photographs I had taken in my 45 years,
all now sealed in that small History book it will bring back, just a few tears
A few months had gone by and my book was selling and praises very high
I kept being asked to write more history of the farms, and where in the Fen land lie
So as the weeks rolled on and I had more time to spare.
I thought I have more photographs, and a few more stories I could share
Its now almost 4 years since I started the second book
And it’s more than a year since to the printers it was took
It is all in a log jam between the designing and the printer at this time
It should be out next spring, and then I can work on my other hobby to try and write a Rhyme

Dunston Twinning Association

The twinning of Dunston with the village of Trange, 8 miles E of Le Mans is entering it’s 20th year next year. Started by a small group of enthusiastic people from both the English and French communities, this twinning has grown and evolved with the passing of time. The fact that the twinning is based upon family friendships is it’s greatest strength, whilst inevitably introducing some sadness as we share together in life’s ups and downs.
The twinning has expanded over the years and now includes families from Dunston Nocton and Metheringham.
In the year ahead, we will visit Trange to celebrate the 20th anniversary, taking with us a picture of ducks / duck races, painted by local artist, Cliff Baxendale. Several new families have joined recently which is always an encouragement - new ideas, new friendships and so forth! One of the positives of our twinning is the inclusion of families with children, keeping the whole thing alive and moving on. Watch out for the twinning events locally and if anyone has an interest in joining us, please contact

Beth McLuckie 01526 321919 or Jim Murray 01526 322673

Friends of Metheringham Airfield

Friends of Metheringham Airfield recently closed their doors to visitors after yet another busy year. Already preparations are in hand for next year with the Visitors Centre opening its doors for 2007 on Saturday 31 March. The Centre will hold its Open Day on Sunday 6 May 2007 and on Saturday 26 May the 1940’s Dance, to the Ockbrook Big Band, will take place. Further details regarding this event will be available in the New Year.
The 2006 season closed with two interesting and well attended lectures. At the end of September the lecture gave those present an insight into the evolution of the jet engine. The speaker Sq/Ldr Fuller RAF (Retd) followed this up by talking on the efforts of Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle. The final Lecture of the year, at the end of October, by Sq/Ldr D. Shepperson RAF (Rtd) was warmly received by an enthusiastic audience. His lecture outlined the development of Aircraft and the application of Air Power in WW1. The first Lecture of 2007 will be on Wednesday 25 April.
The annual Members subscriptions fall due at the beginning of April 2007 with a single membership £10.00 but a resolution at the last Annual General Meeting raised the Family Membership to £15.00.
The 2007 Annual General Meeting will take place at the Visitor Centre on Wednesday 4 April at 7.30 pm.

Metheringham and District Swimming Pool Association

Wow, well how quickly has this year come and gone, it only seems like yesterday that “we” as a new committee were being driven mad with the preparation for getting the swimming pool open for the new season in May. There was a lot of work to be done, tidying up the impact the winter (and the vandals) had on the surrounding area, but we did it, and opened on time!! We then had to keep it going, organising the lifeguard rota’s, keeping the vandals out (not so easy), maintaining the surrounding area’s and lots more that took up a lot of time. We then had our “mini disaster” when the pool water went green due to over exposure from the sunshine, after the covers had been vandalised. This was a mammoth task to put right – emptying the water, cleaning the pool, filling it back up again, twice daily checks for the PH Level and chemicals to make sure it didn’t happen again.

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Local Cricket Club Awards for 2006

Blankney Cricket Club

Blankney Cricket Club held their annual Dinner at Branston Hall Hotel in October with President, Mr Richard Parker and Mrs Ruth Parker the guest’s of honour. Around 70 people attended the event with the President making the following awards:
Award W-E 1st XI W-E 2nd XI M-W Club XI M-W Estate XI
Top Batsman W. Pillinger L. Allman P. Woodcock C. Carter
Top Bowler I. Holvey I. Holvey P Clark I. Holvey
Catch of Year D. Pearse S. Craft J. Halls I. Holvey
Players’ Player W. Pillinger I. Holvey P. Woodcock I. Holvey

Will Pillinger also won the Lincoln Premier League, Batting Averages and came second in the Most Catches Award (8 catches).
Other awards
“Wide” Bat Award for most ducks – Lee Allman – 6 (all “Golden Ducks”!!)
Young Player of the Season – Sam Palmer
Clubman of Season Award – Roger Morrell

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Metheringham Animal Welfare Supporters

Metheringham Animal Welfare Supporters would like to say a big thank you to all who supported the Christmas Market on Saturday 18 November in Metheringham Village Hall. The generosity of Lincolnshire businesses, MAWS members and the public who donated 59 raffle prizes and almost 600 tombola prizes, not forgetting all the home made cakes etc, is amazing and so very, very much appreciated.
After much hard work and with more than a few hiccups behind the scenes. Despite being short staffed on the day (due to volunteers moving from the area and illness), the MAWS team pulled out all the stops and against all the odds, put on a fantastic day. A day that many folk will talk about and remember fondly for some time to come. That only goes to prove again, they are not just the “A Team” but “The Professionals” - How much did they raise?
A massive £877.20 - Brilliant!
The icing on the cake...... Urban Challenge in Lincoln are paying for the Hall hire and advertising this year. So that is ALL profit!.
They have also helped with a Display stand, IT Equipment and prizes. Bless them and all of you for caring and supporting MAWS so well.
MAWS committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Next event: An evening with Bryan Gibson (Medium) on Thursday 15 February 2007 in Metheringham Village Hall (doors open 7 pm) - starts 7.30 unti 9 pm followed by raffle. admission by ticket only, £5.00 each.
Refreshments available at the interval.
Tickets can be purchased from MAWS office, 31 Station Road, Metheringham on Monday & Friday 9.30 am to 1.00 pm or phone 01526 321436 for details

Joyce Muncey (Secretary)




19th, 20th, 26th and 27th January
Graeme Pembery and Gaynor Little

Tickets for the productions are available from:
Infolinks, High St Metheringham (01526) 323100
Caroline Road Hair Studio (01526) 321525
or ring Anne Priest 01526 321175

Heart Attack – Stroke – Asthma – Diabetic – Allergy - Injury

In a MEDICAL EMERGENCY would YOU know what to do?
If you enjoy helping people why not train as a L.I.V.E.S. First Responder?


We are volunteers who work with the Ambulance Service to deliver
Basic Life Support in the first minutes after a 999 call.
Responders are always backed up by an emergency ambulance.

New team members are required from
Metheringham, Dunston, Blankney, Scopwick, Kirkby Green and Digby

For an informal chat please call Mike Keal on 01526 323791
or email

*** Happy Christmas from Metheringham Area L.I.V.E.S. First Responders ***

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The Village Cross, its History and what could happen to it!!

How long there has been a Village Cross in Metheringham is open for discussion but one has to believe it goes back long before the end of th 16th century as the 1842 Whites Directory for Metheringham quotes “An ancient Cross, which stood in the village, was replaced by a new one in 1835, at a cost of about £25, and a market is now held round it on Saturday evenings.” It can be further substantiated that there was a cross here or in the vicinity many years before this by the fact that the location was know as “Cross Hill” before this time.

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Sgt Norman Cyril JACKSON VC

Stationed at RAF Metheringham

Famous People on our Doorstep - an occasional series by Pete Ford.

jackson_vc.jpgNorman Cyril Jackson was born in Ealing, London on 8 April 1919. As a small child he was adopted by the Gunter family being educated at Archdeacon Cambridge and Twickenham Grammar School. After leaving school, having an interest in engineering he became a fitter and turner. On the out-break of war he volunteered to joined the RAFVR, enlisting in October 1939. He saw training at both halton and Hednesford and qualified as a Fitter 11 E (Engines) before being posted to Sierra Leone with 95 Squadron in January 1941. He was employed as an engine fitter in areo engines and marine craft with his newly formed unit, whose main objective was maritime reconnaissance, using Short Sunderland Flying Boats. An opportunity ten came up for him to “Re-muster” as aircrew and Jackson applied for training as a Flight Engineer, returning to England in September 1942. He spent his next six months at 27 Officer Training unit and then moved on to RAF St Athan, completing his training in March 1943. In June 1943 he was “re-mustered” as a Flight Engineer and on promotion to Sergeant, posted to No. 1645 Heavy Conversion Unit.

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Remembrance Day Service - thanks

A large crowd gathered for the Remembrance Day Service at Metheringham War Memorial on Sunday 12 November. The Parish Council and all those involved wish to express their sincere gratitude to motorists and those not involved for allowing the event to pass with the dignity befitting the occasion.
Thank You.

Metheringham Methodist Chapel Diary

The Christmas period is a very exciting time for the Chapel.
On Tuesday 19th December at 7.00pm we are holding a Village Carol Service. The school children are again taking part. All of the carols this year have been chosen by some of the local service providers and donations will be for the local ‘First Responders’. The service was a success last year and we hope you can all come along and make it another great evening.
On Sunday 24th December at 10.30am we are hosting a Christmas Eve Service for all the Chapels in the Metheringham area. The Superintendent Minister, the Rev. Gill Riley, will lead the morning worship.
Monday 25th December at 10.00am Deacon Mary Neal will lead our Christmas Day Celebration.
In March we have two fundraising events that we hope you will support.
On Friday 2nd March at 7.00pm the very popular Sleaford Brass Band will perform a concert in the Chapel. Tickets cost £5 and includes light refreshments.
Our annual Sausage and Mash Supper will be held on Friday 30th March at 7.00pm in the Village Hall. The tickets cost £6 that includes supper and entertainment.
Tickets for both events can be obtained from Joyce Sellars, telephone number 01526 321729 .May we wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


SATURDAY 16 DECEMBER - from 6.30 pm
A relaxed and informal celebration by candlelight, of all things Christmassy, with the “ANGELS” Dance troupe. Familiar Carols and songs, poems, readings, drama and more!
This is for all the family so come along and enjoy tea / coffee and mince pies (yes even more mince pies). Also have a go at making your own Christmas Cracker to take home. We look forward to seeing you

Web Watch Winter 2006

Looking for a local business. You can do no better than the business section of the macla website at where over 120 local businesses are listed. If you’re looking slightly further afield then a good site is Link2U at where over 1000 business in and around Lincolnshire are listed. If you can’t find what you need on these 2 sites then the Lincolnshire Echo site at not only lists local businesses but provides oodles of information on all aspects of local life.
Finally a small treat for Christmas. This free, small flash game should provide hours of family entertainment over the festive period. Entitled Line Rider it’s a simple idea brilliantly executed. Give it a go. How far can you go? Can you make the sled complete a loop? For those in the know check out the art of the possible at YouTube. Beware it does require you to have the flash plugin to play. Line rider can be found at:

Heighington Area Blind Society

The Club held its Harvest Auction on 4October. The Rev. Stephen Jones-Crabtree conducted the service and then donned his auction clothes to raise £52.75. After all the members money was spent they enjoyed a scrumptious tea.
On the 18 October members enjoyed a talk by Mandy of the Greyhound Trust who was accompanied by two helpers and three fourlegged friends, Alice, Daisy and Rascal who were introduced to the members.
On the 1 November the members enjoyed a general discussion hour followed by a short quiz.
On 15 November Alison from Weirfield Wildlife Hospital gave a talk on the activities of the hospital and brought with her for all to touch and see, a delightful tame Tawny Owl.
On 29 November the club welcomed their sister club from North Hykeham to enjoy a Christmas Concert. The Ray Pulman Trio entertained the members.
On 13 December members, guest and committee will enjoy a Christmas lunch at Canwick Golf Club, followed by entertainment.
The club meets every fortnight, anyone wishing to join must contact South Lincs Blind Society on 01475 592775.
The Club will re-open on 10 January 2007
Patricia MacPherson

Metheringham Senior Citizens Welfare

Our outing to Brigg Garden Centre on 17 October went very well with a full bus of members. The Christmas Stall was held at the Coffee Morning on 30 November and it too went well. On Thursday 14 December the Committee will be providing the coffee and home-made mince pies. The Following week, on Thursday 21 December we have kindly been invited by the Village Hall Committee to Coffee and Mince Pie in the Hall. The Metheringham Playgroup will be providing us with entertainment, with their Christmas Concert. Please be seated by 10.00 am as the concert starts at 10.15 am.
One of our Gentlemen, Mr Ted Tweedie wrote a few lines of verse, which with his permission we would like to share with you.

At the Senior Citizens Coffee Morning, in the Methodist Hall, There is a warm and friendly welcome for those who choose to call. You can have a biscuit with a lovely cup of coffee or tea, and the scintillating conversation comes absolutely free.

Pam Woolley (Sec)

Pedestrian Crossing

Lincoln Road Metheringham

For some time now Metheringham Parish Council has had major concerns regarding the safety of the Pedestrian Crossing on Lincoln Road near to Dunston cross roads. Because of these concerns the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership was asked to carry out a survey. Unfortunately the conclusion of their Engineer’s survey suggested that the signing and lay-out of the crossing was good and he could not suggest any further changes to improve matters. When visiting the site over a number of occasions none of their officers witnessed any misuse of the crossing by passing traffic which makes it even more difficult to identify any improvements. Despite this local people will say it is a known fact that there have been numerous instances of near misses and unfortunately these will continue to occur. The LRSP are mindful of our concerns and in order that they can address these they are asking for all instances of misuse to be reported so that a pattern can be identified.
The key details which they feel would be useful are:-
(a) direction of travel of both vehicle and pedestrian and (b) whether the incident was in daylight or darkness.
To have any chance of improving this location and to safeguard everyone who uses it the Parish Council would ask that both drivers and pedestrians adopt a higher awareness when using this crossing. Also should any incidents of misuse occur could the information please be reported to the Clerk to the Parish Council

Bogus Caller Initiative

Nominated Neighbour Scheme
A new initiative presented by Lincolnshire County Neighbourhood Watch and Lincolnshire Police is the Nominated Neighbour Scheme. The Scheme is for people who feel vulnerable when answering their door to strangers. To enter into this scheme persons should initially identify a relative or neighbour as their “Nominated Neighbour.” This Nominated Person, who should be a trusted neighbour or a member of the family, should live close by. This person must be willing to help you check out the identity of any person who calls at your door and also accompany them into your house should you wish to speak to them indoors. Your Nominated Neighbour’s name and address will then be entered on your “Nominated Neighbour Card.” This card, which should be kept near to your front door SHOULD NOT be displayed in the window. When someone calls at your home, try to look through the window to see if you recognise them. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. If you do not recognise them put the chain on your door before you answer, TAKE YOUR TIME - They will not mind waiting. Open the door, on the chain, and show them the Card. DO NOT ENTER INTO CONVERSATION. Give them a few moments to read your card and close the door. Keep the chain on. Then call your “Nominated Neighbour”, tell them you have a caller and then wait for your Nominated Neighbour to arrive. REMEMBER IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT. If your callers are genuine they will not mind waiting. It is your home, you do not have to let them in.
To set up your Nominated Neighbour Scheme call in at Metheringham Info-Links for your Nominated Neighbour Card or call the Lincolnshire Police Call Centre (01522 532222) and ask for the Neighbourhood Watch Administrator for the Lincoln area.

Metheringham Pre-School

Metheringham Pre -School (formerly Playgroup) are celebrating following their recent Ofsted inspection when the quality and standards of their nursery education were judged to be ‘outstanding’.The pre-school meets Monday to Friday during term time in the Village Hall, at present mornings only but will open afternoon sessions as per demand and viability. If you would like to contact the group their new telephone number is 07974870822 during session times and 01526 321227 at other times. The children are currently rehearsing for their annual Nativity Play which will be performed in the Hall on Monday December 18th at 3.45 pm and on Thursday 21st December at 10.15 am for the Senior Citizens.
Carole Watson

MACLA Website Enquiries

Linwood Hall, Blankney
I am researching ancestors who lived at Lindwood Hall, Blankney. Can anyone shed any light on Linwood Hall, what it was and where it is?
Grateful for any help - My Ancestor is R.W. Graves
Mary Graves :

I am looking for photographs of the old signal box that used to be at the Martin Moor crossing, which was between Blankney and what is now the Martin Moor Golf Club. I have plenty of photo’s of the Gate-House, but it is the signal-box that I need, also if anyone has a photo of the old railway station at Scopwick that too would be appreciated.
Richard Harby:

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Black & Blue by Ian Rankin

Reader’s Book Review

rankin.jpgRebus is juggling four cases trying to nail one killer – who might lead back to an infamous Bible John. And he’s doing it under the scrutiny of an internal inquiry led by a man he has just accused of taking backhanders from Glasgow’s Mr Big. Added to that there are TV cameras at his back investigating a miscarriage of justice, making Rebus a criminal in the eyes of a million or more viewers. Just one mistake is likely to mean an unpleasant and not particularly speedy death or, worse still, losing his job.
Our View
A very enjoyable and easy read, very much like a TV series. I pictured Ken Stott rather than John Hannah. My only disappointment was that I could not “repay” many of the music pieces to which he kept referring.
We gave it a score of 6 and opinion was sharply divided. Those who liked it thought it was brilliant where as the rest didn’t like it at all


North Kesteven District Council know that having a clean environment is extremely important to our residents. To this end, we are embarking on an exciting new partnership.

Working with Hill Holt Wood, and our leisure partner, Leisure Connection, we are tackling environmental crime by introducing a new countryside ranger service.

Under the name of WatchNK the Ranger Service will:
• Report abandoned vehicles, littering and fly tipping;
• Undertake programmed and reactive litter picking;
• Allow rangers authorised by the District Council to issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling offences; and
• Encourage Rangers to forge links with Parish Councils.

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“Drop-In” Police Surgery

LincsPoliceBadge.pngThe recently initiative by the Lincolnshire Police to introduce a “Drop-in” Police Surgery in the Village has proved most successful. Held on the first Friday of each month it takes place in The NKDC Info-Link on High Street, Metheringham between 10 am and 12 noon. The next Surgery will be on the 5 January 2007. For all future dates please check the Village Notice Board.
As reported in the last edition of the magazine the scheme offers residents an alternative way of getting in touch with their local Neighbourhood Policing Team. NKDC have set aside a room in their premises where local people can meet and talk to their local police about any issue which might be troubling them or causing them concern. These meetings are strictly confidential. The new head of the Bracebridge Heath East Neighbouring Policing team is PC Simon Gordon, who has recently taken over from PC Carl Annall who has returned to the City. PC Gordon and his support team of PCSO’s Lisa Duckworth and Paul Flannigan will be on hand to answer any questions which they may be posed with. If they do not know the answer they will know someone who does.

Local Church Services around Christmas

For additional information please contact the respective Church Wardens

Blankney – St Oswald’s
Sun 17 Dec – Carol Service – 4.30 pm
Thurs 21 Dec – Blankney Hunt Supporters Carol Service (with a donkey) 7.30 pm
Mon 25 Dec – Common Worship for Xmas Day with sung Eucharist – 9.00 am
Church Wardens:- Mr. R. Parker (01526) 320210 Mr. R. Spurrier (01526) 320483

Dunston – St Peter’s
Fri 15 Dec – Carol Service – 6.30 pm
Mon 18 Dec – Dunston School Carol Service – 1.45 pm
Mon 25 Dec – Common Service for Xmas Day with sung Eucharist – 10.00 am
Church Wardens:- Mr. B. Porter (01526) 320345 Mrs S. Glaister (01526) 320946

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December 2, 2006

Angels Dance Squad

Angels Dance Squad

We were formed in July 2003 as a not for profit club for children of all ages and abilities.

We train on a Thursday night at Scopwick village hall and we currently have
24 members. Our youngest is 5 and our eldest is 16.

We do baton twirling, pom dance, military, flag and combination and we attended a national competition in October where we were placed in every section we entered.

I would like to say a massive well done to all the girls and a big thank you to all those who help and continue to support us.

We are off to competition again in April where there will be 8 troupes taking part, so we have our work cut out.

If anyone wishes to join or would like to book us for an event then they should call Cathy Taylor on 01526 321739. Our website address is: