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Scopwick Parish Council ANNUAL REPORT 2008-2009

Parish Council

Chairman’s Report:
I am pleased to present my second annual report of Scopwick and Kirkby Green Parish Council representing its activities and achievements during the past twelve months. While our influence and budget is limited to purely local issues, we hope you support our aims and welcome your interest and views on all matters.

Traffic and highways matters are important to our community given our junction onto the busy B1188. After reducing the speed limit to 40mph in 2008, improvements have also been made to the culverts on Bloxholm Lane to limit flooding after heavy rain. In addition, Speed Indicator Devices have been employed on 4 occasions over the past 3 months as part of a local Parish Councils (Cluster Group) funded scheme to reduce speeding.

Concerns remain about the state of verges on Main Street and Brookside with solutions being sought. Some of you may have already noticed the two bollards by the clapper bridge between the church and village hall which will prevent cars blocking of the pathway.

Other repairs were instigated to the fence at the back of Springfield onto Vicarage Lane which improves security of the Springfield overflow car park. We have also asked for two street lights in this area to improve nocturnal access and safety.

Those of you who venture along Trundle Lane will notice that we were able to get the overgrown hedge cut back to improve access although recently it has become heavily rutted in parts due to use by off-roading vehicles which we will seek to address.

The Parish Council are pleased to support the Parish Voluntary Car Scheme and we thank the volunteers who generously give their time. I’m sure the scheme organisers would welcome further drivers to come forward and assist (contact via Parish Clerk).

Last summer, British Telecom sought to remove the red telephone box from Kirkby Green but after protests from local residents we were able to retain it without a phone at nominal cost.

Following approval from the Environment Agency (EA) and local Tree Officer we were able to proceed with work along the Beck on Scopwick village green last summer. After removing some overhanging trees and bushes, which were collapsing with the bank into the beck, we were able to use local stone to underpin the bank and create a wall to prevent further erosion. The lagoon created has been planted with water plants from downstream and should favour our local Water Vole population and other vegetation. To acknowledge the contribution of village volunteers toward the success of the project, we were awarded a grant of £1,300 by the EA to install an Interpretation Board displaying the beck ‘flora and fauna’ which should be in position later this summer.

Unfortunately, due to their excessive size and damage to adjacent bridges, two Willow trees were removed as part of this scheme and others have been pollarded. However, two new May trees have been planted as replacements in more suitable positions.

Our Parish Clerk was successful in obtaining a small grant for a village litter picker and we hope to make an appointment in the near future. If you know of any locations where you are concerned by either litter or fly-tipping, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk.

Village groups are reminded that Scopwick now has an excellent website on which you can post information on meetings or events. The site is already populated with a range items and our Parish Clerk has been proactive in listing full details of the council activities including meeting agendas and minutes. If you would like to present information on village events, clubs, etc please contact Peter Ford on 01526 320016. Village groups should also note that if they would like the use of a screen and overhead projector, our local cluster group has one available FOC to collect from Metheringham; Details from the Parish Clerk.

The past year has seen further progress by the Village Hall Committee in advancing plans and grant applications to improve to the village hall. We continue to support this project and have allocated significant funds to assist its implementation.

During 2008, the Parish Council was advised that Mrs Florence Turner, a former resident of the village, had very kindly been left a legacy of £2,000 to be used for improvement of the village green and its surrounds. We have every intention of using this money in accordance with her wishes and await a suitable project.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the Parish Councillors and especially our patient, helpful Clerk for the time and commitment they have given during the past 12 months. We look forward to the challenges of the year ahead and welcome your comments and suggestions on the issues and matters we encounter in our two villages.

Report of the Council’s Finances:
The accounts for the financial year 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2009 have been completed and inspected by the Internal Auditor, Mr. Peter Seymour, and they will shortly be audited by the external auditor, Clement Keys, appointed by the Audit Commission.
The financial year began with an opening balance of £9765. The total receipts for the year were £17,052, which consisted primarily of the agreed precept of £11,250, an unexpected legacy from the estate of Florence Turner deceased, a Lincolnshire County Council grant for parish grass cutting and reimbursement of VAT. The council budgeted £16,365 to spend in the parish over the year but the actual expenditure was £10,457, giving a closing balance of £16,360 at 31st March 2009. This under spend was achieved by delaying expenditure allocated to the Village Hall improvements, together with reduced costs on village maintenance. Held within the closing balance are reserves to cover future expenses to support planned development to the village hall and ongoing village improvements.
Parish Councillors:
For further information about the Parish Council, or if you would like to contact a Councillor, details are listed below.

Councillor: Contact Tel Number:
Councillor David Nelson (Chairman) 01526 322292
Councillor Mrs. Janet Flett (Vice Chairman) 01526 321611
Councillor Lionel Mason 01526 323030
Councillor John Woodward 01526 320298
Councillor Peter Baumber 01526 320259
Councillor Michael Clayton 01526 320295
Councillor Peter Reeds 01526 320461
County Councillor: Cllr. Ian Cartwright MBE 01526 834292
District Councillor: Cllr. Geoffrey Whittle 01526 833433
Mrs. Jean Girling (Clerk)
01526 353163

Parish Council meetings are held bi-monthly in Scopwick Village Hall, starting at 7.00pm usually on the last Tuesday of the month. The agenda is displayed on the village notice boards at least 3 days before the meeting is held.

Parish Council meetings for the remainder of the year will take place on Tuesday 21st July, Tuesday 29th September and Tuesday 24th November 2009. It is always a pleasure to see members of the public attending the meetings. If you have anything you wish to be discussed by the Council, please submit details in writing to the clerk:

Mrs Jean Girling
12 Clinton Way
Woodhall Spa
Lincoln LN10 6QW
Tel. 01526 353163