Metheringham Area Street View Coverage

If you click on any road with blue edging on the map below, a Google Street View scene will appear underneath. You can move around the map by left click+dragging the mouse in the direction you want to go. You can navigate around the StreetView scene by using the controls in the top left of the scene and clicking on the arrows on the road/street centreline. Selecting the expand button in the top right of the scene will give you a full screen view.

Although coverage in our area is good there are some gaps in places like Prince's Street, Caroline Road and Station Road. All the images were captured during Summer 2009. Happy Viewing! Page built using the Google Maps API

If nothing happens or you get an error message then you need the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser. Deselect the optional MacAfee virus scanner unless you really want it! Once the plugin is installed you can come back to this page to enjoy the view.