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Nocton Parish Council News Summer 2012


Since the last report, Nocton Parish Council has been concentrating on putting in place new policies and procedures to improve the way in which it carries out its business. In particular, a new budget management process has been implemented to help ensure that the Council's limited funds are used as effectively and efficiently as possible for the benefit of its residents. A number of new policies and procedures were also adopted at the Annual Meeting on 1 May which will govern the way in which the Parish Council operates, including revised Standing Orders and Financial Regulations, a Complaints Procedure and policies on Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Data Protection and Information Security and Freedom of Information.

As part of this process, a new Planning Sub-committee has been established together with a Policy and Procedures Working Party which will keep under review the changes that are being made to the way in which the Council operates.

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on 3rd April 2012

Present: Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, David Rumbelow, Neil Faulkner and Geoff Hall

In Attendance: Jilly Burr (Nocton Festival Committee)
P.C. Maria Horner (Lincolnshire Police)
Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)

7 members of the public were also present

1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillor MaryAnn Williams, District Councillors John Money and Rob Kendrick and County Councillor Marianne Overton.

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None declared.

Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on 6th of March 2012

Present: Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, David Rumbelow, Geoff Hall and MaryAnn Williams

In Attendance: Councillor Rob Kendrick - North Kesteven District Council
Councillor Marianne Overton - Lincolnshire County Council
Nick Jones - ArtsNK
Jilly Burr - Nocton Festival Committee
Doreen Green -Parish Clerk

5 members of the public were also present

1. Apologies for absence:
Received from Councillor Neil Faulkner, District Councillor John Money and PCSO Duckworth.

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct: None declared.

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 07 February 2012


Minutes of the Nocton Parish Council meeting held on 7th February 2012 in the Village Hall

Present: Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, David Rumbelow, Neil Faulkner, Geoff Hall and Mary Ann Williams

In Attendance: District Councillor John Money
Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)

4 members of the public

Nocton Parish Council News Spring 2012

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Probably the most important issue which is currently being addressed by the Parish Council is the future of Nocton Hall. At its December meeting, councillors received a detailed presentation from NKDC and English Heritage on the outcome of the recently completed Options Appraisal. This appraisal examined a range of options for the future of site and its associated buildings - ranging from a complete restoration to total demolition. This was followed at the January meeting by a session for members of the public when residents were able to express their views and concerns on the matter. The comments made have been reflected almost in their entirety in the Parish Council's initial response to NKDC on the future of this important part of the village's heritage. Based on the fairly limited information which is currently available on development and other issues associated with the site, and recognising the significant funding issues involved, the Council has said that it would like to see the main house retained as a ruin but with the Service Wing (including the surrounding "pleasure gardens") being fully restored. The Parish Council welcomes the close working relationship which it is developing with NKDC as this matter progresses. Further details on the Options Appraisal are available on the Nocton "blog". (

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 03 January 2012


Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on 3rd January 2012

Present: Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, Neil Faulkner, Geoff Hall and MaryAnn Williams

In Attendance: Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)

11 members of the public were also in attendance

1. Apologies for Absence: Received from Councillor David Rumbelow.

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of
None declared

3. Reports of Representatives:
(a) Police: Not in attendance, no report available.
(b) Village Hall Management Committee: Councillor Askew reported that consideration was being given to the installation of a water heater to the hand wash basin in the Ladies toilet.

(c) Parish Clerk:
The Clerk reported that she had now applied for funding for the Parish Dog Warden and Litter Picker from NKDC.
She had also met with Steve Welsh from Lincolnshire County Council Highways and Planning to discuss various outstanding highways issues - in particular the overgrown shrubs and trees along Wellhead Lane. He agreed to investigate and to report back to the Clerk on the actions to be taken.

(d) CLAN:
No meeting had taken place since the last Parish Council meeting and, as such, no report was available.

(e) Dog Warden:
A written report had been submitted by Michael Cummins and was read out by the Clerk

4. Public Questions:
It was noted that no prior notice of questions of the Parish Council had been received.
The Chair said that she had received a complaint regarding dog fouling on the footpath that runs alongside The Green to the school, and that she would again raise the matter with the Dog Warden.

6. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6th December 2011
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 6th December 2011, having been previously circulated, were agreed as a correct record of the proceedings and signed by the Chair.

7. Nocton Hall:
Councillor Hall gave a brief presentation on the draft Options Appraisal report which had been presented by Karen Bradford at the last meeting and invited comments from those members of the public in attendance:
A range of concerns and issues were raised which are summarised below:
• The latest Ordnance Survey maps do not reflect all the changes/developments in the surrounding land to Nocton Hall e.g. they do not reflect the road into the wood yard where the stables/barns have been converted into private dwellings.
• Legal rights of access and egress from the old RAF Hospital site were still unclear. The Nocton Park Management Committee had been unable to obtain clarification over Leda Property's right to use the access points bordering their land, allowing potential traffic flow through the private Nocton Park estate.
• There were some concerns over any plans to increase significantly the amenity use of Nocton Hall grounds. Given that some forty residents live within the grounds of Nocton Hall, these people would need to be fully consulted over any proposed changes to access and use. However, continued use by local residents/visitors was deemed acceptable.
• All Tree Preservation Orders applicable on the site should be fully respected.
• Any housing or other development of the former RAF hospital site must be on the smallest scale possible and fully sympathetic to the historic nature of Nocton Hall and the conservation status of the village.
As to the future, ideally, residents wished to see Nocton Hall and its grounds restored to their former glory. However, as it was recognised that this was likely to be unachievable, those residents expressing a view felt that Option 3 of the Appraisal (to retain the main house as a ruin and to fully restore the service wing) represented the most reasonable way forward in light of the information currently available. A number of residents were, however, unwilling to express a preference for any of the options due to the lack of detailed information available and that the Options Appraisal was currently in draft form only.
It was agreed that the comments expressed by members of the public would be incorporated into the Parish Council's initial response to North Kesteven District Council on the Options Appraisal for Nocton Hall.
It was also agreed that Councillor Faulkner would refer the issues of the potential future uses of Nocton Hall to CLAN for consideration.

8. Planning Applications and Issues:
It was noted that NKDC had been advised that no adverse or other comments had been made by members of the Parish Council on the following applications:
(a) 11/1535/HOUS Wellhead Cottage, erection of single story extension to east elevation, porch to west elevation, erection of detached double garage and garden store.
(b) 11/1434/HOUS Abbots Grange, erection of conservatory, two-story extension to rear and single story side extension.

9. Financial Matters:
(a) Grant of £250 from County Councillor Overton towards a new Parish Council Notice Board noted.
(b) Payment of £88.92 + VAT to E.ON for street light maintenance noted.
(c) Noted that payments are due to the following:
Dog Warden for December 2011
Clerk's Salary for December 2011
E.ON for new street light fittings
E.ON for replacement street light column
(d) It was agreed that the cost £66.48 +VAT of plants for the recently installed planters would be met from the 2011/12 budget.
(e) Revenue Budget and Precept for 2012/13:

It was noted that whilst the Council's current budget was sufficient to meet its existing day-to-day expenditure and commitments, it was not able to support any meaningful programme of development or improvement of facilities, etc within the parish. The proposed budget for 2012/13 therefore made provision for a new post of "Village Keeper" (see minute No.14 below), next year's Christmas Tree, plants for the planters and a small grants fund to formalise the Council's practice of supporting local groups and activities. It also took account of the lower energy costs for street lighting. Even allowing for the above, however, it was noted that there were little or no funds available to carry out other improvements and maintenance within the village. In the circumstances, therefore, it was agreed to include a sum of £1,500 within next year's budget for this purpose, including the provision of new notice boards.

Having considered the matter in some detail, the Parish Council's Revenue Budget for 2012/13 was agreed in the sum of £10,550 which, with anticipated grants for the Dog Warden and litter collection and interest on savings totalling of £380, would result in a Precept for the coming year of £10,170 - an increase of £1,900 over the current year. A copy of the agreed budget is attached as an Appendix to these minutes. It was noted that despite the decision to increase the budget, parish expenditure would remain amongst the lowest in North Kesteven and be lower than that in the neighbouring villages of Dunston, Potterhanworth and Scopwick.

It was further agreed that a copy of the budget be made available for inclusion on the Parish Council notice board, "The Doodle" and Nocton Blog.

10. Progress Reports of Parish Councillors:
(a) Councillor Goldsworthy said that a survey was currently being carried out in Dunston to assess the potential for bringing a gas supply to the village. It was agreed that the Clerk make further enquiries so that this could be considered for Nocton.
(b) Councillor Faulkner raised a number of concerns regarding various buildings on the site adjacent to the entrance to Nocton Park. It was agreed that the Clerk make enquiries of NKDC Planning Officers and report back.
(c) Councillor Williams reported on the possible acquisition of a beacon for the Diamond Jubilee. It was agreed that further enquiries be made as to cost, etc and that the matter be considered at a future meeting.
It was agreed that invitations to the Diamond Jubilee "Garden Party" be issued by the Parish Council
It was agreed that the Clerk check if planning permission is required for the erection of the Coronation Bench on The Green and to report back.
In view of the damage being done to the edge of the village green by lorries, etc it was agreed that the Clerk make enquiries as to who is responsible for providing kerb stones and, if not the Highways Authority, the likely cost of so doing.
Finally, it was noted that as a consequence of Councillor Williams' enquiries, British Sugar had agreed to meet the cost of the Christmas Tree lights
(d) Councillor Askew reported that NKDC are to work on the beck in the next two weeks.
(e) The Chair had met with County Councillor Overton and LCC Highways officers at the Wellhead Lane/B1188 junction, to discuss potential solutions to the traffic problems on that stretch of road. The meeting also considered the lack of a footpath on Wellhead Lane from the B1188 into the village. It was noted that LCC Highways will look at putting in a short length of path along the bend by the bridge.

11. Correspondence:
It was noted that correspondence received since the last meeting had been circulated and considered by councillors.

12. Date of Future Meetings
It was noted that future meetings of the Parish Council will be held on 7th February, 6th March and 3rd April 2012.

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 06 December 2011


Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on 6th December 2011

Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Neil Faulkner, Geoff Hall, David Rumbelow and MaryAnn Williams

In attendance:
Councillor Marianne Overton*
Councillors R. Kendrick and J. Money (NKDC)
Karen Bradford (Corporate Director - NKDC)*
David Welsh (English Heritage)*
PCSO Flannigan*
Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)
(* - present for part of the meeting only)

26 members of the public were also in attendance

1. Apologies for absence: Received from Councillor Peter Askew

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: None declared.

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 01 November 2011


Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held on 1st November 2011

Present: Vice-Chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy (in the Chair)
Councillors: Peter Askew, Neil Faulkner, David Rumbelow and MaryAnn Williams

In attendance: Councillor Marianne Overton (present for part of the meeting only)

5 members of the public were also in attendance

1. Apologies for absence: Received from Councillor Kate Tyler, Doreen Green (Clerk) and Councillors R Kendrick and J Money (NKDC)

2. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance with the Ethical Code of Conduct: None declared.

3. Review of Standing Orders

Public Questions

It was agreed that further to the discussion at the last meeting, Standing Order 62(b) be amended as follows:

"Members of the public shall be afforded a period of ten minutes at each meeting to ask a question of the Parish Council or to make a brief statement about any matter affecting the village. Such questions or statements shall be submitted to the Clerk in writing a minimum of ten working days before each meeting. The question or statement shall be printed on the agenda and it is not necessary for the person submitting the question or statement to be present at the meeting. The Clerk, in consultation with the Chair, shall determine at which point on the agenda public questions shall be taken. Generally, however, this shall be as near to the start of the meeting as is practicable.

In addition, and where appropriate advance notice has not been given, the Chair may allow a question to be asked at the meeting where in her/his opinion the matter is considered to be urgent and cannot reasonably be left to the next meeting.

At the express invitation of the Chair, members of the public may also be permitted to speak briefly on matters being discussed by the Council during the course of the meeting but only in those circumstances where no other member of the Council has indicated her/his prior wish to speak."

General Review

It was agreed that a Working Party comprising the Chair, Vice Chair and Councillor Neil Faulkner be established to review the Parish Council's existing Standing Orders, Policies and Procedure, etc and to prepare revised documentation for adoption at the Annual Meeting in 2012.

4. Reports of Representatives, etc

(a) Dog Warden
A written report had been lodged with the Clerk and would be circulated when she returns from holiday.

(b) Litter Collector
No issues of concern reported.

(c) Police
No police representative present.

(d) Village Hall Management Committee
Councillor Rumbelow said that there would be no VHMC meeting this week as the Secretary was away. There would be a Welcome Winter Lunch on Monday, 7th November from 12.00 to 2.00 p.m. and the Nocton Christmas Fair was being held on Saturday 26th November. Photographs for the Nocton Photographic Competition should be submitted by 19th November.

5. Public Questions

No public questions had been submitted prior to the meeting and there were no urgent issues raised by members of the public present at the meeting.

6. Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 4th October 2011, having previously been circulated, were agreed subject to the inclusion of Gill Rumbelow in Minute No. 4(b) as being one of the residents cleaning the bus shelters.

7. Traffic Census.

It was agreed to ask that the traffic census be held during the third week in November. Councillor Ian Goldsworthy would contact Alan Brown.

A paper from Alan Brown (LCC Highways) was circulated and it appeared that most of the issues raised in the recent Village Walk-Round were being addressed addressed. However there were two additional issues that should also be raised:

(a) the condition of the road surface of Potterhanworth Road from the 30mph sign to the Wasps Nest turn off.

(b) footpath surfaces throughout the village
Again, it was agreed that Councillor Goldsworthy would raise these two issues with Alan Brown.

8. Village Street Lighting

The letter from e-ON dated 11th October 2011 was noted. It was agreed to proceed with Option 2 for dealing with the street light in Main Street (by the cluster seat/bus stop) which was obscured by branches by replacing the existing old pole bracket with a new and longer two metre bracket. The damaged supply box would also be repaired at the same time. The cost of £434 could be met from the Parish Council's budget. The Clerk would be asked to contact e-ON on her return from holiday.

9. Nocton Village Hall - Repair and Maintenance Issues.

Councillor Askew reported that given the health and safety issues, the damage in the ladies' toilet, possibly as a result of subsidence, had now been made good. However, the problem was far larger than had been anticipated as when the broken tiles were removed the breeze blocks behind had dropped and had to be re-cemented at a total cost of £700. The damaged area in the bar by the pool table had not yet been repaired. Councillor Askew asked if the Parish Council would be prepared to meet the cost of this work as it represented a considerable drain on the Village Hall Management Committee's resources. It was agreed to consider this request at the meeting referred to below.

After a short discussion it was agreed that an early meeting be held between Parish Councillors and members of the Village Hall Management Committee to consider the options available and to agree a way forward. The Clerk would be asked to make the necessary arrangements as soon as she returned from holiday.

10. Jubilee Mugs

It was agreed that, subject to there being sufficient demand (which would be assessed in early 2012) commemorative mugs for all the children in the village be purchased as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

11. NKDC Independent Remuneration Panel

It was agreed not to make a nomination to serve on this Panel.

12. Planning Applications and Issues

It was noted that no applications had been received for comment since the last meeting.

13. "The Nocton Doodle"

It was agreed to provide a monthly report and other information about the Parish Council to this new publication which is replacing the former "Parish Magazine". The report would also be made available to other local sources e.g. Nocton Blog.

14. Report of Councillor Marianne Overton (LCC).

(a) Wellingore Village now has a Post Office and Shop (with the help of local grants) which is being successfully run by the local garage owner.
(b) Metal Thefts are on the increase in our area and are now a high priority for the Police. All residents are asked to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious without putting themselves in any danger.
(c) County Councillors are forgoing an increase in their expenses this year and the resultant savings (a total of £2,000 per member) are being made available for each Councillor to donate in their area. Councillor Overton requested that all bids should be made to her by 1st December.
(d) Accidents on the B1188 are still a major concern, especially at some of the junctions. Councillor Williams reported that action to deal with the problem was supported by all the Parish Councils in the Cluster Group and a letter from the Group is being sent to LCC Highways Department.

Finally Councillor Overton reported she was pleased to hear of the new 200 Club that was being initiated in Nocton as a means for raising money in the community, as grants and other funding were in very short supply, especially in this area. She also welcomed the efforts being made within the village to fill the gap in provision caused by the closure of Day Centres.

15. Reports of Parish Councillors

Councillor Faulkner said he was concerned that if the provision of a play park for young children had to wait until the findings of the new Community Led Action Plan (CLAN) were known, it could be at least three to four years before anything happened. Councillor Williams, on behalf of CLAN, said that should it become apparent that before the final plan was published there was a clear need for this or, indeed, any other development, then the Parish Council would, no doubt, wish to investigate the matter more promptly. The Vice-chair and Councillor Askew suggested that the area of The Green between the school entrance path and the entrance to the wood opposite the Church represented a possible area for such a play park. It was agreed to continue to monitor feedback for this development.

Councillor Williams reported:

(a) The Launch of the 200 Club. First draw would take place at the end of January and 50% of all membership income would be given as prizes with the balance retained for Community Projects. If the Village was to attract any sizeable grants/funding then one of the provisions was likely to be that the community was seen to be raising money independently. This Club would help to meet that criterion.

(b) Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Next meeting was on 9th November and the Vintage Fashion Show and tea was being held on 19th November.

(c) The Planters were now in place and Bell Brother Nurseries had offered Pansies and Hebes for £60 00. Councillor Rumbelow said that he would see if he could source a cheaper option and liaise with Councillor Williams.

(d) The Christmas Tree had been chosen along with lights and would be delivered before the end of November. Councillor Askew would ask the Village Hall Management Committee to agree its siting, etc.

(e) British Sugar had written to the Parish Council regarding a temporary increase in lorries through the village. Councillor Williams understood from a parishioner that the company might be prepared to make a donation to help compensate for the disturbance and offered to follow this up. It was agreed that any such donation would be put towards the lighting, etc of the Christmas tree.

Councillor Goldsworthy said that as ten parishioners had requested an election to the vacancy caused by the resignation of Debbie Wilson, NKDC had informed him that the poll would take place on 8th December 2011. The formal notice and detailed timetable, including the final date for the receipt of nominations, would be posted on the Parish Council Notice Board very shortly.

17. Date of Future Meetings

It was noted that future meetings of the Parish Council would be held on 6th December 2011 and 3rd January, 7th February, 6th March and 3rd April 2012.

It was agreed that prior to the start of the next meeting wine and mince pies be provided to those members of the public in attendance.

Nocton Parish Council News Winter 2011

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There has been a considerable change in the Parish Council's membership over the past twelve months following a death and a number of councillors moving from the village or finding that their work commitments were preventing them from being able to devote sufficient time to PC business. The Council would like to record its thanks to these former members, including two chairs (Elaine Storr and Debbie Wilson) for their efforts on behalf of the village over many years. Under the chairmanship of Kate Tyler, the Parish Council now has the benefit of the enthusiasm of new members and the valuable experience of the longer serving councillors. There remains one vacancy and a bye-election will be held on 8 December.

Now that the "super dairy" issue has - at least for the time being - been resolved, the Parish Council and the community has been looking to devote its energies to ways of improving life in this beautiful village of ours.

A number of residents have formed a group to develop for the Council's approval a "Parish Plan" setting out the community's ideas and vision for the future of the village. CLAN (Community Led Action for Nocton) is currently carrying out a consultation exercise with all residents to help shape its thinking. The Parish Council has welcomed the work of this Group and has supported it by way of a small grant.

Similarly, a number of residents representing groups and organisations within the village have formed The Nocton Festival Committee to plan a year-long programme of activities in 2012 to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Already much work has been done and, again, the Parish Council has made a small grant towards its work.

For its part, Nocton Parish Council is embarking on an ambitious programme of village improvement, having identified and recorded a wide range of problems and issues which need to be addressed.

These include dealing with overhanging hedges and other vegetation, poor road and footway surfaces, improving road and other signage, clearing the beck and a wide range of cleaning and general renovation. The Council is working with Lincolnshire CC and NKDC who are responsible for dealing with many of the issues involved. So far, both councils have been extremely supportive of this venture. Details of the programme are published on the "Nocton Blog" - run by a local resident - and the community is invited to suggest items to be included and also to help in dealing with some of the more straightforward things. For example, a group of residents recently gave our two bus shelters a thorough "spring clean"!

The Parish Council is becoming increasingly concerned at traffic problems through the village. It has, therefore, asked Lincolnshire CC to carry out a detailed survey to measure the number and type, etc of vehicles using the B1202 and the results will help to inform future action. It is hoped that the survey will be carried out before the end of the year.

Working with E-on (our electricity supplier), the Parish Council has recently agreed to fund the replacement of all of the village's street lights with more energy efficient bulbs and to turn off nearly half of the street lamps between midnight and about 5.00 a.m. where this will not compromise residents' safety and security. The work will pay for itself within a few years as a result of significantly reduced electricity bills and will, of course, help to reduce the village's carbon footprint.

Finally, the Council has recently appointed Michael Cummins as its dog warden and already it is becoming apparent that his presence and work with local dog owners is beginning to have a noticeable effect in reducing the incidents of dog fouling.

Ian Goldsworthy (Vice-chair Nocton PC)

Nocton Parish Council Minutes - 04 October 2011


Minutes of the Meeting of Nocton Parish Council held 4th October 2011 in the Village Hall

Chair: Councillor Kate Tyler
Vice-chair: Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Councillors: Peter Askew, Neil Faulkner, David Rumbelow and MaryAnn Williams

In attendance: Councillor John. Money (North Kesteven DC)
Mrs. Doreen Green (Parish Clerk)
Ms. Lisa Duckworth (Police Community Support Officer)*
Mr Cummins (Dog Warden)*
Mr Sidney (Litter Picker)*
Mrs Pat Penistan (Nocton Primary School)*

(* - present for part of the meeting only)

8 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Councillor R. Kendrick (North Kesteven DC) and Councillor M. Overton (Lincolnshire CC)

2. Appointment of Chair
The Vice-Chair reported that a letter had been received by the Clerk from Debbie Wilson in which she had tendered her resignation as both Chair and member of the Parish Council. He paid tribute to her many years of service to the local community as both a parish councillor and, more recently, as Chair and on behalf of the Parish Council extended his best wishes to her for the future.

The Parish Council appointed Councillor Kate Tyler as its Chair for the remainder of the council year.

3. Declaration of Prejudicial Interest in Accordance With the Ethical Code of Conduct:
None declared.

4. Reports of Representatives, etc
(a) Dog Warden
Noted that Mr Cummins was now patrolling the village for two hours each week at varying times and days, including week-ends.
(b) Litter Picker
Mr Sidney was again asked to clear litter from the culvert in Main Street where the overhanging trees and vegetation had been cleared. He was also asked to pay regular attention to the two village bus shelters. These shelters had recently been thoroughly cleaned by Mr and Mrs Burr and Mr Hall and Councillor Rumbelow and the Council recorded its appreciation of their efforts.
(c) Nocton Primary School
Mrs Penistan reported that the current building work is progressing well and should be completed by 9th December 2011. The Parish Council, in thanking Mrs Penistan for her report, asked to be informed if there was any action it could take to support the school.
(d) Police
PCSO Duckworth reported that the SID had been stolen from Lincoln Road, Metheringham but that an insurance claim was being progressed by the Clerk to obtain a replacement.

She confirmed that she had now spoken to Mr Davies of Leda Properties who had agreed to make available a key for gaining access to the hospital site in an emergency.

There had been no reported crimes in Nocton since the last meeting.
(e) Village Hall
Councillor Askew reported on the recent very successful Lincolnshire Day Meal. It was noted that a Management Committee meeting was to be held on 5th October and a Coffee Morning on 12th October.
(f) CLAN
Councillor Faulkner had attended his first meeting as the Parish Council representative. It was noted that a "200 Club" was being established. Further reports in writing would be submitted quarterly.
(g) Parish Clerk
The Clerk reported on the following issues:
(i) once the building work had been finished at the school, the contractors would ensure that the grass was reinstated where any damage had occurred.
(ii) Residents at Wasps Nest had requested a grit bin - the Clerk to investigate costs, etc.
(iii) a meeting would be held with Gill Corner (e-ON) to progress the proposed changes to the street lighting.
(iv) NKDC had agreed to clean out the beck in Wellhead Lane and to remove the unused recycling bins in the Village Hall car park.
(v) NKDC had been asked to provide additional rigid "No Dog Fouling" signs.
(vi) Peter Sowerby had declined an invitation to attend this evening's meeting to discuss residents concerns about the Nocton Park Development. It was agreed the Clerk make further efforts for him to meet with the Parish Council - in private session, if necessary.
(vii) Karen Bradford (NKDC) was unable to attend and report to this meeting on the Nocton Hall Options Appraisal as more work was required before the results could be made public (see Minute No. 7 below).
(viii) Comments had been sent to NKDC on all planning applications received since the last meeting and that all invoices received, and as recorded in the accounts book, had been paid.

5. Public Questions
Agreed that, in future, all questions from members of the public should be submitted in writing/e-mail to the Clerk at least ten days prior to the meeting at which it was to be asked. This would ensure that the fullest possible response could be provided to the questioner. It would, however, still be possible for members of the public to ask a question at the meeting provided that the Chair considered the matter to be urgent. The necessary amendment would be made to the Council's Standing Orders.

It was noted that the Clerk would now be available between 1.30 and 3.30 on Friday afternoons to deal with parish council business and could be contacted during those times by email or telephone.

A resident asked that the Parish Council remind all owners of properties adjoining the beck of their responsibility to ensure that both banks were kept clear of weeds, etc. Agreed that in due course and as part of responding to the Village Assessment, an appropriate reminder be drafted and sent to owners of appropriate properties.

Noted that the hedges along Main Street and Wellhead Lane required cutting. Agreed to deal with this issue as part of the Village Assessment (see Minute No. 9 below).

6. Minutes
The notes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 6th September 2011, having been previously circulated, were agreed as correct record of the proceedings and signed by the Chair.

7. Nocton Hall
Councillor Money reported that the result of Options Appraisal was due to be reported to NKDC on 17th October. There was, therefore, little further which could be done at this stage. It was noted that NKDC Building Control had ceased its regular inspection of the hospital site, visiting only infrequently. However, in view of the Parish Council's previously expressed concerns about the possibility of asbestos being present on the site and escaping into the atmosphere as a consequence of the continued vandalism of the old hospital buildings, Councillor Money would make a formal request for an asbestos survey to be undertaken.

It was noted that Mr Hall (resident) was currently considering the response he had received from NKDC to his Freedom of Information request for documents relating to Nocton Hall.

It was agreed that the Clerk be invite Karen Bradford to attend the Parish Council as soon as the results of the Options Appraisal could be made public.

8. Parish Council Budget 2011/12
The Parish Council agreed in principle the draft budget as presented in the report to the meeting. It was noted that further refinement of the figures was required in the light of additional information to be provided by the Clerk. A final budget would be submitted to the December meeting for approval. This would then form the basis of discussions on next year's precept.

9. Nocton Village Assessment: Issues to be Addressed

The Parish Council considered a report which summarised those issues which arose from (a) the "walkabout" in August (abandoned because of heavy rain); (b) a subsequent "walkabout" by the Vice-chair and a local resident earlier this month and (c) the recent inspection between councillors and Alan Brown and Steve Welsh of Lincolnshire Highways. It was noted that the list was by no means exhaustive and new items could be added as and when the need arose.

It was agreed to adopt the document as a basis for taking action and to make it available publically (e.g. on the Nocton Blog) so that residents could add their own concerns and issues.

10. Planning Applications
It was noted that the Parish Council had received the following planning applications for comment:

11/0916/FUL: Variation of House Type for Plot 37 (Nocton Park) - no comments made.
11/0917/FUL: Variation of House Type Plot 37 (Nocton Park) - no comments made.

11. Report of Councillor J. Money (North Kesteven DC)
Councillor Money said that he had spoken to Karen Bradford about the serious concerns of both residents and the Parish Council's on the builder's compound at Nocton Park. It appeared, however, that there was little action which could be taken to address these concerns. The Parish Council remained completely dissatisfied with this response and agreed that the matter would need to be pursued further with Ms Bradford when she attended the Parish Council.

12. Parish Councillors' Reports and Issues
(a) Noted that further discussion about the proposed children's play area would be deferred until the CLAN report had been received.
(b) Agreed to consider the purchase of a Diamond Jubilee mug for all children in the village at the next meeting.
(c) Agreed the Clerk send a letter of thanks to David and Dominic Glew for cutting the grass along the bridle path.
(d) Agreed that the Vice-Chair arrange to publish the contact details (telephone numbers and, where appropriate, email addresses) of each Parish Councillor in the Parish magazine and the MACLA website.
(e) Noted that the hedge between Shooters Lodge and the bridlepath was beginning to cause a nuisance. Agreed that the matter to be dealt with as part of action to deal with the Village Assessment (See Minute No. 9 above).

13. Dates of Future Meetings
Noted that future meetings of the Parish Council will be held on:
1st November; 6th December 2011 and 3rd January; 7th February; 6th March and 3rd April 2012.
(All meetings to be held in the Village Hall, Main Street and to commence at 7.00 p.m.)